OMA and Bosnia Pyramid Healing Journey

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. –Nikola Tesla, Kin 43

Deb, Kin 113, and I left Los Angeles for Europe on Kin 126 (June 13, 2018), with our first stop Romania via London, followed by Croatia and Bosnia. The theme for our journey was “healing the ancient trauma”.

We left on the 23rd spin anniversary since my apprenticeship with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan began on January 24, 2002: Kin 126, White Solar Worldbridger. This day was his 63rd birthday.  Kin 126 is guided by White Solar Wind, Kin 22. The analog partner is Kin 113: Red Solar Skywalker.

Deb and her husband Brian, Kin 145, were together with Jose, Lloydine (Kin 22)  and I on that day when Jose shared how he had awoken to the powerful dream of the Return of the People of OMA: Original Matrix Attained.

OMA is beginning, End and Beyond, therefore do not think that this template of Vision and action called Return of the People of OMA will be anything concise nor even familiar but more like a saga and a method of action emanating from a far off star but yet not so far from where you are. –Valum Votan, Kin 11


 Crystal seed (2017-2018) is the year of the fulfillment of the Return of the People of OMA from across the bridge of time. We are the bridge. The Time is Now. OMA is the Original Matrix Attained. So our journey began right on time at the Heathrow Airport in London departing for Bucharest on June 15, the 66 anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (1952).This day Kin 128, Yellow Spectral Star, was the perfect analog partner of Jose Arguelles-Spectral Monkey, Kin 11. And now 11 x 6 years had elapsed since the opening of the tomb that would reveal his destiny. This day also marked 18 years since my first visit to the tomb of Pacal Votan on Kin 58 (June 15, 2000).

Holding the intention of “healing the ancient trauma”, we note that there are fractal overlays of unhealed, crystallized energy knots (trauma) that exist in the “thinking layers” of different locations. By bringing new consciousness and perception to these places, we can untie these knots and release the energy, which sends a  signal back in time to the origin of that trauma.

We do not necessarily even need to physically travel to these locations, but just by consciously directing our awareness to these key places we can assist much in our planetary healing. This is also the purpose of the planetary geomancy work of the Law of Time. Each day we activate and send healing to one of 20 zones on the planet holon. So that every 20 days we have sent healing to the whole planet. When we bring trauma into the present moment, it has no choice but to self-liberate. This actually radiates out and helps heal distorted timelines that have been locked in place by reinforcement of particular stories that are repeated over and over. We have to acknowledge the past and then release its crystallizations in order that a New Story may emerge for Planet Earth. 

Romania, Croatia, Bosnia

So 16 years after that initial dream of the Return of the People of OMA, Deb and I found ourselves in the caves of Transylvania (more on this in another entry).

Ialomicioara Monastery and Cave, Transylvania

From Romania we traveled to Croatia and Bosnia for workshops and met incredible people and heard their stories of living during the time of the Bosnian war. Some expressed their gratitude to the knowledge of the Law of Time for being a lifeline during those dark days. This is largely thanks to Katamama/Katarina, an original “earth wizard”  from Serbia who traveled from her current home in Chile to spread this information. 


The events started with a beautiful solstice meditation near Jarun Lake in Zagreb, Croatia, arranged by Vesna, kin 138.

Here I will republish an excellent document written by Dr. Ana Zikic, kin 62, regarding the historical and synchronic significance of this visit to Croatia and Bosnia. She is writing to a group from Taiwan, China and Malaysia that are to join us (I will include photos interwoven into her story). Thanks Ana!………

16TH/17TH OF June, 2018, kin 129 &130, Red Crystal Moon & White Cosmic Dog  NS1.30.12.18 & NS1.30.12.19,  Krusevac, Serbia

Dear participants of our Bosnian journey and adventures!!

I feel a special need to say WELCOME to you all, and would like to share a few words to gain a better understanding of the place you will visit in these beautiful days that are awaiting you and us to experience together.

At the beginning of February when Stephanie contacted me to help her organize her visit to Bosnia, I immediately felt that it was going to be a special one. Without too much thinking, I immediately said YES, I’ll help you. Throughout many synchronicities that have occurred (and continue to), they’ve just confirmed how everything is connected  (as we know :) I’m very happy for you too, because you said YES to this cosmic multilevel play and journey!

You are coming to a very special part of the world. Former Yugoslavia was a symbol of good life, powerful and very well organized country, especially during ˝Tito time˝. Nowadays still, many people are telling stories which sometimes sound like fairytales to us younger generation, but that’s how life used to be in that country during a particular period. (note: Josip Broz Tito was a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and political leader, serving in various roles from 1943 until his death in 1980).

As a consequence of certain events of a political and religious nature, Yugoslavia does not exist anymore. We had civil wars during 1991 and 1999 in this area that left us with scars that are still influencing the current political and socio-economic scene.

Nowadays there are 6 different states that were a part of former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. Maybe soon, Kosovo is going to be separated too. But the similarity in languages ( we all mostly understand each other ) and all the people in theses states have big hearts so we all feel connected.

