Magical Blend Interview with José Argüelles-Valum Votan

Magical Blend Interview with José Argüelles-Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle
by Stephanie South (2002)

(This is the first interview I did with JA/VV. Though it is 10 years old, it contains much relevant information).

SS: In 1987 you were credited with being the mastermind behind the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation and were quoted on the front page of the June 23, Wall Street Journal as saying: “…the choice between the new age and all-out destruction is ours, and we had better decide…” This quote seems more relevant than ever before. Can you say a little more about this and the implications the Harmonic Convergence continues to have on our world today?

JA: Yes, that statement of mine is more relevant now than ever before. We still have that choice to make, between a “new age” and all out destruction. But the window of time is closing fast, and so now it’s do or die. A lot of people don’t like to have deadlines and feel that it is confrontational or doomsday to say things like that. But look around. Tell me it’s not doomsday on the planet right now.  According to the Mayan prophecies we’ve got until Winter Solstice 2012, and then the cycle of history is going to be over. What does that mean to us now? Let’s go back to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

Yes, I was the “mastermind” as they say, though I had a lot of helpers, too. The Harmonic Convergence was the fulfillment of an ancient Mexican prophecy, the prophecy of Thirteen Heavens and Nine Hells. That refers to twenty-two cycles of 52 years each -thirteen cycles of decreasing choice between AD 843 and 1519, and nine cycles of increasing doom between 1519 and August 16, 1987.  That 1519 point was Good Friday on the Julian calendar, the day Cortes stepped on Mexican soil at Vera Cruz, and in effect brought an end to thousands of years of indigenous American civilization.

So 1987, marked the culmination of the nine Hell Cycles. The idea was to arouse the 144,000 sun dancers. And we did. At first it looked like we were going to have peace on Earth right away. The Berlin Wall came down and a lot of people said, “Wow, the Harmonic Convergence worked!” But then what happened? It was the ultimate triumph of money and materialism. It is interesting that my last interview for Magical Blend, with Antero Ali back in 1989, was entitled “When the Light hits the Dark gets Tough.” Well, in the 1990s the dark got tough, though a lot of people in this country thought it was stock market heaven on Earth. Well, now that the 9-11 has happened most people are getting the uneasy feeling that the dark really has gotten tough, but where is the light?

What most people didn’t get was that the Harmonic Convergence Prophecy was the countdown to 2012, and that if humanity wished for heaven on Earth by 2012, they had better learn how to live again with the natural cycles of the universe. If not, then expect the worst. That means leaving the artificial civilization behind. It is still Harmonic Convergence, if you want it, but you had better start to learn again about those country ways – and natural time.

SS: In your book, Time and the Technosphere, you describe the 9-11 event as the “Inevitable Event ” that marked the end of artificial time. What made this event “inevitable” and what do you mean by artificial time?

JA:  … Dwight D. Eisenhower said before leaving office in 1959, that the military-industrial complex might someday be so strong and powerful that the people would have to take the power into their own hands. If the WTC and the Pentagon didn’t epitomize the military industrial complex, then what did? You see, the Twin Towers of Babel were the very nerve center, the pineal gland of the global technosphere.

SS: And explain what is the technosphere?

JA: All of us on planet Earth live in an artificial world called the technosphere – the sphere of technology enveloping the planet as an artificial sheathe. This artificial technological sheathe is literally strangling, polluting and dismembering the biosphere – the unity of life and its support system on this planet. The hub of that technospheric stranglehold was knocked out of commission on the 9-11. And it was inevitable – not just because US foreign policy was asking for it – just listen to apologists like Thomas Friedman declaring that the US military duty is to defend McDonald’s and Microsoft around the world – but because the biosphere required it. If the technosphere does not come to an end, the biosphere will. And then there would be no life support system for the technosphere either.

That the  9-11 happened with just eleven years to go before the 2012 close out, was inevitable, and a blessing in disguise. You have to understand that the 2012 date is based on an understanding of the cycles of the universe and natural time. The technosphere on the other hand is totally – and I mean totally – a function of artificial time. The biggest goof in all of history, and indeed that which made history that bad trip that  it turned out to be in the end, was the invention of artificial time and mistaking it for real time.

