Part 2: Serpent, Cross, Cube and Planetary Resurrection

images Red Electric Dragon Kin 81

“The prophecy of 2012 is written in the beam–one world ends in the rainbow’s gleam — and then another world begins.

The frequencies of change are already known. The pattern is already woven into the future as it makes its way here. Superconscious are the Children of Tomorrow!

Inscribed in their mind is the foretelling of a New Story–Seven baktuns to unfold the Golden Age of Miracles.  7 Baktuns of long-promised Glory!”

–Valum Votan

images-10Continuing from the previous blog about the Unicorn and Magic Key where we saw how the ororoborus was a key symbol representing regeneration or the eternal return. This symbol was also used by Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical society.

Blavatsky often spoke of the serpent initiates or wisdom serpents who were initiators of knowledge and carried forward and synthesized the unitary knowledge of the previous root races.

148581_171924866166996_100000484502563_556023_1284764_n“Serpent initiates are the ones who remember the previous world systems and explosions of reality. They incarnate or emanate at different times in specific places to lift the human species into higher realms.  Their appearance and diverse manifestations are all part of a unified Plan that spans the cycles of history.” Book of the Initiation (Cosmic History Vol. 4)

In contemplating this and my recent initiations — 118 days apart — the first with the Serpent toe and blood at the temple of the Foliated Cross (place where heaven and underworlds meet).

In contemplating this I picked up one of Valum Votan’s journals only to  discover two interesting images: One is from the Temple of the Foliated Cross where he had highlighted the cross, and the other the tomb lid of Pacal Votan where the image of the cross cross-shaped structure  on the sarcophagus lid is circled.




New Cycle Journal

 I began to contemplate the meaning between the blood, the Mayan Cross and the Christian cross.

Next I remembered that the journal I have been writing in was a cross! The journal was given to me by Blue Overtone Hand (along with a crystal skull) to begin the New Cycle.

Contemplating all this I received a message from Oran, Kin 58, about how the Magic Key relates to the Celtic Cross of the Female Life Blood (see previous blog about the Unicorn and Key).

image073As caretaker of Her Celtic Cross Blood given by Hopi Fire Clan, Oran shared that within the arms of the Celtic Cross Key the ‘red lines’ are the Canamyte ‘Serpent Steps’ ( of Etznab ) that create the Primal Art of the Pyramid Tree Embers 78 ( 6 x 13 )  They are made up of 33 Cubes, within 33 Cubes, within 33 Cubes, ad infinitum.

33 is the supreme number of the initiate (33rd degree Freemasons) and is also the age of Christ’s death.

78 is the frequency key to the prophecy of Pacal Votan.


This message about the Key and Celtic Cross came on Kin 81: Red Electric Dragon guided by the Red Electric Serpent.

9 x 9 = 81.

9 spins earlier (9 x 260) on this day Kin 81 Valum Votan and I conducted an alchemical ceremony in dedication to the healing of the world soul. My mind immediately flashed to Odin,  who hung for 9 nights on the World Tree Yggdrasil to obtain the feminine secrets. These included the secrets of the runes, words of power, sacred poetry and oracular divinatory magic and prophetic powers.images-1

What is interesting is that Yggdrasil actually means Odin’s horse (see last blog about the horse and unicorn). The tree is also associated with the rainbow bridge or Bilröst, that extends from the tree reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.

images-2Odin is also associated with the Hanged Man, the 12th card of the Tarot Deck. Following the Hanged Man is the 13th card of death. At Palenque Temple 12 is known as the Temple of Skulls or Death and Temple 13 is the tomb of the Red Queen.

Valum Votan writes:

“These temples like the corresponding Tarot cards show that Votan was a traveler in the worlds of the dead (fourth/fifth dimension). The power of 12 is commemorated in the Temple of Inscriptions by the two sets of inscriptions of 240 glyphs each arranged in 12 x 20 matrices. The 12th rune, the Hanged Man” of the 64 UR runes retrieved by Valum Votan from Pacal Votan, shows an upside-down triangle and is located in the fourth Cube position, that of Pacal Votan. Odin/Votan drank from the fount of Mimir (mother of memory) also known as Urdarbrannr (stream of Urd). The UR religion is the RECOLLECTION OF THE COSMIC ALL.”

