Crystal Earth and Geomancy, Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night

Earth is a living intelligence system with its own evolutionary momentum. Whenever it is about to enter into another evolutionary stage it sends out a “signal” through the underlying crystalline grid that holds its whole field structure together.  This recent signal has been heard and is being voiced at Standing Rock Reservation, the largest Native American mobilization for the Earth in history.

World events are a universally repeating and occurring archetype whose dynamic is the need to achieve a state of recollection significant enough to go beyond the possibility of self-destruction. Our Earth Timeship is now saturated with memory fragments of lost and destroyed worlds. The works of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan have scarcely been realized on this planet. His 1983 work, Earth Ascending, deserves to be well studied for those interested in the key maps which describe (in computer-adaptable binary code) the Total Memory Pattern of the Planet.

There has never been a more urgent time to expand our consciousness and begin thinking in new ways. We are ultimately here to regain full memory of how the whole system works, along with a new perception of ourselves in light of a larger cosmic framework.

tumblr_n625g3626L1rsci0po1_500What is Geomancy?

Nature is the resonance system behind physical reality.  Geomancy refers to earth divination and can be understood as the “religion” of the Earth. Religion means to bind back to ONE.

Through geomancy, Earth binds its diverse levels of operation to the ONE universal evolutionary law. This is the law of synthesis: the bringing together of all levels in unified functions that combine in a completely compassionate manner, intention, intelligence and energy.

The ONE Universal evolutionary law functions through a radial matrix. A radial matrix is the on-going resonance of the universal geometry of the crystal.

As the all-encompassing memory pattern embodied in the crystal, a radial matrix is inclusive of the Alpha and Omega points of any given system. Alpha and Omega points refer to beginning and completion points of any given cycle within the system, as well as the totality of the system itself.

Earth is a highly evolved system whose evolutionary cycles are timed through operations of a crystal matrix core synchronized with operations of a Psi Bank, the planet-specific cosmic memory matrix. The Psi Bank contains both what Peter Russell calls the Global Brain and what Rupert Sheldrake terms the Morphogentic field.


Psi Bank around the Earth: the governing field of the planet’s evolutionary intelligence.

Geomancy as earth divination is a radial matrix function. The purpose of geomancy is to activate through clear channels the ONE universal evolutionary law. Clear channels refer to conduits connecting crystal matrix earth core functions to the psi bank.

Through unimpeded clarity of such functions Earth becomes the radiant organism to channel directives of the Galaxy for the good of the galactic node of which our solar system is the center.

In radial matrix functions it is important to keep in mind that there is actually a simultaneity of feedback and feedforward. This means that there is no priority given to information flows. Memory from the future is equal to memory from the past. Past and future are linked by a “memory hotline”, or Zuvuya. 

Zuvuya defines a circuit by which any phenomena or sensory experience returns to itself; it is the Path the World Takes to Return to its Origins.

Zuvuya also describes the highest or 13th heaven, the heaven of cosmic origins. And specifically, Zuvuya is the name given to a mythic place in the West, Tollan-Zuvuya, which is the place of intelligent terrestrial origins.

Information flow from the core of the earth is equal to information flow from the psi bank. Remember, the psi bank is the governing field of the planet’s evolutionary intelligence. The psi bank is interactive with human consciousness. 

At the Absolute level, radial matrix functions do not recognize past or future operations. The chief operating principal is that of synchronicity, the connecting principle of radial matrix functions. The ultimate synchronization is that of our Mind back to the original template of Nature.

Geomancy is a function of the radial matrix. As the resonant pattern of the crystal earth core synchronized to the psi bank, we do not do geomancy, geomancy does us. We are the vessels through which geomancy achieves Earth’s purpose: binding back to the ONE evolutionary law.

Geomancy is a time-released function of the psi bank in resonance with the crystal earth core, which is experiencing a continuous resonant frequency phase shift. This resonant frequency phase shift releases bit-by-bit the mantle of a new planetary consciousness.

psibankEarth’s crystal matrix was consciously activated on Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. The next key activation came on December 21, 2012. At this point something occurred in the timespace matrix, but not what many had anticipated. A rupture of sorts occurred and the Earth Timeship entered a rocky course and timelines were fragmented.

Since the Timeship is steered by our collective consciousness this process can be redirected through co-induced attunement. How can we attune? The simplest answer is through STOPPING: yes Stopping the mind chatter, purifying the physical vessel and allowing the Mind/body to re-settle back into its original harmonious template. This template is the frequency of Natural Time: 13:20. The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar is to reattune our consciousness to patterns of harmony through cyclic recognition.

Geomancy represents the crystal matrix points of the planet, commonly referred to as power points or sacred sites, which are the Earth’s acupuncture points. (There also occurs interdimensional leylines, though we will not digress). It is at these points where the resonant frequency phase shift of the crystal earth core trigger the descent of the mantle of the new consciousness. These points are also contained within the physical body.

This new consciousness is found through the realization of the Geomancy within the foundation of the old consciousness structure that has not yet received the new patternings.

crest13-psibank-coreThe knot of this world can be transcended by coming into resonance with the patterns of the original crystal matrix. The crystal matrix core is the heart of the earth. Its resonance is the heart-beat of the earth. The heart-beat of the earth is a crystal matrix transform unit called ART. This is the meaning of “Time is Art”.  Art is the heartbeat of the earth. It is the Earth’s way of returning Herself to Spirit, the Natural Order. Art is the way of transforming matter into spirit. What Earth asks at this moment is a Return to Spirit. This is the way of evolution.


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