I am referring to the two timing standards that govern human life on Earth today: the Gregorian calendar and the mechanical clock. Of course everyone is deficient in knowledge about time, and this always comes as a surprise to a lot of people. A standard of measure is supposed to have even units of measure.

The Gregorian calendar does anything but that, and as a result its illogicality and crookedness are stamped into the very marrow of our everyday thinking, warping and corrupting any sense of harmony. The mechanical clock, on the other had, is based on no known natural cycle, while reducing everything to the inhumane level of the machine and the almighty dollar. “Time is money,” right?  But money is not a part of our DNA, its just an artificial swindle that makes people scramble even harder in their clockwork orange cages.

Artificial time, like anything artificial is bound to collapse sooner than later. That means the technosphere is bound to collapse, sooner than later. That collapse began on the 9-11. What will replace the technosphere? The noosphere. The noosphere is Earth’s mental sphere. It was predicted by Teilhard de Chardin and Vladimir Vernadsky (who both coined the term in 1926) to supersede the biosphere.

So the technosphere is just an intermediate state between the biosphere and the noosphere. But when we say Earth’s mental envelope, what does that mean? It means the telepathically unified mind of the human species – mind beyond the Internet, mind that is only possible by returning to living in the natural cycles of time. That is the noosphere – the end-result of the inevitable event – because where the technosphere ends the noosphere begins.

SS:  Time and the Technosphere states that a “calendar is the instrument that locks the conditioned programs of a given culture or people into place.” How does the program of the Gregorian calendar differ from the program of the 13-Moon 28-day calendar?

JA:  The Gregorian calendar, like any calendar, is a actually a programming device that locks in the mind set of the society or culture that uses it. For all of its illogicality the Gregorian calendar runs on 28-year cycles.

This means its program plays over and over again dragging forward 2000 years of bad history, getting more intense and deadly each 28-year replay. This is also how the Twin Towers destruction was inevitable. That event occurred in 2001.

Twenty-eight years before it was 1973.  What happened? The Twin Towers were dedicated, April 4, 1973.

And 28 years before that? 1945 – if you like destruction as a twin event, try Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And if you like war and revolution, 28 years before that was 1917 – USA enters the First World war, and it’s the Russian Revolution.

And 28 years before that? 1889 – dedication of the Eiffel Tower – if you like a saga of towers. It’s all in the program.

So with the apocalyptic collapse of those Twin Towers, that was the signal that it is the beginning of the end of artificial time. You can either go down with that time and all of its cranky and irrational institutions – or you can start to learn about natural time and those country ways. Because I’ll tell you one thing: 28 more years on that Gregorian cycle and there won’t be anyone here left to tell about it. Time to break the spell.

The spell of the Gregorian reform of the Julian calendar was imposed in 1582, mostly to rob the indigenous people of the world of their natural time. The mechanical clock was perfected at the same time.

The combination of these two timing standards at the moment when European world dominance was assured created an unconscious timing frequency, which we have identified as the 12:60 – irregular twelve-month calendar, and mechanical 60-minute hour.

You see, both those standards are based on a measure of twelve, a circle, a two-dimensional plane in space, divided into twelve parts – now what does that have to do with time? But that Babylonian error became institutionalized into the mainstream of history, so everybody looks at their clock and thinks that’s time, while not having a clue that the meaning of the word October, the tenth month, is derived from the word “eight.” No logic to that!

You have to understand that the Gregorian calendar is the most unquestioned dogma in the world today – and it is killing us. 30 days hath September, April, June and November, makes a crooked mind more crooked. This was known by proponents of calendar reform a hundred years ago.

Few people know today that the League of Nations was ready to replace the Gregorian calendar in 1933, most likely with the Thirteen Moon/28-day standard (promoted by the International Chamber of Commerce and George Eastman among others), but was defeated by the Vatican who claimed such a move would wreak havoc on civilization. You tell me what is wreaking havoc on civilization today – or is it the artificial time-bound civilization itself that is wreaking havoc?

