Resurrection of the Divine Feminine White Magnetic Wizard

Be vigilant and allow no one to mislead you

by saying “here it is!” or “there it is.”

For it is within you. –Gospel of Mary Magdalene

We are navigating through a multi-tiered interdimensional battle for domination that is being played out on multiple levels. The message of the true masters and prophets have been disempowered, hijacked, and derailed. What is sacred is not valued.

The old “normal” is Gone. There are opportunities for quantum growth that are inaccessible at “normal” times. Pay attention to what is not being said. Pay attention to what is on the periphery.

The Time calls on us to be vigilant and keep our attention focussed.

A quantum shift is taking place within the Core. This can affect our sleep patterns, relationships, and our perception of time. We are swimming in a sea of disinformation and propaganda, duality, and battles; the only one we can trust is ourself and God.

Our destiny is to recover the original template, the  Forgotten Paradise, by unifying heaven and earth through our activated plasma bodies that vibrationally plug into the entire cosmos.

Many who have been working on the Path of Light are receiving revelations and upgrades at this time. Those who have not chosen to walk this path are in confusion and fear. It’s never too late to switch tracks.

Rather than battling ourselves and the world, perhaps it is wiser to seek within to find the origin of the mystery of “cosmic evil.” Seek the Source, rather than chase the shadows. Question Everything back to its Source. Guard your mind and heart, and do not allow it to be hijacked by fear or other peoples opinions. Let go of all that does not support the highest expression of your divinity.

This is a final Wake up call for those who can awaken.

Imagine that the key to turning the world around was to overcome your self-hatred, fear, and judgment. How would we behave if we knew that to be true?

Our opinions and debates really don’t matter if we are not expanding our heart and working to elevate our Frequency into higher harmonics.  It is all about FREQUENCY.

Divine Feminine

Connecting to the divine feminine energy has never been more critical. We all know that in the Bible, after three days, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb, saw the stone rolled away and was the first proclaim Him as having overcome death.

Magdalene represents the archetype of the divine feminine who was cast aside and maligned by the controllers of history.  (Also noting that some churches still prohibit women from the all-male ministries).

In the Sophia of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene is entrusted with the most elevated teachings of Jesus, and has a prominent role in passing on his message.

In the Pistis Sophia, Magdalene is also prominent among the disciples and asks more questions than the rest of them put together.

In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, she is portrayed as a leader, and she alone, of all the disciples, is not frightened or afraid.

The Gospel of Mary of Magdalene tells the story that after Mary finishes her account of Jesus, two of the disciples unexpectedly challenge her. Andrew objects that her teaching is strange, and he refuses to believe that it came from Christ. Peter goes fur­ther, denying that Jesus would ever have given this kind of advanced teaching to a woman, or that Jesus could have preferred her to them.

“How is it possible that a teacher talked in this manner to a woman about secrets which we are ignorant? Must we change our customs and listen to this woman? Did he choose her and prefer her to us? —Gospel of Mary Magdalene 17:9-20.

The story is explained like This:  “Apparently when he asked her to speak, Peter had not expected such elevated teaching, and now he questions her character, implying that she has lied about having received special teaching to increase her stature among the disciples.

Severely taken aback, Mary begins to cry at Peter’s accusation. Levi comes quickly to her defense, pointing out to Peter that he is a notorious hothead, and now he is treating Mary as though she were the enemy. We should be ashamed of ourselves; he admonishes them all; instead of arguing among ourselves, we should go out and preach the gospel as Christ commanded us.”

The Initiates: Servers of Light

True initiates, such as Magdalene and Christ, are the ones who, above all else, desire Communion with Divine Consciousness, and to be unified with the God-essence within. These ones are granted access to the hidden chambers of the heart that link to subtle worlds opening them to perceive the inner essence of other beings.

In reconciling the opposites within themselves, the initiates are granted intuitive perception and guided on a path to information that others may not be privy to. This is not because they are superior, but because they have cultivated these internal qualities, undetected by ones immersed in the material plane. 

