808! The God Particle, Earthquakes, Uluru and the Timespace Cube Kin 120, Yellow Electric Sun  — Beginning of the 65-day Season of Enlightenment!

Central Australia experienced a 5.8 earthquake near the sacred site of Uluru on On Kin 118—White Magnetic Mirror (June 10). This is rare.

A previous (6.1) earthquake occurred in the same region on Solar Moon 17—White Crystal Wizard (23 March 2012): the one year anniversary of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, who left his body in Australia. This was the largest earthquake in Australia in 15 years. Both earthquakes happened near Uluru (Ayers Rock), the sacred center of Australia.

Note the numbers:  58 is excarnation date of Pacal Votan and the quake occured 5 days before the 61st anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan (15 June) which occurs this year on Kin 123, Blue Rhythmic Night. This day is the sign of the discovery of the jade mask of Pacal Votan! (and this is my 61st blog post!)

I visited Uluru in 2009 with Valum Votan and then again last year for Harmonic Convergence 2012 and felt a powerful connection between the sacred rock (and the spirits who dwell underneath) and Mt. Shasta (where Galactic Synchronization will be anchored).

This year concludes the 26th Harmonic Convergence (fractal of the 26,000-year cycle) on August 16, Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent.

I recently came across a visionary experience from an elder clairvoyant woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) that occurred in Uluru near the Harmonic Convergence.

“I saw Ayers Rock, and heard the name Uluru spoken. Right at the top of the rock in the centre an energy was rising, the cherubim’s were flying around this energy with their wings glistening in the light.

A feminine being rose from the energy and proclaimed: ‘I am Shekinah.’ I saw people standing hand in hand facing the base of the rock, and a woman standing at the base.

The energy came down from the top of the rock and entered the woman, and a voice said, ‘I am Shekinah. I have entered this woman and she will speak for me.’

The people at the base crowded around the woman, including two or three elderly aboriginal tribal men, who went up and touched her.

Then I saw the energy at the top of Uluru again, and a voice said: ‘I am Shekinah. I have neither shape nor form. I am in all women. I am the feminine aspect of God. As Jesus personified the masculine aspect of God as the Christ, so I will personify the feminine aspect of God through this woman …’ 

(In Hebrew Shekinah means “Holy Spirit”)

808 Key

zmMap_eveday_Australia_NZThere were 444 days between the two Australian earthquakes near Uluru.  

444 = 37 x 12;  111 x 4; 222 x 2

From the time of Valum Votan’s passing to the recent earthquake was 808 (+1) days (00 Hunab Ku). And today, on the Synchronotron, the kin equivalent is Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey!

This number 808 caught my attention (and I have been seeing it everywhere!). It also happens to be the area code from which I am writing this from. I started playing with this number. 

In Synchronotron BMU = 367 and Kin equivalent is 28! 367 is located in the 6th time dimension–which is also the Antares force field and parallel universe attractor. In the mystic lattice code of 13, the sixth dimension corresponds to number 78 (6 x 13), the key to the tomb lid of Pacal Votan (the sum of inscriptions of the 13 clear signs carved on his tomb). 

692 + 108 + 8 = 808

692 = Year of Dedication of tomb of Pacal Votan

108 = GM108X

8 = 8 Sun, birth sign of Pacal Votan

And then I remembered this piece that Valum Votan had written as part of a Rinri Newsletter, where he describes how 808 is the energy voltage of the God particle!

In mainstream media the Higgs boson (the elusive subatomic particle that is said to give everything mass) is often referred to as the “God particle,” from a 1993 bookThe God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? by Leon Lederman.

The basic premise is that some particles, like protons and neutrons, have mass. Others, like photons, do not. The Higgs boson, or “God particle,” is believed to be the particle which gives mass to matter.

