13 Years after September 11: All is Number, Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle (38 spins from Harmonic Convergence 1987) — X class solar flare in progress…


“All is number. God is a number. God is in all.” — Pacal Votan


September 11, 2014, Kin 56 Yellow Self-Existing Warrior, marks the completion of the first 28-day cycle of the 812-day cycle of solar consciousness (see previous blog).

This day also marks the 13-year anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers.  13 is the sacred code of Transcendence and key to the feminine cycle (Queen of the Moon).   The 28th degree of the Knight’s Templar is known as the “King of the Sun.” 13 Moons/28 days.

The Law of Time in Human Affairs


In light of current world events, this book is worth a careful revisit as it provides a whole system analysis of the current state of world affairs.

In his groundbreaking book Time and the Technosphere, Jose Arguelles defines the 56-year cycle from 1945 – 2001 as the “Cycle of the Existence of the Technosphere.” This book reminds us that nothing artificial can last and that all events are part of a precise timing program that can be “read” through the synchronic order. 

In this cycle the 9-11 is described as the “inevitable event” and demonstrates the technosphere as the necessary artificial sheathe that precipitates the (now in progress) biosphere-noosphere transition. This “inevitable event” created a rupture (or portal) in the technosphere allowing the new energy of the noosphere to flow in.

Arguelles writes of the noosphere: “Indeed, as the full-blown expression of the synchronic order on Earth, the awakening of the noosphere is an event that will dwarf all other events and manifestations in history – all avataric incarnations, the arising of world teachers, world wars and the atomic bomb – all will recede into the dim past of the historical dream when the noosphere is fully illumined. For in truth, the noosphere is the representation on a finite world-plane of the Super Mind of the self-existent Universal Cosmic Reality.”


The Law of Time points out that the Gregorian calendar repeats in its cycle precisely every 28 years. This means the days of the week and months for the Gregorian calendar year 1945 repeated again in 1973 and again in 2001 and will again in 2029. Here again we see the number 29, also known as Saturn Return. Kin 29: Red Electric Moon (August 15, 2014) was the activation point of the 812-day cycle of Solar Consciousness.

(For those skilled in the Synchronotron system, please note that 911 reduces to base matrix unit: 29. This opens the first circuit of the 7th Time Dimension, the GM108X force field.  29 x 28 = 812).  

56-Year Cycle from 1945 – 2001

T & T points out that the following 56 year cycle divides into precise sub-cycles of 28 years each. This 56-year cycle was  predicated by the first world wars (1914 – 1945) which established the world market, a total industrialized market and communication base for the expansion of technology and the creation of the global structure of the technosphere.

The first 28 years, 1945 – 1973 — Begins with Hiroshima and ends with the completion of the World Trade Center towers in NYC. Time and the Technosphere describes Hiroshima as the final stage set of biogeochemical combustion leading into the noosphere. This cycle accomplishes the creation of the world market, the transformation of the biosphere into the technosphere.

The second 28 years, 1973 – 2001 — Spans from the dedication of the World Trade Center towers  to their destruction. Marks the phase of globalization — the absolute dominance of the materialist market economics inclusive of the end of the Cold War in 1990.

At very midpoint of the second 28-year cycle is Harmonic Convergence of August 16 – 17, 1987, exactly 14 years after the dedication of the World Trade Center towers and 14 years before their destruction. Note that the Harmonic Convergence and Hiroshima both occurred on Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle.

The second day of Harmonic Convergence was Kin 56: Yellow Self-Existing Warrior, the 13th anniversary of 9-11-01.

“The Harmonic Convergence affirmed the karmic repercussions of Hiroshima by bringing forward the ancient Mayan prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam.” -Jose Arguelles.


 Other Notable Synchronicities

— One spin from September 11, 2014, Kin 56,  will be Spectral Moon 28 (May 29, 2015). This is the 288th day of the 812-day cycle of Solar Consciousness. 288 is the sign of the Serpent Initiate and signifies the polar harmonic of light (144 x 2). This is a key to Solar Consciousness.

— The testing of Trinity Site July 16, 1945, Kin 34, precursor to the atomic destruction of Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945). Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard is also the beginning of the Dreamspell count. 

— The dedication of the Twin Towers occurred Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey and were destroyed on Kin 251: Blue Self-Existing Monkey. Kin 11 is the first Monkey on the Tzolkin matrix and Kin 251 is the final Monkey on the Tzolkin matrix. Also, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon occurred on 9/11/41, Kin 191: Blue Solar Monkey.

— 13 months prior to 9/11, on August 11th, 2000, Kin 115: Blue Spectral Eagle, there was a clear video taken of a flying saucer hovering right next to the World Trade Center in Brighton England.

— The Madrid train bombings occurred exactly 911 days after 9/11/01, on 3/11/04, Kin 122: White Overtone Wind. Also interesting to note is that 119 (911 backwards) is the area code of Iraq.

