Notre Dame: Synchronicity and Symbolism Yellow Electric Human, Kin 172

A wave of sadness rippled through the planetary body today as we watched the magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame go up in flames on Planetary Moon 12,  Kin 172: Yellow Electric Human/April 15, 2019.

The significance of the destruction of this ancient icon will continue to unfold and much will be written in the coming days and years to come. But no matter the cause or case, this was a time released event that is a deeply coded synchronic punctuation mark.

Much could be said, but for the sake of this particular blog entry I will lay out some synchronic skeleton keys for others to unlock and decode.

This Kin 172 will recur in 260 days on Gregorian New Years Eve, December 31, 2019.

The cathedral structure was completed in 1260, one-hundred years from when its construction first started. It was remodeled in the thirteenth century and partially restored in the nineteenth century, with many codings and subtle keys held within its framework.

Magnetic Moon 3: Red Cosmic Dragon, Year of Blue Spectral Storm. July 28, 2016.               Photo by Kin 218.

13 thousand oak trees were used in the construction of the cathedral, and originally there were 28 statues along the main facade. (these were decapitated in 1793 in the French Revolution)

The interior space of the cathedral is 108-feet.

The spire, which was originally built as a bell tower, and has been standing since 1852.

Also, there are 140 steps leading up the bell tower.

The spire was adorned with copper statues of the 12 apostles of the New Testament.
Christ  is  the  hidden  13.

This iconic Catholic landmark went up in flames six days before Easter Sunday, resurrection on April 21: White Solar Mirror, Kin 178.

Note on the 13-Moon calendar, the Easter psi chrono unit is Yellow Overtone Sun, Kin 200, signifying the redemption of the 7th lost generation. 

During the time of the fire, the Cathedral was in process of being reconstructed at an estimated cost of 169 million, as reported by the New York Times.

Kin 169 codes this Red Cosmic Moon year, with its affirmaiton: “I endure in order to purify.”

13 x 13 = 169.

Simultaneously to the burning of the Cathedral was a fire at revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem.

As of April 15 there are 101 days left in this Red Cosmic Moon Year that concludes on Kin 13 with the Day out of Time, July 25, 2019 (join us in Teotihuacan, Mexico!).

mary magdeline statue notre dame

13 is the number associated with the sacred feminine, as well as the serpent. Notre Dame, means “Our Lady” in French and is said to be dedicated to Mother Mary.  Though many believe that this and other significant Gothic structures throughout Europe were actually dedicated to Mary Magdeline, Jesus’ consort.

The mysterious 13-part Le Serpent Rouge (Red Serpent) also hints at this.  

This document relating to Rennes-le-Château appeared in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 1967, but its origins are a mystery. Each verse is named after the 12 signs of the zodiac, and with an extra sign Opiuchus, the serpent-bearer to make 13.

It is verse 7 associated with Leo that mentions Magdeline and Notre Dame. Here is the full verse:

I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Long ago, her name was Isis, Queen of the benevolent springs: COME TO ME ALL YOU WHO LABOR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Others know her as Magdeline with the celebrated vase full of healing balm. The initiates know her to be NOTRE DAME de CROSS.

April 15 is the 105th day of the Gregorian year. Kin 105 is Red Magnetic Serpent.

Red is also the color of flames that engulfed the Cathedral. It is also the color associated with Magdeline, as is the skull and alabastar jar.The cathedral contained three Rose windows, one of which was supposed to be the biggest glass window in the world produced in the 13th century.

Since the fire at Notre Dame occurred in the fire sign of Aries, I was drawn to read the entry for Aries in Le Serpent Rouge:

“In my arduous search I was trying to hack away with my sword through the dense vegetation of the woods. I wanted to reach the place of the “Sleeping Beauty” in which some poets can see the Queen of a lost Kingdom. Desparate to find the way, I was aided by the parchments of my friend, they were for me like the thread of Ariadne.” 

See previous blog:

It also must be noted that in 1909 the courageous Joan of Arc was beatified in the Notre Dame cathedral by Pope Pius X.