Zagreb, Croatia


In 2005, the story about Bosnian pyramids, located near the town of Visoko, started to be well known in this area due to the work of Semir Osmanagić Ph.D.  Visoko is northwest of Sarajevo and was Bosnia’s capital during the Middle Ages.

When Semir announced the discovery of these pyramids, people from all over the world reacted, including the scientific world, and then people from Bosnia and nearby countries. Some of them still don’t believe that the pyramids are real and there is a big discussion and polemic about it.

As a Member of the Foundation’s International Advisory Board, I’m following at the moment many researches regarding this topic, and they are really amazing. Soon it will be 10 years since I have been visiting these beautiful and amazing pyramids. The first time I came as part of a Mayan group and we celebrated 26th of July New Year under the Pyramid of the Sun with exactly 64 people! Need I say more?

Nowadays Semir and some of the previous guides from these places say that that event ˝unlocked ˝ the future of this place. This visit influenced my life a lot, especially the way I observe things.

Since that moment I have visited Visoko more than 15 times, following all the new excavations that were being found. A lot has been accomplished – but there is much more on the way.

I have brought different groups of people, sometimes as a guide and organizer, teacher of Qi Gong groups; and sometimes as a part of a team of other groups from Europe and USA. I’ll never forget a moment, years ago, when my Qi Gong teacher from China immediately responded to my story about the pyramids and decided a small group had to come. Even from far away they were able to feel the amazing energy of that place. We all had beautiful experience while practicing in the underground healing chambers.

Also, visiting groups from China and Taiwan, led  by Rafeeka, was special both times, and later I’ll mention a few synchronicities here. Rafeeka as kin 15, Blue Lunar Eagle, also immediately felt the call to respond, and I’m happy that she and her team can now follow the development of this place too.

I recall the time when I first heard Semir’s lecture, and later on the top of the Pyramid of hte Sun. I had only one question for him: How could it be that something was there all this time, in front of others for so many centuries, but only he actually could see it? One of the reasons is that he has been studying pyramids around the world for many years and is very famiar with the landscape of this area, and synchronically he also has a PhD in Mayan Pyramids.

He said somehow the moment he saw it , something inside of him said :˝Yes˝! And being kin 4, Yellow Self Existing Seed, he is coming from the first wavespell of Dragon to remind us of some very special things – with new awareness we could finally see what has been there all the time.

Stephanie/Red Queen and Her Visit

I want to share with you some of synchronicities about dates. So because Stephanie will visit Zagreb (Croatia) prior to coming to Sarajevo, and afterwards she will continue her traveling to Europe, the only dates she had available to stay with us are 26, 27, 28 of June. She was even considering staying one day shorter, but I said that it’s impossible, and that her stay was already very short. Later on, when I observed the dates, I was completely sure why her (and our presence ) is needed there; and she said she got the inner confirmation that at least one day longer is needed .

Note that we will visit the pyramids in the wavespell of Blue Monkey. Our first morning in Sarajevo will be on kin 140, Yellow Planetary Sun, which is one of the key signatures of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan that was decoded inside of the pyramid in Palenque .And, also, look! The address of hotel where we are staying in Sarajevo is Džemala Bijedića 185: Number 185! Kin of Stephanie, Red Electric Serpent.

Stephanie, Semir, Ana and Katarina/Bosnia


At first the option of Istanbul wasn’t in our plans, but Rafeeka, as an Eagle could see that it was needed. And then here it is. But here is another thing, and this is why this journey is a really special one, and you are walking this path. In the past the connection between these countries was very deep, with wars on one side. But then Turkey conquered some Balkan countriesmand they were rulers for more than 5 centuries. So because of male- female relationships, our roots are quite intertwined.

We are coming to the next important point – Gavrilo Princip as a Bosnian Serb member of Young Bosnia, a Yugoslavist organization seeking an end to Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, initiating a chain of events that would lead to outbreak of the First World War.

And now, consider these dates- the 28th of June 2018, Kin 141,  will be exactly 104 years as this event happened (and was the trigger point for the First World War). We we all know that in Mayan Cosmology of time, 104 = 52×2 , and 52 is the approximate number of years that Sirius B makes one round around Sirius A. 104 is also a fractal of the 104,000 year Venus cycle. Kin 141: Red Spectral Dragon is the perfect antipode power of Jose Arguelles, as well as the  Psi energy of Serbia, because 15th of February is our National Day.

Gavrilo Princip was born 25th of July, 1894 ( Day Out Of Time !), and he was kin 148 Yellow Overtone Star ( And this is 5th of July, 2018, the day when most of you return home.)  Gavrilo died 28th of April 1918, which was kin 240, Yellow Rhythmic Sun, and Psi of the day was kin 147, this will be the last day of our stay in Bosnia ( 4th of July), United States Independence Day.

In socialist Yugoslavia, Gavrilo Princip was venerated as a national hero and a freedom fighter who fought to liberate all the people of Yugoslavia from Austrian rule. In Sarajevo , we will visit the bridge of Gavrilo Princip, a very important tourist spot.

On this famous bridge, our group did Rainbow Bridge peace meditation on June 28, 2018, 11 Dragon.


