5G or 5D? Sending Back Signals from the Future

We’ve taken care of everything
The words you hear, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It’s one for all, all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why

We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our Great Computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the Temples of Syrinx
All the gifts of life
Are held within our walls

    –Rush, Temples of Syrinx

We are currently headed toward the world that rock band Rush so well envisioned in their album 2112 (released in 1976).

This concept album tells the story that by 2112, the world is controlled by malevolent priests who take orders from a giant computer bank located inside the “Temples of Syrinx.”

Creativity and free thought is banned, which spawns a galaxy-wide war and the planets forcefully join the solar federation symbolized by a red five pointed star.

Sounds like a familiar script.

The question is: Can we not only envision but create an alternate future than the transhumanist one that we are being herded toward?

More people are now becoming aware of 5G (fifth generation wireless) towers that are rapidly going up everywhere, from interstates and highways as well as cities, towns and village streets.

A phenomenal number of satellites are in orbit beaming wi fi to the entire planet.  This is unleashing microwave radiation more potent than we have ever known. The virtual cloud seeks to encapsulate all of earth in the artificial timing frequency. Despite what anyone says, as long as we are here it is not too late to turn the ship around.

5G aims to be 100 times faster than our current wireless technology, and is already being observed to have huge  physical, mental and emotional effects. Smart meters alone have been proven to give off large amounts of radiation causing greenery around it to die. 

Because it operates with wireless fiber 5G can reach rural locations and so more and more people in farther reaches can have access to the virtual world.We now also have cube satellites, and thousands of them are being sold to private corporations.Take a look around at everyone glued to their cell phones, which are listening and watching us. A cell is typically something a prisoner lives in. We know we are a widely surveillanced species (hi everybody), as has been brought even more to light with the current Facebook debacle. https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2018/03/18/snowden-facebook-is-a-surveillance-company-rebranded-as-social-media/

China is the surveillance forerunner on earth (as we are also surveillanced by other star systems). It is envisioned that by 2020, Xi Jinping and government will launch Social Credit System, designed to rate the trustworthiness of its 1.3 billion citizens. Every activity will be monitored and also everything you buy, watch, and communicate.

An algorithm will be set in order to monitor “good citizens.” Millions have already signed up for trial runs as there are desirable rewards for those who choose to the play the game.


Fifth Generation Wireless

1G: beginning of wireless phone technology/early 1990s

2G: First text message sent between two cellular devices/1992.

3G: Ability to make phone calls, send texts and browse the internet/2001

4G: Enhanced speed and capabilities including downloading and uploading large video files/2010.

5G: Some have dubbed this the “post smart phone” era.

5G creates information conduit to connect countless devices such as self-driving cars, delivery drones, VR headsets, and much more. This is called (strangely) the Internet of Things or IoT. This is why electric meters are being switched to “smart meters,” in preparation of 5G and the IoT. 

Some tech-experts have stated that the world will have 50 billion connected devices by 2020Everything you own and buy will be connected to this 5D grid, this includes: “smart” cities, “smart” cars, “smart water” “smart” businesses, “smart” homes, “smart” clothing, “smart” hairbrushes,  and “smart” diapers. 5G also introduces telemedicine or remote health care with  the envisioning that doctors can use robots to operate on you from 1000 miles away. 


Salt Lake City and New York City are the first cities where full-scale 5G will be tested and developed, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Bill Gates has invested $80 million toward the development of Belmont, a smart city in Arizona.


2112-2012-2021: Gifts of the Galactic Maya

The world of artificial time is a time warp, a little bubble within the larger consciousness of the planet, and indeed, the cosmos. –Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere

The path layed out by the galactic Maya represents a supermental future possibilitiy where an all pervasive truth consciousness realizes the Universe as an ordering principle of self-knowledge. This path  is not a dogma. It is not a religion. It does not tell you what to think. It attunes you to a Living, Evolving Knowledge and Consciousness.

Many ask what was the point of 21-12, 2012 and  what is the mission of the galactic Maya post-2012, especially in light of the world we see today.

21/12, 2012 can be understood as both a cyclic time vector, and a symbolic bridge of time that has to be crossed one by one.  Not everyone will choose to cross this threshold. It requires us to each make our own journey into the underworld and reclaim our fragmented parts and bring them to wholeness. Once one breaks free of the old grid, then it can plug into the new beam frequency and experience a whole other reality.