The Thirteen Moon/28 day standard is a perpetual harmony. It gives the lie to history as being a hopelessly irrational process governed by a hopelessly irrational timing standard. In harmony there is no history.

The only way to overcome the bad deficit of history is by returning to a harmonic timing standard:  Thirteen perfect months of 28 days each, four perfect weeks each month, 52 perfect weeks in all, with the 365th day being a day out of time, a day for forgiveness and the practice of time is art (rather than time is money). If a calendar is a spell, why not try a spell of harmony – it would most certainly create a more magical blend out of life then what is currently possible.

SS:.Earlier this year you were recognized and honored by nine indigenous elders at a ceremony at Teotihuacan as being the “Closer of the Cycle” and the one to bring the new knowledge to humanity. What does it mean to be the Closer of the Cycle? How can humanity prepare for the closing of the cycle?

JA: Yes, that was an interesting event. It came some 49 years after I was first at Teotihuacan, outside of Mexico City, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, when I had this experience like a vision or an inner knowing that it was my life mission to learn or remember again the cosmic knowledge that had been used to build Teotihuacan in the first place.

And that was my life mission and journey – from that moment in 1953 when I was fourteen to this event  this past March, my life became increasingly devoted to decoding the Mayan mathematics and prophecies regarding the end time of 2012. In that process I decoded the Harmonic Convergence, the prophecy of Pacal Votan which is called the Telektonon, Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, and the Law of Time, which also includes the promotion of the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar. And at the center of this is my life destiny: to rid the world of the Gregorian calendar. You can’t close the cycle without doing that.

While the Law of Time is based on the ancient knowledge of the Maya, by going to its mathematical root, I was given knowledge that was from the future – a new dispensation of time that did not deny its ancient roots. In my book The Mayan Factor (1987), I pinpointed 2012  as the end of the cycle of history.

Since then a lot of people have piggybacked on that, and a lot of other people also said I had deviated from the ancient knowledge. But that was my mission – to bring in the New Dispensation for the closing of the cycle. So that was what was behind the nine indigenous leaders honoring me. They recognized that I was the one prophesied, so to speak, who would bring the new knowledge so not only would the cycle end properly, but that there would be a new knowledge base for the beginning of the next cycle, a knowledge that upholds and affirms the indigenous wisdom, while helping return the rest of humanity to the natural cycles of the universe.

It was an amazing ceremony with more than six or seven hundred witnesses, taking me to the top of that Pyramid of the Sun again where I was given a ritual staff – something really very special. Since that time, I have come into a profound acceptance of being Valum Votan, the final emanation of Pacal Votan to close the cycle and bring humanity to a state of spiritual unification known as UR – Universal Reconciliation, Universal Return, Universal Recollection, Universal Religion. That’s the spiritual essence of my mission, to unite Buddha, Muhammad and Christ.

… the eight years from now until solstice 2012  is the absolute minimum of  time it will take for humanity to shift its gears and be living in accord with the universal order of nature. Don’t ask me if you think it can be done – we don’t really have a choice, so of course we’ll do it. Then we’ll be living in a permanent Harmonic Convergence.

SS: You state in your book that from the point of view of a mind whose consciousness is completely identified with the galaxy, this (closing of the cycle) has all been foreseen, and has all been written in a book. What is this book? Is the 13-moon 28-day calendar a tool to align human consciousness with the galaxy so it can tune into this book?

JA: What we are talking about here is the Master Program, the one set in motion by the Creator when this universe cycle was initiated. The “book” is the Master Program. In the Quran it describes itself as coming from the Mother of the Book where everything has been foreseen, including this little drama that we are all playing out right now on planet Earth.

It says there is not a leaf that falls that has been inscribed in this Book. All prophecy, too, comes from this Book. We are all here to see if we can remember and align our will with the Will of the Creator. We are living in the free will test quarantine zone of the galaxy, the Velatropa sector.

