Magic Scroll and 33 Key

The new dispensation of galactic culture has already been deposited on Earth. It is now awaiting the study of humanity. CHC Vol. 6

Our energy is scattered in too many directions at once. Limited belief systems create fences around our electromagnetic fields keeping us from that which we want most: Full Reconnection with our Creative Source.

People often ask: Why should I follow the 13 Moon calendar or learn the Law of Time? The answer is that you shouldn’t, unless you want to. If you are depressed by what the media has to offer, tired of running the same old tape loops through your mind, in a creative rut,  looking for fresh perceptions or want to gain more memory, then you might want to give it a go.

The path of the 13 Moons reveals the synchronic order, a parallel universe that exists alongside the mainstream narrative. In this Universe synchronicity and art reign supreme. The lens of the synchronic order allows us to view the connections between seeming random events, tuning us into a hidden stream that was always there but we just didn’t have the tools to recognize it.  But it’s more than that …

I offer this  sharing with the intention to tap your own memory circuits and with the realization that everything is happening simultaneously within one vast radial matrix of intersecting time waves.

The Next Gate and the Scroll
Recently on a trip to China,  I had a dream where I was told: You are here to open the Next Gate. I saw a long hallway, dimly lit with many flashing doors. Which door? Which Gate? Which door leads to the next gate? secret garden door940pi Then I woke up. In the middle of the night I scribbled in my journal: “open next gate”, “forgotten star knowledge” and “zuvuya circuit.”

The “next” gate seemed to have something to do with the zuvuya and how forgotten star knowledge  is intricately woven into our daily lives.

“… on the Zuvuya circuit, memory is the sum recollection of each of our unique wave-forms, past and future, as well as the whole galactic wave-form, of which each of us is a microchip reflection … the key of course to using or tuning into the zuvuya, is to have a clean waveform.” J. Arguelles, Surfers of the Zuvuya p. 134.

Rewind …

Riding the zuvuya back to Christmas Day 2014, Overtone Dragon, I had an unusual experience. That day I was meditating on the Galactic Tree of Life. Someone knocked on my door.  It was a tall blond man maybe in his 30s. He didn’t say anything so I intuitively shut the door, and assumed he had gotten the wrong residence.

That night, I had a dream and the same man appeared at my door. At first I was afraid, then I saw that he was wounded with a bandaged arm and meant no harm. He unzipped a worn-out back pack and pulled out what appeared to be a scroll. He indicated that he had traveled far to deliver this.

Fastforward 2016. I am in Taiwan. I was introduced to a blond man from Sweden who would be my vegetarian cook. I noted that his arm was in a sling. At first I thought nothing of it until he began to tell me his vision of a Scroll. He said in his vision he saw that the Creator of the Universe had created an original scroll that had fallen into the “wrong hands.” He said the scroll was connected to Maldek and was now eating itself.  Once fully eaten a new world could be born.

I was flabbergasted! The synchronic order works in mysterious ways. He was Spectral Dragon, Kin 141, and indicated that he was in his 33rd year. This experience occurred on Kin 66 (33 x 2): White Magnetic Worldbridger.

The “33” tapped a memory of a dream Valum Votan had told me about. In his dream he was contemplating how Shambhala and Tollan (East and West) were two fundamental archetypal forces that need to merge for the Great Shift to occur. In the dream his Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa appeared to him and told him this merging would occur when “the Eastern Sun meets the Western Sun at the 33rd degree.”

With this memory, a key turned from within. I wrote the experience to a few people and received a message turning my attention to the White Pyramid in China, located at around 33 degrees latitude in the Qin Ling Shan Mountains of Shensi Province. Little is publicly known about this massive stepped pyramid constructed of clay, but it is thought to be as old as the pyramids at Giza. This region is also said to contain up to one hundred more pyramids. (Much is written about 33rd parallel, so you can research if interested). Here is a brief introduction.

Following the path of synchronicity, 33 days later I found myself in Washington D.C. visiting the House of the Temple: Supreme Council, 33°, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. This was on Kin 99 (33 x 3). Head of the Supreme Council of World Freemasonry Albert Pike invented the 33rd degree of Freemasonry in 1832. Much to all of this but I will try to keep a focused stream here.

Back to the New Scroll

The Uninscribed Scroll                   (also see Ezekiel 33;33)

In Tibetan tradition there are the yellow scrolls (though the pages are different colors, they are still called yellow). These scrolls often contain symbolic script and are put in caskets made of precious gems, menials, wood, clay or stone. Sometimes symbolic scripts of many teaching are found in one casket and sometimes one teaching is divided.

These scrolls were placed in caskets and entrusted to terma protecters, which are non-human beings or spirits. These are beings who have received teachings from Guru Padmasambhava and have taken a vow to protect the dharma. (see Hidden Teachings of Tibet by Tulku Thondup Rinpoche)

Terma refers to hidden treasure left by a concealer in a former time. It generally contains some type of symbolic script, which when discovered by the predesignated treasure finder, terton, will then reveal some teaching appropriate to the time of its discovery.

Navigating Zuvuya
days prior to the Scroll zuvuya experience in China,  I had a lucid dream with Valum Votan where he was driving a car and said the Navigator is Back.

