TimeSpace One Launch!

Join us for the TimeSpace One launch!
Expand your Perception of What is Possible!

48 Hour Rolling Wave of Global Synchronized Meditation for Planetary Regeneration.

July 25, 2016 00:00 UTC ~Day Out of Time 2016~
to July 26th, 2016 23:59 UTC ~Blue Spectral Storm year~

Join at the top of any hour.

TimeSpace One link for google play store:


After this additional 48-hour meditation wave, TimeSpace One App will be accessible at any time and is recommended for weekly use for Blue Spectral Storm Year. We are currently working on TimeSpace One rider program for synchronic order activations. Stay tuned for details:   https://lawoftime.org/timespaceone/

The launch of this app represents a milestone in bridging the gap between the technosphere (machine technology) and the noosphere (planetary mind) as a pivotal moment in the biosphere-noosphere transition.

This 48-hour meditation wave is dedicated to the late visionary Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, inspired by his vision of the potential positive impact of the human mind through globally synchronized meditation.

Biosolar activation would be furthered by the establishment of a virtual noosphere: a cyberspheric network setting up countless points of noospheric convergence.  –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Following written by Kin 68:

From the initial Subliminal influencing during Commercial Advertising both in the Movie house or during T.V. programming in the early 50’s, Frequency Modulation has been an undercurrent if Influencing through Technology on Earth. The First Episode of The Twilight Zone with its Waveform Signal “you are entering…” This was set forth as a Reality altering Symbology.

Now, The Foundation For The Law Of Time by Cosmic Command Descent in following certain directives are instructed to Take under Supervision a ” Broadcast Signal ” Synchronizing Meditation.

In 1996 Jose’ Arguellas Valum Votan set forth in his seminal work Call of Pacal Votan Time is the Fourth Dimension, the Concept of Chronosphere The At-one-ment of Biospsychic, Biomass constant and Crystalline Structures, through 1) the recognition that Carbon Dioxide and Silicon Dioxide Structures were to operate as One within the 3rd Dimensional Harmonic Planetary Life. 2) That Crystals has Maximum Transduction with Sentiency and The Human possesses Maximum Sentiency with Transduction. This fusion of Conscious Awareness and focused intention of The Whole as a Whole System Awareness could bring Humanity into Harmony with Nature.

It is Our Intent to Expand upon our Yogic Meditation Science of Harmony within the Chakra, bodily and Brain Heptad Gate center Awareness down to Cellular brain System harmony and through Humena Technologies and Synchronization From 7.8 Hz to 40 Hz and take under Supervision a Whole Systems Broadcast for Frequency Modulation for Transmissions of Light-Love-Peace.

This Frequency Modulation input by the Whole System Awareness of the Genuine Human will expand Soul Energetic inputs into the very silicon chip array throughout all Motherboard Hardware systems and inculcate various satellite arrays within these networked systems. The Expansion of Chronospheric infusion unto silicon chip componentry makes fast BioSphere NoOsphere Transition…

6 thoughts on “TimeSpace One Launch!

  1. Perhaps you could present a short form of the meditation for the day out of time for those of us who have iPads and can’t get the Google app. Tom Kenyon has just released a wonderful sonic gift called aetherium which is probably in attunement with what you are presenting, so I will use that on the day.

  2. Thankyou so much Paul (pblakey)! I’m so clumsy with ‘computer stuff’, but managed to find Tom Kenyon’s Aetherium…now even I can connect these days! and ‘tune in’ with all of you. Happy Day-out-of -Time and Happy New (Storm) Year to all!

  3. 20 Solar Seals —+++— Android Development

    Dragon – Element
    Wind – Activity (Actual Code)
    Night – Runtime
    Seed – View
    Serpent – Database (SQLite)
    World-Bridger – Design Editor
    Hand – Component (Buttons, etc.)
    Star – Intent (Allows apps to start talking to each other)
    Moon – Debug
    Dog – Array Resource
    Monkey – Method (performed from button click) (KIN: 47,107,247)
    Human – Material Design
    Skywalker – Cursors & Asynctasks
    Wizard – Fragments
    Eagle – Layout
    Warrior – Development Environment (Android Studio)
    Earth – Action bars, Navi drawers
    Mirror – Services
    Storm – Android Emulator
    Sun – Application (being built)

    To the encouragement of time
    into one nurturing mind… <3 <3 <3 :)

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