Enter Galactic Holomind: a New Timespace Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon

The non egoic state of mind is the gateway to galactic holomind and meditation. When you are nobody at all, God is present; the Great Beyond is staring you in the face. … This is the Primordial Self whose authenticity you have been seeking all this time. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

In honor of the eight years since the passage of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan on Solar Moon 17, Kin 149 (March 23, 2019), here is an excerpt from his powerful booklet: Galactic Meditation.

It is suggested that you read this excerpt when you are in a focussed and undistracted state of mind so that you can really enter into the depth of this self-reflective realm.

Also join us now on the Timespace 6 meditation and ride across the interdimensional bridge of time — please feel free to share messages received at: info@lawoftime.org.https://lawoftime.org/timespace-navigator/

We are working on the final Timespace 7 Rainbow Bridge ride coming soon!

.….Chapter 12: Techniques of Galactic Meditation by Valum Votan (2003)

” … In Galactic Meditation, emptiness is not really emptiness but telepathic density.

If you are able to sit for a good measure of time without chasing any thought but simply experiencing the self-originated and luminous condition of mind, you may realize that while the space is void of any conceptualization, it is not really “empty.”

There is a kind of “white noise” pervading the entire texture of the space. This white noise effect is actually the “buzz” from the telepathic ground of reality. This buzz is the telepathic text of the interdimensional messenger service.

It is important to tune into this buzz and stay tuned to it, but without seeking or rejecting or even trying.

This telepathic density will yield, from time to time, “messages.”

Do not try to figure out or strain to hear, but simply follow the meditation technique while paying attention to the telepathic density.

It is into this telepathic density that you will eventually enter and then pass into another dimension.

What we are dealing with here is the embryonic experience of the Holomind Perceiver.

It is cultivation of the ego free mechanism of the Holomind Perceiver that leads us into the new evolutionary condition of becoming galacticized.

In addition to this non-conceptual experience of the telepathic density we also apply the codes of the synchronic order, particularly those having to do with sensory teleportation and time travel. (See Dynamics of Time free PDF: https://lawoftime.org/product/the-260-postulates-of-the-dynamics-of-time-and-the-evolution-of-time-as-consciousness/

For it is through such practices that the budding Holomind Perceiver hyperorganic sense organ gets activated.

… As you sit, ask yourself: Who is meditating? If it is not you, and you are in a state of non-ego, then who is meditating?

To whom belongs this primal self-abiding intrinsic awareness?

Is this God who is contacting you, or rather with whom you are coming in contact?

Where does this awareness originate? When we say it is self-originated, does this not also apply to God?

… All attributes of Universal Mind and consciousness are the self-originated Creator and Author of all creation which stems from nowhere else but Gods self-originated meditation and unceasing awareness PERVADING ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

So the ultimate value of meditation is that you are in contact with God, or the Presence of God.

It is because you learn how to remain in contact with Gods presence over prolonged periods of time that you can develop so-called divine powers.

These are the powers of the knowledge of the Galactic Maya and of the nature of manomaya.

This is how the opening to the Galactic meditation and holomind perceiver becomes a direct route to understand and participate in the powers the Second Creation-the reward for cleaning up your soul …

The true Self is the Face of God. And the Face of God shining upon you is the wisdom light of divine knowledge and power that allows you to transcend your third-dimensional self-perception, while endowing you with powers, until now only latent.

This attainment is not so you can become a better Buddhist, or Sufi, Muslim or Gnostic Christian, etc.,  which is good and fine enough, but to prepare you for the adventure of collective telepathic mind-merge in order to facilitate the advent of the noosphere and the next stage of the evolution of life on Earth.”

Basic Meditation Instructions

  1. Find a quiet space and undistracted time.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect and with hands on knees.
  3. Follow your breath, targeting your out breath as the point of focus.
  4. Whenever thoughts arise, just take note and consciously dissolve the thought with the out breath.( If you have to move, or have an itch, first see if you can just let the urge pass. But if you really must scratch, do it deliberately and consciously.)
  5. Try to sit like this for half an hour if you can, or even an hour. After awhile, you will find that an hour is hardly enough time to just settle the mind, so you then might try sitting for two hours. 

You will, of course, realize that your thoughts may be in the nature of a torrent, very hard to control, and you may have long lapses between remembering to dissolve the thoughts and return to the breath. This is the point of the exertion in meditation. It is quite all right if it takes you a while to get the hang of it.

The point is to remember to dissolve the throught by exhaling. At some point you may note that there are actually moments free of thought.

Those are the moments that you want to exert in cultivating. Those moments between the thoughts are the treasure lode. Why? Because that is the concept free space beyond your ego.

Further questions for self-study

  1. Who is manufacturing your thoughts?
  2. Where does that person who is manufacturing your thoughts reside?
  3. Who is that person chewing on these thoughts – and why?
  4. How do compulsive thoughts arise?
  5. Who is it that maintains them after they arise? And who is it that dissolves them with the exhalation?
  6. What is the nature of mind?
  7. Who is being aware?
  8. Has this state of mind always existed?
  9. Is mind the same as space? Who knows?
  10. Is there an awareness that self-exists apart from your own thoughts? Where did it come from? Who is meditating anyway?

The state free of thought or clinging or attachment is the ego free state. One of the points of meditation is to come to recognize the difference between the egoic and non-egoic states, but without judgment, because this actually is the point at which you may begin to develop self-acceptance and compassion.

Now we are starting to get somewhere …”

For the entire Galactic Meditation booklet go to: https://lawoftime.org/product/galactic-meditation-entering-the-synchronic-order/


10 thoughts on “Enter Galactic Holomind: a New Timespace

  1. Reblogged this on Xochipilli * Red de Arte Planetaria and commented:
    En honor a José Argüelles/Valum Votan , hoy en el 8º aniversario de su cambio dimensional la Reina Roja nos envia estas palabras siempre reveladoras. Gracias !

    Traducción : http://www.13lunas.net/blogreinaroja/Entra_en_la_Holomente_Galactica_un_Nuevo_Tiempo-Espacio.htm

    El texto seleccionado tiene mucha relevancia, muchas veces hemos acudido a él. Sabemos que es la Meditación Galáctica una obra y una técnica precursora de las Crónicas de la Historia Cósmica.

    El Texto sugerido para tenerlo a mano en la meditación diaria, haremos un archivo y pronto publicaremos aquí
    Hilo en proceso

  2. Thank you mystical lovers, among you the borders between worlds do not exist! So revealing are your messages, full of wisdom in the right moment of time. Inspirational breath of the spirit of the wind elevates us in multitude! We are Love, Peace, Harmony! Inlakech

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  4. AH YUM HUNAB KU EVAM MAYA E MA HO! Thank You Beloved RQ for continuing to share these essential transmissions from Votan. His teachings are blessings for us all. His heart, spirit and legacy continuing guiding us. He is loved and celebrated beyond words. We are with you. Rainbow Hugs, Eden Skywalker & Familia

  5. Thank you, Stephanie, for honouring and keeping alive Valum Votan’s wisdom words and connection to spirit/source. I’ve seen how he had to endure being a prophet, calling in the desert, in the 90’s, bearing the loneliness. In the picture of him here he’s so much at peace, that struck me. Blessed be (a druid greeting of old Britain).

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