432 Hz, Lost Chord and New Beam

When dawn rolled across the parallel Earth, it was a new planet. Spectral lights and rainbows emitting breathtakingly haunting sounds appeared everywhere–from rocks, from rust, from dead machines. The Lost Chord had been released at last. New light, new sound prevailed everywhere. And everywhere, it was a new planet.

—Jose Arguelles, the Arcturus Probe.

How is the lost chord sounded?

Recently the 432 Hz as the natural frequency of sound vibration (as opposed to 440 Hz) was brought back to my attention by Randy Bruner/Cosmic Hand (see his blog here). Since then I have been seeing 432 everywhere.

Jimi-Hendrix-432hzUnified Resonance

The Mayan definition of human being is cosmic vibratory root. The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan demonstrates how the whole cosmos is an indivisible unity and everything is unified by resonance or resonant frequencies. Number is pure resonance.

Therefore, every belief, every set of teachings, every religion and every revealed prophecy are all part of ONE INDIVISIBLE UNIFIED RESONANT FIELD that is held in place through a vibrational frequency that can be mapped in our terrestrial sphere according to the synchronic order.

In this way all prophets, seers, sages, etc. are part of a time release program playing out different facets of ONE UNIFIED MISSION that is ultimately leading somewhere. We are now at a time of the great synthesis when the Lost Chord is struck and we begin to “sing a new song”.

432 = 144 x 3.  144 is a fractal of the 144,000:

“ And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. Rev. 14:1-3

According to the Telektnonon prophecy, this ONE UNIFIED MISSION  is based on the ultimate resurrection of Earth and the evolutionary redemption of the human being.

Redemption is “sounded” when the lost chord is struck within each of our beings. What is called “redemption” means to cease to be oblivious to what is really going on and to re-member or re-collect. This is the meaning of UR = Universal Recollection.

While considering this someone sent me a link to a video about the Great Pyramid as a musical instrument set to 432 Hz.

Pyramid as Musical Instrument

In the video, the narrator proposes that the King’s Chamber actually has a reference pitch of A=432 Hz, not the standard 440 Hz! He also proposes that the smaller pyramids will resonate at 108 Hz, 216 Hz, 432 Hz and so on to achieve higher octaves. Of course these are all key numbers in the synchronic order.

108 = Frequency of galactic Mayan Mind Transmission

216 + 6 x 6 x6 = frequency of cube

432 = 108 x 4 the measure of form of the GM108x transmission

Lost Chord held in Planetary Orbits

The terrestrial resurrection was to be the final episode in an interplanetary drama rooted in the destruction of Maldek, the original garden of Eden (the karma of which was transferred to Mars). The destruction was caused by a low frequency beam that wiped out the memory of the higher frequencies.

When this occurred the memory of the lost chord was stored in the orbital cycles of the third, fourth and fifth orbits. These memories are the foundation of many myths and legends.

To break the spell of amnesia, help recover the lost chord and prepare for a new beam, a remedy of fourth-dimensional codes were prepared to be time-released on Earth (Velatropa 24.3) and accessed through the 13:28 matrix. Note these numbers 243 are the same numbers as 432 rearranged. 432 is also a fractal of the 432,000,000 cycle of Brahma in the Hindu tradition.

432 in Synchronotron and New Beam

In the system of the Synchronotron Cube 432 is a master time lens and guards the mind teachings of the Buddha, archetype of the Enlightened One. 432 is located in the 9th time dimension, inner core time and is the hinge into the 9 Stations of the Ark.  4 + 3 + 2 = 9.

The 9 Stations of the Ark represent the synthesis of prophets, seers, sages who have evolved and been guarding the center treasure of the Inner Cube which is now beginning to release its treasures (new song) with the new incoming beam of consciousness.

As this new beam enters our consciousness via the Sun, it resurrects our sixth sense, activating our pineal gland and allowing us to regain our long dormant paranormal powers.  But we must be open and receptive.

This sixth sense is made conscious through the workings of the holomind perceiver—the seventh mental sphere,  the final revelation in the prophecy of Pacal Votan (see CHC Book the Cube).

