Interview: Love, Quarantine and The Uninscribed

This interview, 65-day Initiation of Love, was broadcast on Mz. Felicia Muhammad’s Universal Principle Hour on the Jewel Network live radio on Kin 256 Yellow Solar Warrior (Wednesday, March 25, 2020).

We discuss love in light of the time we are living as well as my new book: The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time. We hope you enjoy!

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time, now available on ebook.

The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time

4 thoughts on “Interview: Love, Quarantine and The Uninscribed

  1. Wow the 1st day of Spring was the first day of the Season of Love! And then Easter was 260 days from another important day. And then now we are the wavespell of timelessness (White Wizard) where we are in Covid 19 Isolation and time is different for sure! And next is the Healing Wavespell. Following the Dreamspell Calendar gives me comfort and hope and it feels like we are getting what we need. It’s a beautiful way to live in synchronicity.
    Last week I dreamed that I received a very plain crystal bowl from an angelic being. It lit up with light and shone as bright as diamonds. I thought this is very plain looking to be a grail! What I noticed is that it was “UNINSCRIBED.” I believe it is letting me know that I am ready to be a vessel.
    Thank you for the comforting words Stephanie Red Queen. Bliss U.

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