Time Virus, Arcturus and Alpha Centauri Red Spectral Serpent

The pure and the innocent who knew how to keep their light shining, do not fear nightfall. Even in darkness they are able to find the Path. –Triguerinho

Remember that YOU are LOVE and you are LOVED.

This is a good reminder for us all in this particular stage of the biosphere-noosphere transition when Timeship Earth is being pumped full of fear.

Love is the opposite of fear.

In an age where disinformation abounds, we might ask: What is real? What is true?

To see the larger picture of planetary unfoldments requires cultivating a sense of compassionate detachment. We have to be willing to look at all facets of the diamond without judgement, for we are all cells in a GREATER BEING.

No matter how things appear, there is a Supreme Intelligence and Healing Force that is ever-present. While we cannot control all external events, we can control what we are inwardly focussed on.

Perceived threats to our physical vehicle call for us to get clear on the purpose of our life. What or who are we living for?  This is an opportunity for deep self-enquiry.

There have always been forces of involution and forces of evolution (or what some call dark and light). Now is the time to probe more deeply and understand the script set forth since the beginning of time, and our place in it.

In contemplating the deeper symbolism of Coronavirus, and all the keywords of the many stories circulating, such as quarantine, social distancing, bat soup, bioweapons, 5G (weaponized frequencies), as well as the economic/political components and the fear and panic being pumped into media, I synchronically opened the book, The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, to this paragraph:

But you must reap the consequences of making assumptions based on one set of sense parameters, and then find these assumptions do not hold within the range of another set of sense parameters. This is some of what happened to you in Alpha Centauri …!

Alpha Centauri?  This caught my attention, and I deeply reflected on this passage.

The Arcturus Probe continues:

But more seriously, on Alpha Centauri, you encountered the dread vampire legions of Lucifer’s lost brigade. What is most terrifying about these vampire races is not their capacity to paralyze the wills of others, but their ability to transmit the Lucifer strain.

I was stunned in rereading this. Noting that a vampire is a parasitic entity that feeds on a host, just like a virus. And it is interesting to note that this year’s best picture at the Oscars was called Parasite. And countless Hollywood movies depict a killer virus, in particular the movies Contagion, and The Strain where an aggressive parasite infects New York City, turning people into vampires.

The Arcturus Probe defines the Lucifer strain as a genetically debilitating memory depriving virus. It goes on to state that the key to overcoming the virus and returning to our original coding can only occur after we have unraveled the Lucifer plot.

I reflected that this “plot” or timeline seeks to divide us as One people and feeds on emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred. When we come fully into the present moment, fear cannot exist. In the Present Moment, there is only GOD.

Also noting that the movie Avatar takes place in the year 2154 on Pandora, a lush forested moon orbiting Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri Star System.  Pandora is not habitable to humans, so one has to be genetically engineered to enter a “Na’vi” body, which is operated from the brain of a remotely controlled human.

Sex, Death, Power, Money

According to the Law of Time, the unraveling of the Lucifer plot is encoded in the purification of four lost planets: Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Maldek (sex crimes), Mars (death-fear cults), Jupiter (false light/abused power), Saturn (corrupted monetary system). These are the key themes that the media blasts out continuously every day. But these four planets and attributes are merely a blueprint in our solar system for a pattern that has been repeated on other world systems.

The Arcturus Probe introduces the Galactic Federation, who asks the question: How to curb the Luciferian energy without abusing free will? The solution they arrived at was “the quarantine,” in the farthest edge of the Velatropa sector.

The Urantia Book also highlights a similar plot. It teaches that our system of Satania, and our planet, Urantia, has been under quarantine ever since the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion.

The Arcturus Probe states:

What had begun as a Probe to spread our love, so we thought, throughout the Velatropa sector, had turned into a dilemma and challenge which none of us had foreseen. Our original spore forms pre-empted by the dreaded Lucifer strain, we now had to devise new genetic material and patterns to accommodate our fourth-dimensional holons. And in karmic recompense, we now had to track the Lucifer plot to every last recess into which its strain had burrowed.