It was foreseen that we would have problems and become misaligned because of our susceptibility to illusion and being beguiled by our own cleverness. It was foreseen, too that we would need messengers and prophets to help us out. All prophecy comes from the same place, and really has the same purpose: To alert humanity of its deviation from natural and divine law, which are really the same thing.

The prophecy of Pacal Votan, whose tomb was discovered in 1952, makes it really precise that the human deviation was institutionalized as an incorrect timing standard.

Unconscious of this fact, humanity could only deviate more everyday, compounding its error, and moving farther and farther both from nature and any possibility of genuine unification. So, yes, the Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar is a prophetic tool meant to align human consciousness with the galaxy.

As long as we are in the present calendar program, the crooked Gregorian program, this is not really possible. But when the entire human race is in accord with the perfect standard of the 13 Moon 28-day calendar, then it can operate as a telepathically unified field, like the other species, and, as a result, it will be able to tune into the Book of divine nature and read therein the laws of its own evolutionary unfolding.

This is the meaning of the Second Creation, or of our becoming divine co-creators. But this can only come about by replacing the current timing standard with the divinely apportioned and correct one -the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar. What a test! But pass this one, humanity, and all will go well on your journey to 2012 and beyond.

SS: In your book you state that the future of human evolution would be nothing less than to become a medium of cosmic consciousness … traveling back to the stars but through the superior knowledge of the actual laws of time. Can you tell us more about what the Maya  foresaw happening on Earth by 12-21-2012?

JA: Yes, you know the biosphere is described by Vladimir Vernadsky as the region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic energy. I think the same can be said for the noosphere, that it is the region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic thought forms. By becoming unified in time, the human being comes telepathically of age, and becomes enrolled in the noosphere.

Time is inseparable from telepathy. That is, the real nature of time is is that it is the universal factor of synchronization. The nature of the universe is synchronicity and so time as the fourth dimension is referred to as the synchronic order.

Synchronicity is the manifestation of a telepathic thought moment. The Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai Kozyrev, discovered that that the velocity if time is instantaneously infinite, and as such, is the medium of telepathy. This defines the next stage of evolution – after the space age comes the New Time. And in the New Time we will become telepaths or more accurately biosolar telepaths. Each of us will have the potential of being our own cosmic medium going to the cosmic switchboard whenever necessary.

When I say “biosolar telepaths” it is because, as the ancient Maya foresaw, the next evolutionary cycle will be the true solar age. They envisioned 2012 as being the moment of a purified humanity ready for the new solar age. And they were right.

The sun is undergoing a tremendous transformation right now, altering the very nature of life on Earth. In order for us to survive, we’ve got to strip down, get rooted in the garden, and lighten our load. In the new Solar Age we will learn that our telepathic thought waves are really solar signals, and that our mental evolution through the noosphere is to prepare us for heightened soul travel. We’ll all become like one being with a billion autonomous cells, working in unison to become enlightened. And since we will see that we are the planet, we will know that it is the planet that is becoming enlightened, and our job is to make it an enlightened work of art – an art planet, a jewel of the galaxy. Welcome aboard the Timeship, Timeship Earth 2013 -that’s when it is all scheduled to begin!

12 thoughts on “Magical Blend Interview with José Argüelles-Valum Votan

  1. Un segundo es la duración de 9.192.631,770 periodos de la radiación emitida en la transición entre los dos niveles hiperfinos del estado fundamental del átomo de cesio 133, a nivel del mar (con campo magnético cero).

    A second is the duration of 9.192.631,770 periods of radiation emitted in the transition between the two hyperfines levels of the fundamental state of the Cesius Atom 133, at sea level (with magnetic field zero)