Vidovdan, 28 June, is considered a date of special importance to ethnic Serbs, with the following events taking place on Vidovdan. And speaking with the words of cosmology of time, 28th of June is the second day of Thirteen Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, which is written as 13.2. This is really an important day which marked many events. Here are a few:

• 1389: the Ottoman Empire defeated the Serbian army in the Battle of Kosovo on the Kosovo field. Both Sultan Murad and Prince Lazar were slain in battle. The Kosovo Myth became important in forming Serbian identity
• 1876: Serbian declaration of war against the Ottoman Empire
• 1914: the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian crown prince, Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip; triggers the First World War. It was a coincidence that the archduke visited Sarajevo on that day, but the assassination falling on Vidovdan added nationalist symbolism to the event.
• 1916: Radomir Vešović and other notable Montenegrin officers planned uprising in Montenegro, against Austro-Hungarian occupying forces.
• 1919: the Treaty of Versailles is signed ending World War I.
• 1989: on the 600th anniversary of the battle of Kosovo, Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević delivers the Gazimestan speech on the site of the historic battle.
• 2008: the inaugural meeting of the Community Assembly of Kosovo and Metohija takes place.
• 2017: Ana Brnabić is installed as the first female (and first LGBT) Prime Minister of Serbia.

Ana at archaological park/Bosnia

Also, I have to mention to you that my hometown is Kruševac ,  and this city was the capital city of Serbia during the 12th century. Kruševac has the famous church Lazarica, where prince Lazar headed his army into the famous Battle of Kosovo. This date has been celebrated in Krusevac for centuries and celebrating Vidovdan was how I passed my childhood.

Direct translation of Vidovdan from Serbian means- ˝To see clearly ˝. With clarity, and it would be similar to Archeytype of Seer in Hunab Ku 21 …

So there is a history between Serbia and Turkey. The Kosovo Battle took place 28th June 1389, which was kin 136 Yellow Rhythmic Warrior, and this will be your date of arrival in Istanbul, 23rd of June 2018.  What to say!

(23 June/Rhythmic warrior was also the day we had a galactic workshop in Croatia and would have also been the signature kin of Jose Arguelles in 2012)

And, I have to mention also, that on 1st of July we will visit the house of Nikola Tesla, place where he was born in Smiljane (Croatia). That day will be kin 144! Can that be any better ☺!

street art in Zagreb, Croatia. Nikola Tesla is Kin 43, Blue Self existing Night, occult partner of Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror, signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan

Some weeks ago during my studies in the USA, I  visited hotel New Yorker in New York, the place where Tesla died, so I really feel all the dots are connecting here. I’ve visited an amazing place – museum of Nicholas Roerich too, and you know what – the Roerichs were living in New York during the same period of time as Tesla, just some blocks away, really amazing!!

Seeds of cosmic awareness are shining upon us!

So, welcome all again! It’s such a big honor to await you in this place of the World, in this space and time and to play cosmic multidimensional roles with you all!  I’m especially happy that Katamama could join us all the way from Chile at least for some days in Croatia and Bosnia. She is always bringing with her the energy of Chile and its mysterious Andes mountain range . 

with Vesna, kin 138

It’s also special that after being together in Mt. Shasta , 26th of July 2013, to inaugurate the New Beam consciousness, five of us will rejoin here in Bosnia: Stephanie, Rafeeka, Katarina, Deborah and me.  We all are having the opportunity to attend the special events  to launch a new energy together, a new light in our being  and in this region. 

Im finishing this letter to you with the words of Vesna from Zagreb, kin 138, White Galactic Mirror. She is the one who is organizing Stephanie’s visiting to Zagreb, who invited her and than the chain of events and synchronicities has started. And again, on kin 138, her kin. day, Stephanie is leaving Zagreb and going to Sarejevo. All so synchronic!

 Together with Stephanie, we will initiate these spaces with high frequencies for healing and the emergence of new consciousness and Light. We are all  witnessing various difficult events on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, but also in the world. All that has not yet been  transformed, overcome, or healed has come to the surface.

All human immaturity, constraints, prejudices, old programs are highlighted under the influence of the new galactic rays of evolution to make them aware, recognized and ready to change.

We have many challenges on a personal and planetary level, but the period in which we live is a Holy Time. We have the great opportunity to transform the past, old patterns, karmic influences, and to open up new opportunities, activate the dormant parts of ourselves, reintegrate the DNA and become part of a new light, a new ray of evolution of consciousness.  

So my dear planetary kins, let us together join this new wave of conscious awareness!  We are weaving the net of harmony, love, and unity on the planet!Everything is already arranged , and we already said YES to this adventure! Love you all!