Higgs boson was hypothesized in 1964 and then confirmed on March 14, 2013, Kin 30 White Self-Existing Dog: “I define in order to love…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higgs_boson

The God Particle as a Cosmic Fractal Value in the Timespace Cube

by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

But then on 26/7/2013 (Galactic Synchronization) the new cube orbital value of 13 is established: 5603 + 13 = 5616 = 2808 × 2, noospherically amplified constant of God particle.

In recent times, science circles have been abuzz with news of the theoretical definition of a new particle, referred to as the “God Particle.” What is it?

Is it the primary particle accounting for “dark matter?” Is it a fifth force, in addition to the traditional four—electric, magnetic, weak and strong?

According to the “standard model,” as it is called by quantum physicists, the missing element in the understanding of the present-day perception of the building blocks of the universe—the physical universe that is—is the particle that causes the origin of all mass.

So important is this missing theoretical particle that it came to be called the “God particle.”

Once it was theoretically defined, massive atom smashers in long underground circular tunnels, some 7 miles in length were brought—and are still being brought to bear down upon hapless protons traveling at incredible speeds, smashing into other protons.

From the debris of billions of smashed protons scientists hope to find traces of the God particle. But so far not one has been seen!

Now a new round of atom smashing is set to occur with even more massive instruments, magnets, tubes and high-speed generators. Will the scientists find success? Or will it elude them again because perhaps they are operating with the wrong paradigm?

Let us consider the God particle from another perspective and see if we can’t find it in some other way, with a different paradigm, a different lens and the perceptions of cosmic science.

Let us consider the God particle from the perspective of number, and expand its scale to accommodate not protons and electrons, but stars and planets, in which a planet is a solar electron, and the sun is a stellar nucleus.

First let us consider the key numbers involved in the God particle research. In June 1995, the physicist, Leon Lederman, working on mathematical constructs for the God particle, noted his calculations took him to a number, 10368. That happens to be 144 × 72, 1⁄2 of 144 squared.

That night he dreamed he had a key to a hotel room with the number 2808 written upon. He looked for the hotel room on two floors, before he realized that he had looked on the 7th and the 29th floors but not yet the 28th. Since he had never considered the number before, the physicist puzzled over its significance and then began doing further calculations.

These took him to the theoretical conclusion that 808 is the energy voltage of the God particle and that 2808 is equivalent to a mass whose number is 82944. Now these two numbers are most interesting.

The physicist considers these numbers as inseparable from the particle or the energy quantiification, as if it were the function of the quanta to generate these numbers.

But what if we consider that the particle is a function of number and, therefore, what is significant is the number and not the particle or quantum in question? What if the reality is that the quanta are functions of a dimension where meaning is in the number and not in the quantum being observed or measured?

In that light, let us look again at the numbers of the God particle, 2808, the Key, and 82944 the mass factor: 2808 is indeed the key. The 28th floor is the correct floor because 28 is the perfect number, the harmonic standard.  1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28. {28 is also kin equivalent of 808}

This qualifies 28 as a perfect number. But 2808—28 × 100 + 8, is equally fascinating, for it a sum of 3 different factors, including  and itself.

This is because, 808 is a function of four base numbers: 3, 13, 8, and 9. Most interestingly, keeping in mind the diminishing sequence of the six annual cubes, 2808 = 216 × 13.

Let us then assume the God particle is a function of the numbers 2808 and 82944, and that the combination of these two numbers provides a fractal standard of measure from nuclear physics to astrophysics. Let us also assume that timespace is a cube.

While 808 is the frequency of the force or motion of the God particle as a fractal element or factor in nature, then 82944 is the factor of the equivalent mass. The number 82944 equals 288 squared or 144 × 576. 288 (144 × 2) is the number of the frequency of polar light, and as a mass frequency value constant, would refer to the planetary sphere from whose poles emanate the auric rainbow light.

We can then postulate the God particle transposed to planetary level as the solar-electron mass (82944 frequency of polar light squared) traveling for one cycle around its nucleus/star, with an energy voltage frequency value constant 2808, the frequency of its timespace cube 216 multiplied by 13 moons.

