Clear Seeing in a World Gone Mad, Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star

Helpful reminder in the current world climate that is externally driven. There is no way out but IN.

Practicing the Universal Equality of Awareness                                                                Excerpt from The Call of Pacal Votan, Time is the Fourth Dimension by Dr. Jose Arguelles (1996)

Galactic culture is culture free of all historical, culturally limiting chauvinisms, opening instead to the life of universal equality of all kin.

The fundamental technique for cultivating the state of nowness is referred to as ‘practicing the universal equality of awareness.’ This is the only way to maintain genuine freshness of mind.

Without this freshness of mind, the conditionings of the 12:60 timing frequency will continue to occlude clear seeing and the capacity for extended sensory vision or fourth-dimensional insight.

In these two capacities of mind, clear seeing and extended sensory vision, are the two goals of practicing the universal equality of awareness.

This practice is called universal because it can be undertaken by any human, and its object of experience is the universal nature of mind which is nothing more than the uncategorized equality of all phenomena and experiences with each other.

The experience of universal equality is maintained by an awareness that is actually constant or constantly available in the moment by bringing your mind back to it.

Practice of the universal equality of awareness brings about a mind that is without judgment yet discriminating, calm yet vigilant, and receptive to synchronic nuances of sensory mental input—extended sensory vision, which is the root of telepathic fourth-dimensional knowing and experience.

All of these qualities of mind are in the now, and free of third-dimensional conceptual clinging.

To practice universal equality of awareness, first understand the nature of mind, then the nature of mind as it has been conditioned by the 12:60 timing frequency.

The nature of mind is unobstructed clarity contaminated by neither content nor goal; its energetic capacity is to appreciate and spontaneously formulate sensory input into catalytic imagery capable of being communicated and/or translated into bodily movement or action.

If the mind remains fresh and open, bodily movement and action remain spontaneous and free.

Self-esteem is the spiritual root of the body moving in time. Without self-esteem there is no patience to watch the mind; without watching and knowing the mind, the body will not be
able to move freely in time.

Immersed in and conditioned by the 12:60 timing frequency, the mind loses its inherent freshness; its spontaneity is drastically reduced, becoming constantly ego-specific in its orientation, goal-oriented in its referencing, and clock-dependent in its governance.

Not knowing any other way, these attributes of mind become second nature, collectively creating the 12:60 mental field called materialism.

Materialism is mental addiction to a belief in the exclusive power of third-dimensional physical plane reality. The root of materialism as a state of mind is conditioned by the regimen of the seven-day week.

Even though 52 weeks follow in perfect regularity, the irregular reckoning of the 12-month calendar isn’t in accord with the seven-day week.

For this reason, the days of the week and the days of the month are continuously different and random, month after month, year after year. This conditions the 12:60 mind to egoic shortsightedness on behalf of the attainment of its own survival goals and amnesia about all else.

The coherent capacity of the mind to entrain a cyclic comprehension of no more than a generic week is further reinforced by money, which is rewarded for the time one has given to a job during five days of the week.

In this way the week becomes the measure of time allotted to ‘earn one’s bread,’ while the weekend becomes the primary and all consuming goal or escape valve.

The shut down this creates to the original unobstructed condition of the mind is profound; but when the clock is thrown in as the instrument for regulating one’s bodily momentum, then the situation of the 12:60 timing frequency becomes totally unnatural and unhealthy.

The inherent problem of the clock is the profound lack of trust it engenders in the body’s own inherent timing frequency.

The arbitrary division of the day—one kin—into 24 hours, each hour into 60 minutes, each minute into 60 seconds, and each second, by means of cesium atomic clocks, reducible to infinitesimal portions of itself, all of this factored into an endless, random, unpatterned relationship of months to days of the week, results in a mental situation of chaotic simultaneity and entropic solutionlessness.Even humans who practice some form of meditation, mental awareness training, or prayer and spiritual service inevitably succumb to the grinding ceaselessness of the clock-fueled state of consciousness known as 12:60 materialism.

It is for this reason that the practice of universal awareness of equality becomes mandatory in order to release oneself from the conditions of the 12:60 and to entrain the mind in the 13:20 frequency.

The first step is to cultivate clear seeing.

Since mind is originally unobstructed clarity of awareness, and since, in truth, the equality
of this awareness never ceases, no matter how much 12:60 conceptualization is generated as second-nature reality, one has only to understand this: no matter what its content, any thought or conceptualization experienced by the mind is self generated and devoid
of any real substance; a mere electroneural flash and nothing more.

By sitting still and holding the spine erect yet relaxed, watch the flow of thoughts.

By watching the flow of thoughts one can see that in actuality no thought is more or less important than any other; it is only different ego attachments that make them seem so.

Seeing the current of thoughts in this way one can experience the universal
equality of awareness as the flow of thoughts undifferentiated by egoic evaluation.

By doing this for a few moments at time, and extending it as one becomes more familiar with the practice, one can come to distinguish that there is actually ‘space’ between thoughts.

This space between thoughts is the original unobstructed nature of mind.

Through further practice one can extend oneself for longer periods into the non-conceptualized space. To experience this space is to taste the essence of Nowness.

In the space of Now there is no history, no 12:60, no ego, no beginning and no end. Because one learns to see without concepts, cultivating this space is called cultivating clear seeing.

Kin 89 = 12 spins VV



15 thoughts on “Clear Seeing in a World Gone Mad

  1. I keep getting a saying in my head we learnt in a Spiritual group in Byron Bay post millenia.
    We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For. For me the Mayan Calender always confirms this cosmic truth. In Lakech Neil

  2. I am delighted with this article and I felt the need to emphasize this fact.
    I absolutely feel this article and I can adopt every word as my own feeling.

    I’m glad

    Elizabeth’s aspect Galactic Storm

  3. I am delighted with this article and I felt the need to emphasize this fact.

    I absolutely feel this article and I can adopt every word as my own feeling.

    I’m glad

    Elizabeth’s aspect Galactic Storm

  4. Great article, packed with useful suggestions.

    “If the mind remains fresh and open, bodily movement and action remain spontaneous and free.”
    This is an especially good reminder. Thank you.

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  6. Wonderful words of wisdom said in a clear concise manner….here’s to the chosen ones …the ones who channel the one light

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