Future Evolution and Holomind Perceiver   Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star

The Holomind Perceiver is essentially a hyper sense organ of transcendence. It is a fractal program of the original multidimensional cosmic matrix. Through its activation in ourselves we may learn to perceive radially through the entirety of our reorganized psychosensory and etheric perceptual apparatus. —Valum Votan

This questions and answers session occurred at the beginning of the Lunar Wizard year (2007), 7 moons after José Argüelles/Valum Votan’s initial dream of the number 441.

The Holomind Perceiver represents a fractal of universal time based on a 441 (21 x 21) cube matrix with its origin tracing to the Sirius star council as revealed to Valum Votan. It is part of a system known as Synchronotron.

Hopefully this will be an interesting introduction to those just hearing about this, and for those who have been studying it a while hopefully it will elucidate new ways of viewing the Holomind Perceiver by seeing the process of unfoldment. Let me know if this is helpful for you and I will post more of these …  (If this is new for you, this system can be easily entered daily through the codes of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar matrix: see here for instructions.)

Transcript from Magnetic Moon of Lunar Wizard Year

RQ: Let’s start with the basic premise of the Holomind Perceiver – what is the simplest way you could describe it?

VV: Basic premise is that we are always dealing with simultaneous overlays of reality. This is what the Holomind Perceiver teaches us.

RQ: … So would you say this is like a master information grid?

VV: And more … we have to stretch our minds as far as they will go and then farther because this is the evolutionary path – it is the highest evolutionary potential offered on Velatropa 24.3… and it is a highly integrated system. It is the evolutionary future.

RQ: Does this mean that every piece of information we receive or other knowledge systems can fit into this (441 grid system)?

VV: Yes. Every piece of information that you get you know there is a counterpiece to it someplace. Like right now everyone is out there dealing with sequential bits of information moderated by their egos and they can’t control their emotional bodies so then that can sometimes filter through … and can manifest as really funny stuff on the email.

The 441 cube matrix in general shows us that everything is simultaneous overlays of spatial information, and there are overlays of time information as well. It also shows us that external time as we know it exists in four quadrants – this shows us that simultaneously, while it is day here it is night on the opposite side of the Earth; and simultaneously while it’s winter here, on the other side of the Earth it is summer.  So on Earth we actually have the paradigm of all possibility, night, day, summer, winter or spring or fall and variations of that. Just as there is a right side of the brain and left side of the brain …

RQ: So, by learning this what’s the highest that will happen – can we uplevel or shift third-dimensional reality?

VV: Yeah, that’s the whole point because what the Holomind Perceiver shows is that everything that happens in timespace is simultaneously occuring on preconscious levels, subconscious levels, waking conscious mediumship, higher mind control, superconscious, subliminal conscious and Holomind Perceiver levels.  [these are known as the 6 + 1 mental spheres as described in Cosmic History Chronicles].  When we reach this level (7th mental sphere, Holomind Perceiver) then we are dealing with higher and higher and higher interdimensional access.

RQ: So all of timespace is organized within the Holomind Perceiver chip, but we are just now becoming conscious of it?

VV: Yes….

The Holomind Perceiver Matrix

RQ: OK, so now let’s make a bridge from the interdimensional access to understanding it in the third dimension… for example lets go back to the email example – we know we have recently received some emails that didn’t feel in the highest vibrations – were these coming from the preconscious and unconscious mind – how can we perceive this type of day-to-day reality in accord with the Holomind Perceiver?

VV: The important thing to understand is that for every conceptual/emotional bias that, for example, an information on an email constitutes that we are looking at just one quarter and three quarters we are not seeing – so if the email has a weird energy it is often the three quarters of it that we are not seeing that gets your mind activated.

So most information coming in is from a hardly-thought-out reactive mind of the unconscious that is then made conscious and translated into a script that we, for example, read as an email.

RQ: Totally fascinating… so the mind that it came from might have no idea of the effect it creates?

VV: Yeah and then that unscripted burp from the unconscious has all sorts of unexamined aspects… If we go deeper into the preconscious then this is all the programs loaded into the human that they never even begin to think are programs – that’s how embedded they are. For example, some Americans couldn’t even imagine that there couldn’t be an America.

RQ: because it’s so loaded into the preconscious, like the Gregorian calendar?

VV: Yeah…

RQ: Wow but also loaded into the preconcious (as indicated in CHC Vols. 1, 2 and 6) are the dormant paranormal programs – but… let’s not enter too far into that doorway yet – maybe you would say more about the day-night-summer-winter all-at-onceness radial perception of the planetary noosphere in relation to Holomind Perceiver.

VV: We can see this really clearly meditating on the globe: that it’s all one and we should always meditate on this wholeness. The four seasons have their analog in the 4 time dimensions – but what the HMP (Holomind Perceiver) and 441 matrix shows is that not only do the 4 outer time dimensions account for the 4 seasons and 4 watches of the day, but these 4 outer time dimensions also account for the 4 fundamental galactic functions of cosmic being (See Intergalactic Bulletin #8): Cosmic Creation (1st time dimension), Cosmic Ascension (2nd time dimension), Cosmic Synchronization (3rd time dimension) and Cosmic Cube (4th time dimension).