In Celtic the 9 nights are referred to as the noinden. The nine nights also corresponded to nine different worlds.

In the Telektonon prophecy the speaking tube leads down a cavernous stairway, a uterine channel, to the tomb itself, the sacred cave guarded by the 9 Lords of Night (Bolontiku). In the system of the cube (Synchronotron) there are nine time dimensions.

The ninth time dimension is known as inner time and is the key generator of all cosmic electricity. It is the supreme coordinating center of multidimensional timing programs.9 Time Dimensions

At the center of the 21 x 21 cube is the 441, the single unit from which the rest of the matrix radiates, the 11th dimensional channel from which the entire cube system of thought and galactic life patterns originate.

The Synchronotron system of the Cube is the  final  revelation of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan as discovered by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. See Book of the Cube-Cosmic History Vol. 7.

269600_482522735093535_797896740_nThe world tree that Odin hung from is symbolized on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan as the cosmic tree extending from  Pacal’s solar plexus (kuxan suum). Beneath the image of Pacal is the Earth goddess, Mother of All Prophecy, whose divine secrets were given to Pacal Votan.

“And from each of the three oracle mouths of the arms of the cross on my Kuxan Suum, you will find 24 rays repeated three times, one half the number of the elect (3 X 24 = 72). Add to this three times eleven (33) and the number is 105, the difference between the number of days in your solar orbit, 365, and the number of kin in my sacred count, my galactic spin, 260.” –Telektonon prophecy

Christ and the fourth-dimensional cubic cross

1111242353381sacred_geThen, this most recent initiation on Blue Spectral Night (kin 63) with a deep imprint of Christ’s words: “If thine eye be made single, then thy whole body will be filled with light.”

Also I noted that it was on Jose’s 63rd birthday that he first had the dream of the Return of the People of OMA.   I began contemplating all this and the meaning of the New Time and planetary resurrection.  I was guided to the Bible.

” And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a tomb. But God raised him from the dead.” Acts 13:29-30

Corpus Hypercubus by Salvador Dali

 I was then  led to Salvador Dali (5 Night)’s work Corpus Hypercubus, where he depicts Christ on the cross, only the cross is a fourth-dimensional hypercube, also known as tesseract.

Tesser means four and antis means ray. (Coined by Charles Howard Hinton, 1888). The tesseract can be unfolded into eight cubes with 260 +1 distinct nets.

Dali wanted to display Christ on a levitating cube (exploding into the fourth dimension). The work also displays his wife Gala in the role of Mary Magdeline, showing her standing on a cubic chessboard. Dali said that she represented the “perfect union of the development of the hypercubic octahedron on the human level of the cube.”

images-9I first heard about cubes, the fourth/fifth dimension and tesseracts as a child reading the book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle. Here tesseract is explained as the “wrinkling” of time and space, allowing two points to be connected through this fifth dimension rather than forcing you to travel on a straight line.

For example, if you take points A and B and connect them with a piece of string, the shortest route would be to walk along the straight piece of string. But in tessering, you could wrinkle the string, or fold it upon itself, so that points A and B would be right next to each other, allowing you to just walk across. It is how the people travel to distant planets in A Wrinkle in Time.

Heptocubicoimages-8This cubic structure is also explored in the Cosmic History Chronicles, but with six sides, though two more could be added to make a tesseract. So, when the central seventh point of the cube “explodes” then each of the six faces become another cube, with the seventh at the center. (This is described as the heptocubico, the new internal coordinating mechanism of the superhuman, homo noosphericus).

Of course Pacal Votan was found in his sarcophogus holding a jade cube in one hand and a jade sphere in the other.  So … the Magic Key, female life blood, the serpent, the cross, the tree, the cube and the sphere — do these contain the keys to planetary resurrection? Is this the secret that  that Christ, Pacal Votan and other wisdom holders shared?




