Alaska Mission: DNA, Poles and Immortal Body of Light

Each human brain is a microcomputer with the

 same operating system as the Planet.

How to recognize this?

Balance Brain Hemispheres.

Shift self-identity from the 3D mind of limitation to

 5D Mind of Multidimensional Consciousness.

This is our Immortal Body of Light.

Light is the Medicine of the Future.

These were key working themes on a recent trip to share the Law of Time in Fairbanks, Alaska with Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s advanced students in the School of Immortality. This was followed by a more public workshop in Anchorage during the Equinox.

Dr. Jewel, a trained medical doctor, teaches that the majority of disease is due to a chronic state of consciousness that originates and is exacerbated by living in the 12:60 machine frequency.

The remedy is to realign our thoughts and change our frequency in order that the chemistry of the blood stream can self-correct and our Immortal Genes can be activated.

Dr. Jewel runs Immortal Science courses for those who want to learn how to actualize their God self and live an immortal life.

Journey Begins

We started our journey in Fairbanks as it is a good viewing place for the Northern lights. Fairbanks is 30 miles south of the town called North Pole, complete with Santa’s workshop.

Our core group all knew that this was a date with destiny and that Now is the Time to further unify our knowledge within the context of the New Time.

Our group intention was to assist in the upgrade of  planetary DNA and thus anchor and accelerate the shift into the New Beam of consciousness by embodying the 21st century human.

In preparation for our journey, the group had been studying Accessing Your Multidimensional Self along with Dr. Jewel’s brain balancing program, which utilizes sacred geometry to realign and balance the brain.

This program results in the heightened ability to focalize the mind and retain and cohere larger amounts of information. This prepares the mind to think in wholes and enter more non-conceptual states of consciousness. These are prerequisites in understanding how to operate the Holomind Perceiver (sixth sense).

The Holomind Perceiver is part of the Synchronotron system as brought through by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. To learn more click here:

Application of the Holomind Perceiver gives the ability to move consciousness into other civilizations by using mind to travel through different (non-conceptual) thinking layers.

Light: Medicine of the Future

Thoughts are frequencies of light that have always existed and mind is an energy field that encompasses the entire body” Dr. Jewel.

Dr. Jewel prefaced the journey by signifyng a 6,000 year pole shift. She reminded the group the importance of the quality of light we receive daily for overall health, and the importance of full-spectrum lighting when indoors as the blue light of computer effects our endocrine system.

She reminds that the color black is actually a combination of all the.spectrums of light. When all the colors merge together it appears as though there’s no light. So it appears black to our eye.  But black is full of light, though  its chemical structure is such that it allows no energy to escape.

A key part of this  journey was about absorbing the frequency of the Northern lights and utilizing the electromagnetic or magnetic-electric energy to turn on our DNA.

DNA is ultimately energy, which at its most biological base form is identified as a double helix. It is also related to blood and bloodlines.

In its origin DNA is first a mental geometry and is thus permeable, not fixed. This geometry then steps down into form to become atoms and molecules that then create different chemical elements and structure.

Our DNA has been short-circuited by mechanization and artificial environments and so it is not functioning to full capacity.

The connecting DNA geometry can be envisioned to extend out and spiral through time into other dimensions. All DNA spirals ultimately lead back to the center Source, which is immortal by Nature. In other words there is a Central emanation point where awareness is beaming out from. This is the point where the beginning of time is always taking place.

When we reach the Source, we see that despite surface appearances, the Totality of Cosmos (as the sphere of consciousness) is always going to a Higher end.

Viewing through this lens, seemingly negative or destructive elements simply come up so that blocked energy can be cleared and the soul essence can keep spiraling higher. In other words: Everything serves to Further the Greater Plan.

Mystery of the Northern Lights

Much of our core group went outside in the middle of night to lay on the ground and experience the Northern Lights (and the rain). Many shared powerful experiences.

Aurora Borealis is derived from the Greek words “Aurora” meaning sunrise and “Boreas” meaning wind. But no one really knows for certain what these lights are.

Zoe, Kin 211, the youngest of the group

There are many legends, and we heard a few when we met with some of the elders.  They said they were always told  not to look at the auroras or your head would be cut off.

