Mexico: 2005-2019 – 7 Caves and 7 Light Gates

The future is encoded in the past.

Our job is to remember the future.

This is the mission of our upcoming journey to Palenque and Teotihuacan.

Palenque: 20 July – 23 July.  Cosmic Moon 24-27: Kin 8-11                                                                 Teotihuacan: July 26. Magnetic Moon 1: Kin 14.     

There are two separate events. People can choose one or both, or just join us at the Free Day out of Time event at the pyramids on Kin 13: July 25, 2019. 

Our four days in Palenque is a journey of memory retrieval and inner transformation that includes a sacred cacao ceremony, as well as a galactic renaissance ceremony activating the stories and songs of tomorrow. If we listen closely, we might hear the whispers of our interplanetary origin.

This will be followed by a Day out of Time ceremonial march for peace, water ceremony and rainbow bridge meditation at Teotihuacan on Kin 13: July 25, 2019.

Galactic New Year: Magnetic Moon 1, Kin 14. July 26, 2019 

Our Galactic New Year event in Teotihuacan: Encoding the Future and Steering the Timeship, will feature several diverse speakers who will invoke the future of community, future of medicine, future of free energy, future of science, future of social organization, and the future of Time and Art.

Wherever you may find yourself on this day, we encourage you to envision and speak the future that you wish to see. Take a day out of the cybersphere if possible.


The Avenue of the Dead is the main street of Teotihuacan, and stretches more than 2 miles and contains 3 major pyramid complexes: Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl).

Encoding the Future will be held at a venue on the Avenue of the Dead, near the entrance of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl is associated with the feathered serpent, symbolizing the merging of heaven and earth.

Quetzalcoatl also represents the inner transformation that has to be undergone to attain higher wisdom and is often associated with the return of Christ.


By the time the Baktun of the Maya (435-830), Teotihuacan was an unrivaled metropolis, possibly the biggest city in the world at that time. Population of over 200,000 people.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the tallest pyramid in Mexico and is built on top of a mysterious cave. It also has the same base measurement as the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. Both Egyptians and Mayans recognized long ago that July 26 correlates as a starting point of the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. 



Synchronic Number 14

The Moon waxes and wanes, each for 14 days.

Jose Arguelles was age 14 when he had his first vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun in 1953. 53 is the number associated with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, symbolizing the merging of heaven and earth. See previous blog:

This year’s Galactic New Year day is on Kin 14 next to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

In 2014 archeologists discovered liquid mercury in a subterranean chamber beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, which they speculate may lead to royal tombs.

20 + 14 = 34. Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard,  began the 13 Moon Dreamspell count July 26, 1987.

Twenty days after our Encoding the Future event is Kin 34, which is the first Full moon of the Magnetic Wizard year.

The following day we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence  (August 16, 1987), that concluded the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl (of which tens of thousands people celebrated at Teotihuacan alone).

The current 14th Dalai Lama is Kin 14.

The number 14 is associated with death and resurrection as connected to the Egyptian goddess Isis, associated with star Sirius.

Isis found her husband Osirus’s body cast up in the Nile river, the place where his brother Set drowned him. Isis hid the body, but Set found it and tore it into 14 parts that were distributed around the country. Isis found and assembled the parts of Osirus who then became god of the underworld.

7 Caves of Tollan-Zuvuya

14 years ago on Rhythmic Moon 9, kin 252 (December 21, 2005), Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan did a ceremony, “the purification of the fifth sun,” at Teotihuacan, which initiated the seven caves of Tollan-Zuvuya.

Each year we would open a different cave symbolizing the seven-year gestation of the new human, homo noosphericus.

The seven caves were: 1) Crystal cave: 13 Seed year; 2) Jade cave: 1 Moon year; 3) Turquoise cave: 2 Wizard year; 4) Obsidian cave: 3 Storm year; 5) Onyx cave: 4 Seed year; 6. Gold cave: 5 Moon year; 7) Silver cave: 6 Wizard year.

Since Zuvuya is the hotline that links past, present, and future, we will review this ceremony of the 7 caves of Tollan-Zuvuya in the words of Jose Arguelles:

“In the Nahuatl, these seven caves are known as Chicomoztoc, the seven caves of origin or gestation. These are also the caves of emergence and return.