 The cosmos actually has to be reconciled in the physical body. This is no easy task.   Imagine, for example,  if we could learn to dissolve nanoparticles that filter out the sunlight by releasing our own fragmented, stagnated thoughtforms that are clouding the light?

(also reminder that  it is important at this time to make sure you get enough natural sunlight, eat the healthiest organic produce, drink a lot of filtered water, get regular exercise, walk barefoot on earth, and be in nature as much as possible to counteract the artificial screens and lighting)

Resonant Transduction

If mind precedes matter then why are we so focussed on matter and not mind?  

While machines can gather algorithms and synthesize vast amounts of information, there is one thing that they lack: the Power of Creative Imagination. They can be superintelligent synthesizers of already acquired information, but the are not capable of original thought.

There is an energy that supersedes 5G,  it is 5D: the fifth dimension.

3d: third dimensional biological entity. Information based on sensory input.

4d: fourth dimensional holon. Astral body based on dreams, intuition, imagination.

5d: fifth dimensional body. Our electronic blueprint/supercomputer that operates in mastery and control over the lower-dimensional orders of being. Connected to higher telepathic intelligences that transcend our present world. Seat of creative activation of multidimensional information. This is ultimately what A.I. seeks.

In the teachings of the law of time the G force is the galactic intelligence beyond the speed of light activating galactic beams. The fifth force is the interdimensional power of the g force.  A galactic beam is a radial code intelligently directed without single source; highly interactive, neutral, stable and without charge.

Through the transmission of The Mayan Factor, José Arguelles was finally able to describe how the Mayans utilized a “resonant field technology.” This technology was dismissed by the dominant Babylonian historical civilization who claimed the Mayans were “Neolithic and not technologically advanced.”

Because of their powers of resonant transduction, Arguelles deemed the Maya, Diviners of Harmony.

For those who can hear, in this lies a key to switching tracks into an alternate timeline than the one now playing out. In The Mayan Factor (p. 57), José writes:

“To divine is to know directly by mind. To be a diviner of harmony, a Maya, would then be able to know directly the harmonic frequencies of a level or stage of being, and, in a manner of speaking, to be able to tune into and even take on the qualities of that level or stage of being.

Because of the attainment of such knowledge, one of the powers of Maya would be that of resonant transduction. Through direct knowledge of wave harmonics and frequency changes, resonant transduction is the ability to apply this knowledge and pass directly from one condition of being to another—and, consequently, from one star system to another.”  — to be continued






15 thoughts on “5G or 5D? Sending Back Signals from the Future

  1. Epic timing, this post is acupuncture.
    i opened browser to research 5g effects on genetic integrity, and i found this. just grand!
    The organic super processing matrix is more accessible than ever before. As long as i am not preoccupied / distracted, all answers are accessible with applied thought. As living beings we create networks of biopsychic energy by coming to trust other living things. Genuine relationships with eachother, (but especially) plant, animal and mineral kingdoms form an expanded network of (often untapped) biopsychic energy that is automatically drawn on in times of need; or can be directed via feeling and imagination to incredible effect. i learned of this from two baby cedar trees i had protected from trampling, and went back to often… it happened when listening to Jerry Marzinsky describe his study of the victims of psychic parasites (often termed schizophrenics) ; i had a need to allign my energy field, get it actively upright so as to not be effected by the scary import of the information i was learning. in this brief action, my precieved energy field was expanded and strengthened IMMENSELY by the two little tree friends i had, growing patiently some 150 meters away. In this brief attempt to align and empower my being, i became aware that my biopsychic energy field was extended many magnitudes outside my body, stretching to participate in the wee trees like nodes of a network. i couldnt help but be reminded of my love for these little helpers, therefore bolstering the effect of my excersice many times over.
    With all the charged aerosols in the atmosphere (thanks to globalist dep’t of geoengineering and psychotropic weaponry), i believe that genuine Man’s concentrations of mind are granted unprecedented manifestation capacity.