Yours Ana, kin 62, White Planetary Wind

20 thoughts on “OMA and Bosnia Pyramid Healing Journey

  1. Hi, I am a convert to islam, I was previously jewish. Why? Because I keep finding the perfect allusion of solar and lunar correspondances, the numbers are accurate to the tee, and the Quran commands us to look at the sky to see that he is the one that guides all the affairs. And recently i am having wild syncrhonized events. That are very very hard to ignore. I could say more, but you know how it feels. I read this from your blog. Granted you are travelling so much and see many things. But the affairs are personal and can only convince yourself. Not others. Continuing, regarding 13:2

    I keep finding example of lunar solar correpsondances in the quran. It is just mindbogling and quite frankly scary. Because it says if you deny the signs in it, you will put into hell for eternity.The math is certian it makes me certian. I think the fear of him what put me to the right path. I kept finding more and more. I could write 10 books of the numbers, set in the quran. One example:

    Your 13:20 number
    Visualized in the Quran, in verse number 13:2, see what it says about the moon and the sun, the diagram is here, don’t worry, this link is just a picture. , in one day the moon travels 13.2 degrees or 26 lunar diameters.

    When i found this, my jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe it. Further, just lately, I decided to count the letters, in it, there are 113 letters. I assume you know what 26 was, given you read all of it, link. 113 / 26 words, = 4.34615834[repeat], This number [615834], repeats forever (6 cycle), and is part of the fibonacci sequece, 21 / 13 = 1.615384. (Going further up you approach the golden ratio, 1.6180..)

    Looking at 4.346 as weeks of 7 day, we have 30.42 days, which is also the average solar month, 30.42 days, two digit precision,365/12= 30,41666, -> 30.42 day, i.e. you have 30.42 days in 4.346, it both captured lunar and solar correspondance. Or go to search month, you see 30.42 days as average. And 4.346 weeks in it, averaged to fourth digit.

    The syndodic calendar, in the jewish bible is averaged, to 29.53059 days, which is the same as the modern calendar. We jews use the metonic cylce of 19 solar years,= 235 months lunar. With 12 months, we have 354.367 days, and solar year syndodic, 365.2425 days. The ratio of correspondance between the two periods are 365.2425/354.367 = 1.0306
    in verse number 18:25

    18:25 “They remained for 300 years add 9 ”

    That is a very wierd way to say 309 years. So I decided to investigate why it was said like that. So I took the ratio again, 309/300 = 1.030, the same as 1.0306 the scientific average. This alludes to, that a pratical year of 300 years of 365 is the same as 309 year of lunar years. I thought since the number 13:2 was used to show the solar and lunar correspondace, maybe 18:25 is also used the same way.

    29.53 syndodic lunar day / 18:25 = 1.6180 that is the golden ratio.

    Just like we got the fibbonaci sequence above.

    To conclude, all the affairs set is set by God. None else. And he created all, and to think that the moon and the constellations, have any power over us is wrong. And one is commiting serious crime, that cannot be forgiven according the book. The reward is eternal hell. This religion is pure monotheism, god is none like its creation. No man god, no moon god, no nothing. fEvery part of the “there is no god, but the god” Rather look, for it as a sign, and as proof for reaching certianty of the meeting of your Lord.

    • 29.53 synodic lunar day / 18:25 verse number = 1.6180 that is the golden ratio. So 1/1.618 x 29.53059 = 18.25 days

      Just like we got the Fibonacci sequence above, this number is very close to phi. 309 is half of phi,

      309 is half of phi.

      So 500 x 0.618 (1/1.6180) = 309

      Looking, for 18.25 like days,

      18.25 days x 500 = 9125 days

      500 x 1/1.618 x 29.53 = 309 x 29.53 days = 365 x [25 year] (pratical year) (25 is also the verse number)

      It says you could theoretically produce a calendar system of 309 lunations and correspond it to 365 x 25 years, so you can follow the 4 seasons.

      The mayans used 20 periods of 18 days, to correspond to 360 days. This both nicely fits the lunar and solar calendar, which is in the middle of the two, 355 days ( 13 x 27.321 days) + 365 days / 2 = 360 days

      18:25 x 20 = 365 days

      Because, it said 300 and add 9. The 9 is separate. so we must see what is the meaning behind this, in verse number 25.

      309 / 25 = 12.36. This number is actually the lunation (new moon periods) into solar year of 365 days.

      365 / 29.53 = 12.36

      Because 500 x 1/1.618 = 309 , and because 309 /25 = 12.36, then

      500 / 25 x 1/ 1.618 = 20 x 1/1.618 = 309/25 = 12.36

      20 x 18:25 = 365 days.

  2. There is a whole chapter, dedicated to the number 109, or 19. In arabic, hebrew, when numbers are said it is like ten,nine, directly writing it down, is 10,9. The sum, 19. 109, is also very close to 108, which many religion follows. But 109 is more accurate, regarding the sun and the moon and earth. Because the Quran is the word of god, directly sent down, and not inspired (indirectly) like many religions. We expect it to be precise. See above for evidence.

    Introducing 19, in chapter 74,

    (74:30) Over it are 19 [angels guarding, directly read as 109].

    (74:31) And we have not appointed as guardians of the fire except angels; and we have not assigned their number (19) except as a test for those who disbelieve, to make sure that those who received the book (mostly Christians and Jews, **note ) may reach CERTIANTY (remember 13.2 verse? it said the same ) , and for the believers (Muslims) to INCREASE in faith, as well as to remove all doubt from those who received the book and the believers, and for those who have a disease in their hearts, as well as the disbelievers to say, “What did God intend through this allegory?” (about 19) This is how God lets go astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills. None knows the hosts of your Lord except He. This is nothing but a reminder for the human race.

