Galactic Mayan Alchemy113 Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113

In order to arrive you must follow the signs. God inscribed on the world the path that each  must follow. It is just a matter of reading the inscription he wrote for you. —Paul Coehlo, The Alchemist

The Galactic Mayan experiment is  also part of a grand act of Planetary Alchemy. 

Despite surface appearances there is a secret planetary alchemy occurring behind the scenes. The more we cultivate our own inner connection to SOURCE the more we assist this divine alchemy.

It is from this SOURCE that our life is directed. It is from this SOURCE where all solutions to our problems lay. We as a collective are so externally oriented,  but now we are being called back to Center. The choice is ours as we live in the free will experimental zone. At this time there are many streams of karma at play, our own personal karma, planetary karma, lost world karma.

The most direct way to bypass karma and cut the cords of repeating more lower-dimensional tape loops is to make our connection to Source our top priority. 

It is from this Divine Source that all star systems are sprung and that all timespaces are created. If life feels complicated, relax and allow yourself “time” to return to Source. Breathe and dissolve all thoughts and preconceptions about everything. Just let go and dissolve. Feel your heart and allow the warmth and love to envelop you with no resistance.


Cycle of Return

The closing of the great cycle represented the completion of the Cycle of Becoming. We are now on the Cycle of Return: Return back to the Source of Creation where what has been hidden is now being revealed.

We are not alone. More help is available now than ever. But we have to ask. Keep knocking and the Magic Gates will swing open.

Prepare for accelerated inner revelations. Only when all is revealed can the Great Renewal occur.

Massive UFO appearance over Los Angeles, 26 May 2013 – Spectral Kali 25, Kin 103

The proliferation of UFO sitings are here to remind us that there is a DIVINE PLAN far vaster than our conditioned human minds can fathom.

“The Velatropa sector, or experimental zone, is also known as the realm of the “lost worlds.”The different errors or karmic residue of errors of the free will zone have been deposited at the center of the Velatropa (V.) sector.” —Valum Votan

We see now the karmic replays of lost worlds happening everywhere. Nuclear arms. Radiation. War. Financial meltdown. Whole system artificial breakdown…and on and on …

We continue to replay an ancient karmic script as illustrated by this headline news that suggests a possible way to divert asteroids (from Maldek) from hitting Earth is through nuclear detonation (that contributed to the exctinction of Mars).

Also we see the continued proliferation of nuclear arms and growing radiation in our oceans and soil. If we look at just the third dimension alone the situation can feel hopeless. We take all of this into account, while simultaneously not being fooled by the world of appearance. (See previous blogs on lost worlds).

photo_1370211270183-1-0Planetary Alchemy

The stages of ancient alchemical processes can be traced to the work of nearly all prophets, seers, sages.

Alchemist Herr von Welling says that there was no material universe until Lucifer, who, attempting to perform cosmic alchemy, misused Schamayim, or divine fire. In order to reestablish the Schamayim which Lucifer had perverted, the universe was formed as a means of liberating it from the dark cloud within which it was locked by the failure of Lucifer’s attempt to control it.

These early philosophers also recognized in the Bible a book of alchemical formulas, where “what dies on the cross, is buried in the tomb of the Mysteries – but only so it can rise again, like a phoenix, on the day of resurrection.”

Pacal Votan is depicted on his sarcophagus lid (placed on his tomb) in a most unusual position. Above  him is the cosmic tree in the shape of a traditional Christian cross and a bird which represents the bird of paradise. This represents a scene of resurrection — an alchemical elixir.

In Galactic Mayan cosmology Pacal Votan is known as a solar lord. Pacal means solar shield. Gold (the goal of alchemy) is also knows as liquid sun.

pv-kuxan-suumIn alchemical texts the “solution” is digested for a certain length of time, and then turns into a RED ELIXIR, which is called Universal Medicine. This is the meaning of the ouroboros, the serpent biting its tale, resulting in Planetary Healing.

rainbow-serpentTime, Money and Alchemy

Galactic Mayan cosmology tells that in the process of the evolution of the star system, planet Earth (Velatropa 24.3) became separated from the natural timing frequency that the rest of life in the universe is functioning on.

At this point the material nature of the third dimension became crystallized, making the humans forget the Larger Mission of the Divine Plan. At this time, money became the chief god and form of control.

As a major alchemist observed, “A man’s quest for gold is often his undoing, for he mistakes the alchemical process, believing them to be purely material.” (i.e. trading galactic/solar consciousness for sole pursuit of material wealth).

-5The fundamental key to alchemy is to transform lead to pure gold. In our case the “lead” is our dense third-dimensional conditioned body, and the “gold” is our evolved fourth/fifth-dimensional body.

