The Sleeper Must Awaken

The Sleeper Must Awaken!

Seven years have passed since December 21, 2012. So much has transpired.

Reality is a living, interconnected network of experience.

We are in a larger Mind of a Living Being.

No matter how things currently appear, there is a process taking place to liberate humanity.

Stay focussed on the New Creation.

Be open to new perceptions.

The only way out of a dream (or nightmare) is to AWAKEN from it.

The Sleeper Must Awaken!

What are we waking up from?

We are waking up from the spell of Satan’s Time. This is the 12:60 “artificial time,” the Orwellian inversion script, where ” war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.”

Remember: We have come from the Future, arriving in the Past to assist the Earth in its liberation from false Time that holds in place the matrix of (mind) control.

This inverted Time seeks to disconnect or short-circuit our connection to Source. This (false) Time manipulates our emotional body. This (false) Time is harmful to the children. This (false) Time is harmful to adults. This (false) Time is harmful to the Planet.

We are waking up! We are breaking the old spells.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we have volunteered to incarnate and set things aright on the future time track.

And Time (as we know it) is “running out.”

We are now being called to activate our Human Avatar. The first step is a willingness to face Reality as it is. This requires deep reflection.

What is told to the public is not what is going on. Truth can be difficult for many people to handle. But the Truth shall set us free.

Run all information through your internal discernment system. Reflect. Seek the origin of information. Learn to see from multiple angles. If we do not cultivate this holistic seeing, then we are allowing our subconscious/unconscious programs to run us. We were not born to be reactionary automatons. This is not who we are.

Humanity has been operating their lives by an unconscious mental matrix governed by artificial Time.

The imposition of artificial Time impedes our flow and natural rhythms, thus veiling us from our True Essence.

We have been in a long, deep sleep. And in our sleep has come the destructive infiltration and enslavement of the human race.

Educate yourself about how the world works. You won’t find it in history books. You won’t find it on the evening news.

Seek the origin of the World of Form.

Subconscious conditioning keeps us enslaved to old scripts. Our attitudes and ways of thinking are a result of the quality of our mind and the particular frequency that we are attuned to.

Nothing can change without the change of consciousness. It takes commitment and exertion to blast through the density of this world. We can do it!

Question what is underneath the surface. Why is certain information being presented to you? Why is other, even more, critical information not being presented to you? Who is controlling the narrative? Who is choosing where your mind is focalized. Who is writing the story? And why?

Take back the narrative! Help co-create the new script!

We have to begin to realize how our lives are intimately connected with the larger story playing out. This is the intention of The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time, the new book to be released in the Resonant Moon.

Remember: Time operates in a spiral, bringing similar circumstances to our present Time. These circumstances are not only in this world.

The closer we get to the present moment, the greater the process of acceleration. This process of acceleration is due to one principle factor: the mechanization of time.-Valum Votan

This world is a multidimensional theater of Time. A Timeship. The operational codes have been given. The embodiment of the Holomind Perceiver is the goal.

All the tools that we need to operate interdimensionally have already been developed. Many tools and books were given to understand how to operate interdimensionally. These tools are growing in potency.

We need to utilize the available technology and flood it with positive images and new thoughtforms. Whatever thoughtform you plug into, positive or negative, is plugging into you. The feedback is instantaneous.

We invite you to join us tomorrow at 11:11 a.m. PST. Meditate on the liberation of humanity. With combined intention, we can redirect the course of world events into positive outcomes.

Join us on the Timespace 7 journey.

The Sleeper Must Awaken!


Also in tribute to the passing of Patrick Flanagan, Yellow Electric Warrior, at 2:20 a.m. on Red Overtone Dragon/December 20, 2019. He and his wife, Stephanie-Yellow Crystal Star,  were great supporters of the Work to liberate humanity. He will be greatly missed. Bless his Spirit’s Journey!

Patrick Flanagan, Jose Arguelles, Stephanie South, Daniel Pinchbeck. Cancun, Mexico, 2010




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