2017: Global Wake up Call Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105

The Cosmic Battle rages on. Loss of collective vision. Depression. Confusion. Attention spans waning. Loss of Purpose. These symptoms are part of the acceleration-densification syndrome. This is the atrophy of consciousness that occurs when the human brain is saturated with too much conflicting information.

Four years from December 21, 2012 and despite all the efforts of great teachers, prophets and seers, humanity appears more divided than ever, with much global attention now being directed toward U.S. politics.

Americas lesson is everyones lesson. Because it is the number one power, the riches  of all the nations, and the world cop, the American mind is , more than any other, in a state of baffled neurosis seeking to maintain identity of control. This is a fundamental ego struggle. Ego of personal identity, ego of national identity. Both are a travesty because neither has any true reality. They are fictions, and damaging ones.–Valum Votan

 As we conclude this four-year Solstice cycle (2012-2016) we are being thrust into a stage of evolution unlike any we have ever known. Radial consciousness is overtaking the linear time program, whether people realize it or not.  This means higher levels of unpredictability on a level that is irrational to Old Mind patterns. In other words: Expect the unexpected. Solstice 2016 is the beginning of a Global Wake Up Call, coded by Blue Electric Hand, Kin 107 (galactic signature of Donald Trump).

We are invited to step back from our current vantage point and see a larger Picture. Is it possible that all that is occurring is specifically designed to create a longing deep and urgent for that which is Invisible and Infinite?


Our Timeship Earth is entering an entirely new Playing Board in 2017-2018. The dark corners of human unconsciousness are now coming to the surface along with much confusion and conflicting emotions.

“Most humans are so immersed in the unconsciousness of their own mind and its control by their ego that they scarcely have a clue of what is actually real and what is just conditioned made up ideas in their heads. Impacted by the effects of the cybersphere, the number of humans not in touch with their natural mind is staggering, especially when you consider the spiral of hopelessness of the problems we seem to be generating and are immersed in.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan 

Meditation by molecularchaos

by molecular chaos

Quarantine Zone

The Global crisis is the whole system crisis of the human spirit and has its origin in the nonphysical. Planet earth is still in the Luciferan quarantine zone. Lucifer, bringer of light, is the name given to the Force responsible for numerous aberrations, both genetic and mental that have effected various star systems. Those who serve the Luciferean path reject union with the Supreme One, and dismiss it as a self-deceptive illusion. The chief function of this path is to create divisiveness and polarization, and thus distract the masses from Remembering their Essence.

Life within this quarantine zone exists in a state of perpetual war, it doesn’t matter who the enemy is as long as war is going on and the populace is supportive and angry at an “enemy.” It is through this state of perpetual war, that control is maintained over the masses. This control has infiltrated government, news media and other institutions. It also enters this 3D plane via artificial means, i.e. through different forms of technology.  

Disconnected from the sacred, humans seek to understand their pain and confusion by blaming outside forces or seeking to avenge perceived “wrongs”in their lives.  This will not create peace or harmony. Racism, sexism and any ism that divides us is part of the spell of false time that resides within this quarantine zone. All thought forms that divide and make one feel “superior” over another are born out of the ignorance of forgetting the Unity and equality of all essences.  All of these seeming differences are an intelligence test to see if we can remember the One through the Many. 

If we cannot understand and embrace the diversity of all beings on this Planet, then how can we expect to be allowed entry into the Greater Galactic Community that is teeming with diversity and varying lifeforms?

Changing Time: 13 Moons

Entry into the Greater Galactic Community is accessed through attunement to a specific timing frequency.  This is the whole point of the 13 Moon Calendar Change that Messenger of Time, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan tirelessly promoted. The issue of Time, Calendar Change and The Law Of Time cuts through all Creeds and Belief Systems, transcending Religiosity, Dogma and Political viewpoints.  TIme is the One factor that we can all agree on, it is the Unifying Factor of Synchronicity. 

He envisioned that if this was not heeded by critical mass by Solstice 2012, then humanity would plunge ever further into darkness. Why? Because the Gregorian calendar is a fundamental matrix of disharmony programmed for inequality, war and destruction. It is the chief instrument keeping humanity enslaved in a “box” or perpetual time loop where we literally just keep playing the same movie over and over. To think outside the box, means to enter a new timing frequency.