True initiates are the group of souls, from every tradition and walk of life, who have been working inwardly (and often alone) on the unification of light.

Those who become One with love, fear nothing. All love is offered back to the Source of Love. These ones are embraced on the inner planes and rewarded for their efforts with peace and warmth of heart, the energy of the Divine Mother.

I left the world with the aid of another world. A design was erased by virtue of a higher design. Henceforth, I travel toward Repose; where time rests in the Eternity of Time.         I go now in Silence. –Gospel of Mary Magdalene

“When your body is crucified with the disease, ascend in the consciousness of health.

When your mind is crucified with trials and temptations, arise in the sphere of self-control.

When you are entombed in sorrow, resurrect yourself into happiness.

When you are buried beneath restlessness, resurrect your mind into continued calmness in deep meditative silence.

Your God-love has long remained hidden within you, crucified by your inner indifference. By daily deep meditation, awaken your spiritual ardor and resurrect it into the consciousness of Absolute Bliss.”

— Yogananda, the Second Coming of Christ






17 thoughts on “Resurrection of the Divine Feminine

  1. During my meditation today I saw the rainbow light streaming from the apex of the octahedron above my head, but instead of two rainbows I saw four, following the lines of the edges of the octahedral crystal. In this way the earth was surrounded and protected by two rainbow rings.

    This seems to me to be a development of the original rainbow concept of this meditation. A hint perhaps to say that nothing is fixed and that the present moment is especially powerful.

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  3. Absolutely beautiful, a soothing message in the time we live now. I have a deep love for Yogananda, who was one of the first spiritual teachers in my life through his books and Mary Magdalene is a kindred spirit in that she questioned everything and had an opinion about everything. I’m famous for that too, although some family and friends raise their eyes to heaven at times, haha. I’ve met Mary Magdalene and Jeshua once, in a vision. I’ll always remember the love in their eyes and Mary’s mischievous naughty sparkle in hers when she told me “Go for it girl”
    That was the remedy I needed in the blackness of despair I found myself in at that time.

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  6. I went for a private retreat at a monastery. On my drive to the Camaldoli Hermitage I stopped at a book store. I stood before shelves of books and silently asked to be guided to choose a book. My hand rested on The Woman With The Alabaster Jar by Margaret Starbird. I checked into my hermitage, Sophia, and then went to find a bible, deciding that while I was here I would participate in the Christian tradition. The next morning, I prayed to be guided to a passage in the Bible. I randomly opened up the Bible and gazed down. I read about Mary annointing Jesus’ feet with nard. I don’t remember which gospel it was, I just recognized the story of the woman with the alabaster jar. On my last day at the hermitage I decided to attend the religious service in the morning. I sat down on a wooden pew. A monk stood and walked to a podium. He opened his bible and began reading the story of the woman with the alabaster jar. I began to weep. 3 times this story came to me…..and it is still a mystery why. Mary’s devotion is so utterly beautiful. To be able to perform an act like that without fear of humiliation…..truly, she had a profound connection with Jesus, he must have healed her wounding, he must have seen himself in her, and she in him….

    • Hello Christine Aspenhill, I’m trying to respond to your beautiful comment. I’m not sure what happened to my response of yesterday evening. I can’t see it here. At any rate, I truly appreciate your sharing of these experiences with the synchronicities around Mary Magdalene’s anointing of Jeshua’s feet.
      I’ve left a comment here on April 14th, where I mention a vision I’ve experienced in the presence of these beloved masters in their precious divine partnership. When I’m in turmoil and sort of lost… I can call Jeshua and he’s with me instantly, in spirit
      To me, your last words in that comment seem to show that you’ve understood their relationship to a great depth. Thank you!

      • Thank you Devon, for your reply. Its nice to be seen :). Their connection, Jeshua and Miryam…..such a mystery. When I can touch it, so profound. Many days, like today, it feels far away, untouchable, unknowable. But, I do believe they brought in the future, the redemption of the feminine and, conjointly, the healing of the masculine. You are blessed to have had a vision. Visions stay with us, can be touched again and again and change our resonance.

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