    (74:32) No, by the MOON!
    (74:33) And the NIGHT as it NEARS its end.
    (74:34) And the MORNING as it SHINES,
    (74:35) It is one of the GREATEST [signs/miracles].

    (74:36) A warning for the human race. (74:37) For those among you who wish to advance, or stay behind. (74:38) Every soul is held against what it earned. (74:39) Except the companions [who lean] towards the right (lit. “the right hand”), (74:40) In gardens, (74:41) Enquiring about the criminals: (74:42) “What led you into the Fire? ” (74:43) They replied: “We were not among those who used to perform the ritual prayer,” (74:44) “We used not to feed the needy.” (74:45) “We used to indulge in vain talks like people who blunder,(gossiping, no real work ethic, not being patient with work, giving up, vain ideas, see 2:177 what is a true muslim)” (74:46) “And we used to deny the Day of judgment,” (74:47) “Until the reality became manifest to us.” (74:48) The intercession of those who resort to intercession will be useless to them. (74:49) What part of the reminder are they turning away from? (74:50) They are scared like zebras; (74:51) Fleeing from a lion. (74:52) In fact, every person among them wishes to be given scrolls that are spread out wide. (74:53) No way! In fact, they do not fear the hereafter! (74:54) Indeed, this is a reminder. (74:55) Whoever wills will take heed. (74:56) No one will take heed except if God so wills. He is the source of righteousness; He is the source of forgiveness.

    ** note. Worked for me, I was really scared, this deviser, this planner is serious, is not kidding one bit, I had sleepness nights, the transition was very awful to islam. And hard. I hated muslims but I realise their religion is the truth. I feel angry and blessed at the same time, he have saved me from the eternal fire, while stripping me from my own identity. My history of my forefathers gone. And thrown into a trash bin.

    The long, explanation after, over it are 19, in 74:30, i.e. the 74:31,

    is 57 worded, sign = ayah=verse, 19 x 3 = 57 a multiple of nineteen.

    Counting all the words from 74:1 to including 74:30 “over it are 19”, there are 95 words, 19 x 5.

    Counting all the letters up to the point, not including 19 in 74:30, but just up to it, there are 361 letters.
    Or 19 x 19, almost as if to say, 19×19 just before saying 19. So including “74:1 to 74:30 over it are”, =361 letters, 19x 19 = just before the number 19.

    This is one direct analogy, and muslim use this number to find many multiples, although I say only keep it to the chapter 74 where 19 is mentioned.

    In every chapter, 114 chapters, over every chapter, it says,

    ” In the name of god, the merciful, most gracious.” = 19 letters. Mentioned 114 times in the Quran.

    taking 74:30 “Over it are 19”, over it are 19, meaning over it are also 19 lettered, ayah.

    This is an attribute of god, is that he forgives all sins. Just before death, if you repented. Continuing.

    There are 114 chapters, or 19×6, but only in 113 chapter are the prayer, is mentioned, over the chapters, “in the name..”, in chapter 9, at the start, there is no mention of it. But in chapter 27 where it is mentioned, twice. One on the top, and one in the middle, in verse 30 (74:30, same verse number)

    in 27:30 Here it says, our jewish prophet, Solomon, sent a letter to Queen Sheba, saying “In the name of god, the merciful, most gracious” =19 lettered, message.

    27:30 to days, are the sidereal period of the moon. 254 months of 27.3 corresponds to 19 solar year. Or 235 synodic months of 29.53 = 19 solar year. I already explained the Quran made many examples of correspondence of lunar and solar time metric. Like in verse 13:2 , 18:25

    This is why verse number 74:32-34, swears on the Sun and the moon, and the alternation of day and night (360 deg turn), because it says, nears. Alluding, sidereal period or 360 deg period on it self. This obviously says about time=day and sun and moon, because God designed the universe, only he can set the 19 year correspondence. It perfectly fits 254 sidereal month of 27.3 days = 19 year solar. One must be very naive to think other wise.

    Further, directly translating, 74:30 “over it are 10, 9 “, the number of times earth diameter fits the sun, is almost exactly 109 times. We don’t know the earth diameter exactly because it varies within a few km, depending on what point you measure. But nonetheless all remains in the 109 range.

    1,392,000 km/12,756 km = 109.1

    There are many more 109 correspondences, I will save you for this, if you want to know more I will send you more info.

    In chapter 2 verse 19, it speaks about thunder, only other time in the quran, talking about thunder bolt, ra’d, is in verse 13:13, again 13 number. In 2:19 there are 19 words, and 83 letters, in 13:13, there are 19 words and 83 letters. Remember it is the only time where the Quran two times speaks about thunder, the word, ra’d= 2:19 ; 13:13 .

    The gemetrical value, each letter, have a number assigned to it, search abjad system, the jews and the arab used their letters as numbers. In verse 13:13, the gemetrical value is 3737, repeat of number, just like 13:13 This is very curious, because I know, that 37 lunation of 29.53 days are equal to 3 solar years. Remember the 19 year = 235 month correspondence, and the 18:25, and 13:2 ? Same thing is repeated.

