The Pope, the Cube and 7 Mystic Moons Kin 6: White Rhythmic Worldbridger

Time is a Zuvuya, a memory circuit. Every zuvuya is a circuit of all time. We are born only to die and meet ourselves again at resurrection. –Valum Votan

AAmidway-shipWe are now in the second Mystic Moon of seven–the Moon of the Blue Galactic Night. Radially these 7 moons recapitulate the seven final moons that led up to Kin 207 (4 Ajaw), 21-12-2012. These 7 Mystic Moons culminate on Galactic Synchronization–26 July 2013.

Within each of these 7 Mystic Moons there are many buried synchronic treasures for us to find.

All events–personal, planetary and interplanetary–are part of a galactic timing program. Everything is coded. But in order to see the whole picture we must allow ourselves space to breathe–and to take some time out each day to reflect on how we are intricately woven directly into this program. It is not just talk or theory–this is REAL–and it is BIGGER than we might imagine.

At this time the psychic compression is great and the frequency wars are climaxing on our planet. All different frequencies are competing for our attention. Now is the time to redouble our focus on the inner path that is being revealed.   We are on the razor’s edge of a new beam phasing in. Focus is the key. Pay attention. The synchronic circuits are lighting up and New Stargates are opening …

The synchronic order gives us the language to read the signs. Each time we re-direct our mind to the Higher Program, we chip away at the artificial timespace matrix–it is like a wrap-around pinata that will soon burst open from the inside out, exploding its radion to reveal a new timespace.

But for now we can expect many more bizarre and synchronic occurrences as we are going through a whole systems shakedown,  passing through the eye of the needle that precedes  Planetary Resurrection.

On Blue Electric Night, Kin 3 (Feb. 15)–three events occurred: a fireball over Northern California, a giant asteroid flying close by Earth and a Russian meteor exploding with the force of a bomb. On this same day, a black cube was also seen orbiting the sun.

This cube had also been spotted near the sun on Kin 207 (21-12), 56 days earlier

Cube in Sun Solstice 3 It has been reported that there are not just a few but many cuboid structures orbiting the sun. What is the significance of the cube and what is it?

According to Cosmic History, the Cube signifies an interdimensional gate of time. It is the primordial thoughtform of creation. When you pass through you see another reality.

16-Year Cube of the Law, 1997-2013

16-Year Cube of the Law, 1997-2013

In the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time the vision of the cube was the vision of a 16-year time capsule (1998-2013)–it is all part of a time release program unfolded from the central control panel at the center of the Earth.

Black Cube and Ka’bah

It is interesting to note that the cube seen near the sun was black, like the Ka’bah in Mecca. Ka’bah is derived from the Arabic word kab, which means cube. The Ka’bah is literally the “house of the cube” and the main shrine for all of Islam.

Within the ka’bah is the black stone that Muslims orient themselves to five times a day. Some believe the stone was a meteorite fallen to Earth.

The cube has 6 sides, 8 corners and 12 edges. According to Shi’ite cosmology, the 12 edges represent the 12 Imams; the 8 corners are the eight supports of the throne; and the 6 sides are the 6 days of creation.

Quranic cosmology says that on the day of resurrection eight angels will support the throne; an angel at each of the eight corners. On the day of resurrection the 12th Imam will reveal him/herself–and the CUBE will be manifest spiritually. For now the 12th Imam remains hidden or “occulted” until the Day of Resurrection.

Red Adam of Maldek

In the Kabalistic tradition, the original Adam was Adam Kadmon, the “red Adam”. In the interplanetary cosmology, this red Adam originated on Maldek, place of the original Garden of Eden. The sacred stone was a remnant from Maldek that fell to Earth after the planet was destroyed. In this regard, the stone signifies a memorial fragment of the catastrophe of Maldek, the karma of which everyone on Earth is now living out.

Maldek represents the sex taboo, which we have seen played out prominently within the Catholic church and its sex scandals. Some believe that a main reason for the Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement is because of this. Also Maldek/Serpent is sign of blood and life-force. Interesting to note that a Vatican spokesman recently acknowledged that Benedict hit his head and bled profusely while visiting Mexico in Solar Moon 2012 (March).

The Pope announced his resignation on Blue Crystal Storm, Feb. 11 (2/11), the beginning of Vinal 11 SAC: “dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising oneself up.”

Photo of lightning striking St.Peter's square on the day the Pope announced his resignation.

Photo of lightning striking St.Peter’s square on the day the Pope announced his resignation.