Crown of Thorns

Notre Dame is known for its Good Friday ritual when people from all over the world flock to kiss the crown of thorns. The Crown of Thorns, along with other relics of “Christ’s Passion” were allegedly bought by King Louis from the Latin Emperor of Constantinople.

This crown, along with other relics, was apparently saved from the fire.

32 years ago, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology was released on Good Friday, April 17, 1987, Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard. This initiated the path of the Galactic Maya.

Note that Kin 194 is also the signature of the opening of Temple 13, the tomb of the Red Queen, in Palenque, Mexico.

Those who follow synchronotron know that today’s telepathic frequency index is 1326 (13 + 13 = 26). And the kin equivelent is 26: White Cosmic Worldbridger, which is the 13th of 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. The base matrix unit is 3 and falls in the fourth time dimension of the Cosmic Cube in the Sirian forcefield.

Portal of the Last Judgment. Magnetic Moon 3: Red Cosmic Dragon, Year of Blue Spectral Storm. July 28, 2016.               Photo by Kin 218.









32 thoughts on “Notre Dame: Synchronicity and Symbolism

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  2. While there are 260 days in one Galactic Spin/Harmonic Cycle, there are 365 (364+1) days per one 1Solar/13Moon Cycle, so there is a 105-day difference between the two Natural Timing programs that coordinate the Synchronic Order: 13:20 (260) and 13:28 (364+1). April 15th seems to be then a sort of hidden coordinating factor within the gregorian count…
    15th April 1452 Birth of Leonardo Da Vinci

    15th April 1856 Death of Abraham Lincoln

    15th April 1912 Titanic sinks

    15th April 1935 Birth of Banner of Peace – Roerich Peace Pact Signature by 22 nations

    15th April 2001 Rare Venus alignment on “Native American Easter” on 1 Reed,
    (Quetzalcoatl meets Jesus) by Mormon John Pratt

    15th April World ART day
    15th April US TAX Day

    Timetravel to April 15 2014 and you will find the FIRST of 4 BLOOD MOONS (4 Moon 169 13×13) happening on Kin 167 while this year is Kin 172 on April 15 EXACTLY 5 Years and 5 Kins later Notre Dame of our Lady is on fire.

    The Prophetic 4 Blood Moon Tetrad/Quatrain cycle of 2014-2015 OPENS EXACTLY 260 days after the Grand Sextile Alignment of 7.29.2013, synchronizing with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius @ Mekka and right on Da Vinci’s 562nd SOLAR RETURN…
    …and CLOSES one day after Da Vinci’s 637th GALACTIC RETURN
    with KIN178 or 177+1 (Frequency of DaVinci’s ReBirth) marking the day of the LAST BloodMoon Eclipse from 2014-2015 Tetrad.
    “169 = 13 x 13.
 13 is the key number to the divine feminine matrix.”
    “The name “Red Queen” is not indicating Queen in the conventional sense. It does not signify a hierarchy or a rulership. Not at all. It is a CODE and time release program, a terma, symbolized by number 13” Stephanie South, Red Queen Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam
    Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds
    As presented by Red Queen on her blog “Unveiling the Feminine Matrix: Isis, Inanna and Islam” when adding the KIN/Galactic Time Frequencies of the 4 Blood Moons we get yet another KEY frequency: 169 ~ 13MOON”

    It was all prophetic decoded and set into ART already 5 years ago by Agent 113, please have a look at his two and probably many more blogs on the divine feminine and 4 Blood Moons:
    Second part of blog:

    And this on 4 Blood Moons with extraordinary grafics:

    • Thank you very much, ChanValum, that’s a whole lot of food for thought to digest.
      Very helpful to see the bigger picture and to enjoy the inspiration of the living patterns of life connecting us all. And yes, when I heard of the fire in the Notre Dame, on a classical radio program in the UK, yesterday morning, I felt a deep wave of sadness moving through me, a feeling of deep significance and meaning. In the early morning of that day I’d opened a little jewel box and found a ring in the form of a snake, in silver. I chose to wear it again and in Stephanie’s blogpost I read that the 13 is connected to the snake and the sacred feminine. No wonder I’m in wonder :)

      The smile in the heart is what connects us here, with the entrance in the 5th dimension. I feel and experience this as a Cosmic Star. Thank you, Red Queen.

