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Much valuable food information and resources here. Please share (though mostly US based).

Feel free to copy, paste, post, repost, publish, and republish this list (compiled by John McCabe):

What could possibly be more basic to human survival and existence on this planet than clean sources of food? Seems to me that NOT growing at least some of your food, which means that you are being completely reliant on stores and restaurants for your food, is missing out on one of the most basic interactions between the human, Earth, and Nature.

It also leaves you susceptible to the whims of the corporate food industry, food distributors, Wall Street, Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, GMOs, the FDA, and the USDA, and to toxic farming chemicals.

NOT participating in choosing cleaner food choices, such as by not growing at least some of your food and not supporting local organic farmers, is choosing to contribute to the pollution caused by the international corporate foods industries – and helping to spur the growth of the corporate food industry, its wealth, its political manipulation, and its power. 


A few years back NASA conducted a study concluding that the most fertile soil in the United States is now covered by cities. Although cities only take up a little over 3% of the continental land area, that land can produce as much food as the 29% of land used for agriculture.

The study concluded that the land being used for agriculture is less fertile and this increases the use of fertilizers and other farming chemicals.” – Sunfood Traveler;

People often say they don’t have room to grow food. Where there is a will, there is a way. Towns and cities are excellent places to grow food. Many cities rent out garden plots to residents. The Yards To Gardens site provides ways for people without yards to find those who do and who are willing to provide space for a garden.

Food Not Lawns is a resource for information about culinary gardening. Kitchen Gardeners provides a lot of information about self-reliant food options. Urban Organic Gardener shows how culinary gardening can happen, and is happening, in cities and towns.

People have taken over abandoned lots and turned those into culinary landscapes. Pots and buckets on a patio or roof is another option.; =; 
Check out Roger Doiron’s Kitchen Gardener’s site:
Also, check out Mike Lieberman’s blog about town culinary gardening: http://www.urbanorganicgardener.com

Lists farms where you can harvest your own produce. is an excellent site for growing fruit at home. Is a fruit- and vegetable-sharing site.
Fallen Fruit, Fruit share site.

This began in Los Angeles with property owners who had fruit trees willing to allow other people to harvest the fruit and share it with others. 
Square Foot Gardening, 
Path to Freedom, 
Rare Seeds, 
Roof Meadow, 
Rooftop Farms, 
Community Garden, 
Green Grid Roofs, 
Green Roofs, 
Guerilla Gardening,

Almost every time you are eating food, you are likely tossing away seeds that can be planted. Even the base of celery can be planted. Simply cut off the ribs of celery, and put the base in soil, with a half inch of soil covering it – within a week or so you will see that the celery has started to grow. One tomato has enough seeds to plant dozens of tomato plants.

About seed saving: is an Australian site. 
Saving Our Seed,  
Seed Alliance, 
Seed Savers, http:://

People are into the Occupy Wall Street movement, but they are often completely reliant on stockholder-owned supermarkets and restaurants (including that Wall Street darling, Whole Foods Market), rather than supporting local organic markets, farmers’ markets, and/or growing some of their own food.

One of the most basic things you can do to disconnect from reliance on corporations is to GROW SOME OF YOUR OWN FOOD. And, SUPPORT REGIONAL ORGANIC FARMERS, who, at this point, should be considered your local heroes. 

How to start an organic food co-op: For an example of how this can work, see the Rawfully Organic Food Co-op, started by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram in Texas. Here is the Web site:

Check out the Raw Wisdom site featuring a post titled: “the 50 harmful effects of genetically modified foods”: If you don’t know what genetically modified foods are, or what Monsanto and other companies are doing to the food plants of Earth, please learn.

If you think that what Monsanto is doing, what Bayer CropScience is doing, and what toxic farming chemicals are doing do not impact you, think again. These companies are impacting everything from the trees in the mountains to the fish at the bottom of the seas.

What Monsanto is doing with its combination of genetically altered plants and its toxic farming chemicals not only impacts the food, it also alters the soil organisms, alters the water, alters the air, and alters your hormonal balances (in all animals, not just the human animal).

The genetically altered organisms and farming chemicals end up in the land and water.