    37 lunation x 29.53 days = 3 solar years

    Many ancient calendar uses 37 lunation, because it corresponds to the solar seasons, just like we saw in 18:25, where 309 lunations x 29.53 corresponds to 365 day of 25 practical solar years. This is much more accurate. The Egyptians used this. Knowing the Fibonacci sequence was used in 13:2, we see that, 144 in the sequence and 233, in 12 and 13’th iteration, search 300 Fibonacci sequence numbers in google. 233/144 = 1.61805..

    365.25 days (sidereal solar ) / 27:30 (sidereal moon) = sidrealmoon

    ~approximately 13.37 .. = sidereal into solar year. with, 365.2421 synodic period and 29.53 synodic period ~ 12.368

    309 lunation (synodic) / (144 #12’th / 233 #13’th) / sidrealmoon = 37.37

    Like the GV value in 13:13. = 3737

    It says, god designed the heavens in very precise calculations, and he guides all affairs. meaning, he inspires all tales and makes it easy for us to calculate the time, 19 year correspondence = 254 x 27.30 is vital to our solar lunar count. Without the alignment, if skewed, and only counting with 10-based values, then it would be very complicated. 10:5, and 55:5

    And he put the alignments and the guidedance in the Quran as a sign for those who believe. Not believing in the word of god, to those who received the message, will abide in hell for eternity.

  3. We saw how important the reciprocal value of phi, 0.618 = 1/phi, played in 18:25, in that 18.25 days /0.618 = 29.53 days .And in 13:2, where 113 / 2 x 13 = 4.3615834..615834..615834 etc. 8/13(again) The number of phi is everywhere in nature, where there is growth phi appears. To stock markets, to even the number of ratio of female bees to male bees in any hive over the world, phi appears.

    Speaking of bees..
    The Quran.
    Chapter #16 The Bee

    The Bee devolpes in full in 16 days. The male bee, only have 16 chromosomes, the female twice that amount.

    When a male bee, mates its seed in a bee larvae, it becomes a female, when larvae is left alone, and it doesn’t reach one, it becomes a female. Naturally there will be many more female to male. The population progress as grandparents to parents according to fibonacci sequence, and the female to male population is always a fibonacci sequence. Just after 8 generations of parents, the female population is, 21 and male is 13.

    21 / 13 = 1.615834..

    After just 19 generations
    4181 / 2584 = 1.61803.. but not completing phi, because phi is a irrational number and can never be numbered completely, even if we had a super computer with the size of the entire solar system, we will never be able to calculate it, or reach it. None of the decimal are repeated. Because as fibonacci sequence progresses, the decimal value changes, although it nears the real phi value.

    The bees, itself are structured, in golden ratio, from the legs, to the size of the head, and belly. Write bee and golden ratio google. The bees favours to our world are endless and the golden ratio in itself, is endless, because it is a irrational number and never be counted, even if you go up to one trillion iterations, with unimaginable large number, it is still not phi. Just like pi, phi cannot be counted.

    16:18 “And if you would count God favors, you will not be able to number them; most surely God is Forgiving, Merciful.”

    count the favours, not be able to number them, at verse number 16:18

    Speaking of shape, in chapter 95, It speaks of, heights and mountains, the chapter is very small, only have 34 words, from the bottom up to 21’th word, or the golden ratio point 21 x 1.618 = 34, is the word “shape” the whole chapter is about, is how god shaped us, over the heights, of mountains, he brought us down to ground and made us different, creating us in best of “shape”, said in the 21th word from bottom up = height.

    Keep in mind 34 and 21, are both fibonacci counts, after 10 and 9 generations, also the golden ratio point, at 34 words / 1.618 = 21.01..

    Similarly, our golden ratio point from our feet to the top, lies in our belly. I urge you to take a ruler, and measure from the top of your head to your belly button, and from the belly button down to the feet. Take the ratio, and you will get 1.618, not to mention, every part of your face is 1.618 ratio. So then, there are 6236 verses in the Quran, what is the golden ratio point ?

    6236 / 1.618 = 3854’th verse = 37:66

    What does it say?

    37:66 “And they will fill their Belly from it”

    It says people in hellfire, will eat from a foul smelling thorn fruit, for eternity. And they will drink boiling water and hot melted iron.

  4. correction to last post”When a male bee, mates its seed in a bee larvae, it becomes a female, when larvae is left alone, and it doesn’t reach one, it becomes a female.” the latter should be male, the female to male population always comes to close to phi ratio and follows the fibonacci sequence.

    Continuing I just found out the chapter 57, half of the Quran, or 19 x 6 /2 = 57, is named The Iron. I am graduated in physics. So I already know that there exists 3 stable isotopes of Iron. The one extra with the 4’th is unstable because when it captures an electron, since it is everywhere, it decays quickly. So we are left with 56 57 58, the middle isotope of Iron is 57, from the stable of the three.