42 is a key number. There were 42 years between the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (1952) and the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen in Temple 13 (1994). The tomb is a symbol that represents an ark or interdimensional passage between world systems and knowledge of transitioning from one time into a whole other time.

This “Navigator” dream occurred on January 12, 2016: Kin 24: Yellow Spectral Seed, “releasing awareness”. (Kin 24 is 42 backwards. It was also Kin 24 the day that Valum Votan appeared in my dream in 2014 giving the vision of the 812 day cycle of solar consciousness, see previous blog).

In the recent dream he pulled out a map and circled several places indicating the reconnection of circuitries within new beam frequency. The first places he circled were England,  Italy and Paris, France. A few other places were circled, which I cannot remember, but there seemed to a be particular symmetrical patterning.

The next morning I checked my email only to find confirmation of an invitation to go to England for the Day out of Time, and a few days later came the invitation to Taiwan and China.

This year the Day out of Time (July 25) lands on Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror. This is the galactic signature of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (June 15, 1952).

This day is also 33 days after Red Electric Serpent, Kin 185 activating the 65-day Season of life-force. (And of course 33 is the combined destiny of Kin 11 and Kin 22).

In England we will have the creation of the Galactic Tree of LIfe with its 21 archetypes laid in marble outdoors at Shire Farm. I will participate in a 4-day event at Dev Aura with Avani, Kin 55,  to present the Hunab Ku Galactic Tree of Life.

There are 52 primary paths of terma to unlock within the Galactic Tree of Life, with its 7 gates and  21 archetypes. This was one of the final revealments in the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan brought forth by Valum Votan as part of the system Synchronotron.

Galactic New Year: Blue Spectral Storm

This Galactic New Year (July 26) marks three years since the inception of the New beam on Yellow Galactic Seed (July 26, 2013).

The galactic beam is intelligently focussed creating precise patterns. Patterns of information do not just happen randomly, but are intelligently conceived and projected as holographic structures or images within different time beams. In turn, these time beams inform the different structures of celestial and cosmic reality. –Book of the Timespace

The new beam intelligence contains the fractal matrix from which all other matrices are derived.  It is loaded with new archetypes carrying new scripts. On the Day out of Time we will also participate in a global synchronized meditation to activate the new archetypes and unveil the new Scroll.

By directing our intelligence within a space of relaxed focus we can align our electromagnetic field with the new beam. From this space we can begin to understand the interplay of cosmic forces and receive the memories of archetypal histories of other worlds, forgotten worlds, which is nothing less than the forgotten aspects of our own being.

…to be continued …


We are advancing our physical body consciousness through successive stages into states of super and continuing consciousness. Prioritize your own self-realization. 


25 thoughts on “Magic Scroll and 33 Key

  1. Dear Stephanie as I wake and read this post on morning kin kin 129 in Melbourne , I can only say that yesterday ( 128) was a day of 11 22 and big 33 synch and discussion .. So much that I had to repeat it to my students in lasts nights development glass, reaffirming the importance s s potential is 33s numeric potency .

    Also adding together the kin of 5 women ( myself snd 4 others ) yesterday we came to 144 .. Always a significant reminder of synchronic order and noted that .. As kin 128 produces not only an 11 vibre in it’s spectral tone but also an 11 vibe when added as 1.2.8 , I realised that 11x 5 ( women) as 55 reminder of elec eagle , and now as you mention kin of the person in England.
    Recently my father passed to spirit in his personal year of 164 galactic seed, and this gave me cause to work out the kin of one brother I had not seen for some years .. He is 111 monkey and as I added our combination veneration realised we become 218 ( as I’m 107)
    218 being presented to me synchronistically all if this past year, I realised the significance of the meaning as our relationship is strained to say the least and reflection if 218 so significant , what’s more dad passed on kin mag mirror 118 day , mine and votans combined kin.

    Of course this assisted me amongst so much other divine symmetry to see the amazing grace in the journey of his passing, ( he was kin 29 born with life birth and death date both holding 11 totals ) to firmly stamp within my knowing that there is nothing that is not of synchronic order and that everything is given , and all that is needed is the recognition by ourselves .. Even in times of sadness ,distress and when we are so busy we barely have time to ” reflect” on anything… the pure Magic and synchronistic keys are our signposts that with we are able to unlock the ” doors” of perception, ( hehe) .. Just by living our lives and taking notice and being in touch with even just a little bit of our higher self such as taking ” time ” to understand stand the dreamspell and law of time as you say in the beginning of this post, is so much bigger in the scheme of things that what we may think.