The chemicals manufactured by Monsanto, by Bayer CropScience, and other companies cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, learning disabilities, and nerve disorders. They alter hormonal balances, and trigger or contribute to obesity and diabetes. They alter the way your brain functions, the way your heart beats, and the way your cells function.

The Winter 2012 edition of Earth Island Journal ( contains a couple of interesting articles about Monsanto and Bayer CropScience. Here are some quotations from there: …
”The World Health Organization estimates that every year at least 3 million people – and as many as 25 million people – are poisoned by pesticides, and at least 40,000 people are accidentally killed by them.” …

A recent study by the US Geological Office has found significant levels of Roundup in the air and waterways in two US farm states – Iowa and Mississippi. According to USGS researcher Paul Capel, glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) was detected in every stream sample taken in Mississippi over a two-year periods and in most of the air samples taken.

‘It is out there in significant levels; it is out there consistently.’ Capel says. ‘So people are exposed to it through the air.'” …

Use of the herbicide has skyrocketed in recent decades due mostly to the popularity of Roundup Ready GM crops. The USGS says that more than 88,000 tons of glyphosate were applied in the US in 2007, up from 11,000 tons in 1992.” …
”Persistent exposure could alter endocrine pathways, leading to obesity, heart problems, and diabetes.”

For more information about genetically modified food plants and toxic farming chemicals, access the Web site to the Organic Consumers Association:

Here is a list of sites and organizations that provide information about organic gardening, organic farming, and the dangers of genetically modified foods, farming chemicals, and the impact these toxic chemicals and genetically altered food plants are having on Nature.

Beyond Pesticides,
Co-op Directory,
Food Consumer,
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund,
Local Harvest,
Monsanto Watch,
Non-GMO Shopping Guide,
Organic Consumers Association,
Organic Foodee,
Organic Its Worth It,
Organic Seed Alliance,
Pesticide Action Network,
Real Food Challenge,
Rodale Institute,
The War on Bugs,
Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms,

- compiled by John McCabe,; 

Feel free to copy and paste, post, share, republish, broadcast, or otherwise show this list to others.

13 thoughts on “Grow your own

  1. I am SO glad you are writing about this issue. It is the single most important issue for me for many years. I have always been drawn to connecting with food, from childhood experiences with Mexican farmers and the Zapatista philosophy to Tolstoy’s Peaceful form of Christian Anarchy and self reliance. I worked as a chef for many years as well and am now raising 7 kids on a 20 acre homestead in Michigan which is part of a larger community of organic/sustainable farms in Bangor, Michigan. Our kids, unfortunately, currently attend public schools and they eat junk food at school all day and are often “rewarded” for good behavior with gift certificates to McDonalds and all the functions have hot dogs and soda machines are in the hallways. We need to educate kids pronto through major Farm to School efforts otherwise public schools will continue to do more harm than good. Many institutions that are meant to support us are making us weaker. Do what you can to connect with your food. For example, Meat = a dead animal. If you can’t deal with that, don’t eat meat. If you think you can, well go kill an animal to make sure. We have happy foraging goats now and the two males recently born will become meat to nourish our family. We also have milk that is made into cheese and fresh eggs (very easy to raise hens). Many children think that is horrible to eat our animals, but want to continue eating styro-foam wrapped factory flesh that is tortured for a lifetime. This is a disconnect to the food source. I focus on a plant based diet, but believe that hunting deer and raising animals is better than simply getting food at the store. Anyhow, thanks again for your ongoing messages of love and light. Shine on!!!

    • Thanks for sharing this–so many important points– So sad to think of the children
      being fed this –I wonder if there is anything you can do to
      help educate other parents/teachers to make a change here — many people are just
      uneducated about food, but once they know will hopefully become proactive for the
      sake of the children’s health …:)

      • Well, I am doing what I can without getting overloaded. I am in touch with the Mayor of our small town about 1) community gardens 2) farms to schools 3) farmers market. I am co-chair of Transition Bangor (part of the global Transition Towns Initiative, I talk with all the friends of our kids about connecting with food in this way. And, surprisingly, I am committed to getting a Republican in office, Ron Paul, who is the only one who will work to deconstruct the war machine and federal anti-freedom mission.