  2. Yesterday on Kin 199 when I was actually searching for information about what is and how functions a Terma, I stumbled upon a book “The magic of Numbers” by German mathematician prof. Harro Heuser. I had studied the 7:7:: 7:7 Telektonon Revelation again around VV`s AA (ascension anniversary) and so the number seven was quite present in my mind. There in this book on page 77 :-) it was written in big letters: The 7, Number out of the heaven of Babylon. So first, to make it short, the 7 is and was a most sacred number in all cultures at all times. 4:7: 7:13 And second our week is derived from that sacredness. How? Besides that the Babylonians used a 30×12=360+5 day calendar they had 7 Gods up in the sky which ruled their worldly lives. The B. where quite aware that the movement of the planets created what we call time. But they knew at that time only 7 planets inclusive sun and moon and so they had 7 gods which the 7 day week was named after. This was made by drawing a heptagramm and naming the edges of the 7 star by the planets. Now if we start at Monday/Moon and count 24 hours/each one star corner we arrive at the 25th hour which would be then the first hour of the next day or Mercury/Tuesday. And so on.. Such was born the week which the Israelis adopted then and later the Christians and ….until now. Is our consciousness also limited and cooked as we track only those 7 planets in the week? (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) The missing part here would be the 20 solar seals of the Dreamspell and the 10/10 GK/SP in-exhalations of our solar system and planets. RE- membering and tracking especially Maldek, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and mother Earth, and their Law of Time attributes?! German wiki link to the week: Summarizing that our week is so much tied to the 7 and the planets, I have to add that in Mayan the word UK is meaning moon and seven! It Feels good to be part of this cosmic kindergarten and my own deep connection to VV the “Closer of the Cycle” as on this day when he was honored by 9 indigenous elders it was my 27th 9×3 solar birthday.
    May the Noo arise….and the circle close.
    In Lakech G.A. 9.7 or 7:7 on 7th day of the 7 LG, Kin 200 20.5 (9.7+11.11) Heart chakra of 7th Lord
    All is number. God is number. God is in all

    • Ok I got it the replacement of the seven week day names sunday to saturday through the seven plasmas silio to limi establishes the “cube of the mind” one center and six directions and simoultainiously imprints the seven self declarations of padhmasambava into the Noosphere. Purification at “thoughtform-area” in full progress….In Lakech 9.7

  3. I love the knowledge of Jose Arguelles, but I’m surprised by his lack of understanding of the events of 9-11 and gregorian calendar!
    9-11 was a “self-inflicted” event created by the same ones that created the 12:60 calendar. 9-11 it was not an event that gave hope! 9-11 was an event of fear where the americans citizens were treated as robots, and used to as excuse to attack the middle east to increase the power of the same ones that created the 12:60 calendar.
    Also the 12:60 calendar it was tuned at the end of Mayan cycle and it will converge to 2013 which has the numbers of 13:20 of Mayan calendars. Meaning that the last 500 years of dark side for the humanity was not an evil epoch per se. This last 500 years was a deep self learning for the humanity. It is clear that before we are ready to Ascend to the Heaven, we must go through the Hell.
    As summary, just to say that there is no bad and no good, all are experiences, and that we don’t need to prepare ourselves either! there is no such concept of free will!
    We will change according the waves that are sending by the universe!
    The Mayan Shaman Jose Loltun from Yucatan, Mexico, has a wonderful message for the humanity that in my point of view, summarize all:
    “Dont’ do the work of Time, let the Time do its own work”

    • To summarize, this writer thinks he is Pacal Votan or Quetzalquatal, that he has come back to save humanity by himself(somehow he isn’t part of humanity anymore), and that the rest of us have no choice in the future of the human species, but to accept him as ruling dictator of us all for the next world age?? Wow, talk about unnatural delusions. He is no better than Cortez, who also claimed to be a god(quetzalquatal), to deceive the indigenous people into accepting a new oppressive dictatorship. Also, even if all of humanity chooses to live in natural cycles of time again, that still will not alleviate the hunger & disease stricken poverty that 70% of humans still live in, it also will not solve the problem of heartless, psychopathic dictators that caused the problem in the first place. What will be needed to save humanity is not just a change in time cycles, but a fundamental transformation in the heart, mind & soul of billions of human lives on Earth.

