2016: Invitation from the Great Within

We are being invited to:

Re-Frame the past.
Re-Think the present
Re-Member the Future.

We are time travelers journeying through space on the precipice of the Unknown. Another Gregorian year has now passed. Has anything changed?

sasquatchOn the morning of Kin 11 (12/30)  I woke to a dream with a sasquatch, who said: “Now is the time to retrieve the lost magic.”  I woke up to much snowfall, everything perfectly white, crystalline and pristine. A blank slate.

The feeling of the dream was so intoxicating that when I woke up I thought maybe the earth hologram had finally shifted. (Then I went to the internet and found I was still stationed on a planet of war, dramas, politics, etc).

Over the past week I have received several communications that have caused me to pause and deeply reflect on the next stages of this journey. These reflections are my hearts response to those communications.

Why is there so much darkness in the world? So we can find our light and shine it.

Why does so much hatred exist? So we can learn to love.

True “Contact” or first contact is the contact with our own essence. This state of feeling opens us into the expansive ever present moment of the Great Now. Sinking deeply into the Great Now we begin to feel portals of consciousness or bridges opening in all directions extending from our hearts and mind connecting with all beings. This cannot be found through the lens of a microscope or telescope or any other measurement of the physical universe. We have been instilled with so many false notions of self. The internet has brought to consciousness what is inside the human and virtually anything we want to know is at our fingertips. Everything except the most important thing: Our soul and who we are.

I once asked Tibetan Buddhist masters what the highest thing I could do was. Their reply was: feel more love.  Vulnerability is the greatest bravery.

The reason the world has not exploded or destructed is because of love: love of the seen and Unseen Ones. It requires a great exertion of our Will to navigate these times of great distraction and seeming darkness on our planet. It is said that the human is distracted every 11 minutes (or more).

The knowledge offered by the synchronic order is potent medicine to expand our perceptions and thereby increasing our capacity for love. How?

We perceive according to our consciousness and what we have allowed to be possible within our own mind. This has been greatly influenced by our contraction to love. It is painful when our hearts are opened and our loved ones are not able to reciprocate. But still we must keep loving and hold space for their heart to open.  We get scared or hurt and then freeze frame our heart in protection and thereby cutting off our mind from new perspectives. We become rigid in our ways of thinking and so cannot always perceive the love being offered to us. Love is the lubricant that allows our mind to be free.

Everyone to some degree or another has a conflicting belief systems inside of them. This inner conflict is a source of confusion and frustration. Sometimes we have to go through a seemingly complex and painful journey in order to arrive at simplicity. True simplicity is  a deep and integrated synthesis of self knowledge. Simplicity without knowledge is empty and unsatisfying. Knowledge without love is cold and meaningless.

Ultimately everything is inside us. We are the “aliens”. Our job is to integrate these alien frequencies and purify them through our hearts.  This is the transfiguration that each must undergo in the laboratory of their own being.

We are multifaceted beings. We must embrace all parts of ourselves and clarify our needs. Identifying our needs is part of the process of becoming whole. We are each a little child constantly rebirthing ourselves. Discipline is required in this process. But discipline should not feel obligatory, but rather exciting like working on a piece of art.

Alex Grey

Alex Grey

Time is Art: We are Art

We are the artist, our mind is the canvas and our heart is the medium of transmission. The medium is our message for future generations. The synchronic order offers us more colors to play with and more dimensions in which to create our masterpiece.

Discipline and self-reflection is what lends magic to the seemingly mundane life experience. It purifies the senses allowing us to tune into more refined vibrations of love and inspiration. Without discipline and self control there is confusion and frustration. We become frustrated when we are not actively working on our art form (which is US). Time is Art. We are the Art and are given the gift of time to re-create ourselves into an evolving masterpiece.

Morning is the best time to work on our art. Get up earlier to have time with yourself. Keep a journal to record your process. When we take time for daily meditation we begin to see an underlying storyline of our lives that only reveals  itself through daily contact with our essence. images-2

In a flash everything that has been troubling us can suddenly be seen in a new light and an answer occurs that we did not see before because we were too busy with our daily lives.

Create a morning meditation ritual that makes you excited to get up. The value of beginning with prayers, mantras, or reading sacred books, is ultimately to lift us to a higher vibration so we can access the larger part of ourself. This is what the synchronic codes of time ultimately do. It is all about frequency. Once properly attuned our essence takes over and can show and teach all we need to know.


 In this new cycle our perceptions are being upgraded so rapidly that it can sometimes be challenging to articulate it all.

People say to me:, Time is running out! Look at the world! Nothing has changed. Its getting worse. The Calendar change failed. What is the new plan? How will this knowledge of Time change the decision-makers of the world? What good are these codes to my day to day life? To my relationships? Is this all a mind trip? It’s too complicated. Make it simpler. Did Jose reallly believe he was this or that?