        But…mainly I am trying to model. It is tough when you feel isolated and without support from the society and institutions around you. Also, our teens are simply not interested in this and think we are weird (that’s nothing new, I know). I was not a part of their lives for the first 10 years (we are a “blended” family) so that is a factor. Maybe most importantly, we are having fun with this and modelling something that is outside the norm, but increasingly more relevant. It is true. It is pure. It is “from the heart” as my 3 year old daughter Aria says.

        We also began and EARTH CHURCH and hosted that on the White Self Existing Mirror just past. It was an interfaith gathering around food, nature and earth reverence. I recommend people everywhere think in terms of the entire planet as our church (place of worship).

        Blessed be this Resonant Dragon Day! Channel the nurturing forces that sustain us. Arouse the Joy of being attuned to the creative essence of Dragon. Thanks to you and all those who are and have been a part of Law of Time, Crest 13, Planet Art Network, Calendar change efforts. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to tune into the systematized mystical experience of Law of Time.

      • Bless you! Wonderful work that you are doing– and with 7 children — it’s very heartening to hear…I love the
        Earth Church concept–the entire planet as our church. Thank you :)

      • For most of my life I have been restless in some way. I still often wish I could pick up and go to Mexico like I used to, or visit other places. Now I have a big family and animals to care for and those options are not open (or not logistically/financially within grasp). I know this is a new stage of my evolution and a broader evolution of being planted in the earth and not being so busy minded, but it is hard sometimes. I DO appreciate and need the positive input from others who see what I am doing, though, as I still have a part of me that wants to wander the planet as a mystic nomad. So thanks for your kindness and support in my more localized efforts!

      • I am glad to see that people are waking up to becoming more self sufficient. The days of demonizing non person corporations who control food stock is hopefully over especially as we become conscious consumers.

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  4. Thanks so Much SS185.

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  5. At the mentioning of healthy foods, most people respond, saying, “My grandmother ate whatever she wanted, and she lived to be, in her 90s and, etc. Others; they simply refuse to listen. Things are changing, with an overload of chemicals in foods, water, other products. People are becoming sicker, which many are unable to bend their knees, walk without canes, and they are living off the consumption of prescription drugs. They are asking God to heal them, but continue living the same negative pattern. Most will not listen. Therefore, I take care of me, I listen, read, pray for greater knowledge, and financial blessings to purchase a Vitamix Blender, which is incredible. Likewise, I am thinking of purchasing the Cuisinart Food Processor. Being aware of Himalayan Crystal Salt, which I used one small crystal every other day with my juices, and smoothies. Furthermore, I am aware of B-12, Kelp, Flax Seeds, and effective plant based vitamins. The transitioning into a raw vegan is positively and unequivocally changing my lifestyle. Learning the history of 1967 and the increase in fast foods, and processed foods, I switched from dining out of the backyard garden [when My Big Mama Passed] to purchasing fast food hamburgers and french fries. Without knowledge I was reaching for one can good, processed foods, and snacks without reading the labels, whereas I was gaining weight. A weight doctor ordered me to eat only fresh raw vegetables and exercise. Within two weeks I lost 50 pounds. He thought the scale was broken, whereas he had me to step on and off several times thinking something was wrong. Finally, he called several nurses to witness the weight. When he shared with me that I had lost 50 pounds I along with others celebrated the achievement. Each evening, I walked around Bachman Lake, which Saturday mornings were my favorites because at the end of walking I would visit Farmers Market. Those visits reminded me of my grandmother’s backyard vegetables garden. The aroma of fresh smelling vegetables, which in addition, the aroma of fresh mixed fruits. I had no Vitamix nor food processor, but I cleaned and prepared a hosts of fresh green vegetables and enjoyed my favorite assorted fresh fruits [grapes, watermelon, peaches, oranges]. One day, my coworkers decided to line at a barbecue place for lunch. I took one bite and relapsed. Losing weight without knowledge, discipline, and awareness is foolish. Therefore, I am glad this article was posted. A new raw vegan in process and progress.

    • HI Kimberley–

      Thanks for this honest and very helpful sharing — I send you all my support for your new raw vegan-hood in progress … it’s a process, for sure…
      be gentle with yourself … :) Love and more love to us all :)

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