Interdimensional Star Map Revisited Red Electric Moon, Kin 29.

True magic is the power that bridges the dimensions. Because of this, true magic can be systematized and used on specific occasions. To call forth the true magic, the dreamspell that bridges the dimensions, is the power of the oracle. –Jose Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe

The following is offered as a guideline of how to work with the (Galactic Mayan) Interdimensional Star Map to further unlock your cosmic memory. This map was created by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and first appeared in his 1987 work Surfers of the Zuvuya.

The key is to meditate this system into your chakras to embody the star knowledge.

Note that this particular map begins at the third eye with the Hunab Ku:  One Giver of Movement and Measure.


(Galactic) Mayan Interdimensional star map was first put out by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in his 1987 book Surfers of the Zuvuya. If you are new to this knowledge, this book is perhaps the best one to enter this knowledge with.
















Visualize the Hunab Ku at the third eye as a cosmic radio station, receiving and transmitting various streams of information. This is where the Galactic Ordering Dynamic (G.O.D.) commands are received.

These “commands” can be thought of as information templates that are then pulsed upward to the Omnigalactic Source (crown chakra).

From here the information templates are transduced to the Alpha Mother Galaxy (Original Mother of the primal past) and the Omega Father Galaxy (Original Father of the primal future).

The “past” and “future”  templates are then transduced and transmitted to Sirius, located  in the throat chakra.  Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, assists in solar-galactic unification and coordination. 

From Sirius, these information templates are then streamed to the Pleaides in the heart chakra where resides Alcyone, the Central Sun in our part of the galaxy.

On each side of Pleaides is Antares and Arcturus.  Antares is located on the primal mother side and Arcturus is on the primal father side.  The Pleaides is the central governing command station between the two where information programs are transduced and downloaded.

 Antares means “rival of Mars,”and is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius.  Arcturus is the bear or shepard star that represents guardianship or guidance. It is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes.

The Arcturus Probe illustrates how Arcturus and Antares were once rivals, then after the Martian experiment they became allied and a joint partnership was formed to maintain surveillance in the Vela sector. 

In the Interdimensional Star map, Arcturus and Antares work together to synthesize past and future information templates that are then transduced and transmitted to the AA Midway Station.

AA Midway Station is a higher dimensional monitoring station surveying activities on Earth.   Through different surveillances, or what we might call “remote viewing,” virtually everything that occurs on this planet is known and observed. The AA Midway Station is part of the larger operation of intergalactic councils.  What we are seeing now with all the surveillance is just a revealment of what has always been going on at the higher dimensions.  As above, so below.

From the AA Midway station, information streams from stars such as Sirius, Pleaides, Arcturus, and Antares are stepped down and channeled into Father Sun (Helios)  and Mother Sun (Vesta), the divine parents of our solar system.

This information stream is then beamed through our Sun (Kinich Ahau) and transduced through the solar sunspot cycles into the earth. This is how the Galactic Maya received information directly and is the basis of The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles.

From the Sun the information is beamed to the core of the earth (inner earth) and emanates to the surface to be recalled through the  “children of the sun”.

This is why Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan so often spoke of becoming a “biosolar telepath”.
“Bio” means living form. Solar pertains to Sun.

So a biosolar telepath is one whose mind is attuned to sun cycles and can commune with other telepathic civilizations. How?

By attuning the third eye to the sun which is a portal to the Hunab Ku. Through the resonance cultivated through a disciplined mind one might tune into the transmissions of other star systems, such as Sirius or Arcturus, etc., and then hopefully step it down into relevant knowledge to assist earthlings in the process of memory retrieval.

We see from this map, the significance of earth as the recipient and final stage of this particular experiment in time.

More of this knowledge will be unfolded in the forthcoming Art of Time: Building the Interdimensional Ark.

daily psi chrono: Kin 106, Lunar Worldbridger, clear sign on tomb of Pacal Votan                              daily master kin equivalent Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror, signature of opening of tomb of  Pacal Votan


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  2. …on my 47th birthdate…29 being half of 58…just arrived back in brasil…loving to be around here, yet, to read YOU!! onlineallTIME!! <3 ANNI34L

  3. Thanks for remembering Stephanie, ordered the book and look forward to it! Some 15 years ago I had and read Surfers of the Zuvuya in german. Now this star map really catches my intention. Time to reread it carefully! Lucas

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  5. Here’s a video from Suspicious Observers YouTube channel. SO is an organisation that watches the sun and follows what happens in our Space Weather, plus offering of daily reports on solar activity and earthquakes. In this video there’s news of an energy: F4 layer or ionosphere, that seems to have come into existence recently. This report is from South America, where a new network is installed that investigates SpaceWeather over South America. Is some sort of invisible hand at work? I wonder and ponder.

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