Beyond the Singing Sun

Life is a symphony, and the action of every person in this life is the playing of his particular part in the music.  Hazrat Inayat Khan

As you read these words you are both receiving and transmitting vibration. Today we enter the Storm wavespell of self-generation with a New Moon and total solar eclipse. It is a powerful time.

Everything is vibration. We are here to help evolve our solar system through raising vibration. Consider the vibration of the singing sun.

The Sun is playing a secret melody, hidden inside itself, that produces a widespread throbbing motion of its surface. The sounds are coursing through the Sun’s interior, causing the entire globe, or parts of it, to move in and out, slowly and rhythmically like the regular rise and fall of tides in a bay or of a beating heart. (Kenneth R. Lang)

Our consciousness is a bridge for reharmonizing the planetary crystalline grid, receiving and implementing vibratory instructions from Hunab Ku, the center of the Milky Way galaxy. At the center of our galaxy is a black hole, which serves as a portal to other galaxies beyond our Sun.

To access this portal requires aligning our frequency with solar consciousness, or the  consciousness of our solar system, also known as Kinich Ahau, or Velatropa 24.

Arcturus Connection

The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan states: It is the function of the Arcturus Dominion to clean patterns of negative karmic residuals from the planetary orbital harmonics and to restore Kinich Ahau to its full harmonic function

We can assist this process by first clearing and detaching our energy from any vibratory entanglements. We are unplugging from an outworn grid and plugging into the noosphere through a process of resonant transduction.

In The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles writes that through direct knowledge of wave harmonics and frequency changes, resonant transduction is the ability to pass directly from one condition of being to another and consequently from one star system to another. Then we can extend realization to other local star systems.

Vibration is also connected to frequency. Our dominant energy vibration is our unique “frequency signature”. Through the system of overtones and vibrational frequencies, we can directly attune and resonate with all that exists. As our vibration increases we find a need to detoxify our bodies and feed them with simple foods that contain maximal life-force.

Unknown Vibration creates invisible waves that effect physical space. Physical matter is comprised of space and energy. Information is a quality of energy.

Energy just is. We ascribe meaning to energy and call that reality. There are as many versions of reality as there are humans. People attach their identity to a particular version of reality and invest their emotions and life-force in defending it.

Emotions are fluctuating energy patterns. When we repeat certain emotions it is because we are stuck in particular vibrational frequency.

Opening the Ninth Gate

The ninth time dimension enters us into the golden gate where we unravel all karmic/genetic entanglements streaming in from other star systems. Our wires have literally been crossed, cutting off the sacred stream of memory and confusing us with multiple conflicting belief systems.

To clear ourselves we must be willing to LET GO and work to release all emotional charges. When we make vibration a priority in our life, then we avoid unnecessary arguments or discord as harmony becomes more important than being right. Let the other person be right (as long as it’s not harming anyone). Most arguments are unnecessary plays of ego and are detrimental in creating harmonic resonance.

Image 56Each shift of thought creates a change in vibration. Our words create vibratory effects.

Yogananda said all vibration is manifested from the Holy Cosmic Vibration and all sound from its sound of Amen or Aum.

In scriptures, resurrection occurs when “Gabriel blows his trumpet.” The walls of Jericho were pummeled by sound vibration. In the beginning was the “word”, which is sound vibration.

Genetic information is transmitted on waves of sound vibration. To “sound the lost chord” is to set a new genetic pattern in order. We are all instruments in a grand symphony being attuned to a song yet unheard.Unknown-2

The history of the galaxy is the history of changing vibrations. Changing vibrations create different qualities of time and different cycles of consciousness. Many religious scriptures and ancient texts speak of the “fall”.

What was the “fall” but a change of vibration? Religion was created out of a perceived disconnection from Source, the primal vibrational frequency, pure and uncontaminated. Religion means “to bind back to one.

The central part of ourselves (our inner sun) connects us with the primary genesis of everything (all suns). Our vibration is directly connected with and affecting the workings of the entire planet. We are a key interactive unit in the entire cosmos.

We have totally forgotten that this Universe is the outcome of vibration. This Universe is not communication. This Universe is not money. This Universe is not love, it is not sex, it is not beauty, it is not even God. That one line is true: “In the beginning there was the Word, Word was with God, and Word was God.” That’s all it is about. What is a word? Creative vibration. — Yogi Bhajan

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13 thoughts on “Beyond the Singing Sun

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  2. So excited to receive this amazing synchronistic message now. Joel and Katie shared that you met and visited with them on your return from China. I am thrilled as the energy around our next screening here at the Cosmic Center of Light in Sarasota is evolving very fast! In Lak’ech Delia.

  3. Such heartfelt connection with this beautiful Universe- thank you for this beautiful message.
    In Lak’ech Brooke

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  6. Dear Stephanie,

    In the last noos-letter is written that GM108X comes from Sirius, and they got it from Hunabku, but in the booklet Galactic Meditation Jose Arguelles says that it is a download from the Vela pulsar. Could you explain? Lucas

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