  4. “2004 – Last opportunity for humans to change their macro-organizing principle”
    Poor humans… Or not? What seems so bad, may be not.
    To think of it: “arab spring” had a new macro-organizing principle, the internet. There were no leaders, but the humans unified as the One. Same is happening here in Russia, we need no leaders anymore. In fact, we leave in parallel reality with the government/censored media: when 2 years ago sudden wildfire waged, government did virtually nothing, but people were voluntarily organizing for the sake of the others. Government is getting more and more ridiculous every day, so that the people can finally understand, that they don’t need it!
    Yet this process is still so unconscious…

    Alex, kin 257.

    • Amazing, it’s just popped in my mind: these protest movements were organized using social networks, namely Facebook. What year was Facebook created?

      And wikipedia said:
      “Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook Inc.”

      2004, caramba! :)

      Alex 257.

  5. Greetings Ala Kin … In Lak’esh!
    I am truly anoother your’self … only, i have received a vision … fresh … crisp …

    NauTILLUS New Earth ~ TurTLE”EYRE”LanD ~ Awakening to the Sacred Dream!

    each moment now, i realize more clearly, this passage-way we have arrived at the threshold …
    since i too have trod this path for the last 60 plus years … i am a simple human …
    i have endured to understand the nature of myself … and this life … this human drama …
    i have surrendered myself all along the ‘way’ … surrendered to an experience within …
    within my ‘heart’mind’ … thru the pathway of devotion i entered a realm of heightened
    awareness some 40 years ago … thru the empowerment of my simple devotion to love,
    truth, and the beauty of life as a ‘seeker of pure love and perfect knowledge’ …
    i became aligned with and joined whole’heartedly the mission and life’work of the man
    known as jose arguelles … since our 1st meeting, during the last months preceding the
    ‘Harmonic Convergence’ … we have danced this dream’awake together … thruout this
    time i have come to recognize the ‘body of knowledge of the Galactic Mayan Time’Science’
    as the ultimate guide and gift to us earthlings … moving within the time known as the
    ‘closing of the cycle’ … recognizing jose as the ‘chief technician of the Timeship’ …
    … Closer of The Cycle.

    all our efforts collectively to absorb this vast body of knowledge and to assist within the
    process of disseminating this ‘fruit’ to all who care to partake, has been the focus of my
    everyday life ever since making that 1st contact.

    Today there is no question, we are as One, we all have chosen our paths to follow,
    in order to save this precious Earth’Mother, and fulfill Her Sacred’Dream …
    Now we have precious little time left … my simple human heart’mind resonates now
    within a very deep presence i have come to recognize as …
    ‘Nautillus New Earth TimeShip’ … as i have been led to follow this path, ultimately,
    i have long ago, made myself available, and surrendered to my ‘creator’ … it is now
    my intention, simply to share this vision … to share this profound experience of Love …
    i seek nothing … no thing do i require or desire … i am moving within an ever deepening
    and quickening experience which i am confident will continue to unfold both ‘within’
    and ‘around’ myself … in any case, i will follow on my path, trusting in this vision and
    offering my love and assistance in service to our Sacred’Grand’Mother Earth …

    thank you, S.S. … RedQueen … though we have never met, i feel tremendous love
    and respect within myself with You … i offer these ‘thoughts and feelings’, trusting
    You will understand and perhaps 1 day we will meet and share from , ‘here, within this
    sacred moment’…, i look forward to knowing You, and riding on, continuing ever
    greater unfathomable waves of pleasure and knowledge all Our Divine Way to
    Our True Home!

    i trust now in ‘Nautillus New Earth TimeShip’ ~ HomeTrustBounty ~

    slycoyote wink
    JaguarJade13 blink

  6. I’ve only recently become exposed to José Argüelles and his wisdom. He, Drunvalo Melchizedek and Keisha Crowther (Little Grandmother) are – to the best of my knowledge – three of the most important truth teachers out there. Thanks for posting this interview! A great read.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that the last Tzolkin spin before the Closing of the Cycle would arrive 1 day before Good Friday? I think that is a very interesting synchrony, not to mention that we entered the Green Castle the day after Good Friday… Connecting these synchronies with the closing of the cycle and the beginning and end of the cycle of the 9 hells of Quetzalcoatl’s prophecy rounds it all up pretty nicely :)

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