The Mask and the Mirror Blue Galactic Monkey

Our term on this earth is finite. Outward image and trappings mean nothing. The Evolution of our consciousness takes precedence over any third dimensional form identification.

In my meditation this morning I recalled that the first gift I ever gave to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was a CD of Lorenna McKennitt’s The Mask and Mirror. It was his 63rd birthday (9 x 7), Kin 126, and the first day of my apprenticeship.

126 = 63 x 2.

Her album was released in 1994, the same year as the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen in Chiapas, Mexico. She is kin 105: Red Magnetic Serpent.

My favorite song on that album was Dark Night of the Soul, taken from the writings of St. John of the Cross.

Somehow this album could not be more relevant as now we find ourselves in a masquerade ball in a quarantine zone at the end of linear time.

Resolving our inner most being is critical. No one can do it for us. There is no one to blame for not taking responsiblity for ourself and feelings. The man-made artificial 12:60 system is destroying our world. But only so that a new world can emerge from its ashes. As one world ends, another begins

Only Love is REAL.


Nature Bats Last

As the forces against nature unwind, the degree of violence on our Planet will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and the degree to which the balance of Nature has been broken. This is Natural Law, and different bioregions are (and will)  experience varying degrees of this.

Meanwhile on the earth realm and according to the Institute for Policy Studies, since “lockdown” began in March, the group of billionaires’ total wealth has increased by $308 billion. Billionaires boast a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion and their collective wealth skyrocketed up 1,130% between 1990 and 2020. Hmmm… I wonder what the wise Tree people have to say about this?

The devastating reversal predicted in many Prophecies, such as the Hopi, is part of a cyclical unfoldment, where Nature bats last.

If those who thrive from the destructive aspects of this system, its money and its power, can manage to stop it from destroying the people, then many may be able to survive the current season of Purification and finally enter an age of Peace. Everything is still possible as long as we have breath.

This Blue Lunar Storm year (that we entered on July 26) is seated in the Mirror wavespell. This indicates a year of deep self-reflection, of who we are, what this world is, and what our true mission is.

While in public, we may have to mask ourselves, at home we must face the Mirror of our soul. This is the meaning of the Time.

As a species we have deviated so far from nature, which is merely our core ESSENCE.

When we veer too far, an identity crisis ensues. When we forget who we are, we tend to identify with “roles” to define us; whether it be family roles, gender roles, politicial, racial or national roles.

We are at a turning point of historic magnitude exceeding anything that we have known in the whole of our history.

We are in the Great Unknown where the Ancient and the Future are colliding.

This life is all an inner game. Those who have already “bottomed out” and gone to zero point and experienced the dark night of the soul, are faring better at this time than those who have not. For them (myself included) every day we wake up is a blessing. Our happiness is not dependent on other people or the outside world.

At this time, some people are plunging into fear, and panic, while others are receiving Divine Revelations from the Source.

The fact is that if we REALLY remember who we are as Star Children, or children of the Sun, connected to GOD, then all of these third dimensional identiies become irrelevant. This is not to negate the process of healing on the physical plane … but just to point to the fact that we must go DEEPER.

The biggest crime to humanity is harm of innocence, be it children, animals or Nature.  

NOTHING should be mandated (except perhaps kindness) in my world-view. Forces of darkness seek to divide those of us who would otherwise be united.

It is painful to witness and experience.

Many of us experience it in our family circles and close friends. Many of us empaths are having to set and reinforce strong boundaries. We are living a paradox. We must learn the art of setting strong boundaries while not creating more karma and division. Easier said than done.

If everyone realized that each person is on a unique path of soul growth and memory retrieval, then perhaps we could have more compassion and not be so quick to judge other’s viewpoints. Perhaps we would take to heart the prayer of St. Francis and seek to Understand rather than to be understood.

Though, if those we seek to understand abuse our empathy and feel entitled to attack us, then sadly we have to block them from access to us.  I, unfortunately, have had to do this several times these past weeks, with all due compassion, but we are here for soul evolution.

“For love that is not requited in equal measure is not love at all; it is not sacred. And holding on to the ideal of such love can keep us from finding the one that is true.”

― Kathleen McGowan, The Book of Love

It is a sad realization that not everyone can understand our heart, particularly if it is a close relation. But if you find yourself having to defend or explain your perceptions over and over, only to be perpetually misunderstood, attacked or projected on, then there is no choice but to Move on, out of self-respect. And then lift our eyes to the Stars.

Starry Ancestors

In times like these it is helpful to remember the bigger picture and the Greater Mission.

Our ancestral cultures worldwide remember our connections to Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, and other star systems. They also remember the times when we had to go within the earth for safety, protected and instructed by higher evolved beings who dwell there, and who are at one with the beings from the stars.

The pathways between the stars, which form the constellations, are mirrored in the ley lines of our Planet.

Certain sacred sites bear specific relationships to certain panets, stars and star systems (see the work of Richard Leviton). Such is the gridwork or the Arcturus protectorate, that the ancients helped construct in attunement with the Earth.

We are now being asked to re-activate this planetary gridwork.

In the “lockdown”, each of us is precisely where the earth needs us to be to activate this gridwork. Our prayers will be directed toward reactivation of vital life force not only upon the surface of our Planet, but within it.