I have often felt like I have to unbury myself from the tomb of past perceptions, and am now writing a book from the feminine perspective to provide new context for this work and share the process that I was taken through by Jose ArguellesValum Votan that would make me question every facet of myself, the meaning of life and true nature of reality.  Pre-2012 this path was about calendar change as a unifying factor to change consciousness. And while the 13 Moon calendar is still the main key to this system, a new context for this knowledge is revealing itself. It has its own timing.

We are also working on new teaching modules and online curriculum to help assist others to access their own memory codes, which will ultimately culminate in galactic education centers, one of which is now being created in Brazil. Learning how to work with this inner galactic technology is the antidote to an increasingly artificial world of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and synthetic biology. We are given the advanced technology of a human body in order to apply this knowledge to light up our cells, connect our circuitry,  evolve our DNA and regain full memory.


We are in a process of re-education and planetary reorientation. The core of genuine education is based on self-cultivation–the perception of ourselves in relation to a Higher Order of Reality by whatever name we call it. This is fundamental to our life purpose and not taught at school.

Before we can become a truly unified collective force, we must first work individually or internally. We have to understand ourselves and how our own mind operates and effects others around us. The best we can offer each other is our own sense of wholeness, then we become a mirror for others reflecting to them their wholeness. Practice speaking to the light within each person. Bypass everything except soul to soul connection.

The more we learn and grow, the more expansive our hearts become. We  can only love another person to the extent that we have realized our own true nature. Those who have realized themselves to one extent or another, have the tenderest hearts. It can feel like your heart is breaking in every moment, but in the most beautiful, soulful way. We know our hearts are open when we truly cannot bear to see another suffering or in pain. We will do anything we can to alleviate that suffering. Tears are good. It means we are alive and feeling beings. Many people want to change the world, but have yet to truly open their hearts. The heart can only really open once we are stripped bare and dropped all defenses.

The Return of the People of OMA refers to those whose hearts are open to all of humanity while having mastered the inner mind technology. OMA = Original Matrix Attained. The People of OMA are those who have fully remembered themselves and so by their very vibration serve as a bridge that others may cross over into a higher dimension.

GM108x or Galactic Mayan Mind transmission can be likened to a spinning crystal axis that attracts, aligns and organizes past and future knowledge bringing it into the Theater of  Now, the ever pregnant moment of all possibility that has been incubating and gestating for aeons waiting for the right moment to give birth to itself. New creation needs new language and new ways and forums to articulate itself.

The noosphere is the planetary intelligence field that we can learn to make contact with. It responds to our vibration. If we obsess on the bad news then we will never create the good news. We receive feedback according to the quality of thought we are transmitting at any given moment.

The Telektonon or earth spirit speaking tube is a living omnipresent oracle. What does this mean? It means that when we are synchronized with ourselves and nature then everything reveals itself as part of an oracular speaking tube. This entire Timespace matrix that we inhabit is a living earth spirit speaking tube. When you are “in synch”, every book you pick up or person you talk to is giving a message. Learn to listen to the energy behind words.

Be open at any moment for a shift of perception that can change your life.

Above the blank expanse of ocean                                                                                In the ever changing colors of sky
We fly in our infancy of knowledge
Writing ourselves in
Checking ourselves out
To Infinity’s New Movement
Each new tribe–we fly

One to Build the Astonishment
One to Diamond the Sky
One to Color the Channels
One to Ignite the High
One to Gold the Fields
One to Voice the Wow!
One to Bring the All                                                                                                           into the ever-present Now!









25 thoughts on “2016: Invitation from the Great Within

  1. I am white overtone world-bridger, you know me, VV visited me. Youve heard my cry Aotearoa New Zealand A-Z Alpha-Omega……OUR LOVE has no limit. Micro macro come home, so we can go home, our galactic home, I am another yourself

  2. In lak’ech … My granddaughter today told me her teacher for this, her first ever year of school is miss Blank .. I thought to myself ahh a blank slate :))) beautiful writing from you dear stephanie , today best wishes and lots of love xxxx

  3. …happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 we are not artists, we are "works of art" (as A.estethic R.eGENeration in T.ime, as Valum Votan sayed), ever expanding ever mistaking, ever evolving and ever In-Volving WORKS OF ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • <3 Time is Art.
      We are the artist, our mind is the canvas and our heart is the medium of transmission.

      Working on sharing from the heart <3 Please come visit in Taos "soon". So much love to you all from this magic mountain!

  4. Beautifully said … and I would just like to add that the calendar codes seem to amplify ‘spooky effects at a distance’ which means that each one of us, as we succeed or not in opening our hearts, has an impact within this growing soul cluster. In other words you are alone and you aren’t alone. The 13 Moon Synchronometer is a wonderful tool for anchoring love, and it has the added benefit of being in harmony with helpers in non-physical form.

    Calendar change did not fail – it has just begun.

    You have my support, always.