  2. I will seeyou at Deva Aura being an Aura Soma Practitioner and a Galactic Navigator only seems timely I am there anchoring Blue Night / Akbal energy shredding the veils of illusion tfeiught the central core anchoring the return to Camelot xxxKin 177

      • Dearest RQ ,was so special sharing quality time with you and all kin in Avalon //Glastonbury and having the manifestation of the crop circle ,all still unfolding today on kin 23 going into kin 24 as we say It is only when the light appears that we Realizing we have been living in a world of shadows ,I was able to see my Rlectric body 2 nights ago on kin kin 21 Red Galactic Dragon ,I also bought some black coral in Elmirador/Cozumel and scuba dived on white Solar Wind Kin 22 …shifting deeply xxInlak’ech one and all xxx

  3. 13:20::33
    four digits of seven counted backwards from 33



    231 planetary monkey
    factors of 231

  4. Thank you Red Queen…I want to share part of a dream I had with you. I had this dream back on KIN 61 In the Red Solar Moon Year…I had only just started practicing the 13:20 and started a dream journal. This was the first dream I had about Votan.

    I was crawling on my belly through sand under a building. Very small crawl space. Everything was a maze. I kept coming to dead ends. I had to back up and start over again and again. Jose (Arguelles) was there behind me. He was holding in his right hand a lantern, like the one on the Hermit card of the TAROT. In his left hand he was grasping a parchment (or maybe it was a scroll?) and writing implements. He was drawing out the patterns of the maze as I went through. The dream ended with him talking to a small group of about 7 or 8 people in a semi-circle…” They were discussing something about me getting to close to the edge…Earlier in the dream, long story…and Votan was saying encouraging things to me like “You’ll do alright, you just got a little too close to the edge, you’ll be fine.” The others in the group did the same and were (applauding?) me for my efforts and sending me home with well wishes and smiles, lots of encouragement and so much love.

    Was he left handed?

    By the way…I do not believe I am the navigator…it’s just that your post reminded me of him holding the parchment. :) <3

  5. touchy,.. in the sense that this Galactic Navigator, well, i am still carrying this deep research on the Human Design System, and the HD Bodygraph brings planetary positions into the 9 centers of the body so that the 64 Codon become Gates. My Human Design chart has the Personality Sun on gate 42, that is the Gate of Growth, in the Sacral Center, with the 53rd Gate at the other side of the Channel in the Root Center forming the Channel of Maturation, a design of ballanced development, that Gate 53 is RQ chart’s Personality Earth, as you have your Sun on Gate 54.4 called the most mystical of all lines “Enlightment/Endarkment… anyway an interesting dilemma is that Human Design System was especially delivered so we can learn to follow our body/vehicle in decission making, and release the mind from that, so that we can Navigate the plane of Form according to the Inner Authority and the direction that comes from the Magnetic Monopole(the driver) located at the G Center in our chest,…in this way, the observer, the passenger, is freed to watch the full movie as long as it doesn’t attempt to interfere with the driver. I am just editing a small video of the talk we had at the Kin Gathering in Epuyen this summer, bringing Human Design system into the context of Galactic Culture, and i truly believe that this fusion will bring key elements to our development as a planetary whole?

    love from the MoonZone

    • forgot to mention that i was writing from parallel 42 (El bolsón, Argentina) while the Sun, according to the Rave Mandale was crossing Gate 24, The Return :0

  6. Being a Kin 137, I have a massive experience with 33 and 352. Last week completed my full-circle, as per 13 Moon. I am 42 now as per Gregorian.
    What I wish to share, as being having my Kundalini awake, DNA activated, and communicating my star family, Numbers are purest of all, and Geometry is the manifestor.
    7, 19, 21, 33, and 108 are keys to reality.
    Avoid the Cabals. they have caused Gaia to suffer. We are here now to Heal her. :-)

  7. Thank you one and all for all the info. You have been a blessing and have found a lot I’ve been interested and looking for. Red Cosmic Moon.

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  9. Welcome to the cusp of two astronomical epochs: the Dawn of which has long been referred to as “The Age of Aquarius” by the so-called New Age Movement, the “Fifth World” by the Hopi tribe, and the “Return of Quetzalcoatl” by the late Mayan culture. We are now within a defined point along a mighty precession of equinoxes that has long been foretold by some of the most brilliant minds of our history. Prophesies are already becoming reality for us as we nudge ourselves away from the recently spawned modern-day Singularity of technology. Artificial Intelligence has already, and will continue to, reign supreme. World War III has already begun (and has been going on for quite some time), as we all Know. “That time” so many of us have regarded as mere science fiction, with all its quarks (no pun intended), is Now upon us.

    Been waiting for Mike Eye’s The Aqueous Transmission?

    And so you know, I respect Stephanie South and her words enough to not advertise on her WordPress page; this is not an ad, as my book has not been published. No product exists for me sell. I just know anyone else reading this stuff would love my words too. There’s also way more if you’re interested. Just leave me a comment. Look to be enlightened!


  10. Reblogged this on Jakob_EGO and commented:
    In my notes on facebook I included my dejavu 2011 4h timed visionary experience where I saw and imagination led me to picture the formula of life. Everything connected. Pieces of the puzzle matched it was a up/download after I had conquered my last paranoia/fear layer /blockage. The solution foundation for all complexities, chaos and destruction humanity was heading to… not for long I saw the elements and characteristics and vectors come to reality. Manifestation of my extraordinary experience throughout the worldwide globalisation through the process and progress individual’s, entrepreneurs and practical visionary endeavour’s… I have been following this revelations from that point on until the present day. …It is still amazing me!! # Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

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