Noosphere: Lilou Mace interviews Stephanie South

Filmed on Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent (May 3, 2014) Toulouse, France.

10 thoughts on “Noosphere: Lilou Mace interviews Stephanie South

  1. 88 is the number of the galactic butterfly! I realized until today, now I understand why I was assigned on 2014 DOT as agent 88… by the way, I searched into the 441 number dictionary and it’s not mentioned, so I deeply believe this is new info, is it? : ) hugs and blessings from wizard of OZ VZ MX

  2. Thank you fRQ.
    All are perfect timing.
    Time is art and wonderful creation.
    The body of another dimension which we have, the earth….etc.
    The energy around you which shines carried out help which understands English to me.

  3. Interesting…8-8 is my birthday. On my 39th birthday the large butterfly crop circle appeared. I was seeing the Butterfly Nebula in lucid states, before I had even heard anything about the nebula or the crop circle. Butterfly has been a powerful energy for me. Thanks for sharing the info.

    • just like 69 are numbers that re-present the ying-yang visually (69), 88 are numbers that re-present a butterfly with their wings opened (88)… in this case, a galactic one, because it was showed to me several times that 8 turned 90° is an infinity symbol that represents the eternal universe. I was honored with that symbol (the 88 galactic butterfly) during an incredible, spontaneous ceremony on DOT 2014 by Galactic Ordering Dynamics. it was just a-ma-zing and sometimes I just can’t believe it but… it really happened! I have photos and a story to tell, it’s really desperating not having someone to listen. I am so red serpent. I am so crystal, always stubbornly trying to share… my apologies to SS! n_n

      by the way, thank you for thanking me :)
      maURicio (I know who I M … U R)

      -info about the butterfly nebula & crop circle you mentioned-

  4. Thank you Stephanie and Lilou, there’s much recognition in what you both discuss and it rekindles my warrior fire and love for planet Earth and the light of the Sun. I agree with the thought that everything serves the flowering of human consciousness and it’s at the root of its stem that each of us works wonders, when we nurture that process of flowering, with our love and compassion.

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