A New Field of Awareness: Noosphere Yellow Magnetic Warrior

First New Moon 2020: Chinese New Year: Year of the Gold Rat

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan prognosticated that the artificial technosphere will culminate eventually in the awakened noosphere, the planetary sphere of thought, and its collective intelligence.

The transition from the biosphere to the noosphere takes place through an intermediary stage called the technosphere. The technosphere is the artificial sheath of technology that emerged from the biosphere and now permeates the Planet.

When the noosphere becomes fully conscious, it will invoke a new field of awareness with possibilities yet undreamed.

The following is the Introduction to the Rinri Project by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in regard to the biosphere-noosphere transition. We post it today in honor of his 81st Solar Return on Resonant Moon 15, Yellow Magnetic Warrior. January 24, 2020.

“Planet Earth is distinguished by a biosphere: the dynamic living web and region for the vital transformation of cosmic energy.

This planetary life-support system is characterized by a continuous circulation or biogenic migration of a finite set of atoms.

This continuous interaction of changes of atomic states produces vast geological epochs in a complex of biogeochemical functions and processes.

The incidence of change in the biosphere is an exponentially cumulative complexification of structure realized in the appearance of self-reflective thought and its geologically impactful climax, the rise of the machine.

This climactic moment of uncontrolled acceleration of the biogenic migration of atoms is referred to as biogeochemical combustion.

The machine is a biologically induced function of an artificial (12:60) timing frequency. The machine possesses a capacity for an increasingly rapid feedback process.

As with any other biological form this results in the propagation and multiplication of more machines of increasingly diverse types.

As an externalized biological projection, the machine requires an equally rapid propagation and multiplication in the species generating the machine.

The machine is the chief agent contributing to the condition of biogeochemical combustion.

Homo sapiens, the machine-generating species, is itself unconsciously absorbed in the irregular, mechanistic and exponentially accelerating process of the artificial 12:60 timing frequency.

As a consequence, humanity as a whole is unaware of the degree to which it has deviated from the biospheric norm of the biomass constant.

The biomass constant is the principle by which the biosphere maintains its dynamic within its otherwise highly limited surface space.

From the perspective of the biospheric whole, the machine-generating species has ruptured its biogeomagnetic resonance.

Biogeomagnetic resonance is the condition by which any organism maintains itself as a whole, indivisible from its support medium, the biosphere itself. As a species, humanity has brought upon itself and the biosphere the critical situation of biogeochemical combustion.

Biogeochemical combustion itself is the function of the increasing impact of self-reflective thought upon the biosphere in the form of a civilization driven by the resource-consuming needs of a machine technology.

The sum of this biogeochemical climax produces the irreversible condition known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.

The climax of the biosphere-noosphere transition will result in the creation of a new geological epoch, the Psychozoic era.

In the biosphere it is not individuals that survive, but whole species. Successful entry into the Psychozoic era is totally dependent upon the entire machine-generating species itself consciously initiating and completing the biosphere-noosphere transition.

This momentous undertaking will induce the positive manifestation of the psi bank: the underlying mechanism governing the evolution of life and thought within the biosphere.

The manifestation of the psi bank will signal the advent of the noosphere, the telepathically unified mental field of the planet, which is the prime requirement for the creation of the new geological epoch, the Psychozoic era.

The nature and immediate purpose of the (Rinri Project) experiment is to correct the biogeomagnetic perturbation caused by the machine-generating species. The human species, along with the sum of all life in the biosphere, is a function of the biopsychic field of resonance.

The biogeomagnetic perturbation of the biopsychic field is now adversely affecting the other two fields of planetary resonance: the electromagnetic and the gravitational.

The exponential increase of dissonance in one field, the biopsychic, inevitably affects the other two, for all three function together as a whole system regulatory unit.

Since the perturbation within the biopsychic field is biogeomagnetic in nature, a magnetic stabilization is called for. This is referred to as the magnetic re-education of humanity.”


16 thoughts on “A New Field of Awareness: Noosphere

  1. Are there any videos that I may learn more about this, for I am a recent discover of this work by way of Mother Tynetta Muhammad

    • Sullivan Young, if I may suggest a starting point for you, to explore the nature of time as we know it, and as it was once upon a long time ago, here on the planet, and in other dimensions, there’s a variety of websites connected to this one. The study of the 13 Moon Calendar is the best basic knowledge I believe, and from there you can explore other aspects of what it means to live in natural time. There’s lots of information, also with videos, in the site http://www.lawoftime.org
      And here’s maybe a good start:

      • I’m afraid your guess is equal to mine, finding one. When the one I posted doesn’t show up for you, it’s unavailable for all of us. I suggest to search for this presentation and see what comes up.

      • Yes, as I perceived Valum Votam in this presentation, he was in flow and his spirit shone through in it much. He was a beautiful man, with a mind and soul that bore the fate of a prophet, at times in the desert alone, who needs to wait to see his words come to fruition. And to me, it’s happening while we speak.

  2. Thank you, Electric Serpent Stephany. Although I’ve found it very hard, in the past, to grasp the content of Jose Arguelles’s words and highly abstract thinking skills to bridge the gap between his level of knowledge and the 3D reality on planet Earth, I’ve understood every word he shares in this post. Isn’t it amazing how our minds can flex their muscles? :)
    As I perceive the present condition on our planet, there’s a beautiful and welcome balancing of light and dark, showing up in all sorts of ways now. On a personal and collective level, it seems. For example, the Coronavirus pandemic holds parts of China in its grip and the global economies are holding their breaths, while China’s borders are closing. Fortunately, the pandemic is coming to a halt slowly. The Chinese government has witnessed the president’s arrest due to his neglect of the situation while knowing that in December cases of this flu were surfacing.
    The good news is, that stardust with nanotechnology is spread over areas in China where the virus is ravaging. The virus has also changed into a variety that isn’t deadly anymore. By intervention from the Pleiadean taskforces, watching this pandemonium from above. To some of you, this may sound like a fairy tale. For more info about this, visit Cobra’s blogpost page http://www.prepareforchange.com

  3. This article has arrived in such great timing, I feel. For as I perceive it, it’s a presentation of our present evolutionary leap in a broad spectrum, surpassing the limits of physical existence.
    Other teachers describe this process with different words, but the essence of the message is the same. It’s a question, as I perceive it “Can I live up to who I truly am and love myself and others unconditionally, acknowledging the birth pains, within myself and in the collective, of stepping into a new reality?” I’ve found this video with a presentation of what it is to experience the pain body.
    The presence of this woman is beautiful to watch and her words are clear and to the point. She’s pointing out also that time is a concept, a collective appointment lived here on planet Earth. 3D.

  4. Teilhard the Jardin, a philosopher and paleonthologist, Jesuit priest of the 19th century (I believe), had views and concerns about the living atmosphere around planet Earth. He expresses insights that were pretty much in opposition to the ongoing race toward materialism and the separation from matter and spirit. He developed Vladimir Vernadsky’s concept of noosphere.
    It’s very interesting to read his views and insights, I find. And not in the first place related to religion as in a church institute that is manmade.

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