The Solar Force Re-Awakens — Part 2 Kin 21–Red Galactic Dragon

In light of the 812-day cycle, we (Foundation for the Law of Time) have released two key tools to accelerate consciousness:

  1. TimeSpace Navigator phone app.
  2. 260 Keys to Synchronotron.

Here is more information on the intention:


A light bulb creates light, but it is not the Sun. The Internet creates interconnection but it is not telepathy. Yet. at this stage, we still use a light bulb and Internet to help further our knowledge. This is the idea behind the TimeSpace app.

The TimeSpace app is connected to the satellite system. There are 24 satellites that make up the GPS space segment orbiting Earth at about 12,000 miles above us. They are in constant motion making two complete orbits in less than 24 hours. GPS satellites are powered by SOLAR energy. Each satellite is equipped with an atomic cesium clock. While this system bombards the planet with the 12:60 frequency, the intention of the app is to take back the airwaves and redirect them. All technology comes from our mind.

We are creating 7 initial “rides” which are very powerful inner journeys. A new “Ride” is released each Moon in the TimeSpace Navigator program to assist the transition; it is a self-organizing tool for human consciousness. We have just released the third  Download now and try for yourself! If you are just beginning, go in the order of your intuition. Do the most recent journey or the the first TimeSpace One journey if you wish. Read the description and decide which calls you.  At the end of the Electric Moon we will launch TimeSpace Four, followed by TimeSpace Five, etc. Now available on Android and soon coming to IOS. 

These TimeSpace journeys are the fast-track to enter galactic consciousness.   Through deep body relaxation, we remember how to navigate and redirect our Mind back to source while tapping our dormant powers and reclaiming our memory. In this way we can begin ‘steering’ the Timeship. This app is a navigation tool with the intention  to create a cyberspheric network  to ‘turn on’ the noosphere (planetary mind).


The second tool: 260 Keys to Synchronotron,  requires study and more committed contemplation. This system is unprecedented, and to try to put words to it is not sufficient. But we do our best… OK — We have always intuited a sixth sense. The system of the Synchronotron gives the science behind this new sense organ, also known as the Holomind Perceiver.

The Holomind Perceiver is the latent hidden factor that manages our “paranormal” faculties. In other words it activates our dormant mind power and lifts us out of the artificial thought matrix governed by politics and organized religion.

The Synchronotron is a teaching from Sirius, brought to Earth by Valum Votan.. Sirius is 26 times brighter than our Sun and is located 8.5 light years away.

What does this have to do with Solar Consciousness?

Our Sun (actually our entire Solar System) rotates around another star called Alycone, the brightest star of the Pleiades constellation. One complete revolution of our Solar System around Alcyone takes approximately 26,000 years. Alycone again orbits around another star called Sirius. 

Synchronotron is a system that reveals how to create an interdimensional ark reaching from Earth consciousness and connecting to all planets, galaxies and solar systems. These 260 keys when meditated on and applied WILL rapidly shift you into Solar Consciousness. But as mentioned it is not for everybody. It if for those who are sufficiently balanced in their 3D reality. It is not an escapism. It is the next stage for those who are working on a path of becoming genuine loving and compassionate humans. Those who are seeking CONTACT with other benevolent civilizations. For those who have seen beyond the illusion of the present world hologram.  If you are called to it, you can get it here.


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