Galactic Culture in China

Play-Beauty 3128, a Galactic Mayan cultural center and cafe was opened on Kin 97: Red Rhythmic Earth (March 26, 2016) in Shenzhen, China.










I recently visited this beautiful space with a large workshop/dance area equipped with multimedia, a large art space with tables and chairs, office spaces and a vegetarian cafe. They are even making Day out of Time cake! Here are some photos of kitchen and their art-ful food creations.




mmexport1460645041702I was hosted by Rafeeka, Blue Lunar Eagle, who has done much for the furtherance of galactic culture in Taiwan and China, among many others. In 2012 Rafeeka led 10,000 people in the Rainbow Bridge meditation at a cultural event in Taiwan and has begun centers in Taiwan, Beijing and most recently, Shenzhen, which is in southern China near Hong Kong.

Much of the knowledge of the 13 Moon calendar, Law of Time and work of Jose Arguelles was seeded in China by Katarina (Katamama), Blue Magnetic Storm from Chile as well as Ana, Planetary Wind, from Serbia.


Katamana, Magnetic Storm

Accessing Your Multidimensional Self was recently translated into Chinese and I was invited to speak at the International Book Festival at the World Trade Center in Taipei, followed by workshops in Taiwan and China. We met with the Minister of Culture to plant seeds for a large Day out of Time Peace through Culture event in Taiwan in 2017.

IMG_20160220_203317359_HDRIMG_20160220_211821952_HDR308651286966676541IMG_20160220_220811833_HDR882951896806785467477734320171208697IMG_20160220_220109391_HDRAnd more Play-Beauty creations




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  2. Hi! Just checkin that you did received my emails?

    here´s some new Radiohead! talk about dreams and gates!

  3. Wow so awesome to see this… amazing… i just returned to Bali from a week teaching Dreamspell in the Philippines in Manila and on Boracay… we are expanding in Asia!!! so exciting

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