December 21, 2012/Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon

The closing of the cycle on 4 Ahau, Dec. 21, 2012, Blue Crystal Hand is a cosmic world event. This is a galactic shifting of gears followed and culminated by the birth of the new solar age, July 26, 2013: Yellow Galactic Seed. Closing the cycle means to bring all of humanity as one planetary family in a state of peace and harmony to this cosmically climactic point in time, the end of the Great Cycle of History.

—Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

 We are the extra-terrestrials. We are among you. We are those who have advanced into galactic time. The Earth test is nothing other than the ability of the Earthlings to advance into galactic time. The Nine Lords of the great star Sirius hold the Council of Judgement. The Arcturians, Pleaidians and other members of the Galactic Federation await the human response.

—Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan

What are you experiencing in this moment? And where will you be on December 21, 2012 (Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 207/4 Ahau)?

Much has been written; much has been anticipated about this date. But we can really only know through direct experience.

We are in a time of the Great Unknown enveloped by a beautiful and Divine Mystery.  Within this Great Mystery it is helpful to have the guideposts of the synchronic order to help navigate the path on the earthly dimension. To follow the signs of synchronicity is to be guided back to the path of stars—the path of a New Time foretold and foreseen in another time.

“We are at a point where we can no longer go backward,” said a kangaroo to me on Planetary Hand as he stared straight into my eyes.  It was the closest encounter I have ever had with a kangaroo.  This was followed by the appearance of two snakes, or serpents, who whispered secrets of the alchemical exchange of tinctures: the ouroborus, the serpent biting its tale, releasing its own poison that heals the world.  Perfect signs for the closing of the cycle and entering the new..

Wallaby (kangaroo) encourages us to always move in a forward motion, to explore new horizons, take risks, never look back with regret, and never to return to our known comfort zone once we have developed the confidence to leave. ‘Onwards and upwards’ is the motto of the Wallaby (kangaroo).

Snake teaches us to discard all outgrown values and belief systems.  Just as it sheds its old skin, Snake suggests that we cast off all encumbrances and outmoded ways of thinking and reject that which restricts growth and development.  Snake helps to harness qualities that promise to transmute us to higher levels, while simultaneously helping us to heal and rebirth.

–Animal Dreaming – Scott Alexander King

So I felt these animal signs were perfect metaphors for the closing of the cycle, as we collectively shed the skin of the historical cycle and make a giant leap forward into the magic of the Unknown. There is no turning back.  A new story is emerging from deep within the dream. Everything is changing quickly and we are being called to listen to the inner call and act accordingly.

The New Time we are moving into is based on the synchronic order, and in allowing synchronicity to guide our path. A divine path has been laid out for each of us if we only have the courage to follow it.

We are being guided every step of the way as we willingly trade in our old conditioned mind for a galactic holo-mind; and trade in the stagnant linear time program for a 13:20 time program filled with divine magic and synchronicity.

Collectively we are at a precipice, not knowing what “system” will replace the old dream. When you are in your night dream and you reach a precipice what do you do? Grab the hands next to you and JUMP! Into the next dimension!!

At the dissolutionHe/She hurries to that which supports him/her.
 Remorse disappears. (second line of I Ching hexagram 59 Dispersion/Dissolution that corresponds precisely to kin 207 –4 ahau-(Dec. 21, 2012)

But we can only realize this when we stop thinking like a human and start thinking like the multidimensional being that we are. What occurs for us during these moments of great shift is according to our own consciousness and receptivity.

All we can really do is follow the signs laid out by synchronicity and then put all our trust in the Divine Plan. Up until the Equinox on Kin 117, I had thought I would be in the Southern Hemisphere/Australia for the closing of the cycle—to balance the energy from the Northern (dominant hemisphere) to the Southern in preparation for the rainbow bridge.

However, the plan changed when on Kin 95—Blue Self-Existing Eagle, I saw four ships outside my house—three were zig-zagging orb types and the fourth was large, blinking blue light then blinking red light. I had seen a similar looking (perhaps the same) ship almost precisely one year ago in the same location. While gazing transfixed at the ships, I had a clear vision of Palenque, followed by a tugging sensation in my solar plexus. I tried to put the vision out of mind as I was determined to be in the Southern hemisphere.  However, on Kin 98—Resonant Mirror, the large ship appeared again above my house.

