Cosmic Moon: Don’t Expect Others to See What you See Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164

We are now entering the year of the Great Cosmic Purification.

On July 26, 2018 we enter the Red Cosmic Moon year, the year to Transcend old structures.

This year concludes a 13-year purification cycle that began on July 26, 2006 with the Red Magnetic Moon year and ends on July 25, 2019, Kin 13 (of which we are planning a big celebration in Teotihuacan, Mexico).

At the midpoint of this 13-year cycle was December 21, 2012 (Kin 207) the closing of the 13 baktuns of history as well as concluding the larger 26,000-year Pleadian cycle.

This Red Cosmic Moon year is Kin 169 (13 x 13). Our guide this year is Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker.

The predominance of the number 13 is greatly significant to the amplification of the receptive feminine energy combined with the purificatory power of Universal Water. This reminds us to let go and let it flow.

The day after New Year there is a full lunar eclipse which is also a blood moon on July 27, 2018, White Magnetic Dog. It will pass over much of the earth and is said to be the longest this century. The lunar eclipse happens when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, which blocks out the sun’s rays making the moon go darker.

In Cosmic Moon year we “endure in order to purify”, as we will witness more of the psychic wounds which underlie our collective consciousness  bubbling to the surface.

Millions of humans struggle for survival every day in the midst of an ever-threatening collapse of the natural order on our Planet.

The Earth’s present condition is a reflection of humanity’s spiritual amnesia that makes us forget our cosmic origins.

Humanity is governed by institutions of conformity and indoctrination that are designed to keep us asleep. Hive mind and group think is rampant. People caught in this hive mind will throw all sorts of assumptions about what is possible or impossible, what you should say or not say,  or what you should do or not do. But if we allow others to define our dreams and abilities, then we enable them to hold us back.

People within the hive mind often feel they are free thinkers. But are they? Who is? Are you? Am I? And what is a free thinker and where do thoughts originate in the first place?  What does it mean to Transcend and become truly liberated?

In these volatile times it is important to know who your allies are and have a positive field of people around you, as the negative currents of the world mind can be a challenge to navigate alone.

The veils of illusion run deep. Each one must arrive at the Truth in their own way. This world will not give us truth, it may give certain clues, but True Reality has to be experienced from within.

If you get overwhelmed by too much conflicting information then just sit quiety and ask to know the truth about whatever situation that you are confused by.

Ask that your eyes may be opened to see the truth: your ears may be opened to hear the truth; and that your heart and head may be cleared of illusionary influences. it is through this process of deep reflection that truth is revealed.

Examine everything that comes into your field. Question it. Seek to know the truth about everything. Pay close attention to everything you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. It is the job of Those Who Hear the Call, to redirect energy and create a new vision of the World, from the inside out.

Magic Map

It is as though we were each born with a magic map which contains a unique template, but its contents are mostly blank.

In this way our life is a treasure hunt where we are led through a series of experiences to pick up missing pieces of information so that we can fill in our map.

The Magic Map Book by May Byron, /Alan Wright, ill, Frowde,

We can’t see the whole picture until we go through the experiences and assemble the missing pieces.  It is a process of color by number. But, once more of the picture starts to reveal itself, dont expect others to see it.

Only YOU SEE what YOU SEE!

Sometimes it is wiser to keep quiet on what you are seeing when you are still piecing your map together, otherwise your process can be interrupted by those who want to negate you, thinking that their map is the correct one. :)

In piecing together my own map for the Cosmic Moon year,  my attention was turned back to the Regina prophecy as popularized through Mexican author Antonio Velesca Pina. Here is an excerpt of Regina being given the knowledge  from her Tibetan lama teacher. The prison of the moon can be thought of as the spell of the false matrix of time cast on the planet.

“You have progressed very much in the understanding of all kinds of beings, but until now you have treated human beings very little. When you know them, you will realize that the causes that impulse their actions are almost always illusory.

Men and women suffer and rejoice, work and have fun, love and hate, impulsed by a completely deformed vision of reality. Humankind is living as a prisoner in the jail of illusion/dream, and one of their favorite dreams is precisely to believe that they are free.

What originates this? said the lama, pointing with his index finger to the heavens as he was empathically affirming–the Moon

The Moon? asked Regina.

Yes, she is applying a hypnotic influence that drives human beings to self deceit and to collective fantasies. This hasn’t always been like this. In ages where spirituality was predominant, whole countries came to release themselves from this hypnosis. The wise rulers of those times were directing the construction of special artifacts that neutralized the dream-state that the Moon generates.

In Mexico, for sure there are still some of those artifacts. Their shape is always like a pyramid, and its interior, a highly negativve energy is accumulated, that when being transmuted in positive, consitutes the Force with which it is possible to break the prison of the moon.”








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  2. #Chapter 54: the moon and the 13, 13 correspondance.

    Ra’d mentioned twice in the quran
    13:13 83 letters, 3737 Gematrical Value, 19 words, angels fear god, thunder strike, ra’d.
    2:19 83 letters, 5974 = 29 x 2 x 103 GV value, 19 words, thunder strike, in the face of death

    29 deg to new moon, in 360’deg cycle. 103 moon distances to perigee distance, closest, in time of the 9’th month of 2001.

    7×7*83*100 = 406700 km apogee distance. about 117 lunar diameters

    I suggest you read 9:109 and 110. It is in the 11’th part of the quran.
    109 floors, 110 floors, 157 passengers = 157 letters in them both. 110 to the end of the chapter 417 words, 417 m one trade center.

    54:50 every thing is calculated and in a clear record

    Then he proofs it. Here in the chapter 54 moon.