32 thoughts on “Part 2: Serpent, Cross, Cube and Planetary Resurrection

  1. “…holding a jade cube in one hand and a jade cross in the other.”

    How about a sphere and a cube…
    Movement 13:20, and Measure

    Happy Tuning!

    • I am an overtoned white dog and I know about your prophecy…I may have played a key role….I need everyone’s help I am exhausted.
      Meditate for me?? Please…Things are happening that I don’t understand….my spirit is throwing my body around like a ragdoll….LOL I think its finally happening….Christ…the tessaract I’ve been spreading the word,,,,I think the new age is coming I dont know who to talk to…..please email me

      • Nvm waiting for my yellow star…she will charge me :-)

      • But still exhausted; glad you found the core principle to be Christ; He is the one who took the noosphere with him originally into the unconsious and back again; through Him there is redemption for all who are willing. Let us meditate and pray on ALL being willing

  2. This is truly fascinating ! This is the year of The Serpent, in Chinese astrology (black water snake).
    I think I am intrigued because I was born in the year of the Serpent. The picture w/ the Serpent along the west coast of the Americas is of great interest. Also, the upper insert of the dragon in the same picture. Last year was the year of the Dragon. The Serpent & the Dragon are intimately connected. The cube symbolism reminds me of images I’ve seen in ancient Egyptian Temples.
    I’m very curious about the lid of Pacal Votan’s Tomb. What is in his hand, & who is the being resting on his arm ? Is he anointing the cross ?
    Thank U Red Queen for sharing your beautiful insights & wisdom.

  3. Inlakech as all’ways shinning one
    mind blowing pure raw 3D sync’s siSTAR… first and foremost a big blessing from the capital of the gaelic land of celts, EDENburgh ;)
    Personal journey of healing and resurrection for this planetary eagle and more so for avataric twin soul Heather, magnetic worldbridger has brought us to her current birthland, birthplace of legends like William Wallace and peoples poet Robert Burns. Traversing the rolling hills of Ayrshire it was obvious that the ancient spirit of these lands is one very familiar to me, cosmic memory loops reconnected! Many talks on dreams we shared, reading dreamguide bibles with particular attention to dog and serpent dream symbology. Going through strong vibrations of releasing all kinds of abuse-based knots, heather had a breakthrough yesterday at the foot of Arthur’s Seat, Dragon Hill of the Knights of Light, the true Sith (Scottish gaelic for peace) Lords of this land’s time… all reflected by the mighty mirror of the universe itself, the tears turned to that very important acknowledgement of “who we are” and amazing lighthearted tingles of AHO caressing the pixels of our beings, we bought some nectar of THOR (beer) and set off on our merry climb to the top, the seat of all seeing vision, where the InI’s become ONE. Gaelic force wynds dispersing our prayers and intentions, spilling Thors nectar on the pinnacle of Arthur’s Seat and blessing this Erf and her magnetic attractions, we slowly journeyd down. Getting back to friends place we read UR part2 blog and the AHO sent our pixels into a frenzy!
    Thank u 4 these affirmations in mystic times of reintegration, healing and transition. may fortune in all its forms and levels forever shine on u and thru u.
    Today takes us to the Castle itself, where a replica of William Wallace’s personal 6ft Excalibur sword resides, and where we shall do a coronation ceremony for u, blessed one, telepathically and holonomically placing UR Holon apon the stone of destiny.
    in service, in deed, in sync, may the veil of illusion be lifted and the spirit of yggdrasil restored to the 9 worlds.
    empowering the dream! magick magick magick

    Let go release u hold the keys
    It’s time we evaporate into the breeze
    We are nothing, we’ll be something
    Wellcome to the desert of my soul
    U can stay if u like…
    There’s room for one more… there’s room for one more :::)

  4. 13:20 Peacegarden Rusthoven – Bioregion of the Sun

    We feel invited to share our part of the neverending story, so hereby our report of an ONgoing investigation.

