Robotic Ghosts and Wraparound Dimensions Red Cosmic Dragon, Kin 221. Psi 144.

This is a dream. It will all disappear.

No one on the surface level has the full picture.

Our energy and frequency determine what happens next.

Society is set up to discredit anyone who presents a different point of view. We live in a bubble where knowledge is a function of the system that created it. But what if the system is faulty? What if the system was created by robotic ghosts with no soul signature? What if?

It is up to the people to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems. This starts with self-reflection and cultivation of the inner realm.

It takes consistency and discipline to unravel our inherited belief structures that are subliminally programmed into the cells of our body. Our job is to “pull the sword from the stone,” meaning to extract the living spirit from dead matter.

Galactic culture is the opposite of our current death culture that feeds on innocence and human vulnerability. This death culture is held in place by an artificial intelligence system that is currently controlling the timeline narrative.

The veil of artificial time is based on maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth. The masses are kept in survival mode, so that they have no time to reflect on, or comprehend the larger script playing out.

The truth is that we live in a multidimensional universe and who we are is far vaster than we can imagine.

The trick is to not to invest our energy and emotions into the ever-fluctuating world of illusion. That is part of the trap. The artificial system feeds on human emotion. This is a time loop that requires a conscious effort to step out of. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon calendar, to help lift our mind from the disharmonious grid matrix that seeks to control. 

We might ask: Are our memories and thought structures being manipulated by artificial intelligence? Are our emotions being socially engineered? What is an original thought? Are there any original thoughts?

Have you ever noticed how you think of a ‘brilliant” idea, only to google it and find it has already been thought? This, in itself, is proof that we are all drawing from a larger data bank (noosphere) that is collectively accessible. The noosphere is “an interlinked system of consciousness and information,” as Pierre de Chardin explained it.

The psi bank is the nervous system of the noosphere. The various teachings of the Law of Time demonstrate how this feedback system works. The maps are laid out in Earth Ascending: the Law Governing Whole Systems by Jose Arguelles (1983). This knowledge is further unfolded in the Cosmic History Chronicles.

Mental Health: 12:60 Machine Frequency

In the age of the machine, where everything is fast-paced and screen-oriented, many people are lonelier than ever, with little emphasis placed on self-reflection or the cultivation of the soul.

We do not yet know the exact effects of the machine frequencies on our biological system.

In the world we live in, when people do not receive an immediate electronic response, there is an emotional component. They take it personally. Or feel unimportant. And at the extreme, suicides have occurred due to social media.

Reflecting back to an earlier Rinri newsletter, some 13 years ago, Valum Votan wrote these words.

This acceleration-densification syndrome, or atrophy of consciousness, has affected virtually everyone on Earth.

In addition to the Internet, there is a cellphone virus. Cell phones everywhere! These miniature wireless devices also contribute to the deterioration of consciousness.

By allowing information signals to be instantaneously received and accessed at any moment of the day, the individual is capable of being immediately disconnected from the Now. Most members of the human species are walking up and down the streets, eating in restaurants, or driving their cars while talking to electronic vibrations, which their brains perceive as someone important out there someplace, quite possibly doing the same thing on another cell phone.

The cell phone radically robs your consciousness from the present moment. If you are doing something else while talking on the cell phone, it is only a ghost robotically performing learned activities, like driving or loading groceries into the car.

Since the species has little collective self-reflective capacity, either, it plunges headlong into its own self-created, self-absorbed madness.                                   This cyber-densification means mental numbness, the eclipse of  consciousness that precedes the onset of death. Acceleration of densification means that we are speeding in a gathering loss of collective consciousness to doom that recapitulates the catastrophe on previous world systems.

New Beam

The good news is that the pristine consciousness of the New Beam is already here. It is a time-release frequency upgrade that is accelerated by our collective effort.

The framework of the Law of Time gives us a comprehensive context in which to understand both the World situation, with its multiple crises, and our place in it.  But it is merely a framework. YOU provide the context.

By studying the patterns of our lives, we can form a more coherent vision of our place within humanity and the cosmos. This was the purpose of the recent book: The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time, to give an example of the initiatory journey through the lens of the Law of Time. It is a New Beam Genesis story; and we each have one.

The whole point of the Totality of this knowledge is to raise our frequency, open our heart, and allow us access to our personal and collective memory. When remembrance is activated, then a feeling of wholeness returns and we remember how to steer the Timeship back into the Heart of Time and release the stored treasures: our galactic inheritance.

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time



11 thoughts on “Robotic Ghosts and Wraparound Dimensions

  1. Thank You so much for this article Most Relevant and Important for Our Being and BEING NOW Available Loving Being Love First and Best of All Being WholeBodily Love and Its Expression God Bless You on Your Loving Journey!! JewellKahMaih

  2. Take the new beam note and then count in the fact that we’re entering a brand new space in the universe the past years or so entering a belt of photonal light…. We’re literally entering a new age of informational light… It’s exciting really. Take in vibrational light and the collapsing of negative dimensions takes on a new light… Too much info can be bad… Remember to keep a consistent positive outlook… I end every day remembering to feel blessed because your view on life can change the structure of the whole dimensionally. ~Thyra<3

  3. Thanks so much, Stephanie. I am from Beijing, China. Currently I am reading your latest book and benefit a lot…

  4. Thank you Stephanie for sharing this latest article. Very informational and inspiring!! I bought your latest Beautiful Book and loved it, it is definitely a re-read to integrate it and remember who we really are!!

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