The Solar Force Re-Awakens Part 1 Kin 21-Red Galactic Dragon

“Close your eyes. Feel it. The light…it’s always been there. It will guide you.” – Maz Kanata

Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows fall behind you. Unknown

images-1With now less than 40 days remaining in the 812-day Cycle of Solar Consciousness,
I invite you to open your imagination and amplify your relationship to the Sun. We can strive to be more like the Sun: Luminous, Radiant, Warm and Vibrant, extending healing rays to all we encounter.

The Sun is Life. It is warmth. The Sun shines its Light on all and expects nothing in return.  It nurtures all life: from plants, to animals to humans.

The Sun is directly related to our consciousness. Solar activity awakens consciousness.   Solar storms effect our nervous system and brain activity. Our thoughts and feelings effect the electromagnetic field around us which is also connected to the electromagnetic field of the solar system and greater cosmos.

In our body the Sun is our Heart, and its Light is our Blood. Everything we eat, drink and breathe is illumined by the Sun, liquid gold. Sun is the Unifying force of Life. Without the Sun there would be no color, no rainbows. Plato said that the Sun is “the cause of our knowledge, without it we cannot see”.
images-4 Our entire solar system is changing and to continue on this planet requires raising our vibration: The first step is changing the pattern of our thoughts. This is a fundamental purpose of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar.

Time is of the mind, and the natural time registered by the 13 Moon/28 day calendar is the opening to the cosmic mind of the universe. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

alcyone Not only do the suns rays bestow life and regeneration, the Sun also serves as a lens through which other star systems can transmit beams of information through.

These beams of information are then transmitted to the planetary orbits. Our planet receives these new beams at the noosphere receptacle – the North and South Poles  (Marka and Darka Poles). As of Galactic Synchronization (2013) there has been a continuous increase in the spectrum of light reaching our planet, which in turn uproots the unresolved karmic frequencies.

Catalyzing energies are emerging on the world stage, shining a light on the dark corners of the human mind.  Before full healing can take place the root of dis-ease must be uprooted at its core and brought to the light. This means that extra exertion is required to break through the density.

“Know that beyond this incandescent ball of fire there exists a world inhabited by the most evolved creatures, who direct the planets. It is the vibrations of these creatures which are transformed in space into heat and light.” — Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


Vote for the Rising Sun: Helios and Vesta

Instead of investing our hopes and dreams into the setting Sun of government and man-made institutions, why not cast a vote for the Rising Sun that awakens humanity one by one to become receptacles of new light and a new dream? Something unexpected is stirring. We are stepping onto a new page of a story authored by the Creator of all Suns, a future undreamed, beyond all religion and politics.


Physics shows that the Sun is actually two solar beings (two individual “hydrogen atoms”), merged through cosmic fusion into one being: a newly created “helium atom” (multiplied a billion times over). Helios and Vesta are names given to these two beings, the “divine parents” of our solar system.

At birth each of us was split into two equal but opposite polarities. When the two halves are rejoined in perfect resonance, Solar consciousness results. Envision the divine union of Helios (male-alpha) and Vesta (female-Omega), as the perfect love that increases the light.

We are here to go beyond anything that has ever occurred on Earth. It doesn’t matter if the masses understand, we still have to move ahead with the knowledge that we are given from the inside.

“The Sun projects its rays, but you must not be content to receive them as if you were a vegetable or animal. You have a great deal of work to do with thought, so that the rays can enter into you …

If you LOVE someone and truly want to help them with LOVE, send them your LIGHT, penetrate them with rays of your light ads you visualize all their organs, all the cells of their body being permeated by light so that they are washed, purified, invigorated, resurrected. That is TRUE LOVE.”  — Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

Archetype of Sun

I am the Enlightened One
Coded by the Yellow Sun
My number is Twenty
The Universal Totality
In Meditation was I conceived
From Meditation was I born
I am the Higher Truth and Renewer of Life
I turn the Cosmic Wheel of the Law
Giving Mind Teachings among the Stars
I am the Harmonic Keeper of Infinite Light
Many names am I called
But they only name my outer form
My fiery cloak you call the Sun
I am the fulfillment of the prophecy of Hunab Ku
Awakening all beings simultaneously is my task
In many places have I awakened
And every place I go
I know only by the name Tollan
Tollan of the Awakened Ones
To know me is to know
The Light of Truth that Illumines all things.                                The Enlightened One                 

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