His resignation was announced 52 days after the closing of the cycle, Dec. 21, 2012. Of course 52 is a key number in Mayan cosmology, and we are currently concluding the 52-year cycle of the Galactic Seed (1961-2013).

Hours after his resignation, lightning struck on the roof of St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the holiest Catholic churches. Note the Pope is RED ELECTRIC SKYWALKER!

Skywalker is the 13th solar seal. Quran Sura 13 is entitled “Thunder.” 13:13 states:

“The thunder praises His glory, and so do the angels, out of reverence for Him. He sends lightning bolts, which strike in accordance with His will. Yet, they argue about God, though His power is awesome.”

Note that this day was Blue Crystal Storm, the guide of Blue Crystal Hand (21-12-2012), and also the first year of the Mystery of the Stone!

Furthermore, the Red Electric Skywalker is the sign of Mars and Pope Ratzinger is living his kin 218 year–White Planetary Mirror–the kin of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan!! (White Planetary Mirror is guided by Worldbridger, Mars again).

He was elected on April 19, 2005, White Rhythmic Worldbridger, another Martian sign (and the kin of today, when this blog is being published). He is the 111th Pope. In the original prophecies of Malachi there are only listed 111 Popes. St. Malachi was a 12th century Irish monk who had a vision in Rome of all the Popes who would ever reign. The 111th Pope concluded in 2012/2013, coinciding with the conclusion of the Great Cycle.

(Also of note is that Easter Sunday 2012 landed on White Lunar Dog, Galactic signature of Pope John Paul II. And this upcoming Easter Sunday lands on Blue Galactic Hand, galactic signature of Adolf Hitler).

The Pope officially resigns Galactic Moon 22 (Feb. 28, 2013)–Yellow Electric Warrior, Kin 16.  That day begins weekly codon 63: Accomplished. The psi chrono of this day is Yellow Galactic Seed, same signature as galactic synchronization day (July 26). 16 is the number of the cube, 4 squared.

The 16-year Telektonon and 20 Tablets of the Law of Time establish a fully exploded CUBE as the 16-year construction of the Cube of the Law as the New Genesis and the Second Creation, in preparation for a third and final explosion of the CUBE of the LAW, the fifth force synchronization of AD2013.  –Valum Votan

As we saw on Dec. 21, 2012 a black cube was seen floating across the sun.  And 117 days earlier on Kin 90; White Crystal Dog (26 August, 2012) appeared a cube crop circle!

CubeMeditationIt was on Kin 117 in 2007 that Valum Votan first had the dream of the 441 CUBE matrix as a living system of information transmitted to the larger mental field of the solar system and then into the planet.

Eight moons later he dreamed that he was taken to the center of the cube matrix. The next morning appeared a cube crop circle at Sugar Hill in Wiltshire, reported on August 1, 2007 (Magnetic Moon 7, Cube 1, Kin 54 year, Kin 60, Long Count 11 Chuen, Kin 11).

The crop circle contained 18 cubes, 54 faces, and 144 triangles. It was the year Kin 54 (2007) and he perceived this as the clear sign that the Kin 54 year marks the entrance into the 6 cubes of the interdimensional shift. The measure of the first six cubes define the interdimensional shift:

6³ = 216 = 2 Wizard Year (2007-2008)
5³ = 125 = 3 Storm Year (2008-2009)
4³ = 64 = 4 Seed Year (2009-2010)
3³ = 27 = 5 Moon Year (2010-2011)
2³ = 8 = 6 Wizard Year (2011-2012)
1³ = 1 = 7 Storm Year (2012-2013)



Synchronotron: Final Revelation of the Prophecy of Pacal Votan

The system of the 441 Cube matrix is known as Synchronotron, the final key to the prophecy of Pacal Votan. It can be thought of as the Master Mothership that contains all the codes and frequencies of the synchronic order. This is the tool to access higher-dimensional thought templates that are programmed by different sets of frequencies.

The holomind perceiver grid represents the fractal of a new matrix of consciousness that is being inserted into our corpus callosum (see law of time section of

“As we enter the noosphere, we will find that the original mathematical programs from which the DNA was generated are already in our brain.” Book of the Transcendence, CHC Vol. 6, p. 211

Orions Time Traveler Cube

Also note that in 1947 a square shaped metallic cube was recovered from a crashed UFO. This is known as the Orion cube or Yellowbook, which is said to be a communication device for the surviving ET time travelers from Earth’s future.

On the website it states:

The cube was also a recording device of Earth’s history up to the evolutionary point in time of the Orion visitors.