Kin 57: Red Overtone Earth (Sept. 12, 2014) is the first day of the second moon of the 29-moon (812-day) cycle and clear sign of Pacal Votan.  29 + 28 = 57.

Kin 58: White Rhythmic Mirror marks the 38th spin of Nagasaki and sign of the death date of Pacal Votan. In Gregorian this is September 13, 2014 or 9.13, key to the Quetzalcoatl prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells that was fulfilled at the Harmonic Convergence. Kin 58 also codes the discovery of the Asteroid Belt on January 1, 1801.



“It is this grand panorama of supermental consciousness to which the Law of Time introduces us. It is the door of our unrealized potential which this supreme Law opens. Once we fully understand the promise of the Law of Time and the return to higher harmonic standards, we will gladly see the end of the present world order and hasten to the construction of our own spiritual evolution.” –Valum Votan




Structure of Reality becomes the Architecture of Space. UR Harmonic 94/BMU 356/Kin 56





21 thoughts on “13 Years after September 11: All is Number

  1. Thank you for this reminder of synchronicity! It seems at this time of year every year there is this grave tension. That this is now the 13th year since the inevitable event was an indication enough! Transcendence is here!

  2. sitting in a self emposed retreat state healing body mind and spirit… have had technosphere by me now 2 days.., .. receiving reading synchronising..holding space in the south continent and seeing that specifically now we are all so in tune alignment and the tele no o sphere of consciousness is strongly linked and working well ..waves :)
    I feel so numbered in to this moment, so with this wonder I have retreated .
    .. tomorrow my solar bday..I become 57 for the next round, 12/9/1960 is 28 1960 is 7 born the 21st day of the lunar moon, .. pisces moon in virgo now.. yod is virgo is hand.. perhaps I am to feel the tsunami of the shift ..as you say from this 56 ( 11 vibe day, for I am there already here in melb) and hold new beginning ..12th..kin 57 . as I being my new number 1 cylcle also.
    I think that of course is only part of my synch..there is much going on, and this is the same for all..such an amazing time, I think to open to the keys that are being handed out. (handed ? lol )
    we all hold the number and the keys within our being..cells..psyche, I guess we don’t have to do anything , just bee.
    giving thanks that all is continuously confirmed, and understanding given by the knowing and understanding of the history and codes of those whom have studied way longer and deeper than myself, maybe.. with no preconceived ideas, I can only say..that .. it is unfolding at an amazing rate now, and .. everything is almost surreal.
    the day after my bday..after the new day.. my perfect guide kin 211..becomes my partner and guides me into understanding our combined energy of kin 58..the rhythmic mirror.
    it reflects to me and shows me that we are living the dreamspell..the tzolkin is us, and in each way for all of us is the instrument to give us peace and understanding, .. eventually in perfect time.
    iN Lacke’ch and gratitude <3 for the experience of a lifetime.

  3. 2 X Class Events on the same day. One Galactic and One Solar. We can certainly classify this activity as clear TRIPLE pulse electric Activation with the energetic frequency of the Harmonic Convergence… A simultaneous explosion or release of ENERGY at the core of the galaxy mirrored and transmitted almost instantaneously to the Earth, via the SUN, Kinich Ahaw.

    Galactic-Solar-Planetary… Aho!


  4. “Warning: Today a Swift X-ray spike alert was sent out. An abrupt spike in X-ray emission was detected today coming from the Galactic center, Sgr A*. This spike is the largest to occur in the past year and a half. The X-ray spike that occurred 500 days ago came from a magnetar near the Galactic center. Whether the current spike is being emitted by this same magnetar or is coming from the Galactic center itself, we can’t be sure until further data is obtained. ” http://www.transients.info/2014/09/the-galactic-center-became-active-today.html

  5. 9.7 on 9/11
    The CTBTO is an UN Organization with the goal to ban every kind of Atomic-Test forever on this Planet. The first meeting of the Signatories was held on 19.11.1996 …. KIn 55 ….”Because many senior diplomats were already in New York for the 51st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, the first meeting of the Signatories to the Treaty was held on 19 November 1996. During this meeting, States Signatories voted to adopt the document “Resolution Establishing the CTBTO Preparatory Commission”. On 20.11.1996……Kin 56 …” the CTBTO convened its first meeting to deliberate over the Rules of Procedure, Financial Regulations and other matters pertaining to the future operation of the organization. Signatory States also vied over senior positions within the CTBTO and the PTS.”
    The contract starts 180 days after when all listed States have signed and ratified ? it.
    From 44 nuclear States 41 have signed and 36 ratified yet. For the contract to start the following states have still to ratify it: Egypt, China, India, Iran, Israel, Northkorea, Pakistan and USA.
    The US Senate rejected ratification on 13.10.1999 … Kin 73….Red Galactic Skywalker (Mars) Wavespell of Death 66 (Mars)

    Let`s test what happens when we blow this Planet. We know that there is ultimately no death. We don`t know the word deathfear. We life on Planet Maldek. In our paradise every thought we think turns immediately into reality. We created amazing collective thought worlds.There is no boundaries by 3 dimensional bodys. We unite in collective erotic extasy. Our dreams we share as liquid tele – Visions. We speak through telepathic resonance using our third eYe. And then we had this one fateful Idea …. and Noah made his ark ready. The power of division had come through. Then male Adam was there and female Eve was…. the snake rolled around the tree and whispered: Bite into the apple. And I´m sure both tasted the apple not only Eve. :-) This was the fall out of Paradise.