The 13:28 matrix is the doorway into this vast new realm of the holomind perceiver.

(For those studying the Synchronotron note that the sum of the natural sound frequency and the natural time frequency: 432 + 1320 = 1752. This reduces to Base Matrix 429. I was amazed to discover this since  my birth Base Matrix Unit is also 429! (TFI 1311).              429 = 13 x 33. Temple 13 is where the tomb of the Red Queen is and 33 is the number of the Initiate = Serpent Initiate. Kin equivalent of 1752 is kin 192, my psi chrono unit. And my kin equivalent from 1311 is Kin 11--Valum Votan).

432 backwards is 234, White Cosmic Wizard, is the galactic signature of Carl Jung who coined the word “synchronicity” in 1952, the year that the tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered.

432 + 234 = 666.


Within the synchronic order are the keys to the mythical/imaginal realms that provides us with maps of the inner landscape giving new context for the Unfolding of the Greater Dream.

Order now to entrain your mind to the new incoming galactic frequencies

(If you are new to this the Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity is a good place to begin). Every person, place or thing in our life becomes saturated with meaning. Nothing is mundane. All is part of one interconnected fourth-dimensional geometrical mandala.

Listen to Martian Jimi Hendrix—Red Solar Skywalker, Kin 113—play Valleys of Neptune in 432 hz.

31 thoughts on “432 Hz, Lost Chord and New Beam

  1. wow, synch…constant confirmation of being ‘on track’.. over the past week I have been playing in the meditation room,..johnathon goldman…sounds, the lost chord.. and a new cd of chakra chimes, flutes etc…it is 432 Hz, Pythagorean tuning in A minor..in fact last night, as I put it on to play for the group sitters, I read the inside of the cd jacket, and felt those words were so important that I would read and take them in,,… the Pythagorean tuning..the 432 hz,….sound , number , vibration.. we are changing, just as said, seems to me now ,…faster than was possible before, … cellular level..upgrade ;) in order to ……. :)

  2. Have you heard of Ananda Bosman he isthe precursorof 432hz and he has a video were he talks of contacting ET WITH THIS 432 HZ FRECUENCY universal frecuency of love………..

  3. As always super inspiring WOW RQ! It seems I am guided to create DOOT in NZ this year, so sadly will miss you in Shasta, yet am back on the mission of NZs New Time Opening full power… big love xx

  4. Half of 432 is 216 which is the number of colors in the Netscape web-safe color cube. Here is an animation of nested cubes: http://www.wholeo.net/Caroling/channel/akasha/akashicRecord/colorAccess/colorAccessFlashMovie.htm
    Or you could go inside a cube with the colors arranged differently:
    I get that the cube is to be expanded and synergize with four others in 5D expanded consciousness. But the cube is never compromised.

  5. About 432 and “on 26/7/2013, the new cube orbital value of 13 is established”

    “ But then on 26/7/2013, the new cube orbital value of 13 is established:
    5603 + 13 = 5616 = 2808 × 2, noospherically amplified constant of God particle.”
    B.Rinri III.vol.4, nº1.
    Page nº 11
    1. Sum of 13 moon frequencies of cubes 2-6 = 2925 = 117 × 25,
    2925 – 2808 =117 (9 × 13)
    2925 + 2808 = 5733 = 441 × 13

    2. Sum of interval differences: 1183 +793 +481 +247 +91 = 2795 = 13 × 215, 2808 – 13
    Assume the 13 to be the value equivalent of the new timespace cube frequency beginning in 7.26.2013, then 2795 + 13 = 2808 God particle electro-energy force constant. Then add the primary value 2808, with the concluding value 2795:
    2808 + 2795 = 5603 = 431 × 13 = timespace cube value at end of six year diminishing cube cycle up through 25/7/2013.
    “ But then on 26/7/2013, the new cube orbital value of 13 is established:
    5603 + 13 = 5616 = 2808 × 2, noospherically amplified constant of God particle.”

