Solar Magician’s Spell Blue Solar Monkey

In honor of the 76th Solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, we offer a poem written by him.

I offer praise
To this day
As sacred and holy as every other day
And like every other day
The center
Through which the universe threads itself anew

and I pray
that the goodness accumulated by beings everywhere
might continue to gather
and that soon
even this very day
the flood-gates of this universal goodness
might burst upon this world

I pray
that my eyes
and all of my senses
might open ever wider
to the wizardry of every day earth
the dewdrop sheen of rainbow light unnoticed
on the drooping leaf

and I pray
that the magic that dissolves
the multiple appearances of things
into a luminous oneness
might burst like a flame in the deepest
most broken recesses of my heart
releasing a song of unutterable joy

I pray
that in the presence of all worldly things
I might stand nameless
a child of illusion
so that in all things
the circle of perfection might reveal itself
as the mirror of all-conquering emptiness
and most fervently I pray
that the great magicians
Merlin entombed in the Hawthorn Tower
Pacal Votan sealed in the Ninth Vault of the Holy Night
with their train of harmonic sorcerers
might suddenly return
appearing at first
from earths resonant core
as vibrating filaments of crystal light
upon civilization’s
dark and crumbling wall

and I pray
that from that ghost-light manifestation
beheld by innocence
as truth itself
the sorcerer powers might spread
like angel flame
through warrior hearts
causing all those Lords and Ladies of the Cosmic Court
to awaken again
to their power
in time
to bless this planet
with the awesome splendor
of their tender might

by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey


Valum Votan in Temple 13: Tomb of Red Queen, Palenque, Mexico, 2009. photo by Kin 185

11 thoughts on “Solar Magician’s Spell

  1. Thankyou RQ so beautiful… and spreading we indeed are, one by one, hundreds by hundreds, thousands by thousands, dedicated to our magical play…

  2. “their tender might” how beautifully said. Thank you for sharing Eden Sky, and deep bow of gratitude to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

  3. We Love Valum Votan! and We love you too Red Queen. Love- Afiya and Gary Mahatmas Muhammad. (White Spectral Dog and Blue Planetary Monkey)
    See you in the astral realm and Los Angeles

  4. This is incredibly beautiful… I join his prayer with all of my heart… We are ONE on the NOOSPHERE! Love to you Valum Votan from Earth to the Stars where you reside… Love to you dearest Red Queen, from the hEarth of Mexico to the sacred place where you abide… and happy solar return to VV.

  5. …a wonderful return to innocence (thank you, Red Queen)… I pray that our gentle & humble strength will move in accordance with the Tao so that all beings may find forgiveness and light in this time / that the sun & moon will continue to roll over one another as yang + yin, balancing our harmonic mind / that True Loving Kindness will generate a spark in the hearts of all sentient beings, awakening the Dharma of the Law of Time / that darkness will dance with lighted-essence just as Shakti dances with Shiva, so that We may bring Peace & Empowerment to the realm of Planet Earth and finally witness the evolution of all codified structures toward a New Time of actualized beauty and abundance!! – nathan (kin 037)… Evam Maya Ho!

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