As a key number on the 8th floor, 2808 =  × 808  × 404; 3 × 936

4 × 70 6 × 468 8 × 35 9 × 312  × 34 13 × 216 18 × 156 4 × 7 7 × 04 26 × 108 36 × 78 39 × 72 52 × 54

Now, we can imagine that the 216 cube (6 cubed) is stretched around the planetary orbit for a factor of 13 moons (28 days each, of course).

Every 28 days, the 216 cube renews itself; this it does 13 times per orbit, attaining its value constant 216 × 13 = 2808 per orbital cycle.

When the day out of time arrives there is a timespace pause and then, a fractal compression occurs, so that the following day, the beginning of the second year (2008-09), the cube diminishes to a size 5 cubed (but still contained within the master six cube 216) such that the fractal timespace equivalence is now only 125, or 216– 91.

Notice that the feature of 13 is still retained in the interval/difference of 91 or 7 × 13.

Remember 91 also has an analog relation to 28 in that, just as 28 is the sum of the numbers 1-7, 91 is the sum of the numbers 1-13.

If we then multiply the 5 cubed factor of 125 by 13 moons we arrive at the sum 1625. This formulation would apply then to the frequency factors of the cubes of the remaining years.

We may then derive the following frequency figures for the six year passage of the planetary solar- electron V.24.3 in orbit around its stellar nucleus V.24 for a total of six rings, 2007-2013 (mass frequency harmonic of polar light squared 89244 remains constant):

1. 216 × 13 2. 125 × 13 3. 64 × 13 4. 7 × 3 5. 8 × 13 6. 1 × 13

= 2808 all encompassing God-particle force frequency.
= 1625. Interval: 2808 – 1625 = 1183 (91 × 13)
= 832. Interval: 1625 – 832 = 793 (61 × 13)
= 35(× 8 = 808 = 7 × 04). Interval: 83 – 35 = 48(3 × 37) = 104 (× 27 = 2808). Interval: 351 – 104 = 247 (19 × 13)

= 13 (× 216 = 2808). Interval: 104 – 13 = 91(7 × 13)

1. Sum of 13 moon frequencies of cubes 2-6 = 2925 = 117 × 25, 2925 – 2808 =117 (9 × 13)
2925 + 2808 = 5733 = 441 × 13

2. Sum of interval differences: 1183 +793 +481 +247 +91 = 2795 = 13 × 215, 2808 – 13
Assume the 13 to be the value equivalent of the new timespace cube frequency       beginning in 7.26.2013, then 2795 + 13 = 2808 God particle electro-energy force constant.

Then add the primary value 2808, with the concluding value 2795:
2808 + 2795 = 5603 = 431 × 13 = timespace cube value at end of six year diminishing cube cycle up through 5/7/03.

But then on 26/7/2013, the new cube orbital value of 13 is established:
5603 + 13 = 5616 = 2808 × 2, noospherically amplified constant of God particle.

When we divide the mass equivalent 89244 by 2808 then we get a value that approximates the days in the synodic moon cycle (new moon to new moon):

82944 divided by 2808 = 29.53846154 synodic lunation cycle = 29.5306 days

Following the analogy that the planet is a solar electron whose mass value is the harmonic of polar light or 88 squared, the cycle of its satellite particle – the moon will also be a factor of the mass divided by energy-force factor 2808.

Equally if not more significant is the value of 28 in relation to 82944: 28 × 2962 = 82936 + 8 = 82944, in other words 2962 × 28 (+08) = 82944. Also note the numbers of 288 are contained in 2808.

From this, conclude that the planetary solar-electron, inclusive of its orbiting lunar particle is completely a function of the God particle harmonic number values, 2808 and 82944.

6 cubed or 216 × 13(moons) = 2808 = orbital timespace cube value. This value subsumes and is the basis of all other factors involved in the subsequent cube frequency values, where sum frequency value of 2925 = 117 × 25 = 2808 + 117, and together the values = 5733 or 441 × 13.