    Sobre el Factor (x2) : como “Noosfericamente aumentado”

    ” Luego entonces el 26-7-2013, el nuevo valor orbital del cubo de 13 es establecido: 5603+13= 5616 = 2808 x2, la constante de la particula de Dios noosfericamente amentada.”
    2808 + 2795 = 5603 = 431 x 13 valor del cubo al final del ciclo de 6 años
    con la reduccion del cubo hasta llegar al 25-7-2013
    5603+13 = 5616 = 2808 x 2 = (216 x 13) x 2
    Nuevo valor Orbital del cubo de 13 que es establecido en 26-7-2013
    o bien 431(+1): 432 x 13 = 5616

    Observar: 432 inverso: 234 (432 Hz: el acorde perdido )

    5616= 432 x 13 = (234×12) x2
    5616 = 234 x 24 ; Rueda 7:13– 234º = 13 x 18º

    2808 x2 = (216×13) x2 = 432 x 13 = (216 x 2) x 13 = 5616

    Thanks very much for your inspiratión,
    Loving you, be blessed for ever,
    Ana, kin 191

  6. Question , 11 11 window =harmonic convergence , 12 12 window = Venus transit , 13 13 window = 216 day completion and Doot ? .

    Very enjoyable read and comments , ta all

  7. Bless you Red Queen. Your insights always show me how many ways I exist and am thriving in this radial matrix.
    On kin 117, I dreamed of Baba Bob Marley and I in the lobby of a grand hotel. We were sitting together and he was singing to me a song I had never heard before. He was teaching me. Then I found that his galactic birthday was coming later that moon. Now tonight kin 148, I learn that he tuned his instruments to 432hz. I believeLAKECH this is what Baba Marley was gifting to me. The lost chord has been struck within my being. I am redemed!! Ase! IN’LAKECH

  8. From 21 of June to 24, in the karmic martian bioregion of Trinacria, Sicily, I participate at the Festival432hz presenting a short and simple introduction about the syncronic order and the emprove of daily quality magic time.
    I hope all you, dear kins around the word but within the Noosphere, will enjoy the manifestation pic’s.
    With You through the Shasta-Etna Bridge, your fellow Red Lunar Dragon from Triangland.


    • If it was true it would be interesting … but it’s not. :)

      The author of this article writes:
      “… only to realize that Bob Marley, along with Jimi Hendrix tuned their instruments to this frequency (Pythagorean tuning in A Major).”

      The guitars Marley and Hendrix used are 12-TET (12-Tone Equal Temperament) designed instruments and those are “stuck” to that temperament due to the frets (those metal bars on the neck). It is thus IMPOSSIBLE to use Pythagorean Tuning (a tuning system based on Just 5ths) with those instruments.

      For additional info you might light to read this article I made some time ago: https://roelhollander.eu/en/432-tuning/myth-432-artists/

    • i guess all with cube is stll open.. .

      216 moons from 7.26.1997

      that is 216×28 days 6048 …

      well in cube from that date we can see 108 field 60 with arrows and 48 empty…

      that is almost kin 108.,… 107 day dali galactic moon 8 day 8 … yellow galactic seed year..

      in real tzolkin that is kin 60… yellow galactic sun …

      maybe that day have something with pacal again.. lol

      that is 420 days from … 22.12 / 6.10 kin 208…

  9. Hello

    432 x 108 = 216 x 216

    46656 = 216 x 216

    46656 = 432 x 108

    The UMB of the 7° path is 432! 7 ° heptad = umb 432

    Well i dont have my notes here but are some more things to view in the 432 : )

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    kin 138

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  12. Hello, it would be very kind of you if you could put this petition on your homepage / facebook / blog / site etc. it’s about verdis pitch 432 hz – namaste Claudia

    in englisch

    in french

    in italian

    in german

  13. Question….

    Very interesting description of 432Hz- would anyone explain? The odd thing is that it refers to Egyptian Pyramid secret, yet we know secret society comes from that era!? weird. So 432 was changed to 440Hz. I guess they listen to 432Hz and give us the 440Hz and definitely don’t listen to the backmasking satanic radio music of top 40 songs!!!?

    If you watch this you will see how the frequencies show on a black tablet hooked up to speakers and salt? grains are used to show how the formations change as they change the frequences. :


    You know the 666 alarmed me!? its obviously the devil sign so why would this again be related to hidden knowlege frequencies?