Red lights are said to be an omen.One woman shared that the day before September 11, 2001, the sky was filled with red lights.

Others believe that the auroras are the dead or ancestors. Another belief is that the   Northern lights are a reflection of a city in the inner earth which is accessed at the North Pole.

One of our participants, Omiyale, said that she felt that the energy was coming from within the earth rather than the opposite.

I found this most intriguing and it tapped the rememberance of  Admiral Byrd’s diary. He was the first to fly over the North Pole in 1926. In his diary he tells that at the North Pole he flew into the inner earth and spoke with a leader of the city of Agartha, who gave him a message of warning to give to the “surface people” in regard to their invention of the atomic bomb.

I also recalled the experience Russian scientist Alexander V. Trofimov had in 1975 with the auroras that set him on his path to study consciousness. He was on an expedition for medical school in a small village in the far north, when he walked outside and saw the auroras in a cone shape.

He felt that his mind and the auroras were interacting and experienced how his thoughts could change the colors. This is what set him on his path to learn about cosmic consciousness.This demonstrates brain as a transmitter and receiver. If people adjust their brain frequency and transmit a new perception, everything is possible, from changing our physical bodies to changing the weather.

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan points out in Time and the Technosphere that seen from the perspective of whole Earth, the rainbows and spectral plasmic effects, including the auroras, are the free energy released by the Noosphere (planetery mind). 

Plasma, Poles and RA

Our group also discussed the the significance of Plasmas as conductors of electricity. These Plasmas enter through the Poles of earth and unite at the crystal core to create an interactive force-field. They are key in activating the Holomind Perceiver to bridge the hemispheres.

In contemplating the significance of the auroras and the Poles, I was drawn back to Cosmic Science (Volume 2 of Cosmic History Chronicles) that states the secrets of the Poles are hidden in the fifth chamber of RA in Egypt (33 chambers in total).

RA is understood as the engineer of the solar system, similar to Kinich Ahau in Mayan terminology.

No sooner was I contemplating this than I received the book Sacred Woman from Queen Afua who was with us. She and Queen Esther had been on the same flight as me from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

Queen Afua, Dr. Jewel, Queen Esther, Dr. Heather Pearman

In the introduction of this book Queen Afua speaks of the Afrakan (rather than African) heritage and how few understand the true origins of Ancient Egypt.

She points out that Afraka literally means “flesh and soul of the hidden sun,”  and that Afrakans are the original star travelers and people of the Sun.

The Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan is called the Inner sun, mother of all prophecies. The 13 Moon calendar coincides with the rising of the star Sirius on the Nile.

My mind began to wander to Egypt and I contemplated the connection of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan and the Great Pyramid, which have nearly the same base perimeter of approximately 750 square feet.

I wondered what are the secrets of the Poles hidden in the Great Pyramid? And how is it all connected to the Atlantean experiment? According to Edgar Cayce the Great Pyramid will reveal all of its secrets when the Hall of Records is opened and proof will be found of its Atlantean origin.

The collective knowledge and intelligence that this group held tapped my memory bank and many pieces of information began to cohere and are still cohering.

Cultivating Inner Time Technologies is the way of the 13:20 Future.


13 thoughts on “Alaska Mission: DNA, Poles and Immortal Body of Light

  1. Also would like to comment that the book Sacred Woman by Queen Afua was the book that helped me learn about chakras and color healing. Very thankful for that blessed book. Love you and miss you RQ

  2. My heart is full to overflowing reading this. I am Lettie, Resonant Human, Kin 72. I received Queen Afua’s book, Sacred Woman, on my 29th birthday. With that being my period of Saturn return, I deepened into her text and learned how to cleanse my body and honor my womb. She was instrumental in me connecting with my lineage. I learned of Galactic Time just this year on July 25th. It was the day out of time and it rolled through my social media and piqued my interest.
    I got a calendar a few weeks into the Magnetic moon cycle and immediately began journaling. I draw the glyphs and write the affirmations and lunar movements. The synchronization of my life feels magical and delightful. My faith is strong and my sense of purpose is solid. Seeing this beautiful group of souls in this picture is like seeing a family portrait. What a full circle moment!
    I will be with you in Mexico in 2019. I can’t wait to meet you!!



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