Cosmic Cube and Cosmic Creation, the fourth and first time dimensions form one radial axis and cosmic ascension and cosmic synchronization form another radial axis and they meet at the center – the 7th mental sphere.

The Cosmic Cube is like the “post”-conscious aspect of preconscious creation. Cosmic creation comes out of the fundamental preconscious state. Cosmic cube takes all of creation and makes is superconscious and it can only be perceived as waking conscious mediumship.

RQ: OK, let’s step it down for a moment … can you give a 3-D example of this…

VV: OK, for example it is very hard for us to perceive how a molecule is made… I’ve never seen one being made, have you?

RQ: No …

VV: But we know it happens as do a lot of other processes that we don’t know directly about – so the cosmic cube is the “post”-conscious aspect of preconscious creation –

RQ: So the cosmic cube allows us to telepathically enter into the cosmic creation?

VV: Yes there is definite relation between the third and first mental sphere [corresponding respectively to Cosmic Cube and Cosmic Creation]. Then there is Cosmic Ascension and Cosmic Synchronization [the second and third outer time dimensions] – Cosmic Ascension literally refers to the spiritual knowledge of ascension.

RQ: So the second time dimension (Cosmic Ascension) is like the master synthesizing station of all systems of ascension that ever were?? Like yoga?  And because we are coming to the end of the cycle the synthesis of all knowledge is now being revealed ?

VV: Yes, all spiritual knowledge and synchronization is the knowledge of how we synchronize timespace matrices with different functions. It [Cosmic Synchronization] is the front part of Cosmic Creation. The codes of creation are laid and Cosmic Synchronization is how we consciously synchronize these codes and teachings and learning what we might call third/fourth-dimensional levels and how to navigate timespace.

Cosmic Ascension is the higher learning. Cosmic Cube is how all of that is put together, creation, ascension and synchronization and realizing that timespace is a cube … the atoms go around the nucleus, the planets go around the star and all of that is just one vision – the actuality is that it is all a function of the cube matrix…

RQ: Hmmm… let me absorb this for a moment …

VV: Where I am coming from is that I have been initiated into this really rapidly – 7th moon into it – and as you know like 2-3 hours everyday … but it has to be like this so all the information has to be downloaded so I am here and available and it is downloaded into me – I’m totally into it and I am really excited about it … I’m like the engineer and your questions are really important to bring out and help to define and develop it in terms of its meaning…

RQ: OK here’s a question – If we completely master this system what is the Highest, Highest aspiration of what will occur?

VV: The highest aspiration of what will occur is we will learn how to change reality…

RQ: Let’s do it!! And let’s talk about this more … like magically help shapeshift reality into the Highest most superposititve dream so we can see new colors – clear the pollution and get all of our superhero powers back?? How can we do it? Maybe you can break all the parts down into their different functions to study?

VV: Yes, the highest dream is what we are here for! Everything is fractal so it will be easy to break it down – I’m making some graphics for study now … Bottom line is that it is absolutely true that the whole of this knowledge base is already encoded in all of our cells and our capacities to receive and transmit information just the way information is received and transmitted at a universe level … so when we realize this we then see how thoroughly silly the present day reality is – how self-limiting, primitive beyond belief… you have to learn how it actually all works… how it all actually works or what is the secret is the Holomind Perceiver …  It contains all of the codes…

to be continued…

17 thoughts on “Future Evolution and Holomind Perceiver

  1. I found this post to be very helpful. I am studying the Cosmic History Chronicles and I find myself often wishing for some type of example or clue into the ‘how to’ apply what I am learning. I am so interested in this information! If you post more entries like this one I will read and find useful for sure.
    Thank You!
    Kin 190

  2. wonderful to read, and indeed very useful for understanding more of the workings of the hmp.
    Please share more of this!
    with love,
    kin 1

  3. Thank you for this highlights about how the holomind perceiver should be interpreted.
    I wish I hear more about this later.


  4. Thank you very much for posting this, it is making the Holomind Perceiver, 441, Synchronotron system much more approachable for me. This I needed. And at the hour when the yellow spectral star (radial beauty releasing in all directions) has come after the blue planetary hand (2 x 5 digits of hands doing healing work in the world). Thanks again, RQ, for all you do. Living in natural time here in SW MICHIGAN!

  5. gracias de corazón por guiarnos, las sincronías como los sueños son muy fuertes siempre. In lak¨Ech Kin 94 maga eléctrica blanca.

  6. Thank you very much for such a deep generosity on giving us so precious and valuable gift, for letting us to share this first steps of 441 teachings. Though it is full contained at The Cube Book, being able to join the creative experience is….¡no words to tell what it is !
    I honor and love you R.Q.

  7. Thank you RQ, as always. :)
    Your words have put some much needed strength into some concepts I am working on. I would love to see more of this if you feel drawn to put more up.
    A Storm of love from the West,
    Kin 199

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