    Info: http://www.roelhollander.eu/en/432-tuning/myth-432-artists/
    Talks about 3 artists – Bob Marley and explanation why people “THINK” the music is 432Hz. Seems more like this instruments weren’t first of all, and the music was stretched making it seem so.

  14. 432 times 3 =1296;
    The square root of 1296 is 36.

    12 notes in a (chromatic) scale.
    432 divided by 12 is 36.

    There is just a lot of nice even mathematics that arise from 432hz formulas;
    Whereas from 440hz we see a lot more decimals that show up.
    The heart chakra is much more comfortable when allowed to experience 432hz consistently enough.

    Notice that people who are bombarded by the 440hz music all the time, tend to get angry and upset much more frequently, and often seem ready to do battle with people over nothing.

    That 440hz IS MEANT to specifically de-tune the heart, to work for hate and separation. Even if 440hz was being more widely accepted before the Nazi Regimes “false attempts at human life”, it’s not like there wasn’t plenty of hatred and mad scientists “drooling over darkness” before that.

    • This makes SO much sense and explains so much about why I sing but at a different “tuning” than anyone that plays music, so I can’t cooperate with musicians. It explains why I failed to learn piano and guitar as a child. It explains why I have been drawn to Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Sofleggio, Sequencia and Mozart which appear to have nothing in common. Not only that I would listen to those artists over and over again and I could not understand Marley’s lyrics until I read them recently. The lyrics make sense too. It explains “muzak” in retail stores, and not just volume increase but jarring frequencies in theme music open and closing TV shows and on adverts. My hearing is so very sensitive I am on disability because of it. But the 432hz and triad wave does repair something in me. It makes a great deal of sense now. Nazi or no Nazi. Nazis got the 440hz idea from somewhere else. It makes a lot of sense that it was designed to de-tune the heart…that a combination of mp4s on an iPod directly into the brain along with Prozac (fluoridated pharmaceutical) or Ritalin (meth) and fluoridated water would increase violence and aggression without any remorse and if that is also combined with low frequency broadcasting (HAARP conspiracy allegation) then there is a cocktail of sound and chemistry that is designed to control mankind.

  15. You left out Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Who spoke into existence from out of nothing by the Power of His Word, everything that is. And all things visible, are Light. He will return again from his Domain, as all things seen and unseen are His, and then from where he resides in unapproachable Light, he will return to the Mt. of Olives, Israel, and rule from his throne, Jerusalem, with an Iron Rod, over all the Nations, first destroying all his enemies with a word.
    He is the “Passover Lamb Of G-d” with an invitation that we all come to a revelation , he is, and only through him, will we enter the Kingdom of G-d, blessed be he.
    Today he sets before us life and death, his recommendation is to choose life, and then he says,
    why would you die? Yeshua who created all things visible and invisible, by the power of his word, will, by the power of his word, destroy all his enemies. All those who reject him.
    What we do, apart from his Word, is to end up worshiping his creation rather then him the creator. Fatal but natural error. That’s what we do. Sin.
    Passover. April 10th sunset There is no remission of Sin, without the shedding of Blood.
    Behold the Lamb of G-d, who came to take away the Sins of the World. “Un-Belief”
    When we were born, we were born under the curse that G-d, first cursed Adam and Eve.
    The moment they would partake of the Tree Of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would die. They died. They were made the second they ate, Eternally Unacceptable to our Father G-d, blessed be he. and since that fatal day, all of us have been born, little babies, eternally unacceptable to our father G-d. Yeshua on the “Tree” was made Spiritually Unacceptable the moment he cries out ‘Father Father, why have you forsaken me. It was then he was made Spiritually exactly like us, the moment we were birthed, eternally unacceptable to our father G-d, blessed be he. That’s who he , Yeshua is. He is the Passover Lamb for this our generation, that whomsoever will believe that he took our place and was made our substitutionary atonement for our Sins of Un-Belief, to believe that in our Heart, our Mind, and then confess Yeshua as lord before others, we will then be instantly transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light and life by his Spirit.

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