82944 harmonic of polar light (144 N pole + 144 S pole) 288 squared
= equivalent mass frequency of orbiting solar electron, divided by 808 = approximate value synodic lunation cycle 29.5306 days.

The harmonic standard measure 28 × 2962 = 82936 + 8 = 82944 = 288 squared. What does Cosmic Science say about the God particle?

In the discussion on solar radiation there are two heavy particles, the propositron which releases thermic action, and the electromegatron which liberates luminic activity.

Each of these heavy solar particles has two quanta, each of which has valence of 7, for a total valence of 44 for each particle.

The combination of the two—propositron and electromegatron = 44 ×  or 88. The square of this factor gives us the mass equivalent value of the God particle, 82944.

Now while the two superparticles in question are elements of solar radiation that affect the thermic and luminic qualities of the solar-electron (planet), could it be that in their combination they might not have a synergized third function, which, when squared, creates the value equivalence accounting for the mass of the solar electron—or of mass in general?

Cosmic science would conclude by declaring: We are the God particle—our planet, the solar system, we ourselves, in our wholeness and consciousness totality of being and expression—yes it is we who are the missing element in all theories that forget about who is looking and who created who is looking!


25 thoughts on “808! The God Particle, Earthquakes, Uluru and the Timespace Cube

  1. Crystal Moon – Alpha 12 (June 10th) is also 260 days (one Galactic Spin) after Kin-58 in the PSI Bank! Also on the 4th of July 2012 (Independence Day for US) a Lunar Ring (Synodic) cycle started, which counts 13 Full Moons (of 384 days) that will end on the 22nd of July 2013 with a Full Moon in the Mt. Shasta retreat. This is the Lunar / Galactic Synchronization Cycle and it pre-started (with Lunar Ring 0) on the 4th of July 2012, and at the same day they announced the discovery of the new Boson @ CERN! Thank you for sharing.. very nice to read and study the numbers!

  2. My second respond is the next one: on the upcoming 4th of July 2013 I & I will present a book called the “uChing” in a church with a glass roof, of all places in my hometown Bolsward. This is a small place in the north of the Netherlands. The uChing is a Code Book and there is a chapter in it with a matrix about the 384 days of the Lunar Ring. I will bring an English version of this for all my brothers and sisters that are interested in Natural Time at Mt. Shasta this summer!

    I & I hope to see U there! In Lak’ech Forever!

  3. Yeah that was a very significant report, thanks for bringing it back for this very momentous times.
    Entering the Mystic Column (7) kin 121 (11×11 and my long count kin) in the Sixth Mystic Moon (6) kin 207 (3×69) and that Nick Cave song is heavy stuff! Here’s another one!

  4. Could it be that the Australian Earthquake has happened on Kin 117 Red Cosmic Earth on the Northern Hemisphere? Kin 108 !! GM108X Self Existing Star was 800 days since VV passing. Kin 117 was also the last day of a sort of calendar which concluded recently with the Serpent Wavespell.
    The matching of Tzolkin 2×260 and solar year 364 = 884 (+13) or “Time, as viewed from Sirius 52” as I called it. In the background you can see a Rainbow Bridge 144×2=288 “Harmony of Polar Light”. The timeframe started back on 1 Imix Rythmic Wizard Year (29th of May 2012) 120th anniversary of the ascension of Baha`u`allah, who`s aim was to unite all religions and sects. On the 9th day was the Venus Transit on 9.9 or 06.06.2012 and 441 days since VV ascension. The 21.12 timequake happened to be at the end of a sort of 52 days lasting mystic column in the middle of the two plates.
    All of this was born out of the 441+1 (442) Matrix which has 9.17 (VV ascension date) in it`s horizontal line when it was mirrored or “twin-souled ” . The 442 was downloaded in Australia, where else! During the Sixth year of Prophecy .
    808 -2×260= 288
    808 -28= 780 (Martian Synodic Cycle, 78 P.V.)
    520 (2×260) days from VV ascension was Kin 88 Planetary Star on Moon 2 Day 2.
    May humanity awake to the consciousness of the god particle.
    In Lakech 189 on 121

