13 Moon Calendar: Key to Alternate Universe, Kin 201: Red Rhythmic Dragon (Moon out of Time)

The 13 Moon calendar is not what it appears. In fact, it really isn’t a calendar. It is a coded synchronization matrix that enters us into an alternate universe to prepare our minds for entry into galactic culture.

The 13 Moon/28-day count is not an earth-based system but a gift from the Galactic Maya that serves as a type of dimensional doorway to reorient the human mind to fourth-dimensional time.

It is only in the guise of a “calendar” as a mercy and a familiar bridge for the people of Earth. It is actually a galactic template, a Sirian template, that enters us into the vast realm of the synchronic order.  But it is not really something that can be talked about as it has to be experienced.

The daily affirmations are mathematically coded fourth-dimensional radiograms that open your mind to new potentialities. Like a Zen koan, they are meant to bypass your conceptual mind and tune you into higher-dimensional frequencies.

By learning our galactic signature, we start thinking archetypally of our role within the collective, rather than individually of the personal. Our galactic signature is our password to the fourth dimension; it helps us to identify with the larger story playing out in an objective way where our role is magical and creative.

13 Moons as a Template of Peace

The 13 Moon calendar is a calendar of peace; peace that transcends dogma. This is the whole point of it. It is based on the underlying mathematics of the Mayan calendar, based on the numbers: 4, 7, 13, 20, 52, 91, 260.

Mathematics are universal and far more creative than they have been given credit for.  Mathematics, inclusive of sacred geometries, define a form that unlocks imaginal structures.

We live in an infinitely magical universe–not a close-ended linear system where the only knowledge that exists was revealed thousands of years ago. The universe is ever changing and creating itself anew. It is happening now – as you read these words.

All the messengers, sages and galactic masters are here with us Now to guide us through this shift of time. Past, future and present are one. We live in a radial matrix of simultaneity that can be accessed daily through the codes of the synchronic order via the 13 Moon calendar.

13 Moon/28 days as Synchronization Template

The 13 Moon/28-day system embraces and synchronizes all true calendrical and mathematical systems, from lunar calendars, to the Mayan long count, to the Elder Futhark runes, to the I Ching hexagrams. In other words this system reveals a master matrix, which contains all other systems.

Keeping in mind also that the Maya used up to 17 calendars at once because their perception of time was not linear, but based on synchronization. The more cycles and systems you can track at once, the more you can observe synchronic overlays.

For example here is the graphic of the full and new moon cycles as seen within the 13 Moon/28-day matrix for the upcoming Resonant Storm Year (26, July 2012 – 24, July 2013).

For each 365-day cycle there are either 13 full moons or 13 new moons, per year. In this particular 13 moon/28-day cycle there are 13 full Moons (from July 26, 2012 – July 25, 2013)

13 Moons as a Sirian Timing Program

As a solar-galactic calendar with a July 26 synchronization date based on the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, the 13 Moon Dreamspell calendar is ultimately a Sirian timing program. (See graphic below: New Sirius Cycle).

In this way, the 13 Moon calendar and tools of the Law of Time are intended to entrain our third-dimensional being into fourth- and fifth-dimensional Sirian wisdom, or the realization of the supermental superhuman.

By placing itself in the measure of the 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer and its precise 52-year/orbital ring cycles, the human is synchronized to the Sirius double universe star cycle, lifting it into a truly galactic-cosmic consciousness and order of reality. —Valum Votan

More on the Sirius code

This Sirian program is further unfolded in the various fourth-dimensional tools such as Telektonon, 20 Tablets, 7:7::7:7 — leading to the ultimate program of the Synchronotron 441 cube matrix system.

The 13 Moon calendar is also the key to enter the Cosmic History Chronicles. This seven volume series lays out an entirely new galactic knowledge base so that we can systematically begin to experience galactic/cosmic states of consciousness in preparation for advanced telepathic technologies including time travel and teleportation.

It is our duty to become multidimensional beings. The 13 Moon calendar (synchronometer) is the key that opens the multidimensional gate.

(Note: This 13 Moon blog entry is in honor of the first anniversary of the passing of beloved galactic messenger Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan on Solar Moon 17 (23 March). He synchronically left the physical plane in 2011, precisely 1328 years after the Great Pacal in 683, from whose tomb his entire life mission was derived).