    Kin 82, white self existing wind – 82 days left to Galactic Synchronisation kin 164.
    82 is the reverse of 28, today is the 28th day of the blue galactic spectrum of vision.
    82-28=54, kin 54 white lunar(2) wizard (14), 2×14=28.
    The Cube Number (uChing hexagram) of today is 14 and it’s inverse is 28 (2×14).
    PSI Chrono unit – kin108 self existing star. 108=2×54

    The morning of kin 82 we read the 13:20 blog and we were strucked by telephatic vibration. On the collage of the dream we saw the red cosmic serpent dodecahedron New Time crystal. The dream was on kin 78, white cosmic mirror, and on this day we build a great circle icosidodecahedron dome as a reflection of the etheric earth grid. As an easy to build example for crest sites because it’s made from recycled materials, low cost and constructed without powertools. A flowmovie and tutorial of this project is coming soon on Spacebook!

    This synchronicity with the white cosmic mirror and the New Time crystal is a link with part 2 of the blog. In this blog there is a painting of Salvador Dali (kin 83 blue overtone night – today by now!) titled: Corpus Hypercubus. We see Jesus cruxified on the fourth dimensional tesseract. The work also displays his wife Gala in the role of Mary Magdeline, showing her standing on a cubic (arcturian) chessboard. The chessboard represents 64 squares + 1 the board itself =65, red cosmic serpent dodecahedron New Time Crystal!

    The first 3 days of the storm wavespell we had a brainstorm about how to present the uChing for internet and printing. These 3 days we worked on a storyline to end up with the realisation that the story is the neverending story to be told and shared by the kin. Next to that we worked on the descriptions of the technical parts and terms and we came up with a visualisation practice. In this practice we radialize the cube numbers (hexagrams) by making use of the heptocubic structure and the arcturian chessboard as the lunar ring. So when reading this part of the blog with the heptocubic painting we were strucked again!

    So now we see, we don’t have too much www connection but in realtime we are always close and near.

    Thank you for your ability to let your dreams live through us.

    Dreamers of tomorrow

    Sieger 73 – galactic skywalker
    Stef 191 – solar monkey
    Juryt 243 – solar night

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  6. Wow. Thank you for sharing this Red Queen!

    I use the same Notebook, the so called Lindau Gospel Book.
    The last entry is from Kin 22, last day of the second Mystic Moon. Moon 204 and 205 turned out to be very “materialistic”. I didn`t want to be in the Cybersphere not even in GS, but work with my hands. Gardening on our balcony – it is spring in Ahau Zone- and renovating our kitchen. Working with wood and meeting 3 dimensional people. Reading your 2 Blogs spiraled me back into the “prophetic-mayan-mind-stream”. It feels like our different personal experiences are all part of a 4 dimensional collective puzzle. It doesn`t matter in which form the story`s and syncs come to us. They come in the form that we may understand the message. The Cubed Jesus painted by Kin 83 Salvador Dali was also the day Kin 83 I read the blogs. I love the painting. This vision came to me already after reading your Palenque blog 21:12. I perceived that all knowledge grows out of the cube, through the tree/cross, which is the channel, it is brought into our dimension. The cube is beyond our sensual perception, and therefore ultimately beyond words and knowledge. And all of religion is a kind of filter. The Filter of 2000 years Christian Religion/Calendar is exchanged since 21:12 and during this 7 mystic moons.

    But now follows some prophetic information that I stumbled over already after the Palenque blog, the first part of the serpent initiation.(Judas, Epitaph) Most interesting is that in early Christian writings and pictures Jesus often did hang on a tree and not a cross:

    The Burial of Christ. During Matins, Lamentations (Greek: Επιτάφιος Θρήνος, epitaphios thrênos, lit. “winding-sheet lamentation”; or Εγκώμια, enkōmia, “praises”) are sung before the Epitaphios as at the tomb of Christ, while all hold lighted candles. The verses of these Lamentations are interspersed between the verses of Psalm 118 !!! (the chanting of this psalm forms a major part of the Orthodox funeral service). The psalm is divided into three sections, called stáses. At the beginning of each stásis, the priest or deacon will perform a censing. In the Greek use, at the third and final stásis, the priest will sprinkle rose !!! water on the Epitaphios and the congregation, symbolizing the anointing of Christ’s body with spices. From Wikipedia

    On the piece of cloth is written the following sentence:

    The Noble Joseph, taking down Thy most pure Body from the Tree, did wrap it in clean linen with sweet spices, and he laid it in a new tomb.