If one rereads The Arcturus Probe, you will find much of the present-day script in there. It was written as context for the Dreamspell codes as a cosmic memory retrieval tool that can be accessed daily through the 13 Moon calendar.

We now find ourselves at a time where the pendulums of involution and evolution are swinging wildly back and forth, back and forth. When it reaches the end of its swing, there appears a brief instant of pure potential energy when the pendulum is motionless. Everything falls silent. Then occurs the GREAT RECONNECTION of all Cells of Totality back to Source. A reconfiguration. A Transfiguration. A PLANETARY RESURRECTION.

This is the eye of the needle, the narrow gate that leads to the Absolute. The Absolute is the Convergence point of all totalities. The distortion matrices are cleared, and an entirely New Pattern of LIfe emerges.

Don’t give up.  Be with Courage. Hold the light.

And please see this great article: Coronavirus Contains its Own Medicine,  by  Paul Levy, Crystal Wizard. https://www.awakeninthedream.com/articles/the-coronavirus-contains-its-own-medicine

15 thoughts on “Time Virus, Arcturus and Alpha Centauri

  1. Hi Stephanie. Red 13 Skywalker here in MI. Thanks for this. I woke up with your name in my mind this morning and knew you would post. I folded my laundry while I waited and it popped up. Lol.

    Yesterday, Red 11 Serpent began my inverse harmonic and I have had so much Synchronicity on these 4 kin. I feel the negative karma of Maldek and Mars is ending and has been part of Earth for too long.

    I’ve read the entire Urantia book also and study it when I get a chance. I was happy to see you knew about it.

    I feel A.I. is Lucuferian as nd uses nanites, nanotech to infest those who are emotionally vulnerable. An open heart, full of Love, guarded by Christ Michael is the key to safety and healing as well as being turned into the earth. Michael is White 3 Dog. BD Aug.21, AD9?? I believe. That is also in Urantia Book. Electric love and loyalty.

    Anyway, I am still working diligently on corresponding the Tzolkin movements with precise movement in the genome and they are matching up! Very soon we may have some “other proof” of the multidimensional nature of protein folding. The movement of the 5 archetype gateways is the key that unlocks how the amino acids inform the mRNA. It’s complicated but I’m doing it. I hope to hand it Bruce Lipton to assess. He is my direct analog, White 13 Worldbridger. Who knows.

    I support your work and feel Jose in the other often.

    Take Care.

  2. Gracias ! muy buena información que eleva la energía de nuestro vuelo, precisamente la cuarentena planetaria que estamos viviendo nos conecta con la verdad, con la memoria de los mundos perdidos !.
    No hay mal que por bien no venga… Tal vez el virus llega para impulsar cambios necesarios en el planeta, un virus no deja de ser la naturaleza en acción, siempre sabia y sorprendente. Tal vez el virus nos está mostrando que es imposible vivir en las ciudades llenas de combustión fósil y antenas que dañan nuestro sistema inmunitario… que no podemos seguir haciendo lo que hacemos en la era industrial, tal vez parar la maquinaria sea buena alternativa… La crisis alarmista, el egregor provocado en la población mediatizada que es hipnotizada, obra de los medios de comunicación masivos se propaga el verdadero virus: el miedo. Por otra parte la red de arte planetaria se hace cada vez más consciente de sí misma, el ser espiritual colectivo se unifican en una vibración que nos conecta con la Noosfera.

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  4. This is heart opening and gives me more understanding about my mission consciousness. Law of Time is the Master Key.

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  6. “I reflected that this “plot” or timeline seeks to divide us as One people and feeds on emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred. When we come fully into the present moment, fear cannot exist. In the Present Moment, there is only GOD.”

    This explains why spiritual writers kept saying to remain calm…I figured the virus feeds on fear, but I also wonder if many of us don’t already have it in us..but our immunity is good and keeps it at bay. Except, I have noticed that when those emotions get the best of me, shortly afterward, I start to feel like I am getting sick, with a cold…then I rest and get into my heart again and symptoms subside.

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