      Lamat Ox Lahun Kin 208.

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      • Thank you 208!

        I already found that blog post, very much interesting.

        Prophecy attributed to Nostradamus:

        “A symbol of Christianity

        in France or Spain it will burn in purifying fire.

        Our Lady will cry for all of us and shine in the distance.

        With the coming of spring a church will burn in fire, a great Church of all time will be burned by sinners.

        Fire will burn the symbols that have been used for the ego of men and not in the name of Jesus.

        In France, Spain or Italy will burn the domes to be purified.

        A large church will be burned to bring good news.”

  4. Good information Stephanie, thank you! I knew something was up with this fire…
    Tip: In a link it’s better not to add the codes after “html”, so in this case fbclid=IwAR1RVeTpybg0fnSgrvEiyQREwpdwrH4svUYuB_UfriYciZXABQMRoTjdbnE… because that makes it owned by Facebook (fb) and difficult or impossible for people to open the link.

  5. I am going to enjoy feasting on this post from Eiectric Serpent and everyone’s comments over this Easter period and really take it all in. .. there is nothing that is not in and of synchronic order, and I wish everyone on the plan-et could understand this.

    Blessings to all
    107 Shirley

  6. this is soooo on the dot. semana santa! hallelujah, quan jin goddess of mercy bless us all. bye bye quazimodo :) 21 years to go 21 years to go… can u feel the glow and flow… 21 years to go 2 1 0…. 21 years to go 0 1 2 here we grow…
    blessings of light from the waters of creation, santa fe, andalucia, iberia, warrior bioreg. bless bliss psys

    • Interesting how some of us weave sources of info together and publish about it, with references. Thank you, Alex, for that summary! Corey Goode is an authentic explorer and eye witness to extra- and intra-terrestrial existences, to me. Also the Agarthan beings are coming out with testimonies and teachings both, which seem to be in sync with those of Corey. Tamarinde Maassen is on the foreground as embassador of Agartha. For those deeply connected to Gaia, she’s a great inspiriation and teacher.

      • jai sri ramana maharishi aki jai
        jai sri papaji aki jai
        jai sri moojiji aki jai
        om shanti shanti shanti om
        jai sri pacal votan aki jai
        jai sri quetzalcoatl aki jai
        jai sri valum votan aki jai
        jai sri don mirko fernando sanchez aki jai
        jai sri mahabodhisattvas aki jai
        ah yum hunab ku evam maya ema ho
        jai sri buddha aki jai
        jai sri christ aki jai
        jai sri mohammed aki jai
        om nam mioho renge kyo hallelujah salaam
        bashar aki jai jai!
        intergalactic velatropan praying mantis chief aki jai jai!
        red queen aki jai jai!
        GOD aki jai jai jai!
        1+1=2 but 2 as 1+1=3
        drogons aki dogons aki curnderos aki shamans aki baba yagas aki even the nagas aki bon aki even hitler aki george bush senior aki and i am eating him now as minerals. oh trump aki jai mr trump aki. sri alliance aki, sri jai 3 generals aki, sri Q aki! sri edge of wonder youtube aki! salutations to the alliance of lost souls dragon mothers and fathers, planet art network aki! technosphere aki biosphere aki noosphere aki solar system aki heliosphere aki velatropa aki galactica aki universum aki multiversem aki?
        but really are we truely here or are we in the big bang waiting for the universe to begin again???? is this a dream and if so who is dreaming?
        om kali om kali om kali

  7. What Sorrow; Time To celebrate! And what synconicity you sucking out of the pen? Better yet; check the “Burn baby Burn” songs lyrics “Burn that mother down.” That song is like a theme for our beloved church that was constructed in sign of Killing all paganic tribes in europe britain and eastern europe. All organised religion is full of crap. What saddness? What sorrow? Ohh we’re so sad, some craftsman ship burned down- what a joke, Emphaty is the poor mans cocaine, people just trip on it. If y’all were that shocked and donated that much money to millions getting killed and bombed at third world countries… This world had a chance. Burning of this church goes to show you that final judgement day is coming and you all who are not facing reality as it is Will be devoured. You’ve been warned!
    kin 12
    And crystal sun.