    This doesn`t say Joseph took down Jesus` body from a cross, but from a tree.
    And why does he place the body into a new tomb?
    And it says he, Joseph alone laid it into a new tomb, even though many “saints” are depicted on the linen. Which is placed upon the tomb. epi-taph

    The Noble Joseph – Jose`s original name, Sure 12
    taking down – take down the curtain, exchange, make visible
    Thy most pure Body – Life, Consciousness, World Consciousness, The visible universe, The Body of Measure and Movement, 13 Oxlahuntiku
    from the Tree – Tree of live, Sacred Mayan tree, connection to the divine, Zuvuya, speaking with God/Goddesses directly, Bolon Ik, 22
    did wrap it in clean linen with sweet spices – purification, healing process, Muluc- the healer, 7 mystic moons
    and he laid it in a new tomb – Subcounciousness , Alchemical place, Place of Karma, Underworld, soil, nurture for New life, Cubic structure, new knowledge, new matrix, Temple of Inscriptions, Place of the Bolontiku, 9 ,Heart of Nine, One tomb surrounded by 9 Lords, Votans/Odins tomb/cube

    Tel ek ton on.

    P.S. had to draw a unicorn for my daughter Kin 186 recently :-)

  7. Aloha RQ! after reading this a vision of the tesseract entered me strongly, a “Jigsaw falling into place”* experience. The tesseract is formed by 8 cubes, 6×8= 48, so i figured a 48 aUR cubing that creates a tesseract as a fractal of a time-space whole where you can “shift time-space dimentions” moving upwards, 2 levels downwards, and to the 4 directions in the cross. It also accounts for the 9 dimentions of time where the 9th is located within the central cube. Then 48 is reflected in 84. The Galactic Synchronization is on 4.8 kin 164 in galactic notation 8.4. And obviously that the tesseracts looks like “a key to open all dimentions” because it is shaped as a key with a symmetric shape, that means that is for not only a special door to open but as a master key. Could this be the time-space universe in its holonomic fractal compression? How would we place the 48 runes? How to place the external and the radial time dimentions?
    I am staying at Epuyen Peace Garden working on the next synchronometer with Flaviah and on the day we brought this blog to read there came a woman kin 92 telling us that she is specially attuned to horses, she actually has some and she is looking for a land where she can live with them.
    Recieve a Red Magnet from the Moon Zone!
    *(from Radiohead “In Rainbows” album)

    ps please check this blog:

    en transicion de humano uno a caminate 2,soñe ,con un bello paisaje ,una mujer muy joven me acompaña, no recuerdo bien su rostro ,caminamos luego por un terreno entre verde y tierra como blaca amarilla o algo asi, vi los arboles los troncos ,vi como una forma de raiza grueza extebdida muy grusa, y al ver mejor vi la forma de una serpiente su cuerpo del mismo color de la tierra blanca fina como tierra o arena balnca amarilla clara y segui la forma y su cabez muy gande con parecidos a dragon por dos protuberancias enla cabeza, ,estaba etre el agua del rio veo las piedras del rio ,estoy con la mujer y digo que tengamos atencion que no pisemos esta forma de la serpiente ,pues ibamos creo a cruzar o pasear por el rio la serpiente inmovil serena
    otro sueño:
    me veo entre las copas d earboles ,muchos arboles ,bozque grande la mente de los arboles, eso es importante pues luego estoy en una casa y hay un hombre que no recuerdo bien su rol o papel pero le hablo o el me habla sovbre esto pero siento que hay que resolver algo y lo voy haciendo con mi mente en el sueño y con el en la casa……
    TE AMO