The number seven refers to the primal seven clans of origin, those in whom is the remembrance of the original order of the universe.

For the Maya, these seven caves are known as the Vucub Pec (Seven Caves) of Tollan Zuvuya.

According to the Popul Vuh, the four prophets, Balam Quitze, Balam Agab, Mahacutah and Iqi Balam were the first to go to these seven caves of Tollan Zuvuya: This was the name of the city where they went to receive their gods.

The Popol Vuh states:

When they arrived at Tollan Zuvuya, Vucub Pec, Vucub Zivan (seven ravines), the old traditions say they had traveled far in order to arrive there. There in Tollan Zuvuya, whence they had come, they were accustomed to fasting, they observed a perpetual fast while they awaited the coming of dawn and watched for the rising sun In Tollan power came instantly to them; great was their wisdom in the darkness and the night.

These words speak directly to the prophetic nature of the initiation that occurred on the Pyramid of the Sun (on solstice 2005).

Tollan is the primal place of origins and the place of Return, the heavenly city. Zuvuya is the path of the cosmic memory, the sacred way of return. Just as the seven caves were the place of the first emergence, so they are the place of reemergence of the new human of the Second Coming.

7 Caves: 7 Light Gates

2005-2012: Opening the seven caves of Tollan Zuvuya

2013-2020: Opening the 7 Light Gates/Sirius

Seven Lights

Seven lights are there in the Most High and therein dwells the Ancient of Ancients, the Mystery of the Mysteries, the secret of Secrets: Ain Soph.” –Zohar

These seven lights are the rainbow: this is why the Rainbow Bridge project is central to the entire system of Galactic Mayan time science. The Rainbow Bridge already exists, yet the purpose of the rainbow bridge meditation is to practice until we vibrate into its dimension.

This Galactic New Year, Kin 14, we are opening the final ray in the Rainbow Portal:      Violet ray: Divine Omnipresence and Spiritual Love

At Galactic Synchronization (26 July, 2013), we opened the first ray of the rainbow portal with 7 years to build the Rainbow from the ground up (2013-2020).

2013-14: Galactic seed year: Open Red ray: Spirit of Life.                                              2014-15: Solar Moon year: Orange ray: Spirit of Sanctity.                                              2015-16: Planetary Wizard Year: Open Yellow ray: Spirit of Wisdom.                              2016-17: Spectral Storm Year: Open Green ray: Spirit of Eternity and Evolution.                                             2017-18: Crystal Seed Year Open Blue ray: Spirit of Truth.                                           2018-2019: Cosmic Moon Year: Open Indigo ray: Spirit of Divine Force.                        2019-2020: Magnetic Wizard Year: Open Violet ray: Spirit of Divine Omnipresence and Supreme Love.

In the prayer of the seven galactic directions, the seventh direction is the CENTER, which is the Galactic Source WITHIN.

This GALACTIC SOURCE  is Everywhere at Once.  

When everyone connects to this Inner Source all-at-Once, then Divine treasures of the purest love an unimaginable Joy pour forth onto all the Planet.

“May everything be known as the LIGHT of mutual LOVE!”

This is the purpose of our Mexico events.

      “The culminating goal of the Law of Time is the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge (planetary antahkarana), the making permanently manifest the interdimensional circuit by which all creation is bound as a single unity.

    When the Rainbow Bridge becomes a reality, it will be as if a cleansing fire descends down its arching pathway, cleansing forever the erroneous mindset spawned by false time resulting in the material suffocation of the soul and near-destruction of the terrestrial biosphere.

   Instead, there will be the glory of the telepathic unity of the noosphere – an unprecedented moment in cosmic evolution on Earth.” –VV






11 thoughts on “Mexico: 2005-2019 – 7 Caves and 7 Light Gates

  1. Walking in Albion, Chapter 14, Richard Leviton… An entire chapter about Teotihuacan ! :)

    Thank you !
    Kin 7

  2. I once asked myself how the other ascended beings achieved their goal of ascension and the voice replied “Together.” I had to smile at the simplicity of the answer and I noticed in this article it states that it takes everyone to make the shift happen and at the same time no less. So for anyone wondering why it hasn’t happened yet it is only because there are still people who haven’t made the decision to allow it.

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