  8. There are a few interesting views from astrologers, on the event with the Notre Dame, I’ve noticed. It seems that polarising forces are at play, tuned by the constellation of certain planets. One of the astrologers commented “There’s a possibility that people react to this fire with as much bitter laughter as tears” for it evokes deep-seated issues related to religion and the suffering it has created in ignorant souls. In all the sorting out of issues and finding healing or compensation for what we’ve suffered as humanity, here’s a song that might bring comfort to some of the sorrows:

  9. final poem of DON MIRKO FERNANDO SANCHEZ BLUE MAGNETIC EAGLE passed past crystal moon

    When you were born,
    The Earth became your body,
    Stone became your bone,
    The Sea became your blood,
    The Sun became your eyes,
    The Moon became your mind,
    The Wind became your breath.
    After passing into The Other World,
    Your breath became the Wind,
    Your mind became the Moon,
    Your eyes became the Sun,
    Your blood became the Sea,
    Your bone became Stone,
    Your body became Earth.
    When We Ancestors were born, You did the same for Us:
    You summoned The Earth and Stone;
    The Sea rose and Sun set;
    The Moon shined and the Wind sung,
    For those, who come after, we will do, as you did for us.
    When we leave, we will do, as you did before.
    Ancestors we Praise YOU.

    mahabodhisattva don mirko we p-raise and envoke you.

  10. Dear Red Queen,
    Thank you so much for this brillant as usual paper on Notre Dame. Speaking from France, you’re absolutely right, much will be written on this event…and it’s better to take distance and to look at it synchronically. I found another interesting point I would share with you but don’t know what to think about…The burning of the Cathedral took place on Electirc Human, the Galactic Signature of Macron… the day it should have talked to people to answer the major social crisis happening here for 6 months with a lot of police violences and terror… The country of Human rights does no longer exist. I remember when you were in France and we were imagining the headlines of the future and the blue team envisionned the French motto “Freedom, Egality, Brotherhood” could take a revival. It will for sure but for now we’re experiencing purification and shift of collective consciousness. I’m sure ths event is another step, a call from the other side, from our lost memories…. After the seminar, we went to Rennes le Château and its mysteries. and spent such a good time there. Thank you for remembering us

    Today I woke up with David bowie’s song “Sapce oddity” in my head, I listened it on youtube and then arrived “under pressure” with this beautiful sentence and this beautiful reference to what is currently going about in France and surely a key for the sake of all the people standing up for their rights: “Pray for tomorrow gets me higher, Pressure on people, people on the streets… Why can’t we give love one more chance? And love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you to change your way of caring about, This is our last chance.” It sounds so true that I cried. Well, as Victor Hugo said “Tears are a gift, often cries after mistake or surrender revive our broken strength…”. This guy, (a Spectral Storm) who put ihis energy and talent to restrore Notre Dame was a genius like David Bowie (Electric Eagle) I woke up this morning with this lyrics “This is major Tom to ground control…”

    Today is Lunar Earth, the day we met in your place in Australia in 2012. The memory of our long chat in your living room filled my heart with gratitude, hope and faith. I put faith in my face and asked for a sign, then immediately I saw a balckbird, I searched for the symbolic meaning and found that the message is to work on ourselves from the heart and to sink within to explore our darkest side to transmute into light. In this wavespell when my beloved sister died, I take the advice and thank you beloved galactic sister for your support, for all you transmit it’s a beam of light you spread to the entire world. Thank you so much, I hope to see you soon.
    Love and gratitude
    Veronique – Planetary Eagle

  11. Here’s a tribute to Pachamama for all those who trust the companionship of Gaia, she who awakens with us. Lady Venus, our goddess with emerald green eyes is also present.
    She’s supporting us with the awakening of elementals in our every cell, DNA and big toes.

  12. Thank you for this! 💗🙏🔥

    I also noticed that this was the on the day many offer sacred remembrance of Jesus’ walking into the temple and turning over the tables of the merchants trading in the temple.

    Beautiful message here in the synchronicity!

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