Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s Final Revelations for 2013 and Shift in Human Consciousness  Kin 174: White Overtone Wizard

In this 9-part interview Stephanie South “Red Queen” reveals her 9-year journey living with a galactic master.

José Argüelles/Valum Votan’s final message for humanity is revealed in a recent interview with his apprentice of 9 years, Stephanie South. Lois Farrington Hunt speaks with Stephanie about Jose’s passing, the closing of the cycle, and the emergence of the feminine principle, heralding the new cycle of time.

As a spiritual healer, numerologist and astrologer, Lois Hunt hosted Byron Bay’s leading metaphysical radio program for 9 years. She has interviewed many of the world’s great spiritual leaders, philosophers and thinkers of our time. Lois is Kin 196, Yellow Magnetic Warrior that begins with the affirmation: “I unify in order to question.”

Interview conducted on Overtone Moon 1: Kin 171, Blue Lunar Monkey (15, November 2012).

Part 1:
José Argüelles’ final days on Earth.

Part 2:
José Argüelles’ final message to humanity for 2012.

Part 3:
How to create José Argüelles’ vision of Unity Consciousness.
Part 4:
Mayan elder’s invitation to unify and the Prophecy of Pacal Votan.
Part 5:
Unification invitation calls forth feminine principle. UFO activation and visions at the tomb of the Red Queen.

Part 6:
Stephanie South’s destined life leading to “Red Queen” apprenticeship with José Argüelles/Valum Votan and living with a galactic master.

Part 7:
Co-creation & transmissions open the Cosmic History channel and discovery of Holomind Perceiver.

Part 8:
Returning of the Light and conscious expansion of the individual. 13 Moons, Pacal Votan and universality of the “Mayan Factor”

Part 9:
2013 – Shifting Identity.

22 thoughts on “Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s Final Revelations for 2013 and Shift in Human Consciousness

  1. Red Queen,

    Thank you so much for speaking … as you spoke I felt the room fill with Valum Votan’s being. When you spoke of the cube I felt the Holomind Perceiver waken slightly, like someone responding to the first call of the morning alarm.

    I also felt your courage.

    My heart is yours.

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    “Christ=4 Sun, Kin 160-Antipode, 4 Dog (PVCS), Kin 30=UR=Christ “The Anointed One”. Christ is the pure messenger of UR whose life and meaning acquire the greatest significance at the Judgement day(s) end time as the prelude of the return to UR, the UNIVERSAL RELIGION on EARTH.” (from the 7:7 bible p.56)
    De-program mind::personality to become like Children again, to ENTER New Heaven:Jerusalem.
    So funny, this huge syncronometer, in Dream::Time OZ Byron Bay my Mayan:: Initiation:: Story began 1998 and on the frist day of the fith moon, Blue Lunar Monkey at exactly 7 in the morning a huge power blackout interrupted for hours the 12:60 busy::business in MUC germania.
    Feels so good to become empty for 21:12 and 20:13 and to listen to your voice(s).
    Thanx PV:VV:RQ:JC:LB
    Love to all the 144 000.
    9.7 on 16.7
    I channel in order to question
    Inspiring fearlessness
    I seal the output of intelligence
    With the resonant tone of attunement
    I am guided by the power of elegance
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

  4. Dear Stephanie , I allways very much loved to listen to Valum, the way he talked and his voice are unique, I never heared you or seen you so you where just a name , but now I got a voice to it , and I love it as much as his . I love this teachings, I seamd to surch all my live , found them in a crop cyrcle in england what lead my to an amazing jurney ever since ,how totaly turned upside down my live. I am Swiss and live now in England with the man how talked about the Mayas with me in the circle , we been married in a cyrcle by a celtic druid handfasted .The Crop Cyrcle stayed inprinted in the soil for a year after , is visible on google earth from the satelite , allover the planet. I am very thankfull for my desteny , and I like to thank you for all the efford you do !!!!
    Bless you ! In lake ech.
    Bea , solar Warrior

  5. Indication is sim-pli

    9 replaces 7 as time orient ..
    So we get 39 kweaks a year ..
    52 moons in 4 years that govern manifestations
    As tone ten = equals time and space in planetary mind

    Check kweaking blogspot com

    Bolon Ik in Dreanspell

    Crystal Sun in Tzolkin

    Galactic Wind in TreeKweak

    • How to To measure 3 kin?

      Take dreamspell kin , here 22 , white solar wind in wizard wave 14

      Take mayan tzolkin , here 220 , galactic sun in moon wave 209

      Now take them as one and imagine that as a precious baptizing=cleaning gesture ..

      Here 220+22 becomes 242 , a birthing of NOW, nowture as signature of a whole human being , one with the ancient tzolkin and one with the vision ..
      This merges and sets the 2112 .. moment alive ..
      242 is tone 8 in eagle wave 235

      See the colors white yellow white in the 3 kin ..
      See the colors white red blue in the 3 wavespells
      Create your vision of completely U ..

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  7. The only word is LOVE. I appreciate this sharing for the feminine and masculine unify part, we back HOME NAMASTE Joy to BE

  8. Stephanie, this is truly Divine and the keys we need to inspire the next steps… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT THE MAYAN ELDERS HAVE INVITED YOU TO PALENQUE TO HONOUR THE WORK!!! It lifts my heart to such a lighter and more inspired place… Blessed be, all is unified… I shall be joining you from Castle Hill as divinely guided… AH YUM HUNAB KU EVA MAYA E MA HO!
    and thankyou to Lois…

  9. Thank you Red Queen. I have transcribed the 9 parts into text (roughly, but I hope accurately) and posted it on my blog while referring back to here.

    I have always felt a resonance with José’s material and it was great to be able to connect in with you and the information while listening to the 10 recordings.


  10. i have just listened too Stephanie being interviewed by louise Farrington Hunt ,what a superb sharing ,after being to Maya land ,Palenque fullfilling our mission together with all KIN at closing of the cycle , it was a lovely surprise to hear all after,gives me more compassion for Stephanie today on red electric Earth/caban, …….what stood most out for me was the sharing of AC CIRCUITRY AND CA COSMIC AWARENESS…MY JOURNEY NOW PAST ,PRESENT .FUTURE …ON THE HIGH WAY TO ZYVUYA XXXXXXXXSEE YA THERE XXXX

  11. The restoration of natural laws has actually begun in Venezuela, after President Chavez booted out the churches, corporations and non-profits that were creating havoc in the country and the rain forest.

    Now the land has been returned to the indigenous tribes and they need our help to restore their culture and share its benefits with the world in harmony with the rain forest.

    I knew Jose for a short time, face-to-face and felt a kinship for years afterward, communicating with him from time to time, including during a visit to Chile in 2001. The work he began has been continuing. A new organization is forming to assist the progress of Goodwill Ambassadors, not only in Venezuela but in the world at large.

    Please begin to explore the efforts of Globcal International Cooperative and notice how it has been crafted to maintain ethical and environmental standards that engage indigenous wisdom.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done, Red Queen and Volum.

    In lak’ ech

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