Created and implemented by the Vatican in 1582, the Gregorian calendar, with its loaded belief systems, is a subconscious implant that has become second nature to almost the entire human population.  Subconscious refers to pattern thinking. Our entire perspective of reality, what makes things real or not real to us, is the sum of patterns built up in our brain that replay over and over like Christmas and tax-time. This is what we call “consensual” reality.

From the point of view of the Law of Time, consensual reality is a function of a type of erroneous thinking that at its root creates a fundamental misperception of not only what and who we are, but what the Earth is and what we are doing on the Earth. Consider this when watching the news:

When we think about the consensual world view, which negates time and consciousness, we have to understand that there is a whole huge single mental order that is constantly talking to itself. In other words, when you read a newspaper editorial it is really only the (consensual) mind talking to itself. When you watch a news program or read the news on the Internet it is still just the (consensual) mind talking to itself. Because who is reading or watching it but the mind that created it? This is a fundamental point to grasp. CHC, Vol. 1.

Understand the Dark and Light

“People do and must hate the disturber of  their emotional security … There is little use fighting devils when you don’t know why the devils are there in the first place.”  Wilhelm Reich

Civilizations are destroyed because of deviation from Nature that leads to falsification and corruption of truth. Looking at our present civilization, there is a strong resemblance to the final days of Atlantis and Maldek just before they were destroyed, with the same emphasis placed on technology, misuse of life-force (sexual deviancy), prevalence of materiast values, disturbance of peoples minds, inequality, abuse of power, social injustice and fraudulent religious leaders.

The root key to all of this stems back to the deviation and misuse of life force (sexuality associated with Serpent and Maldek). The worst of these deeds is the harming of innocence (children) which sets forth a vibratory distortion ripple that effects virtually every  facet of this civilization.  The deviation and distortion of life force results in recurring cycles of abuse, war and corruption in all of its various permutations.

Within our sexual chakra lies the keys that contain the memory of what has been hidden and what has been destroyed. Today we see on a global scale that the sacred energies of sexual life-force are being harnessed for destruction rather than spiritual evolution. Our collective life-force needs to be purified, lifted from the hidden corners of the unconscious and redirected into channels of positive co-creation.


A New Civilization

The end of the present civilization and its way of life is the only way the noosphere can manifest. If the old civilization did not undergo a collapse we would not really understand, as a species, that evolution, from now on, is mental and spiritual in nature. This is the message of the Cosmic History Chronicles. –CHC, Vol. 1

Civilization happens in cycles; the end of one is the birth of another. When the whole earth is plunged into darkness we have to know how to find our inner light. This is the light of truth or solar consciousness. Only when we seek true understanding into the nature of all beings can we begin to feel ourselves as part of a Greater story that links our ‘local self’ to universal patterns of a script that is cosmic in origin.

To see in wholes one must disengage their emotional body from the projections on the screen and learn to balance the tension of the opposites (light/dark).To hold the tension of the opposites is to transcend emotional attachments and to not be swayed by outer circumstances. This is the key to attain the point of equilibrium that precedes the understanding of what it means to be “in the world, but not of it.”

In the far recesses of our mind is a storehouse of memory of other worlds and other times. What people call ‘enlightenment’ is merely the continuous unbroken contact with our True Essence. This Essence has a direct hotline to vast databanks of memory and knowledge. Everybody has the ability to access this, but few, it seems, are inspired to do the work it takes to realize it.



29 thoughts on “2017: Global Wake up Call

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  2. You’re always on point Stephanie. Many thanks to you for being a necessary avatar for the people of Timeship Earth.
    As i write this it is 11:11am
    I’ve always felt a strong connection to Jose as well as to your Self. I feel great purpose within my Self and that I share your mission.
    I’m doing all that I can, as I learn each day all that I can do.
    Until the moment we can sync in person I’ll strive to stay open & receptive to any telepathic communication with you.

    ~ Blue Cosmic Monkey

  3. Curious what you think about the new Netflix series The OA? Regarding interdimensional travel. Thank for the winter solstice post, interesting insights.

    • what’s interesting is that the same actress was on Another Earth, and The sound of my voice, both films are set like in the same tone that this one, a play about how the same reality might be perceived different from different angles, and a touch of mystic supernatural stuff,..oh! by the way, watch Touch, also on Netflix, that’s a very Noospheric one! have you? they shut it down after the 2nd season,…that’s a good sign! althought k.sutherland is a terrible actor, the kid and the rebbe together make a nice trip!