    • Seems like Serpents are around on Blogs and Comments. On 113 during the Kin 105 Serpent WS I found myself incidentally on the Hiking trail numbered 105 :-) . While the climbing up of the mountain was quite foggy on the Top it cleared up and the beautifull island Elba, Italy lay down my feet. On the way down I “met” a real serpent about 1 meter long. I was as much surprised as the animal which headed down the path into the grass quite fast. Sssssssssss Quetzalcoatl Feathered Serpent. Unite Fire and Wind. It is all perfect. Send you all Love. 9.7

  5. hi
    06/02/2013 : Un puissant séisme sous-marin de magnitude 8 sur l’échelle ouverte de Richter a frappé l’archipel des îles Salomon, faisant au moins cinq morts et provoquant un tsunami qui a atteint les côtes à des milliers de kilomètres dans le Pacifique, dont la Nouvelle-Calédonie.
    Le tremblement de terre s’est produit à 01H12 GMT entre les îles Salomon et le Vanuatu, au nord-est de l’Australie, à une soixantaine de kilomètres des îles Santa Cruz frappées par une série de fortes secousses ces derniers jours, a indiqué le Centre américain de géophysique (USGS).

  6. Yesterday when i went to sleep it was late, and the following number/thoughts still kept me awake in bed for a while.It was interesting to understand the capacities of expansion in the mind and observe that when it is about number how, once you have writenn something down and registered it, then the minds layers grow and then you can develope further informations on that base.

    I just thought of a cube, and then the heptocubic structure came. This heptocubic structure was filled to form a bigger cube. So i had 1 cube, then 6 + 1 cubes, and then 27 cubes forming a bigger one (28). There were also 8 “hidden” 2×2 cubes in the corner to count 36.

    Then i was challenged to mind the next level of expansion and form a bigger cube with that one.
    This i had to focus and concentrate a little bit more. I visualized a layer of 27×9 cubes, which is 243 and then triplicate it to get the bigger cube formed by 729 cubes. (729=3x3x3x3x3x3)
    (i could have also counted that bigger cube as 730 and the rest of inner cubes but i didn´t)

    Then i was challenged to form even a bigger cube so i multiplied 729 x9 = 6561 to form a layer (or matrix) and then 3×6561=19683.

    That was the farest i got and then i let my mind relax and felt asleep.
    This morning i took my notebook and draw it and wrote it down,

    I added a cube formed by a side of 5 cubes. 5×5=25, 25×5=125.
    Then made a cube out of it but taking the previous formula, 125×9=1125, 1125×3=3375.

    And then to complete this exploration i went to a 7 cube. 7×7=49, 49×7=343.
    Then made a 3 based cube with this one…

    3087×3=9261 ta daaaaa!!!

    Well, i think it is great to have this frecuencies indexed so when they appear we already know that we can perceive it or visualize them instantly as the type of cubes they form, and then our minds also take that shape on that very moment .

    So well, now you know, if you can´t sleep, don´t count sheeps, count cubes!!!!
    ….and maybe if you still dont fall asleep, you might go to the window…
    and search to count some ships ;)

    NS kin 125
    Adrian kin 177 Galactic Navigator

  7. Read and absorbed, thanks. Especially impressed to visualize/realize/meditate on heptads, 2808, and earth as a solar electron, sun as a stellar nucleus.

    Bless up, enjoy today, and love hearing about everyone’s significances & experiences celebrating Day out of time, Harmonic Convergence, uChing book launching, etc. Peace !

  8. Hello- this is Callie4allmoon kin212 yellow self existing human.. I will be converting back to the 13 moon calendar as soon as I can relearn it! I was awakened to my part of Harmonic Convergence, 1987, very sleepy & totally had forgotten everything!. Now, after all these years, & still re-learning, & sealing the process of freewill, our re-emmergence with the .. Awesome!!!

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