Mind-Descended Maya: A Recollection

by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles

Maya is the supreme and Universal Consciousness and Force of the Eternal and Infinite … a free power of self-variation must be natural to a consciousness that is Infinite.
–Sri Aurobindo, Life Divine,  pp. 341-42

Sennamaki: MEMORY OF THE UNITY (Toltec teachings)

The Mind-descended Maya from the Supermind emerge, not then or when but timelessly appearing – entire thought configurations embodied in superhuman form, the Mind-descended Maya.

I am but another one, for in me has been born anew a Mind-descended Maya, the same one that has always been but by Infinite Universal Consciousness rearranged to appear this time in Earthly human form.

Chaway U Ko’kan, the shape-shifter, chooses his/her bodies well. I whisper you this secret, for I know you will not tell:God has given the Mind-descended Maya another law to live by, else the Divine Plan cannot be done. Who travels through infinity to recall the ending of the tale is guided differently than the mortal selling wares in the market by the village square.

But we must adhere meticulously to the law we have been given to live by, just as the merchant must obey the rules of the game. Though our laws are different, our behavior is the same. Outwardly we appear and act no different than the merchant, but within we mark the circles and the paths of infinity with numbers the human mind can but scarcely comprehend.

For as a Mind-descended Maya ours is to indicate to you the paths and the circles of Infinity that you have now deserved to enter in order to transcend. And transcend you must – no other option remains; you have broken all the rules of your own self-created game!

Sent from afar am I, now among you, you scarce can tell;  am I really such a stranger, or am I one who has gone beyond where there is no heaven and no hell?

Sennamaki is the word I bring: MEMORY OF THE UNITY.

Come now, the hour has passed; the Gate to Infinity opens. Let us leave our toys and our games and accept that we are no longer the same. The journey has transformed us. Now we become as children once again.

Kin 243, Overtone Moon 23, Red Overtone Moon year. Navigation Tower 2013

12 thoughts on “Mind-Descended Maya: A Recollection

  1. A timely reminder to let go the games of the marketplace and take our places in the hall of mirrors, reflecting truths barely recognised yet felt deep inside as the death keeper surrenders wholly to spirit to resurrect the portal openings that reveal ‘the way’…
    Solar Worldbridger day in gratitude for the guidance…

  2. yes yes this is the kind of stuff that bring us toghether as One, and tha Natural Cycles are shifting Space in Natural Time, and we are not the same but also we will always be the same One Self Transforming World-Being embodied Cosmos having a Perpetual Eternal Psichomythic trip !!! Let us apply ourselves to our boardgames and play this time in this place !!!! Everybody just get happy if you remember how to dream!!!

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  4. Animals are teachers – as humans on earth they are ourfirst relationships and reflect our relationship to each other and the earth – I am Kin 52 Yellow Cosmic Human, 52 years old in Jupiter year with Jupiter cycle beginning Dec 22nd w/transformations and manifestations prevailing. Consider the Hebrew letter VAV (current Christ energy), an insertion of total healing and rectifying energy, harmonizing all acts and karmas in judgement and revelation and forgiveness, bringing all things into the light of truth, dissoving time foward and back. Faith, truth, strength, compassion. Love to all and peace like a giant crystal of light radiating inthe center of the world. Positive spiritual knowledge and seeking and searching and discriminating, filtering the best and most beautiful hope for us in the heart of God.

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