  4. Many Blessings to you Stephanie. Thank you for your efforts to raise the collective consciousness. It is very scarey to see such stupidity in motion going on in USA. Announced today Mr. Trump having a pissing contest with Putin and planning to INCREASE our nuclear weapons. Keep spreading the love love only love.

  5. 2017 is the first prime number year in 14 years since 2003! Next one is 2027, the year when the Rave children are supposed to start birthing according to Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design System. This gregorian year will also see the completion of the 20 Tablets program that started on 1997 (another prime), and if we keep the count (1 Moon = 1 Kin) we’ll get to the core of Harmonic 33 on DOOT 2027, kin 73 (https://galactichumandesign.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/the-13-year-wavespell-of-mutation/).

    A view about cycles of civilization on the rave mandala here:

    Now things look ugly indeed….
    What will this Timeship Earth 2013 new episode bring?
    Will the humans ever get to live in peace?

    In Lakech

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  7. We are entering the age of kaliyuga……after the awakening of the collective human consciousness….the awakened who see the light ;-deva gunas ( good /godly / divine positive energy ) …..and ignorant ones who live in fear and darkness / bigotry ;- asura guna / negative energy / evil) …..will clash in the final battle of armageddon / mahabharata ….the aatma’s (souls in mortal bodies) clash of total ignorance (zombie state) will inflict physical / mental wounds on the cosmic body (kaal-purush) like rouge cancer cells attacking its own immune system…..only to invite a surgical strike on itself……unless we all collectively think positively and believe in goodness and one-ness of creation and unite as one life-form we may be doomed and diggin our own graves…..after all MANUH (Human) is just an ANU (atom) in the cosmic equation……let there be light…lead us from darkness into light …Tamasoma jyothir gamaya…..om shanti shanti……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afifiP83gcI

  8. The awakening has already begun as all belief systems as we know it are falling apart…..people now don’t believe the media or the politicians / false gods…..satan’s power is weaning…..when the collective consciousness awakens, and mankind collectively pray for healing of the planet, the lord of the three realms (triangular ?) will awaken and unleash the blue light that will burn all evil beings / thoughts and restore normalcy to creation as we know it……as our souls are immortal and will never perish…creation will continue to exist in eternity…albeit in an altered state of reality as we know it….destruction is but an in-built mechanism for perpetual existence…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou_OLcJx_UQ

    • Hey again all is well with you I truly hope!!! Night of fire they recorded wind at87 three times on mountain as fire blew down 441 into Gatlinburg . may we see fire as a symbol ! Enlightens life bringing joy .I live in blount county born 3 21 71. 313pm Maryville next county over sevier place of fire . I got job 8days painting with boys all from central America I kept smelln strong feminine presents one day workn with Joe higher self said tell him about ur supernatural stuff soon as I did he said ur the one . agodess came to me put the light in me taught me how to bring it out but she told me to get on train go to America their was two people I was to give message to for you it just happens as she snaps fingers she said ur way beyond any meditation .on job site a138 and a_185 feet ultra boom lift may this be ultra boom for you!!! Thank you so so so much! Brett young in case you didn’t know

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  11. Hello Stephanie.

    Red Cosmic Skywalker here in MI wishing you peace and good health as we go through this next week of public awakening. I have been working the Dreamspell for 25 years and great thanks to Jose and Lloydine for that. I see so many synchronicities right now everywhere as I track it daily. I believe we ll be ok. The new generation of kids is going to turn things around. I m 53 and my son is 18. He’s called himself red crystal earth online for most of his life and resonates with the info.😊

    Wonderful post here. I will follow and repost on my blog. I m working hard and writing to spread this information. In my book I explain the tremendous synchronicity in my own life to see if it resonates with some.

    Lisa Townsend

      • Thank you. My life has been magical. 13 definitely spins it up for me. I m in the final editing phase of it. I ve read most of Jose’s books which are listed in my bibliography and talk about the Dreamspell in the book. Will send the link when it’s published…for sure.

  12. Very great post! I am reading this book called Multidimensional Man and it is so completely resonate with all of what your talking about…we all have access to this multidimensionality but a lot of us have forgotten..

  13. Fajnego masz bloga. Uwielbiam tu wracać ponieważ wszystkie wpisy czytam z ciekawością. Notki czyta się z przyjemnością co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy siedząc tutaj. Tak 3maj.

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