    54:1 Moon have split and the hour is brought near.
    UT 1:54:01 21.7 moon rock cleft, year 1969 = 1389 islamic

    Number of times moon is mentioned split over 54:1, 20 before and after 7. 114 chapters.

    7/20 x 354.367 lunar period = 124 days into 1389 year

    july 21, 1969, not including 54:1 to the end of the Quran 1389 verses.

    Last verse of #moon, 54

    54:55 to get a place near the Sovereign

    1:1 to 54:55, 4901 = 13 x 13 x 29
    29 deg = 29.53 day period, there are 12.4 new moons in 354.37 period.

    Ra’d mentioned twice in the quran
    13:13 83 letters, 3737 Gematrical Value, 19 words, angels fear god, thunder strike, ra’d.
    2:19 83 letters, 5974 = 29 x 2 x 103 GV value, 19 words, thunder strike, in the face of death

    29 deg to new moon, in 360’deg cycle. 103 moon distances to perigee distance, closest, in time of the 9’th month of 2001.

    19 year solar lunar cycle, returning to the same spot, relative to the stars. there are 209 days added in the lunar calendar, or 7 months, for aligning the solar and lunar calendar, 19 solar = 235 months.

    19 year x 11 = 209 days. The lunar calendar moves 11 day behind the solar calendar every year.
    Alligment comes again after 33 years, returning to the same day.

    12:4 11 stars, prostrate, sun and the moon prostarte, dream to yousef.

    12:43 King saw 777 in a dream

    1+2:43 = 7 x 7 x 7 = 343

    next time said, stars and trees prostate.
    55:5 sun moon move in a precise calculation
    55:6 stars and trees prostrate

    1:1 to 55:5, 4906 verse = 11 x 2 x 223
    223 months = 19 year draconic year = 173.11 days * 2 * (return to the acending and decending node twice ) * 19

    Gematrical value of 55:5, i.e aleph = 1, ba =10, etc. the whole verse is a sentence, total numerical value.

    55:5 = 931 = 19 x 7 x 7 or in 11’th base 777, both the base is repeating digtis and the value is 7 repeating thrice. Like 12:43

    13 baktuns in the quran.

    12:1 to 12:43 (777) mentioned the total numerical value of all the letters are :

    200980 = 13 x 20 x 773 = 260 d x 773

    3 x for moon to take to the lunar node in acending, decending position = two 260 days

    a year period of 1550.5 year equals 87 lunar elipses.

    15:87 we have given you the oft-repeated sevens and the great quran.

    12:4 to 55:5, there are 3306 verses : 114 x 29

    114 chapters great quran. 29, is the deg period of 360. 12.4 times in a year. 33 is the 11 day difference solar, lunar cycle return.

    29 deg = 29.53 moon period, a cycle of 360 deg / 29 deg = 12.4 times in a compelte cycle, of 354.36 day. Also the same verse number where 12:4 11, stars, moon, sun, mentioned.

    12:43 to 55:5, 3267 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 11 x 11 verses

    3 sevens in 12:43 and repeting fives in 55:5 and stars prostrating in 12:4 11, stars and 55:6 stars and trees prostrate.

    Total gematrical value of chapter 12 = 497997 = 3 x 3 x 55333
    3’s on both side. And integer representation, = 3x7x7x7 x 4 x 11 x 11 – 39

    3, 7’s, and 4, 1’s. And 12:4 to 12:43, 39 verses.

    Total words in the 12’th chapter,

    1795 words = 1795 hours = 74 days 19 hours

    74:30 over it are 19

    777, and 93, lightning of creation.

    Do you remain convinced to convert to islam.

    You should respect your only creator and bow to him only.

    Islam is not a new religion.

    It is simply prostration to god.

  3. Thank you, Stephanie, a beautiful post that clarifies how the piercing of the veil is happening slowly, but gradually, in a way that moves and shift the pillars of the old paradigm we tend to cling to for want of security, even if we’ve outgrown it. To each his own and foremost it’s my own business to mind my own and not change the world around me so that it answers to my need in order to feel that I’m someone, to secure my identity.Now or never is the moment to nurture autonomy in sync with compassion that is at first directed within, embracing the shadow.

    “The wound is the place where the light enters you” these are wise words from Rumi. We’re all on a journey of the wounded hero, finding healing and understanding, discernment of the right tools to work out what works for us and for life on planet Earth.

    By the way, there seems to be a problem with posting comments. Two times I’ve found a response saying “Sorry, your comment couldn’t be published” after clicking on “Post Comment”
    It’s possible that my former comment is present on this page invisible to me for the time being.

  4. Great post and so true. More and more becomes clear as time goes on though what I see might not be apparent to everyone. Each of us have to walk our own path.

  5. Salaam. here it is, AT THE MIDPOINT WAS IS kin 207 THE GREGORIAN DATE 21 dec 2012 THE END OF …. this is fenomenal and crucial for the under/overstanding of this 13 MOON cosmic year!!! It means we all get to expose very LOUD AND CLEAR every relevant information about the MAGISTRAL 13 cycles in small and large context! Personally I layed down low last years having to clear up a lot of sh*t but am drawn back to the practices and studies where I left off.. synchronotron.. AND i believe that Blue Night intuition as well as all the blue KIN powers are there for us to call upon when the cal-cul- gets too heavy so we can plug into the KNOWING with heart and soul. Considering we have one.. Barbara Marciniak and the P’s are again relevant and urgent listening for those who are still asleep. yet the SHOUTING mode is proven to be ineffective as well- even the magnificent crop circles are still sownplayed and served off as some cult with a few hippy followeers to comment on! Red Queen, you shouldlook into the question of some serious PR. I am glad you hookedup with Dr. Jewel for that matter. Keep on inspiring us lady and lots of love and power I wish you, keeping track now, KIN 100. In la k Ech.

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