This process is called regeneration and in the material body of the elements is referred to as transmutation. The priests of Egypt used the scarab as the sign of regeneration and within it discovered many analogies of the secret processes where base metals could be turned to gold. 

In this way what we refer to as the Galactic Mayan civilization and the Mayan system of astronomy and mathematical “calendrics” (or more properly: synchronometrics) is to help in this grand alchemical experiment of transmuting planetary elements back into pure gold, hence the New Golden Age and the dawning of the Noosphere — the Mind of Gaia made manifest.

This is all part of Planetary Alchemy, sometimes referred to as 7th ray ceremonial magic.

The ultimate alchemical goal of this experiment is the ejection of the circumpolar rainbow bridge as defined by Valum Votan:

The Rainbow bridge is a galactic engineering project in tune with stellar evolution of our local star, the Sun. it is a cosmic event.  The point of it is to establish a telepathic matrix bonding a critical mass of humans with the planet’s etheric, electromagnetic and biopsychic fileds. Through such a matrix, the collective telepathic mind is intended to engage the auroral flows from both of the Earth’s magnetic poles and entrain them into joining each other permanently, creating a circumpolar rainbow bridge around the Earth.

trigering-the-noospheric-consciousnessThe rainbow bridge is analagous of our rainbow body; i.e. transmuting our dense 3D self into fourth/fifth-dimensional “gold”. This is the real pot of “gold” at the end of the rainbow. But as all alchemical texts point out: “Unless the greater alchemy has first taken place within the soul of man/woman, he/she cannot perform the lesser alchemy in the retort …”

Galactic Mayan Seal of Gold (as given by Valum Votan)

  1. Shambhala, the alchemical gold, is contained in the secret numbers of gold:
  2. Gold element number 79, the Mystic 78 (6 x 13) code number of tomb of Pacal Votan +1, the number of mystic letters that code the 29 al-muqattat suras of the Holy Quran, 29 (= 28 + 1); number of the cosmological constant, the paired sum numbers of the Telektonon circuit (1 + 28, 2 + 27, 3 + 26 … 14 + 15 = 29)
  3. Gold whose atomic radius 144 is the number of the elect.
  4. Gold whose enthalpy of atomization is 364 (13 x 28), code number of days in the 13 Moon calendar
  5. Gold whose enthalpy boiling point is 28 57 (4 x 7), (3 x 19)
  6. Gold whose melting point is 1064, factor of 19 and 7, the secret to RESURRECTION of the Earth in man/woman, 1064 = 19 x 56 = 7 x 152
  7. These are the numbers of gold, the alchemical secret revealed in the gold of Shambhala, creating the Lake of Gold, the spiritual wealth of the elect.


10 thoughts on “Galactic Mayan Alchemy113

  1. Most interesting to read this..and as usual …most synchronic.. yesterday my daughter ..planetary serpent did me a little card reading.. she drew..the resurrection, and the cruxificiorn I felt the cards were speaking of the gathering at Shasta..which I am planning to attend . this morning here in Australia, it is kin 214 plantary wizard, and the psi is rhythmic hand.. as im elec hand, wizard is my I sat and meditated like to copy it here.. as I see you write of the gold.., in my meditation..which felt almost like a ‘samahdi’..I was so deep, a huge serpent surrounded my was gold.. I wondered why I would see it this way, rather than red..but your post explains this me me now.
    before I post my mediation experience..i you mention the phoenix.. my cat. known as phoenix aka master DK., et angel healing cat.. ( yes he is all of those), insists on sitting on the table every day on top of the telekton board I have set up with the grid, and the skull I will be bringing.. Cygnus , partner to star rainbow serpent.. lol :)

    so here is my meditative experience this morning.. bless <3
    ShirleySienna Coventry kin 107
    6/6/2013 is 6/6/6 todays number…3×6 is 18 is 9 completion..6x6x6 is 216.. is 9 is always completion.
    today is white planetary wizard..the psi is blue rhythmic (6 )hand.. another 6.. 6x6x6x6 is 1296 is 18 is 9… always completion.
    I realised as I read this mornings kin.. white planetary wizard, and see the psi bank is blue hand I realised that the my occult kin, and the psi my seal.. I sat and meditated… deeply in 'profound samadhi'.. gate 108 alpha alpha….I am connected to all of today.. all of this moon… today is my inner occult power…I discovered it.