  9. ok so …





    8448=umb 69=3×33
    4884=umb 33=3×11

    then i had a dream with a lot of food and above the food there was number 432,44


    but most important was today if im ok heptads acumulated tfi was 7777
    space unit for sinchronic kin 98 was 164 and umb 207

    we entered the tipi for our daily meditation (synchrogalactic yoga+sinchronic order+cubes+rainbowbridge) and when we exit there was a huge rainbow
    actually i saw 5 different rainbows today, it was amazing

    then with all this numbers of rainbowbridges, closing of the cycle and galactic synchronization,
    the equivalent kin is 209 the entry to the green castle

    dont need to explain that the speed of number and the size of the visions it brings
    will leave the internet as too obsolet communication device
    but im ok with bringing it to its final edge

    i saw the cube as an absolute mental space
    and i saw the planetary mind studing it, surrounding it
    as the everchanging dynamic relative concioussness moving in time
    the relative and the absolute as the noosphere and the cube

    theres a lot going on in a time space with no internet no tv and no cell phones
    we become humans antennae for the noosphere
    it is truly worthy to leave all this 12:60 lugagge behind

    im ok with you bloggin from time to time to raise the awareness of our family
    we like it, we read every time around a fire or after breakfast
    it keeps us all travelling toghether in this tremendous shift we are experiencing
    and we still need to elaborate all this numbers and practices in a way
    that we can get to understand what happen when this is being processed
    by the mind of a planet

    once we get rid of our plans the Divine Plan unfolds to us as clear as a candle in the dark night
    when we live our concepts and manipulated thoughts then we experience
    what it feels to be thought, to be dreamed, as Earth is meditating us

    7777 umb= 280 duar luminic +5
    todays interval twice showed umb 279 duar luminic 5

    another number that came to my screen was 1188 = 198×3 or 33×18

    yestarday we printed the masters of the new synchronometer
    i worked on it for about 57 days (my this years kin 57)
    and we printed it on rythmic Earth, perfect occult power of 4.8
    and occult quartet with 177 my g.signature

    it is very nice with 52 pages and a full handbook guide to the supramental civilization
    for those brave pioneers who, like us, take the step above themselves
    and resurrect in the ourselves, with the planetary human, earth’s 1872000 kin diameter thought completed and new aeon dawning we stand firm and sing the song of the future
    we sing it all toghether and it goes like this…..

  10. june 5th mercury venus jupiter dance. a year ago there was the venus transit. june 5th is also kin 113 ;) <3

    • “the relative and the absolute as the noosphere and the cube,,Earth is meditating us” <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  11. attended a 7 day intensive with jose starting on planetary moon day 22, year of white resonant wizard, from resonant hand to cosmic skywalker. had many insights during the week. one involved pacal voltan tomb lid and tzolkin. if you create a cross in the middle of the tzolkin starting horizontally with star and moon as the cross piece and the 3 center columns as the upright, the 9 lords of time “walk a cross”. beginning with solar hand, up to resonant serpent over to solar serpent and down to spectral hand–imitating the 9 “i” symbols/images spanning the cross on the tomb lid. hand (of god) opens the door to a world-bridger, follow the serpent path (5 stations), thru another world-bridger to the other side, to no-time, where the hand of god greets you with a spectral rainbow.
    this came about from my curious fascination with the 6 glyphs that have 4 GAPS each and wondering why…the 24 GAPS create a soloman’s temple if visualized in 3d–fold up the 2 sides–placing them on the 6 central GAPS of the 10 day GAP runs–as a foundation, remove the central column and place it vertical as a speaking tube. soloman’s temple dimensions are 2X3X6. 2 wide by 3 high by 6 long.

  12. Dear Stephanie-Kin 185

    Happy Kin 185 day… Be blessed for ever
    you are allways on my mind and in my heart
    all my love to you Reina Roja
    Ana, kin 191

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