    With Love, kin 131

  2. I find it doubly synchronic that I would open the his page for the first time whilst recognizing the name of your site 1320frequencyshift… to read about 5g cellphones… I have been planning something called Project frequency shift for some time now… A project with the aims and goals of setting all cell phones and EMF being produced on this planet to run on frequencies that are good for our own biorhythms… such as the 528 DNA repair frequency… for instance instead of a 60hz signal in all our power grid if we shifted that to 66hz (and most of our electronics wouldn’t be at all effected and might even run better) 66 hz is a lower octave of the 528 frequency (the tibetan OM is also an octave of 528hz) EMF is not inherently damaging for the entire cosmos is emiting electromagnetic frequencies… the problem with EMF is that everyone thinks all EMF is bad when this is not true and all of our EMF could be in resonance with the rest of the cosmos…. when we are hit by signals that are unnatural that is when cancer and other disease is caused by radiations that we are UNABLE to process… I do not know what particular frequency bands the 5g is on but it may be shiftable into alignment… Prepare for it… i just bought the domain… Projectfrequencyshift.org (just parked it for now…) but in the next year it shall develop. Thank you for the synchronic alignment Red Queen…
    Peace and Aloha
    ~Joa Jóia
    Kin 239

  3. This is about the impact that Agenda 21 will have on our lives, if we allow it to happen, including the introduction of 5G. It’s a design of a plan to save our planet by means of depopulation and re-structuring of global living conditions, by building huge skyscrapers that will house the rats, trained for the rat-race.Here’s a video with content that offers valuable information and solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMxfffqyDtc

    Our dedicated health ranger Mike Adams has published, in his Natural News website, the effect of 5G on our health and organisation of living conditions, including the video I’ve just presented above.Here’s Mike Adams site:

    Here’s a text that is presented in Agenda 21:
    “Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability”

    The last part of the sentence shows, that for the designers of Agenda 21, the “introduction” of the subject “climate change” seems to aim at co-operative efforts, made by Earth’s citizens, to improve conditions on our planet. In reality it’s a construct of statements, based on false arguments, to force planet Earth’s population into submission to the belief that we’re all causing the failure of our climate’s health.

    That what we’re told will save us, is the creation of a fully controlled society where national values are replaced by a global system that strips everything that is human from us, placing invisible shackles around our freedom of expression and choice. That’s an attack that will weaken our immune system and exposure to vaccines, 5G and consumption of food that has grown from GMO seeds will add to that effect.

    See how it works? It’s the application of the same old formula…. again. First create an enemy, than present the enemy to the people and suggest a solution that is in essence a demand. Those that are under attack, which is almost the entire population of planet Earth, will be grateful to their saviour, while in reality that saviour is the perpetrator. The game of divide and conquer is played for a long time and its design becomes more subtle with the passing of time. Until enough of us wake up to the truth. Which I believe is happening right now.

    The statement I’ve pointed at earlier, is visible at the 8:09 minute in the Agenda 21 video:

    Amidst of the drama that is presented on the global stage, with props that are chosen for effect, pump and circumstance, there’s one presence that withstands all winds of change for better or for worse and that’s what I’ve come to experience as the most powerful transformational force, called love. It will assist us through troubled waters and in this virtual space here we have no need to feel as if we’re alone in the line of arrows. We’re in this together.

    In Lak’ech.

    Lamat Ox Lahun – Yellow Cosmic Star KIN 208

  4. Oh my.. I’m truly on it now, the Dragon 4 energy is showing itself, it seems. Ronald Bernard, the spokesman of the Bank of Joy in Holland, talks with Sacha Stone, sharing his experiences and knowledges in the highest levels of the dark world of finances. Just to inform you about Ronald, I’ve met him in person in 2013 and chose to assist with translation work, so that the website http://www.deblijeb.eng also contains an English version and his lectures available in English.
    Some content in this video may be quite shocking and confrontational, it’s not for the weak hearted.
    Ronald’s mission is “good stewardship of life” creating a bank in Holland that invests in sustainable projects and businesses, without the use of interest.

  5. As-Salaam Alaikum Sister Red Queen, I pray all is flowing well for you and your family.

    5G or 5D? I say and am 5D!

    I was engaged in an interesting conversation yesterday with a youth who works at a 120 year old I.T. or technology co. that is also working on their 5G services to be marketed. According to this youth, they were to sign a confidentiality contract due to the so-called, top secret strategies that would be implemented within the company.

    I didn’t intend to expound as much but rather share a synchronicity, send my love and send back signals from the future to my sister! SMILE. May Allah and His Exalted Christ continue to protect and guide you.

    All The Best,
    Your Sister Kimaada Kin 161

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