  5. 47 zenith 713
    Loves answer, on this just so special 27th day, just after sun up, a most majestic rainbow south, north, west it appreared.
    Calendar failure, Venus laughs
    through the eye of the seer
    7 arrows in all. 1,2 now in flight
    Arrow 3, now loaded on the great
    Strong bow, set to release, activating the wealth of the matrix, and world harmonies projects there under, and may all come to know this
    Happy birthday

  6. This book about the feminine perspective you are writing makes me curious Electric Serpent………..

    In Lak’ech, Galactic Dog

  7. Acceptance of the world as it is,
    acceptance of your life as it is,
    leads to the understanding that the world won´t change
    because change is what the world is,
    the best we can DO with our minds in any case is learn to meassure THAT appropiately
    (and change is only possible because of opposites)
    it is changing all the time,
    and so are we
    we only need to be able to increase our awareness
    acceptance without expectation brings awareness
    and have a nice dream!


  8. From Pedro, Planetary Hand, Brazil
    Thank you Stephanie for so much inspiration and blessed sharing you always bring to our hearts.
    Keep up fully confident with this unmeasurable golden contribution elevating our planet, everyday getting higher, there is no other possible direction, shall it be smooth and now.
    Forever supporting you and spreading the message with all our brothers and sisters. ☀️☀️☀️✨✨✨🌾🌾🌾
    13:20 🐬🐬🐬

  9. (47) Dear One’s,
    Early 2012 the final Pope was here, Jim, the c.I.a brings him gold statue, hand’s heart, one side, crown, other, documents and dragon family of china phone numbers. We tell him about law of time, he tells dragon family, they said yes, that’s what it’s all about, he tells our name they said yes we know him. Some others in their group we get to know, I order all new Law of time books for me, they get here, dad sends them to James chappell, these guys know how to create bonds and how real money works, within a week James gets a call about new brics banking, a man flys in, James and few others meet him first thing he says is the number for today is 260, I am the oracal, looking for those capable of divine instruction for the new order, I have fleets of Lear jets, they mean nothing to me, the group flies over seas to witness a most elegant contract, wheels within wheels, symbols everywhere, for short Jesuits give all power to dragon family, they send us a copy and secret phone untraceable, they try for 2 years to access money, they cant, china banker tells them he can’t give the code , but him will give a clue AK13579. This is why all the bankers jumped off buildings around 2011, they lost power, pen of creation.

  10. (47) Dear Ones’s,
    Praying at age 14, loud but soft voice spoke 3 different times to me, “seek my face”, twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday, at 22 vision of mars started with millions of voices for 2 days, 2008 swift arrow k258 taught me to use hands, and I had electrical wing’s on back, days later, in full moon with 3x’s ex Stephanie Reed, eve, k197, I said theres something I’m supposed to do, look up, moons jumping up and down, look honey moons jumping, she says oh my god it is, for hours, so inside, later on my wings let me know they were really real, 2010 one more moon before law of time, sun was set, I said oney in child’s voice, sun rises back up 30min more sunshine to the day, get galactic signature 9.15.10 read prayer of seven directions, go outside, hello brothers and sisters of the stars, blue arching light fills entire sky, book of transcendences comes, never meditated before, I do all 7 seven first night, with great intense breath, finish 1am by 3am I am rapidly blowing into knots, call for creator send galactic avatar now, won’t make it till morning, at 3:33am 19 foot big sister is laying me down, wakes everyone, mattress half off bed, next day alternating currents were working, days later all mentalsphears were activated, as I just sat there thinking, day 56 lord of the dawn arises k253. 1am I pray to Allah golded lights star flashing on b.o.t.c.h.c flashong from 1-5:30am look outside my window a star of stars x 40 growling starts different wild nes everywhere at once, weeks later had extra room 13 chairs thinking on teaching I said I’m gonna need more than 13 chairs aren’t I? Look out, sun goes way up and down 3x’s started spinning like water from tire, time and again I was told this is going to happen, every time it did, just like eboli one year before, the wind arose and told me, hope activated darma hope=23,113, everything that happens is a contract being offered, we have choice, the great day is set when the divine ones rise, every type of miracle broadcast around the world 24/7 on that day the earth is forever changed, when I read these negative perceptions it rips my heart out, when I plant my seeds in the garden, I expect a harvest, hope and expectation is real faith. Praying and asking, always before I’m told trust you, you be the path, praying for assurance over and over show me, Jose face appears, beautiful smile one word, believe, on k33, never let go of hope. When. I first open my book to crest 13 projects just before my eyes see crest 13, between right ear and tempel starts pulsing, alternating currents really start going, last 2 years I had to fall completely, I had to feel the fall, something no words can tell, but it was worth it much learned , look to source only for guidenxe, faith + hope of the future, the greatest! Our hearts are our compass!!!
    Love, thanks, x140 Jimmy47=3

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