26 thoughts on “13 Moon Calendar: Key to Alternate Universe

  1. Babylon, Paris, Hyroshima, New York…. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/
    Greg. time programm running trough 28 year cycles. When the Eifel Tower was finished 1889 it was the tallest building in the world….3 x 28 year cycles later this was the WTC Twin Towers 1973. (see Time and the Technopshere)
    Funny that the 12:60 city mentioned in the Book of Daniel (skyscrapers)….Daniel 9:24…. Solar Moon 24…Kin 201
    Happy Galactic Return Jacob!
    The ancient hebrew word for a “set of sevens” or also the week was Shabuwa.
    (it could refer to a week but also a day, month, year)
    70 “sevens” to New Jerusalem 21.12.2012 …and 31 more “sevens” to 26.07.2013
    And it is 70 “sevens” from VV ascension to Day out of Time (Kin 58 PV ascension)
    Ha ha “Synchronotron thought of the day: Forget about driving a BMW – just concern yourself with driving a BMU!” http://lawoftime.org/lawoftime/synchronotron-noosphere.html
    Oh Paris Hilton…your time has finished!

  2. What is 12:60 really? What is beyond history and that little fragments we know today. Left behind in reliefs, in pyramids, on the oceans grounds, in our “holy” books, in our creation myths of our religions? Scattert around in the collective memory board.
    The sumarians/babylonians invented the 12/12 hour. They had a count based on the 60. As 60 was the big 1, similar to the mayan 0/20. They had a week based on the 7 planets at that time known, which our 7 day week is derived from. And they had a geocentric world model….where the 5 planets and the sun/ moon would turn around the earth. And geo contains ego :-). Where they bad guys and responsible for that f… up planet right now? Certainly not….I´m sure they were more in tune with the creator and nature than we are today. We know today that the sun is at the center and 10 planets turn around here/him, but we don`t act heliozentric. Today at the peak of so called 12:60 time man is god, the single human is above all and “I” is equivalent to $$$.
    Sometimes amazing informations come with short evening TV intermezzos.
    Now look at this:
    They call it the first computer of the world, it`s running like a perfect modern clock, it`s tracking perfectly the moon phases and the solctices. The 7 “babylonian” planets running around earth. It contains all the above mentioned 12:60 numbers and in-for-ma-tion. Is it bad then?
    Is there any good and bad number!
    The amazing thing is that it was found 19:00 in the ageian sea and it is dated back to 100 B.C. 1400 years before the first “simple” mechanical clocks where invented.
    Coming from the future>>>> or <<<<<< past ?

    "War of the heavens : war on earth :: As above : so below" ?
    I`m not a friend of spectacular speculations and no…not Aliens please, but from Antikythera you soon "surf" to Annunaki in the web. This is certainly not an answer! It is information::inspiration. And the sentence.."who kept it`s existence absolutely secret?.. ..for the technologies displayed in the mechanism had been widely tought to ancient man, then the industrial revolution would have happened before the birth of christ…." !! …….ha imagine the story of history written different!

    9.7 on 4.9 Solar Seed:::s on 9.27 Solar 999 greg. 02:04::20:12

  3. On 01.01.1933 Kin 138 Galactic Mirror the calendar change was refused by the United Nations. A next and last try was made in 1939. The main critic came from the vatikan, that his holy week (which the church says origins in it`s creation myth) is interrupted then by a day out of time. This fit`s to all “People of the book” or the three religions originating around the middle east. Jews, Moslems and Christians use all the 7 day week and they all have their sacred “peak” day inside: Sunday, Shabbat and Friday prayer. What many people don`t know nowadays is that those three religions all have the same roots. The old testament for example in the bible consists of the scriptures about Abraham, Moses, the Genesis and many other Prophets and is exactly the same as it is in Jewish and Muslim tradition. And though they have the same roots they make war against each other. Seems like the ancient babylonian godess Ishtar of War and Love is ruling above all of them. This is mentioned in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” the first City of Uruk symbolic for all modern citys nowadays and civilization itself. Layed down by seven wise men and the foursquared moon. Telektonon page 4:7.
    So all those who battle for the ruling power of the world right now use a 7 day week, which does the 13 Moon calendar too. And what more perfect ratio can there be then 52 weeks with each seven days per week: 7×52= 364.(+1 day out of time) Seems a bit like the power of seven is the fuel- the magic formula and the month/moons are the form, the vehicle. (12/13)
    The whole world or “civilization” is running through the two symbols of the clock and the greg. calendar. And all citizens perform this “magic ritual” daily. weather they know it or not and weather they like it or not. They more or less take part in this and lock the world in what we call 12:60. Valum Votan realized this by living the dreamspell and all the other synchronic codes/counts. He broke through the veil, the fog of illusion and fully realized what is going on here on this planet. In some sense he transformed a sort of “global karma” and released it, by moving the curtain to the side. Through the 7 seals and plasmas he created a ritual which purifies the 7 day week through the 7 Self Affirmations of Phadmasambhava. Telektonon page 2:7 At the same time in this transformation process he got aware that he himself laid the codes into the tomb at Nah Chan “House of the Serpent” Palenque. Why did he lay the codes into a tomb? To show us that there is no death, that there is no time! He gained full access to the transforming powers of death. In Bhuddist tradition realized masters can “emanate” parts of themselves into new incarnations. In this concept the normal view of “I” incarnate again and again is illusion. VV is in a direct line to PV and Phadmasambhava, the “Biggest Magician of the East” who brought bhuddism to tibet. The Vajrayana/Nyingma lineage….intrinsic awareness…etc.
    Praticing the codes of the Law of Time can unlock hidden mind treasures, it opens up the eyes. It`s like re- membering, waking up. Everybody will make his own magic expiriences depending on which path he is walking on. The Rainbow has many different coloures!
    And remember: All prophets and all prophecy has the same source …God, Allah, Hu Nab Ku
    In Lakech 9.7 (Red Resonant Moon) on Solar Moon Silio 28 Kin 205 Planetary Serpent
    By the way this was the picture shown by Apod on Solar 17/March 23 the day VV ascended:

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  5. Sirius B called and it sounded…. RANG

    Click to access Rinri-III-3.2.pdf

    The readout of the Noosletter is Resonant Moon 1 of the Red Magnetic Moon Year 20:07 Kin 117
    Kin 117 (9×13) in the night VV had also the first dream of the 441 Matrix
    It is 441 days from VV ascension to the Venus-Transit on Kin 9 or 9.9 greg. 06.06
    Venus:Jupiter Bode/Numbers 7:52
    Thank you RQ for your clear and focused transmissions….
    …….from white dwarf star high command zone.
    Send you love, light and power to complete the mission.

  6. Manifestation(10) + Purification (9) = Transformation (19)
    The outside 19 is always a process of mutation on time
    while the inside 0 is eternal steadyness
    when manifestation 10 is water of purification 9
    the waters revolve all dirt and there is caos in the storm 19
    then the surface will be once again clear 20
    and the inside 0 pulses 13 will be felt like harmonic waves 13:20
    im completing 35 spins today

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  8. Greetings all star travellers! Looking for a fine group of kin to start a Book of the Cube/441 Synchronic order Study group! you can find me at https://www.facebook.com/Blue.Electric.Eagle if you add me on there i can add you to the group! if you are not on facebook I would be interested in emailing insights/intuitions/daily code guidance or anything else 1320 related for that matter!
    Peace and In Lakech

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  10. Greetings from a Cosmic Eagle, have been studying and writing up my research of 16 years recently and one of things that is interesting to me is the cycle of Sirius, and the Dogon tribe, who say its a cycle of 50 years (recorded in 1930), which was only confirmed by science in 1970: see this link http://www.unmuseum.org/siriusb.htm ~ where did the 13 moon system get its information of the Sirius cycle being 52 years ?

    • my website is http://www.infinity-codes.net (functions not only with the Geometric 13 moon calendar, but also the Organic systems of time measurement, i.e solstices and equinoxes, 4 fire festivals, and 19 year flower of life cycle of the moon (full moon visible cycle of the moon) ~ the 13 moon calendar is based on the 7 day week also a Geometric time system, 28 being the average of the lunar cycles, is an alchemy, but does not reflect the true cycles of the moon ~ see my website for more details. have been meditating with 13 moons and rainbow bridge since 1996, fully respect its message, but there is much more to learn than only the teachings of the law of time. in the spirit of peace and unity ! Raah

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  12. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I am quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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  14. Right here is the right blog for everyone who really wants
    to understand this topic. You understand so much its almost hard to argue with you (not
    that I really would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a topic which has been discussed for years.
    Great stuff, just wonderful!

  15. The atomic clock powerd by Google run by Android programming systems is in Colorado and the blood diamonds housed at Colorado school of mines all documentation is at the Colorado national archives in Broomfield colorado they are the new world order the united kingdom sponcerd by the united Arab Emirates

  16. Hello , through a multitude of different guidances over years of journeying to be “myself ” I have been working with Ophiuchus
    Birthday is 7 December and so many Divine occurrences have and are happening to me for past few years , Through Kambo I’ve been spoken to by the Mayans who welcomed me and congratulated me into their ‘world ‘ and now I know I have to use the Moon 13 cycle becasue nothing else makes sense … 🙏

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