I am Woman: Listen!

(for all my sisters-Beltane/Overtone Night)

I am Woman, woven into the fabric of the Stars. I am intuitive. This is my experience.

I don’t need to prove anything. But I can no longer deny my own experience. It may not fit the logic of masculine thinking. It might not be politically correct. It might sound too airy or not grounded in reality.

But these feelings are real to me. So listen!

My voice has been so long suppressed, altered and modified through a masculine lens. It is the voice of Divine Imagination, of true love, compassion and acceptance. It does not fit into boxes, but is the free flowing Spirit of Evolving Creation. This is not gender based, this is energy within all. The suppression of this energy is the repression of vital life-force!

I am Woman woven into the fabric of the stars. Listen!

I cannot “prove” my feelings or experience to you or anyone. Some things simply are. I don’t want to bother with scientific backing or data, I want to flow my creativity, to trust my instinct, to follow my heart, love and passion. I want to cry without judgment. My tears are passionate; there is deep passion within my compassion.

I do not need to be fixed, my emotions are healthy and flowing. So listen to me! I cannot fit into this man’s world of war, competition and fighting. It is foreign to me. I cannot behave in rote or mechanical ways. My spirit drowns inside these limiting boxes.

My body is a sacred expression of Divinity and contains the Wisdom and Mystery of the Universe which has barely been acknowledged. My heart shatters into a million pieces as I witness the treasures of the universe replaced for a cheap price of instant gratification.

I do not belong to this world. I am creating a new world from within. I am Creation itself and I long to help all beings rebirth anew into their Highest form. I am not interested in fighting or debates of any kind.

I am the Source of New Life and creativity. I cannot fit into any created image, as I am the process of Creation itself. How can I “work” for a living when I am the ESSENCE of living? 

I am Woman, woven into the fabric of the stars.

My Heart is Expanding, my Mind is Elevating, my Power of Love is building into an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE, that will soon burst all the Banks, Walls and Boundaries, invading every Heart with a Thunderous Blast of Unspeakable Bliss turning all Beings back into their Original Divine Nature in the Most Glorious Moment ever known in all of the Cosmos!

28 thoughts on “I am Woman: Listen!

  1. Is it not the feminine that holds the space and vessel of the light sharing her innate ability and impulse to be the mother that nutures and loves compassionately just as our Mother Earth has always done? And is it not long overdue for the men to deeply protect, hold the space and support the women coming fully into their own power dreaming a new dream, creating a new vision for our future generations, for they are the ‘keepers’ of the cultures, the family, the home as well as the very foundation of the world. The feminine energy has no boundaries holds and shares the nuturing love that heals old wounds, comforts and builds new bridges of connection and births a new world that finally knows peace and what it means to be the human family.

  2. This post is a disgrace to The Work. Purging yourself through expression might be the only way to get clearance, but be responsible to what platform you dispose the vomit to. Renew your identical vessel. I am neither masculine nor feminine nor vice versa.

    • Hi Kerunnus, Im sorry you see it that way. It is a creative expression of an archetypal force that many are experiencing. Masculine/feminine, in my view, is not gender specific, but merely points to the balance of the yin/yang, positive/negative within all. The primary foundation of the Law of Time is to make conscious what is unconscious and the expression of time is art, and so I do not feel that it in anyway negates the Work. But thank you for your reflection.

  3. …feminine is 99 per cent…masculine, only one. Time is the positive aspect of Femenine endlesness…space, just its momentary shadow…don’t warry, everyone and everything came out from the vagina of the mistake, the fall, the manifested (apparent, fleeting, impermanently manifested) of The Work, as some say…but…there’s no perennial work. The only perennial is the Ying, and it’s been always YING-yang…it’s been always TIMEspace…it’s been always NOWhereness… it’s been always, and always be NOW!! LOOOOVE!! ANNI34L

  4. Perfection never mistakes all is radial whole I am women soon 40 day fast 440 zenith I am everything at once love it’s about get fun whith the magic thank u 185 201 11 68 ur heroes!!!!!!

  5. thank you for your post, the yellow magnetic human wavespell has been tough for me your words were a comfort. I felt like you were speaking for me.

  6. This was so beautiful!

    I feel the same way.

    I have seen the power women have when they come together. I think that women in general are not valued for who they are, which is Sacred Life Givers. If we did, as a human species, things would not be this way. When do we as a society ever ask the women of our lives.. What do you think? How do you feel about this?

    In fact… as I write this, I realize that these very qualities you describe above, are the very same qualities which are stifled in our current society. The very same qualities we need to re develop and re learn and re member so we can re turn to LOVE and re verse the course the Archons have laid out for us.

    If we want to defeat the Archons, we shouldn’t think of it as Me vs You, cause that still is falling under their way of thought. I believe there is a better way.

    That way starts and ends with LOVE. We need to start valuing each other like the Sacred Beings we’ve always been! Of course, it starts with valuing ourselves (which I believe most people don’t do) and then valuing those around us. It’s interesting… when and where there is love, people don’t do nearly as much of the self harming things we do…because our hearts are full and we are not trying to fill a void with all the stuff this society (Archons) promote.

    Also, these same qualities are the ones which will wake the masses from the Archon nightmare currently manifested on this Mother Earth. The intuition, the love, the creativity, the peace and calm…which we are being driven further and further away from… is the Archon’s fruits!! So we need to generate tremendous and tremendous amounts of Love just to match the tremendous amounts of terror generated by the Archons puppets here on Earth (critical mass). By then, the power of Love will be so evident, we will have already changed by a lot, to leave fear and anger behind…that it’s crazy to think that THAT would only be the beginning!! We would finally be free from the Archon vibration!!

    Love is the only way. Love speaks for itself. Love generates it’s own light. Love can actually flush darkness out! In fact, love is the only thing which can cast fear out permanently!

    In this matter, the means are the same as the ends. Only LOVE matters.

    Peace and love, from me to you.

  7. Transformative. We women are the ones to transform this hellhole into a vibrancy. Inspirational and masterful. Honor!

    • It sometimes feels like I am extracting so so much information from any environment, I wonder if this is part of it, too??

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