    The Gemetrical value, we jews use that alot, and already i can count it by hand, The Iron, in chapter 57, have a Gemetrical value, each letter have a number asigned to it, alpeh is 1, etc.

    The GV is 57, like the chapter number. And exluding The, which is of value of 31, since, L=30, Aleph =1, Al = the, we are left with Iron = it have GV value of 26

    26 is number of protons, and the number in the periodic table, and the isotope of 57 have 31 neutrons.

    Summing all the numbers of 1+2+3..56+57 = 1653 , to the 57 chapter.
    The 57’th chapter have 29 verses, or 57 x 29 = 1653 same, same.

    In chapter 57:25 it says We sent down Iron. Iron is in the middle of the earth core, at a distance of 5100 km, from the top to the middle, we have a solid iron core, search in google, solid Iron 5100 km. 57 is in the middle of the Quran.

    1:1 to verse number 57:25 there are 5100 verses = ayah = signs
    the sign are 5100 km to the core. km is scientific measure, based on meters, SI-unit.

    They ask of how we will be resurected, and the Quran, says, not only will you be resurrected, but the very tips of your fingertips will be shaped the same way. As he created you the first time, the second time is just as easy.

    In verse 75:4 Yes indeed; We have the power to remould even his finger-tips.4

    How many limbs do we have? 4, how many tips do we have in each limb? 5

    1:1 to 75:4 verse, there are 5555 verses, notice, there are four digits, four limbs, 5 x 4 in each limb.

    He says in the quran somewhere, no matter what we will show them, they will only believe if we force their neck down in humiliation.

    forcing is compulsion, this doesn’t count. We must earn the pleasure of god.
    Forcing was set as an anology, before the verse like bringing a visible angel down. Visible spirit down, which encompases the sky. This is not how he sets his plans, and converts the one who hides. The punishment must be more servere, they will abide in it for eternity, those who associate parterners, and those who deny the signs. So this was said somewhere in the quran, I wish i could find it. I will by sometime.

  5. In the quran, I get a perfect ratio of 765 / 28 of lunar 13′ month calendar of 28 days, of 765 days = year. With the same method as above. But it is connected to something very very scary. And one man actually went to prison for it, for predicting turns in stock market, because he didn’t want to share his model. Next turn is in 13’th july. I am weary of mentioning it. Because of reasons I cannot mention now. But I will wait wether you will believe in the Quran or have a sincere mind. This site seems like you in take everything. I actually respect you for that. I have to read it all… is this new age religious site? multiple gods, sun god moon god? I don’t get it.

  6. continuing, I forgot to mention, the perfect ratio of 765 day / 28 day of lunar 13 months, operates after sidereal time of moon. Because 765/28~27.32 days.
    If you are very crude, then 27.3 days, which is more based on a acceptable correct average. I tried to see wether, some nation used the 28 day calendar, so it is apparrent the Kazakhs used it. Funny how my ancestors comes from there and not realising it sooner. These people are nomads.

    With the more based of 365 -day calendar which is widely used, is in 18:25, 309 lunations = 365 x 25 practical year, 19 solar year = 235 lunar, and in 13:13 =GV 3737.
    37 lunar = 3 solar. These were used widely in many civilisations. Some are even using it now.

    But I believe if we had 28 day calendar, it would be best for the people, working and getting paid faster. This will shift our thinking, and making the state constricted and powerless over the people, in long terms.

  7. The 28 day calendar is ancient and was discovered much before any newage authors claims it. I am not rude here. But just alluding to the fact some can use it to its own benifit of selling books, seminar etc. You are mentioning a person.. a prophet? The kazakhs had this calendar, and many more ancient civilisations.. The case is clear in the quran, anyone who claims he is a prophet, there reward is the fire.

    Further, 765 /28 day is connected to sidreal period which is mentioned directly, by explicit words, in the quran, and is related to why we see repeating patterns from local, 86160 sec to monthly or yearly, with same referential frame. This includes economical turns to political. The events are tied and synchronized, with the same frame interval. Even religion appears to come and go with the same frame.

  8. But I wholeheartedly respect Jose, on bringing the truth about 28-day calendar, to the world to see. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I follow the quran, since it explicitly says, the law sent, is final. And will later be reconfirmed, by the messiah which is to come. He will pray the same way as we do, 5 times daily. This is the decree sent by your creator. In order to get the golden ticket of perpetual bliss in the next life. 5555 = shadilay. = 7777 = point probability.

  9. 7:133 watch out for the frogs, it signals end of civilisation and a turning point, 7=1+3+3 = 7|7

    75:4 able to recreate the very tip of your finger tips. 1:1 to 75:4= 5555 verse.
    7:5+4 = 7|7

    55:5 Moon and sun moves in precise calcuation.

    point emerging probably entering, = 555
    pepe = 77
    pepe = frog

    10:5 moon and earth in precise calcuation, making it easy for you to calculate.

    10-based system, because we have 5 finger tips, by nature, we caculate with this system. 9 10, repeat 11 12.. if it were 12 based, then 1, 2, 3, 10, eta, lambda, repeat. This would lead to less ratios and more factors. But 10-based it is, because our fingers and natural inclination.

