What? Synchronized Meditation to accelerate Personal and Planetary Healing.  Our collective Mind is a Magnet. With combined intention, we can REDIRECT planetary energies into a New Timeline.

When? Self-Existing Moon Kali 18, Kin 60, 
November 4, 2016 at 11:11 a.m. Pacific Time (Conclusion of the 812-day Cycle of Solar Consciousness).

Why? To call forth Solar Consciousness so that the light of truth illuminates all aspects and hidden corners of the human mind: emotionally, physically, economically, socially, politically.

How?  With the TimeSpace 4 App for Android devices: Download TimeSpace 4 Now!  iOS version coming soon. If unable to access,  see meditation below.

In light of Planetary Affairs, It is recommended to amplify Your practice for five days concluding on Cosmic Serpent (9 November, 2016). Remain in a Receptive state.

img_0122Meditation for Solar Consciousness

  1. Relax your mind back to its natural state. Let go. Focus on breath.
  2. Visualize a radiant, blazing Sun at your third eye.
  3. Feel the warmth of this inner Sun pulse from your third eye and then circulate throughout your entire nervous system, opening your heart chakra.
  4. Now pulse a beam of light through your third eye to the center of the Sun (you might wish to practice this outside).
  5. As you transmit this beam to the center of the Sun, see another beam coming toward YOU through the lens of the Sun. This is the New Galactic Beam (containing new energy and perceptions). Merge with the Beam.
  6. With this increased energy, direct the beam to key people, places and things  in need of healing. USE YOUR MIND POWER TO REDIRECT all error, impurity, pollution, pain, fear, and wrong thought back to the Original Source where the energy is CLEARED, PURIFIED, REALIGNED and REGENERATED.
  7. With a feeling of gratitude and childlike expectancy FOCALIZE YOUR MIND BEAM to the following. Use this attitude (not necessarily the words) to generate the most powerful energy.  Remember to Never Lose Appreciation.     electrical-activationWater (all bodies) CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!  THANK YOU!                                                            * Air/Atmosphere: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!  THANK YOU!                                                                                                    * Plant/Minerals: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE! THANK YOU!                                                                                        * Animals and Wildlife: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!                                                                                                       * All beings who are suffering (including world leaders). CLEAR! PURIFY!     *      REALIGN! REGENERATE! THANK YOU!                                                          ***Direct your mind beam with gratitude to all ancestors and star people 
    Extend your beam back through the portal of the Sun to Galactic Center/Hunab Ku.

    From the Center, Galactic Source, which is everywhere at Once; May everything be known as the Light of Mutual Love.   Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya, Ema Ho! 

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4 thoughts on “Join Us! TURN ON PLANETARY MIND!

  1. Shineing on like a diamond with it’s endless facets, power of the sun, radiate everybody for a happy Earth, blessings from above as below

  2. AK’AT’ULU’TA’KA…. Lord K’inich K’an Bah’lam II… Rise of the SPirits of Solar Consciousness from the Temples of the Foliated CROSS Complex …. IN JOY IN LAK’ECH A’LA K’IN

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  4. Inlakech !

    Aventura propuesta :

    Tierra Entera : Primer Festival Telepático

    7 Lunas de Eventos en el Arte del Éxtasis de la Liberación por todo el Planeta y organizar el Festival que comenzará justo a recibir el 5 Anillo del nuevo Noos Baktun y completar las 260 lunas (20 años) desde el Quinto Anillo de la Profecía al Quinto Anillo del Nuevo Tiempo que comienza después del día Fuera del tiempo (25 de julio de 2017)

    Códigos, Meditación Sincronizada:
    Primera fase (1997-2013) = 208 Lunas
    16 años del Cubo de la Ley del Tiempo
    208 Lunas = 812 semanas = ADN Corregido = Nave Tiempo Tierra 2013

    Segunda fase (2013-2017) = 52 Lunas
    5 Años del Nuevo Ciclo Noos-Baktun
    52 Lunas = 260 Semanas

    Meditación Ciclo de 216 días + Meditación Ciclo de 812 días (=1028 días)
    que nos conduce a la luna 4, día 18, entonces si para completar el año e iniciar el Quinto Anillo Solar son 260 días + 5 ! Armónica celeste: Uayed de Pacal Votan

    20 años completados desde el Quinto Anillo de la Profecía de Pacal Votan = 260 Lunas = 20 años


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