Antares, Virgin Galactic, Art Planet and GM108X

images-8Today, Yellow Self Existing Star: Kin 108 is a key code to the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. It is also the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the 80th day of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness. Kin 80 is one of 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan.

The purpose of the GM108X mind transmission is to introduce a new knowledge base to this planet. This knowledge base simultaneously unifies and synthesizes all previous knowledge and true traditions through the fourth-dimensional lens of the Galactic Mayan mind lineage.

The GM108X mind transmission, the prophecy of Pacal Votan and the science of the Law of Time are inseparable.

In light of the GM108X, what do the current Spaceship crashes mean?

Antares rocket explosion, Blue Crystal Night (October 28, 2014) photo Jay Diem AP

We of Antares had long since dealt with cycles of perishability, and so for us death is virtually non-existent, at least death as the conclusion or ending of something.  Things don’t end.  They recycle, transmute, become something else. The Arcturus Probe/Jose Arguelles

Orbital Science’s Antares Rocket exploded on Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night (October 28, 2014). Three days later, Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two crashed on Kin 106: White Lunar Worldbridger (October 31, 2014).


Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo explosion on Lunar Worldbridger (October 31, 2014)

What is the symbolic meaning of these two events?

In light of the Telektonon prophecy, the first crash occurred on  Crystal Night which corresponds to planet Saturn and overcoming greed and materialism. Orbital Science holds a $1.9 billion contract with NASA to fly eight robotic missions to the International Space Station using Cygnus and Antares. (Cygnus, an Antares spacecraft was first launched on White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218: September 18, 2013 as mentioned in previous blog)

The second crash occurred on Lunar Worldbridger corresponding to planet Mars, key to overcoming Death fear.  Lunar Worldbridger is also one of the 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan, and the only sign in the northern direction.

Lunar Worldbridger is also the second chamber (SpaceShipTwo)  in the Serpent wave spell representing the challenge of death. Serpent corresponds to Maldek, sex taboo and Paradise Lost.

9 - Serpent

It is interesting to contemplate the Maldek-Mars replay in light of the shattered tail section of SpaceShipTwo laying in pieces nearby with the word ‘Virgin’ visible on the torn metal. This space craft cost nearly 500 million to develop and Virgin Galactic already had several people including many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber reserves their  $250,000 seat in hopes for a trip to space by next “October”.

What are we seeking in outer space?  How can we understand outer space if we do not understand inner space?

On the same day as the SpaceShipTwo crash (which was also Samhain-Halloween),  an interesting article was published in the Daily Mail regarding the existence of parallel universes:

Spaceships Crash as Timeship Launches 

Could the message of these two crashes be signaling us to turn our attention from outer space to inner space? Or rather to turn our attention away from third-dimensional space in order to tune into fourth-dimensional time?

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan first put forth the understanding that planet earth is not a spaceship, but a timeship, or a fourth-dimensional vehicle coded with all the laws of cosmic time. As this vehicle moves in time, it releases different levels of information according to a universal set of time-release programs.

At this point, events are unfolding at such a rapid rate that it is impossible to keep up in 3D, let alone articulate.  We are in unprecedented territory with too much information to process. As this stage climaxes (biosphere-noosphere transition) we are being phased into telepathic civilization, as foresaw in Jose Arguelles’ 1981 work Art Planet Chronicles: the Making of the Fifth Ring. 

Origin of GM108X on Earth

In Art Planet Chronicles, Arguelles describes a futuristic parallel universe where telepathy is the norm and where ART is more powerful than mechanistic technology. While writing this book the parallel 108X stream was first revealed to him.


painting by Jose Arguelles 1968.  PAN was envisioned as a global network of artists who would join forces to create positive planetary transformation. The principle purpose of PAN was the realization of the whole Earth as a work of art.

 In Velatropa far away
 Though devoid of mind’s full sway
 In measured form with rhythmic heart
 All that’s done is done as art!
—José Arguelles, Art Planet Chronicles

Art Planet Chronicles involves the struggle for supremacy of the world between the artists organized as the Planet Art Network (PAN) and the Syndicate for Material Evolution. He foresaw that the times were going to get worse and what would save the planet was a Planet Art Network (PAN). 