    Looking on current World Events:
    Wladimir Putin: Kin 72 Yellow Resonant Human SP Earth :: Martian Death Wavespell 66.
    Ukraine: Birth country of Helena Petrova Blavatsky Kin 51 Blue Crystal Monkey SP Venus, Author of ISIS Unvield. Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment Pluto.

    2014 to 1986 :: 28 Years of Gregorian calendar Replay:
    Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in the Ukraine:
    26.04.1986 Kin 98 White Resonant Mirror (Neptune Power of Remembrance) Yellow Human Wavespell of Free Will (Earth).
    Challenger Catastrophe:
    28.01.1986 Kin 10 White Planetary Dog (Mercury) Red Dragon Wavespell of Birth (Neptune)
    “January 28th, 1986 at 11:39am EDT – The Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes on its 10th flight during mission STS-51-L. The explosion occurred 73 seconds after liftoff and was actually the result of rapid deceleration and not combustion of fuel. ”

    ” Entrenched and ever-vigilant in their self-support, the forces of scientific materialism
    have zealously guarded the portals to their domain, keeping in mind a singular goal: to
    maintain the myth of ever-progressing technological superiority. Thus, UFOs, varieties of
    paranormal experience, the discovery in 1976 of “rationally” inexplicable phenomena on
    Mars swiftly become classified documents, withheld from the public. Yet, on the morning
    of January 28, 1986, just four days after the triumphant Voyager 2 flew by Uranus with
    its bewildering information release, the space shuttle Challenger exploded in full televised
    and public view. In that awesome fiery moment, the myth of technological superiority suffered
    a severe blow.
    It is in the window of doubt and vulnerability provided by the Challenger’s fateful mission
    that intelligent people may question as never before the purpose of technology and
    the “infallibility” of modern science. Through the crack in the myth of technological
    superiority strange winds now blow. In the moonlight of that which transcends scientific
    rationalism, we may pose the questions: What if the way we are doing things is not the
    best or wisest? What if we are not the most intelligent civilization known to Earth? Could
    there have been people smarter, wiser, more advanced than us, who in our smugness we
    have overlooked? Could there have been a science superior to ours practiced both on this
    planet and elsewhere? What makes us so sure that scientific materialism is the best technique
    to wrench answers from a cosmos infinitely more vast and mysterious than the
    rational mind can comprehend? In other words, what the spectre of technological crisis
    invokes is a paradigm shift of a genuinely radical nature.” The Maya Factor by Jose Arguelles

  6. Dear Stephanie:
    Just for information. Dr.Paul LaViolette, Ph. D. is President of the Starbust Foundation. He posted on his Website TheSphinxStargate.com on September 10, that an abrupt spike in X-ray emission was detected coming from the Galactic center, Sgr. A” . This spike is the largest to occur in the past year and a half. The X-ray spike that occurred 500 day and came from a magnetar near the Galactic Center. Whether the current spike is being emitted by this same magnetar or is coming from the Galactic center itself, we can’t be sure until further data obtained. Because it appears to have been a brief event, the X-ray signal coming back down to its previous noise level, his guess is that is coming from the Galactic Center, possibly due to a discrete object falling into the core. Today, September 11, Swift data will show whether the low X-ray emission continues or whether it soars upward again. He said, “let’s pray that this September 11th will not bring to the world any serious danger. For the time being, to be on the safe side, we should begin taking precautions for possible events of elevated cosmic ray exposure event.” He gives two links: http:www.swift-sgra.com, and http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=6456.
    Beatriz Ortega

  7. Just wanted to share this image with you… reminds me of one you included in this post… and is a code that symbolized the soulmate energy.
    Love you!
    Aida Hun Ik

  8. Just wanted to share this image with you… reminds me of one you included in this post… and is a code that symbolized the soulmate energy.
    Love you!
    Aida Hun Ik

  9. in tradition ..
    the Dutch align their Government Leaders oj 3rd Tuesday in month September

    what is the Principle within the Code

    2 3 7 9
    7 8 9

    as trigger keys finding the “peoples” principle

    • Serendipity speaks 77 is 14 in balanced notation ..
      ONly a 7 breaks the 7 WHICH meant the religious pitfalll

      7777 breaks into 9991 ..
      A triangle with a dot in it meaning emptiness as eternal balancer

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