Energy Beam from Pyramid of Sun

Follow up from last post, Sun, Sound and Pyramids.
Look at what just came through today–The Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia emitting an energy beam! Wow! Just like the dream!

“A team of physicists detected an energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.  The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physic and technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “energy machine” is still working.”–Dr.sci. Sam Semir Osmanagich

9 thoughts on “Energy Beam from Pyramid of Sun

  1. ******

    Aye am tot/ally not being facet/i/o/us when eye say that is this the flux capacitor?


    We are all the Angelica – Soloist to the Divine Consciousness
    We are all the Dorothy
    We are all the Fifth Element

    Am disabling links so as to get thru…

    Ovetone Star
    Learns to sing
    To drag the voice from the eARTh
    Kicking and screaming


    Eye don’t know why these are showing

    Harmonics are ono band increase, john and yoko notwithstanding ;)

    Love, in lak’ech,

  2. Amazing Infos if you google and tube bosnian pyramid of the sun, didn`t know until today that they exist!

    Surf to 3:33 at this one here :


    Beam me up Scotty…

  3. Hi all,

    My name is Myk’Tayt and I have been in contact with Dr. Osmanagich and I seem to have decoded the frequency of the ‘energy beam’ coming from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. There seems to be an ultrasonic frequency trasmission within the ‘energy beam’ that has been decoded down to audible, understandable, tones of communication. We are discussing the findings prior to public release or publish due to the overwhelming scrutiny, to be sure of what we find is indisputable. I will be putting an article together and publishing it on his website for all to read. I can tell you that this is all very real and we are very privileged to be living in the times we currently are. At this moment I can say that there is a transmission in the frequency, there are more than one voice, and that they are speaking a earth-spoken language (transcriptions will be available with the article). I can also honestly say that there is much more to be learned and understood from what exactly is happening with this frequency/transmission/energy than we can currently convey. We do not know all that we should, that I can say with a whole heart and conscious.

    If I can answer any questions I will

    PS…..believe it or not, it is good to be skeptical. But never assume anything either way if you yourself, on the opposite end, have no facts, evidence, or answers to the opposing side of the argument. I believe in unison, unity, and the universe. And I whole heartedly believe the answers to all exist inside those dimensions.

    • This is very interesting Myk’Tayt… look forward to reading your findings in your article–please send a link through
      when it is ready… thank you! –Stephanie

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