Soon I realized I was being called to leave everything behind and go to Palenque to conclude the cycle of prophecy as the successor of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan (the Closer of the Cycle); to return to the place of prophecy with a vile of his ashes as well as his Excalibur crystal that had been instrumental in communicating the codes of the synchronic order.

In 1989 he had tried to bury the crystal near the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, but the crystal called him back to retrieve it. This was followed by a download of coded information, much of which he attributed to the crystal. The tomb of Pacal Votan has now been sealed and so now is the time to return the crystal back to the point of prophecy as a symbol of surrender of all that has gone before in preparation of the new star codes now being inscribed within us.

And on the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (15 June 2012), Red Queen’s bones were returned, on Kin 18 (see Synchronicity and Prophetic Numbers).  This signifies the return of feminine energy to its rightful place, not to dominate, but to create a perfect balance of equality in the world.

I was first invited to come to Palenque for the closing of the cycle on Kin 194, White Crystal Wizard (the one year anniversary of Jose’s passing) by LWX, Kin 170, White Magnetic Dog, who had had a vision to invite me with the intention of creating a unified field between the Mayan elders and the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan (Long count unified with 13 Moons and all traditions and lineages).

I originally thought I was meant to be in Australia but then, after my recent UFO experience, I knew the script was foreseen from another time and that a Greater Force was pulling me to Mexico; the reason is still a mystery to me and the precise details for  Kin 207  are still revealing themselves — (you are invited to join myself and other kin if you feel the call either physically or telepathically) :)

Our star friends Ishram, Kin 187 and Ashani, Kin 97 will anchor the Australian continent on their land: the CREST13 Resource Center and together we will form a triangle between the Australian continent where Valum Votan passed away; Palenque, Mexico where Pacal Votan passed away and with a galactic team in Mt. Shasta, the main target point for the launching of the New Cycle: Launching of Timeship Earth 2013/Galactic synchronization.

So wherever you may find yourself for the closing of the cycle, let’s all remain as receptive as possible with our mind focused on the vision of the Rainbow Bridge, and know that we are united as one people, not by governments or ruling classes, but by the UNIVERSAL WEB OF THE SYNCHRONIC ORDER that unites us all from within…!

Love and Receptivity is the key attitude to hold on this sacred day — Let’s all surrender to the Highest Light with the intention of co-creating the Most Positive Reality Imaginable.  If we consciously express the Will of the Higher Evolution we will be informed with the keys that unlock the passageway or star gate that unites our earth with the star intelligence of the galaxy!

May everything be known as the light of mutual love!

Ah yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

21 thoughts on “December 21, 2012/Rhythmic Moon 9

  1. I have an opportunity to create a ritual for a group of ceremonial magicians exactly 20 days before the end date (on Overtone Hand, Kin 187). These are not people who have been following the calendar but they are willing to go with my guidance on this. I feel like I’m waiting for something, some key to open the gates.

    I mention this now with the intent of creating a time-link channel.

    Much love to you all.


  2. YES!!! OUR connection is ALIVE & ACTIVE, NOW~~~THANK YOU for ALL the GALACTIC LOVE transmissions. OUR GRATEFUL HEART Beats as ONE, IN LAK ‘ ECH <3

  3. I noticed that you are forming a triangle and using Mt. Shasta. Was wondering why you are using
    Mt. Shasta since it is the lower earth 3D heart and Ecuador is the higher heart into a higher light crystaline form. Why would you tie in to the #d Dimension.

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  5. Yellow Solar Warrior kin 256
    verry much thank you ! I just got the thought that you may are the female part to bring the female energie in to balance , after Valum Votan wos the Male one? So this must be in Palenque.

  6. synchronic occurence, Oct 12 2012 marked 520 years since the “discovering”of Amerrikua, the sirian Constant moved by the saturnian power of 10 enclosed the whole span of american History on kin 137 no more no less, Red Ressonant Earth, Mystic Earth Speaking Tube Telektonon, 17.7, perfect meassure, a PSI plate, if you have read Earth Ascending its easy to consider and understand the bridge that has linked the two poles of it on time, 70 days to the Closing of the cycle,power of 7 moved again by the power of 10, so, 520=13x4x10 and 70 = 7×10, 10+10=20 and 13x4x7=364 thus 4:7::7:13 Aho!

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  10. Thanks for another wonderful post. Where else may just anyone get that type of info in such a perfect way of writing?
    I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m at the search for such info.

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