The idea for the book came from Jose’s meetings with his friend John Steinbeck, Jr (son of the famous writer). John told him: “Listen, José, stop all this abstract theorizing. Make it real. All this talk about art and the planet—why don’t you write a novel about an art planet?”

Art Planet Chronicles marked the first time that José experienced clairaudience. He identified the voices as coming from Arcturus. At this point the code of his mission was revealed as 108X, the name of this sector of the galaxy (Velatropa), and our Sun’s designation, Velatropa 24 (V.24) with Earth coded as V.24.3. (Note todays Synchronotron Kin equivalent is kin 243)

The idea of artists around the planet telepathically engaged in transforming the industrial age environment into a massive global-scale artwork is at the root of his vision of the PAN. Through this unprecedented labor, the Earth and its human society could be turned into a cosmic art-whole. The Banner of Peace was the symbol for unifying artists on a planetary scale.images-2

The book describes PAN as a victorious band of telepathic artists who conquer the world by their superior science of harmony. This comes about through a skillful understanding of the planet as a resonant field and the consequent triggering of Earth’s rings.


Just as the atomic bomb was created from the equation, E = mc2, so is the Earths rainbow  rings created from the equation  T (E) = Art (Energy factored by time is art).

Art Planet Chronicles  is now available for the first time in paperback!!


book-art-planet-chroniclesNOW AVAILABLE FROM LAW OF TIME PRESS, previously unpublished and radically visionary book by José Argüelles, The Art Planet Chronicles: The Making of the Fifth Ring.

Once upon a space-time vector, so it has been told, far beyond the fair Arcturian skies, in the distant galactic cloud, called by the wise, Velatropa, there was a stellar unit, Velatropa 24, which produced a planet, Velatropa 24.3 (also known as Earth). Now renown for its brilliant system of rings, trans-galactic travelers often ask: “how did Velatropa 24.3 get its rings?”


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  1. Reblogged this on Anne`s News and commented:
    Thank you for Sharing & caring this Wonderfull Information. Its so important to turn within & Focus on what we Really Wish to Materialize Together as ONE Humanity, Living on One Planet, As ONE People living under ONE God , Facing the Same Problems: How to make Sure Everyone will have Access to Clean water, Healthy food, Free & Endurable Energy & Natural Housing & an Endurable Economy . Divine Unconditional Love & Compassion is the Answer to All of this Worlds Problems. Let go of all Fear. There is an Abundance of All We Need & once we Wake up to the Truth that we Need to Cooperate in All Ways Possible, instead of keep on Competing for who is the most Righteous, Beautifull, Funny, Rich or whatever strange categories we use to label others. Let Take a Stand for Equality in All of Our Diversity , Freedom in All of Our Individual Responsability & as One Brotherhood of Men I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM . See my Blog :

    Shared with Love & Gratitude on my Google+ , Facebookpage “Cosmic Laws , Tzolkin & Astrology ” . In Lak`ech Ala Kin , with Warm Hugzzzzzz from my Heart . I Am Love & So Are You. We Are ONE .OM

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  3. ‘ What are we seeking in outer space? How can we understand outer space if we do not understand inner space?’…
    This comment comes right back to each of us..seeking freedom outside of ourselves , without realising it can only come from within.. only then will the freedom be seen outside of ourselves, simply the reflection of within.
    In synchronicity, all that happens on the global scale happens in our little lives, in individual ways, as in some way we will all see and have some synchronicity with this blog..with all the blogs.

    However, those who are not seeing the synchronicities, are those too busy to stop and see..

    and therefore the true success and dynamic of synchronic technology advancement and meaning, simply crashes to the ground, un noticed in a capsule of time against space , force instead of flow , disharmony and misconduct..for people are looking at time is money instead of time is art

    so I guess we have to meditate big time, in order to send out the thoughts , and plant the seeds .

    in synchronicity, the number 68 and the year 1968 has been ‘shown’ to me a lot lately, and my attention to the doors of perception again of late, realising that my perception of something is mine alone, and therefore I cannot judge another who does not see what I do, how I do, or when I do.
    Some of what we see is uniquely for each of us, harmonising with our personal code.
    Then when we see the same, as others, we know that is something to be shared, and discussed, on a larger scale and is perhaps one of the keys to the illumination of ‘us’.. .