    I went deeper into meditation, so much that my body ached, but I had to just get thru it, and sit.. back straight, an angled position ,,with feet touching… hands in the serpent surrounded me… this is the wavespell of the serpent..i was born in the wavespell of the serpent.. today is my inner occult power…

    the serpent changed, it surrounded was huge, and it was gold.. it head was large and I could actually hear it..making a noise..the sound was outside of my mind.. ..seemed to be outside the window… maybe it was in the room.. its was as tho it was sss sssss sssss … I had no idea what it could be in reality out there, so I just accepted it was the serpent come to surround me…guardian..

    it became golden.. , wrapping itself around my body and taking me deeper into 'samahdi'.. deep I that at times it was a struggle to stay in that state… feelings of nausea came and went, then deeper still.

    during this time I realised also..that I became the telektonon..I understood what it meant totally..

    that yesterday discovering my 4th 7.. made sense..and in this first day..kin,of the second week of the crystal (12th) moon….for me it is pure connection and extension of the 21/12 dec… it is the week of refinement..which is what happened to me this morning..

    refining that inner power in order to work towards, transformation and ripen … perhaps for being in a galactic and empowered state … come 24/25/26/ july..2013 .. mt Shasta ?

    the state of becoming the telektonon.. the speaking tube… spirit and earth… that is my job.. it is what I do each day.. the telephone line from spirit discarnate, to spirit incarnate..

    it is what each of us have the power of being… telektonon our own connection to our galactic self.. our own connection to spirit…we are the telektonon.

    I sat for an hour deep in the samahdi..meditative state… I felt the power of the white wizard… my occult… I felt the power of monkey..the magic of my guiding force.. I felt the power of human..analogue.. my free will and I felt the red earth challenging me and illuminating the path that I choose to walk.. as I have free will by my side..

    I understood the hand of accomplishment, and the power of the wizard…deep within my being… wrapped within the protection of a golden serpent…

    I saw that I am of earth…yet..also realised now… my connection to Maldek… for the first time I felt it.. I saw it.

    I then saw a 5 pointed star of spirit discarnate around me, and I reaslised that also this 5 pointed star is me.. head, two arms, and two legs..
    I saw how those 5 have passed over and how they have surrounded with me , showing me the synchronic order of divine law without a shadow of a doubt.. all has been in order..

    as we are so close now to the entry to the noishphere… all is manifesting instantaneously, ..instant manifesto.. speak only in the positive… we are entering., .drifting into the door of new creation…

  2. Aotearoa New Zealand Alpha Omega the first to see the rising sun. Thankyou VV my concious lord and saviour from the karma of the gregorian calendar and the knowing of i am another yourself, keeping on cubing

  3. …and also the metal gold, as sonnar refraktor of Mother Earth to indicate Father Sun where we´ve been, would be much more effective in its real job if we would just let it remain where it´s been placed, instead of around emptybrain necks and useless wrists… greed is the enemy… and real love will make us not to need it to try to beautify bodies that will soon be eaten by the sacred worms that are waiting there in a future that is not an option, but just another deep dream… <3 :)

  4. I just want to say that since 21.12 all of my 3d reality has been falling as a building on an earthquake, i am not anymore who i was, actually im under an “i am not myself” experience. I feel my head connected to the stars through the holomind perceiver frecuencies i everyday track, but mostly i have a permanent inner instruction on “let go and hold to nothing, let everything be transformed, everything” it is very intense, im talkin here not only about 3d survival structures like jobs, but also familiar relationships and friends, everything is spinning fast and i am confronted with situations where my brain shoots a lot of reactions that i woud not act, remaining in receptivity and patiently waiting for the NEW SUN to raise into the surface.
    I share this here because i am sure that many of us if not everybody is going through similar situations. My 3d self or ego is really hurt and broken now, like Lou Reed said on his album Ecstasy on the song “Tatters”i think, “I have a hole in my heart, the size of a truck, the size of a truck”, but i also have the inner candle light of vision and faith, and im looking towards the next meeting well have here in the Star Zone, the Noospheric council, and i know for sure that as painfull it may seems this splitting of the worlds, this Maldek shattering memory, the whole of our reality will be sooner than later placed in harmony and octaved up to the cosmic tune of the star masters simphony.
    NS kin 117 hidden watch of the 144
    Galactic Navigator from the noisy city of Buenos Aires reporting
    In Lakech!

      • Thank you RQ185 ! May we all let our past lifes be transmuted into GOLD so we may be reborn on the New Time as a New Collective Unified Self !

        In Lakech!

  5. When we were in Palenque, and I met with my other me, I brought to him as a gift an egyptian scarab. I had a set of two identical scarabs, I knew one was for him, and one was for me. Now I understand what they are for. Thank you!

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