    The quantity will still remain the same. However. But just to prove a point with the placement of 10:5, 55:5, and 75:4

    Watch out for the night of qadr, the 27’th day, what ever you do at that night and you see and if you ask sincerely of god, he will help you guide you, and you will see the same thing.

    I asked for signs of the Quran, and I asked for the highest degree of placement, when I get near him and all the people of the world. Abiding therin in forver, gardens of bliss, houses of see through glass, and rivers flowing beneath it, and a tree so large, its reach is 500 years of distance, it have millions of colors shifting, from colors we cannot imagine, reflecting like shattered glass. And it makes musical sounds of harmony.

    Do you want to get in? Then work for it, pray 5 times. Give taxes, to your community, support your elderly family don’t leave them alone, this is the worst crime, support your own kin, your race, your ancestors, your culture, and most importantly, give support to the fatherless and motherless from all kins, and be patient in your work.


  10. Just like we did in At-tin, 95, The Tin Mountan, where the word “shape” occured in 21’th word from the bottom up, it roughly says that we are shaped into best of shapes, after we came down from the mountain of heights. The 95 have 34 words. The golden ratio point lies in the 21 word, from the bottum, up. Our facial features to are all according to golden ratio. The 21 world was said in golden raito point, 34 / 1.618 = 21 word, from bottom up.

    The Golden point chapter wise, 114 in total, in the quran is, 114/1.618 = 70.4573 , that into 71’th chapter,

    From the bottom up in the quran, with 71 chapters up we reach= chaper 43 “the golden ornaments”, because the relation is a+b / b = a/b = phi = 1.6180..
    ___. ______ ______. ___

    taking either a or b to be the larger or smaller length. Bottom of or forefront. The relation is the same.

    The Golden ornament also again have, 89 verses, which is a fibonacci sequence, 11’th iteration, 89 , so 89 verses in total, in The Golden Ornaments.

    The golden ratio from the bottom up, 89/1.618= 55’th, from the bottom up, i.e. 55’th verse from bottom up, you have to count the bottom verse 89, as 1, then 55 up, you reach the 35’th vers.

    the 35’th verse starts, saying

    43:35 “And Gold ornament. But all that is not but the enjoyment of worldly life. And the Hereafter with your Lord is for the righteous.”

    So we took the larger distance a(large) + b (small), = a(large)/b(small) = 1.618 where a was from the bottom up.

    Now we only coint from b (small), top down,

    relfecting to the oppsite site. ___. ______ ______. ___

    still the above relation remains the same. We have not changed anything mathematically, the relation does not care wether you turn the a golden ratio proportion length opside down. It still remains the same, in the mathematical eucledian space.

    Rahsahd was a heritic, he claimed that two verses must be removed from the quran in chapter 9. He was later stabbed to death, by plan of god, he died in

    31/01/1990 and number 31 01 1990 is – incredibly – both divisible by number 19 and 1230, the gematrical value of “Rashad Khalifa”=1230, in arabic/hebrew.

    31/01/1990: 31011990 = 19 x 1230 x 1327.

    Furthermore, if we consider the initialed suras subgroup – from which Rashad derived his 19 based theory – verse 19:1 (the initials “K.H,Y.A.S.”) is the 1230th verse of the Quran in such initialed suras, and the last verse of sura 19 is the 1327th verse.

    He tried to remove two verses to fit, his “so called” multiples 19 miracle. Our argument is 19 multiple mircale, are only supposed to work in 74, 96(the first chapter sent) 19 chapters from the end, and 72 (where enumeration is mentioned) , because both 19 and counting is mentioned. And when it occurs in consective terms, in one chapter, which makes the probability very smalle, 1/19, 1/57, … 1/19 x19 , 1/361 = 0.0027, then you have the right to call it a mircale. Otherwise if the relation doesn’t fit, in chapter 9, then don’t remove verses from the Quran. It just is.

    So golden ratio point of the Quran in terms of vers numbers.

    6236 verses / 1.618 = 3854 th verse

    3854 = 37:66 They will fill their bellys from it.

    It speaks about a people of hell fire, used to deny the signs of the quran, their reward is thorn fruits, of smelly foul smell, and melted iron poured down their throat, they will eat and drink like thirsty hungry camel. For eternity.

    Take from the bottom length to your belly button. Then take the lenghth from your top of your head to the belly bottom, take the larger side, to smaller side, the ratio is 1.618 the golden ratio.

    • Zacharia thank you! So much for sharing your research, this is what i was looking for, not to convice or convert, but to share in joy with my muslim brothers and sisters..We live holy times of timing and timely teachings.. I will use these researches to further strenghten our belief and knowing community in harmony and happiness.. bless..

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  12. Beautiful post, thank you! I’m experiencing more Days out of Time than ever before. Meaning, that the present moment is a fluid motion of…. yes, what shall I call it? Isness? Being? For some reason, out of not wanting and not aiming and not controlling, presence comes to fruition effortlessly. My mind enjoys a holiday at times and it’s very relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Wishing you all a safe journey with the sun shining inside and out. Blessed be, Marian.
    KIN 208 Yellow Cosmic Star.

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