    The drawing by arguelles, you posted symbolising the pan network of artists..people coming together, is so strong of course now, in the serpent wavespell, .. the whole picture like so many serpents woven together, creating sacred geometry and weaving.. and the toroid, within it reminding us of the unity of consciousness .
    This one I shall meditate on I feel very drawn to it in deed, the serpent kundalini awakening throught this flow of portal days is amazing, each day .. snake energy is shown to me.. tv, discussion..every single day, so in tune with it I am becoming, and being in tune I am becoming it. :)

  4. Today 11.11. 2014. 25th day of 4th moon, kin 117 Red Cosmic Earth while calculating synchronotrone I got an idea that seven steps of heptade ( 108, 291,144, 315, 414, 402,441) can be read as number of days. So I got very interesting result and I understood it as a synchronicity, specially because today is Red Cosmic Earth, the day Hose Arguelles received Synchronotone. Today is: 108 days after 26th of July, 1st day of 1st moon The begining of Mayan year
    291 days after 24th of January, 15th day of 7th moon Birthday of Hose Arguelles
    315 days after 31st of December 2013., 19th day of 6th moon The end of Gregorian year

  5. Hi!
    First of all I apologize for my little conocimientodel English language.
    I would like to leave a video where you can see what I call sound essence. Frequencies are created from numerology tzolkin.
    From already thank you very much and best regards.

  6. Well, I resonate with both sides of the story, as is my calling. I am anchored in this dimension and often have to take care of myself from getting too caught up in that feeling of being rushed or needing to badly to “do” something and have a mission in life or a project to do. The other side of me tells me to simply “be” and to make that shift towards seeing and feeling the enchantment that underlies everything. But dishes pile up and kids need to be fed. I think we are all caught in this dual nature. Most of us still drive petrol cars and use heat or electricity from non-renewable sources and shop at the store. How can we all make the shift collectively to organize ourselves harmoniously – ecovillages are one prime example I do believe. I think our shift requires a LOT of work in the 3rd dimension. Not simply a neglect of these gifts that Pachamama gives constantly. I hope to be with you, my galactic kin, for another gathering. In the mean time you are always welcome to visit and live with me here on this 20 acres. Things are moving along at Earthen Heart in the Land of Lakes. Blessings not stressings. Resonate Syn chronically into the Mirror Wavespell within Self Existing Moon!

  7. I am learning the 13-moon calendar today. Viewing the calendar now. Guidance please. Which day are we in now? Thank you. <3

      • Thank you so much! So we’re Blue Crystal Eagle or Red Rhythmic Moon today, depending on which side of the globe, right? XO

      • I am looking into the free downloads. I hoping to begin with the 7777 Telektonon Revelation. Among the books/guides, which would you suggest as the first best book to start with?

        I immediately resonated with the explanation because it reverberates the teachings of the Essenes and they are clearly no different from the other. I was hoping to do look into the daily meditations, which are probably explored further in the Telektonon? Are there other resources?

        Any suggestions of where to go at this point to optimize the use thereof would be great and is much appreciated! <3 <3 <3

      • :) UR about to write your 87 blog post, RU aware of that? can’t wait to read again something from you. greetings and blessings from another you!. with love, MOM

    • thats right, Aurora! (beautiful name, by the way) ; ) another valid question is if a kin (kin meaning day/night in mayan language) begins/ends at midnight (12:00 am) or at sunrise (about 6:00 am). maybe this is not important because what you feel is what really matters, but I would like to know your point of view, dear RQ-SS-MM

  8. New Year’s Eve I stayed the night at my friends’ apartment, and two of them were interested in the galactic calendar as I had explained it to them. Dakota is Yellow Solar Seed, but Lauren is White Lunar Worldbridger. Interesting synchronicity. My roommate Jon who just moved away is 105, Red Magnetic Serpent.

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