The Orion cube could be used to view events and places in time through a holographic projection that would be projected just above the top of the cube once activated. Through Orion Extraterrestrial and “elite secret government” treaty, the method to operate the device was provided by the Orion time travelers. For many years and under enormous secrecy the Orion cube has been shared by affiliated secret government factions as a vehicle to see into their respective futures.

The Luciferian Liberation Front (LLF)  believe that the large cube orbiting the Sun is the “city of god” or City of Jerusalem that has traveled to the Sun straight from an alien so-called “heaven” as explained in the Bible, Revelations Chapter 22.

They believe this cube serves as a “soul collector” in case of “possible aftermath of a global nuclear war that is triggered by alien Archons on Earth.” They believe Jesus was a star traveler put on Earth by the same entities that control the cube (who they believe are the same beings that channeled the Bible).



The completion of the journey is the BEGINNING OF TIME,
where the Cube engenders itself once again.
AD2013 Fifth Force Cube of the Law: perfection of virtue as divine grace.

 … by their endeavor, the people, now a race of galactic Earth Wizards, individually and collectively, through the weekly cubic exercises, constitute a third cubic parton, “New Jerusalem,” harmonizing the frequencies between the Cube of Heaven and the Cube of Earth.” –Valum Votan
20 Tablets of the Law of Time


26 thoughts on “The Pope, the Cube and 7 Mystic Moons

  1. wow…makes sense with synchronicity to me..a few days before the resignation of the pope, i went to my bookcase, and with drew a book i have written by the pope, ( i am not catholic) , and it dropped to the floor, i mentioned this to my visitors who came that day to study the dreamspell at my home. ..few days later..pope resigns, i see the synch. ..Last night, feb 19..kin 6 white rythmiic worldbridger i facilitated my weekly monday night spiritual development circle. We all drew an oracle card,..the deck was called wisdom of the hidden realms.. I drew the Pheonix. the message being Resurrection, surrender to change..card no 29 , which as i am a numerologist, i also see as card and 11 vibration. ..the message itself pertaining to death and rebirth, .change and ultimate success .enjoying the amazing sychronicity and trusting the messages of spirit, (valum/jose) is giving, making sure i am taking notice .blessings to all..shirleySienna Blue Electric Hand kin 107 .


  3. I had a dream vision on Feb. 14, 2013 that matched this quote ” We are on the razor’s edge of a new beam phasing in.” A small thin shaft ran from straight up above down through my meridian into Gaia center. It had a metal spine and flexible edge. The dream was one of three wake-up alarms during the night. The next one at 3:33am was of a buzzing, whining sound whirling around me, I thought maybe it had been a mosquito. But it could have been listening to the beam.

  4. thank you again Red Queen for bringing this valuable information through to us. In lakech!
    “hip to be square” kin 24

  5. Hi maybe important dates… for something …

    kin 37…. solar moon day 15….. last 126 days

    kin 43—- solar moon day 21…. well crop circle have — one side 20 fields with arrows… that is 20*6 …. 120…. and 16 empty field.-…. 16*6 96…. (cubing the Earth… 96 days passed … 120 left)

    kin 55… planetary moon day 5 … middle 216 days…. :)

    kin 67— planetary moon day 17— … 120 passed … 96 left…


  6. just a theory.. tho just… give it a chance…

    We’ve been building a change for last 3 years(Whole my lifetime to be honest.)
    so life started to change, suddendly after I met with really old souls, who all reincarnated in the ancient region of ‘mother of god’ city of god, Tarapita, also last region in middle ages to fight against crusaders. There’s evidence that ‘sparta’ was here, First Reich begin here.

    Anyways, theory part is that Star of David has been signed, 7 years after birth of david Virgin Maria was born on the same exact day, who’s now carring a new messias to be born, lots of old souls gather to raise this child of prophecy, child will be born around end of july..

    Also, David was born on 24 Januar, also Maria was born on 24. When David was expected sonogram showd a twin, other twin was born exactly 7 years later on the same date. In one of the most beauthiful places in Estonia. In an ancient valley.


    • David’s been practicing kind of shamanism since youth and they’re both born on the same day as Jose the magician…

  7. This is a higher-dimensional secret galactic government ET, travelling through the Orion Nebula, on Valium he picked up on Earth.

  8. Pingback: THE COSMIC, Convergencia Armónica: Sincronización Galáctica, el Gran Sextil, Sirius salida heliaca, La Kaaba y el Cubo.”En el cubo y la Kaaba son las claves para el templo de la religión / memoria (UR) universal. La piedra simboliza el recuerdo

  9. Fantastic. That was super educational. Only wished to say
    thanks… Getting excited about your next piece of content.
    ( Please post faster ha-ha)

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