Galactic Jedi Force

Kin 181: Red Crystal Dragon

The Force is what gives a Jedi his (her) power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. — Obi-Wan Kenobi

As we come to the conclusion of several cycles, we can reflect on the endless cycles and generations of all living beings of all composite things that ever existed. What is Beyond all composite things? What is Beyond history?

When the outer world is in a state of such confusion again and again we must go inside of ourselves and find out what is true? What is real? To experience our mind naked, without modification, without any thoughts of what it might or might not be.

When we sit silently with ourselves, who is there? What is there? Who is looking through our eyes? Who is listening through our ears? It is amazing to contemplate that the same COSMIC FORCE that moves all things in the Universe in their course, also moves us! This Cosmic Force is inside of us! And the me that is looking is not really real, but a conditioned fiction! When we strip back our conditionings and learned behaviors who are we? The me that is inside of me, is not really me either but a cosmic essence, a face of the Cosmic Force that moves all things.

Each of us who are incarnated at this time were born into this world with a specific modality or perception. A main purpose we are given is to comprehend the whole of reality. This is why we are always seeking to make sense of our world, to understand the different experiences of our lives and the people in it.

We are each a mystery unto ourselves — a puzzle that only we ourselves can put together. The tools of the Law of Time are helpful in this regard, entering us, via a 13 Moon 28-day matrix, into a harmonic template that helps organize ourselves and reality by lifting us into a higher frequency, making it easier to recognize and transcend our limited conditionings and erroneous beliefs.

To expand our mind into the New Cycle we must change our perceptions about reality and about ourselves. How do we do this? First, we must begin to think in a new way. How? Simple. We ask new questions. To ask new questions, we must forget our conditioned learning and approach reality with fresh curiousity, like an innocent Galactic Jedi Child. Approaching reality in this way with enthusiam to KNOW is so much fun and is the KEY that opens the Galactic Treasure Chests. In these treasure chests we will find the tools to recreate the world.

We can ask anything, like: What colors are Beyond the rainbow? What is inside the sun? Where does intelligence come from? What is Beyond the vastness of the heavens? What is Beyond the cyclic phenomena of countless beings for aeons of generations? What is it that keeps it all going? What is the motivating FORCE of the cosmos? And on and on… New questions create new answers. New answers create new thoughtforms. And new thoughtforms create new time-space realities.

Through this type of self-reflective questioning we gain entry into the Dominion of Time, the ever-present state of consciousness where superior intelligence dwells.

“A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force”, said Yoda. Though it cannot be named or touched, the FORCE is real. It is infinite and Absolute. It cannot be taken away, it cannot be destroyed. The Force is more valuable than gold and will outlast empires and mountains! It is the energy that lives through us and it knows us better than we know ourselves. This FORCE is the key to the cultivation of our holon, our 4th/5th dimensional self.

“Intelligence operating by the Law of Time finally has the correct knowledge base for identifying holon. When holon is properly understood as fourth-dimensional psychogenetic pattern or double of third-dimensional entity, accurate spiritual knowledge is re-established and ego is reduced or replaced in favor of holon development.” Valum Votan, Dynamics of Time, 11.5

While the world goes mad “outside” of me, this is what is real. This is what I return to. When I surrender and become One with this Force, I understand, without words, what is Beyond all conditions.

A New Time Jedi prayer/affirmation:
Show me the Force Behind the Cosmic Force that makes all things move in their course!

As a new cycle opens, let’s think comprehensively of the nature of reality and the cycle of cosmic evolution and conspire to align our will with Divine Will so that we might help bring about a change in the karmic destiny of this little planet, V. 24.3. Let’s together send streams of gratitude to the Creator of the Force, the Greatest One who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth.

For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. It’s energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we … not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere! –Yoda

“Forget what you know. Do not try to comprehend with what you think you understand.” Valum Votan

16 thoughts on “Galactic Jedi Force

  1. very good I totally agree !.I believe consciousness is a universal force that everyone of us is connected to it and by finding out who we really our without the constraints that society has over us we become one with this universal source.

  2. Beautifulllly written RQ, now off to listen to interview, i see her being 196 as perfect, lots of love, eve n vern 37&221

  3. Yes, thank you Red Queen,Hunab Ku,Universal Oneness. May we drop the husks of our false self and embrace the Love that brings us to the threshold of the Harmonic Shift. With gratitude, I Am Another Yourself.

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  5. Every cell in the body communicates. Why? Because we are 87% water and water has memory. From conception to old age our memories are stored in the water in the cells of our body. When you next meet someone with depression remember it is not their fault, it is all stored bad memories so how you treat every living being, you are effecting their life. Be kind, give out love, and we will one day live in a harmonious planet, not like it is today.

  6. What synchronicity! I am preparing a gathering for the Closing of the Cycle at Sacred Lands, our spiritual community. In “thinking” about my presentation for “what’s next”, I am “creating” something that has never been done before! My PASSION is I PASS ON and now the FORCE is with me and I am elated as Jacob is in this TED speech. In Lak’ech, KIN 5, Red Overtone Serpent

  7. Again wonderful work RQ. Im from Australia and and look forward to every contribution you have in the New Dawn magazine as well .You are a great inspiration to me and many others down here.Im trying to let go of what I think I know and starting learning to ask new questions .I feel the force of the cosmos and for the still time truelly alive !!!.
    Love Glenn

  8. To Red Queen, on her Kin day.

    Dear Red Queen
    We were very moved by a sentence in your most recent communication –
    ‘…and conspire to align our will with Divine Will so that we might help bring about a change in the Karmic destiny of this little planet, V.24.3.’
    We wish you a safe and wonderfully successful journey to Palenque and beyond, and hope to be with you ‘ in spirit ‘ through all these momentus times.
    ‘ We seek refuge with the Lord of thr Dawn ‘

    Alisen & Paul
    Kin 41 Kin 33.

  9. soñar mejor nesecito, cueva de jade recibe ombligo d elux hay que caminarlo familia ya esta aqui por siempre juntos ,tiempo justo solo es cuestion, de pasciencia en toda la vigilia que yace y debajo algo se cultiva mas poderoso ,que egipto dorado esplendor de RA que retorna siempre dispuesto ,como todos los reinos miticos magicos que yacen en nuestra mitica mente original
    ahhhh vuelo de dragon coopera ya jaguares rujen en los cielos ,y la tierra serpentina se mueve, dulce espera que ya termino juntos por siempre estamos ya seamos mas fuertes que la ilusion que ya termino espumas d emares y fuegos solares calor y agua que cocinan casas de abuelas abuelos cantan mirando las estrellas el descenso……

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