We know that there are tunnel systems that run through the Earth, great caverns and hidden chambers containing objects and records of the past. These are the invisible libraries.

This past Day out Time, I had been scheduled to assist in opening of the Invisible libraries at Shire Farm in Tetford, UK, with Mike Booth as foreseen by Richard Leviton. This was to be followed by an event in Glastonbury (Avalon) at the retreat of Mary Magdalene. But it was not meant to be in the physical.

The musicial chairs stopped in the Solar Moon (March), and we are where we are meant to be in these moments. Nothing is by accident.

Wherever you are reading these words, imagine that an invisible library sits below the earth. You are the Keeper of the Knowledge of whatever location you find yourself in.

Note: The invisible libraries not only contain all terrestrial and off planet knowledge, but also have an index and record of broken dreams and neglected opportunities of the human race. Each of us has some feeling in our heart that we are not manifesting all that we came here to be. Don’t feel bad about that. It is inbuilt into our cross-bred genetics which keeps most of us in a perpetual state of paradoxical flux. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Note that carbon is the base of both coal and diamonds. If we make a change in the electronic stucture, the isotopes, then we change from coal to diamond. This an alchemical process which is now available to us all. But we have to be completely open, without judgement or animosity, with the understanding that no institution, no belief system, and no government can help us.

We ARE the UFO’S: Unified Field Organizers. There is nothing outside of us. We are always in “Contact”, we just have to clear our mind enough to receive. Tools were devoped in an ongoing time release, an interdimensional interface system known as the Holomind Perceiver.

Galactic (and interdimensional) intelligence is waiting for us to wake up.. (note the video at end was written by Sir Alfred Tennyson, whose birth and homeland was Tetford Lincolnshire where Dev Aura now resides, the place where I was supposed to be this past Day out of Time to activate the Invisible libraries.

Master Teacher of Tamarinda, Ambassador to Agartha (inner earth)

14 thoughts on “The Mask and the Mirror

  1. Thank you dear sister. I can always feel when you’re about to post. My soul comes searching.
    Thank you, felt this entry in all of my essence, down to the cellular level. I have been thinking about you a lot lately
    Afiya Kin 50

  2. Thank you, Mrs. South. the Separation has had (its) place and as empaths we hope for fast recovery for all involved. Inspiration is never lost. And every Inspired Breath well intentioned, and directed, following your precious descriptions of how it Works with the Libraries, towards the Right Place -in these each Day special Times- is completing our common task now. Thank you for the In-ormation and the In-Spiration this gives to many. Never Mind the others now. Ah an afterthought- this mythical personage, called Red Queen in the Allison In Wonderland – stories. She doesnt seem to be able to move forward? –A change of nickname could be beneficial, is that correct? Respectful Greetings from Aminta Fall.

  3. Poignant as always readers follow her invocation.
    (FYI you are already, it is however advantageous to make the process conscious)
    The PEACE that passes understanding down in our HEART to stay.

    There are more stars than you can count in a “lifetime”.
    Star interaction is similar to “cell” interaction. {ratio}
    Earth and the planets in relation equal differential gravity.
    Gravity plus mineralogical interaction equal density.
    Density interaction equals REALITY.
    Braincells “orbital” spinning motion-multiplied by the number of braincells intermediate infinity amalgamator.

  4. Interesting synchronicities, as always. The songs of Loreena McKennit are incredibly connected to the energies of Arcturus and Avalon. That CD you mention I got from an aunt in Canada. Loreena is Canadian, and was actually the roommate of a friend of this aunt.
    I got to know her because of the movie “The Mists of Avalon”. When people wish to connect to the energetic frequencies of the Arcturus Protectorate via the Avalon path, they can listen to “The Mystic’s Dream”, also included in this particular album.
    I’ve been feeling very much Kali’s energy in the past few days… we can make the most of the energetic pathway that the Blue Lunar Storm is gifting upon us, to release and renew…
    Much love to you,
    Aida 222

  5. Hello and thank you for this post. I was just sitting in my chair feeling lost, and lonely. I was wondering about the whole idea of “this is what is meant to be” and ‘this is exactly where I am supposed to be.’ yet aware of the feelings I have having that I do not know how to do this. I decided to go back to the site about the 13 moon calendar and was drawn to the blog section where I found your posting. It spoke directly to me and answered… well confirmed some things I already knew, reminding me that yes indeed I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The hard part is fighting the loneliness, the loss of labels, and what am I now if not a teacher, a mother, a wife? This is the journey for me right now. To accept and know I am not my labels, my jobs and what I can or cannot do. I am just I am. Good and a hard place to be living in a physical world where everything you see is the physical world of facades. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. Synchronicities all over, these days. Another beautiful post, Stephanie, you’re embodying what’s been taught and shown to you, more each day, it seems. Thank you so much!
    This part of your post is so clear and to the point:
    (quote) “Resolving our inner most being is critical. No one can do it for us. There is no one to blame for not taking responsiblity for ourself and feelings. The man-made artificial 12:60 system is destroying our world. But only so that a new world can emerge from its ashes. As one world ends, another begins” (end of quote).

    At present, I’m glued to a couple of videos, published by Lorie Ladd. A lady who, to me, shows a natural authority and great teaching skill, diligent and down to earth, About a subject that is highly unconventional and unusual to many of us, who are not familiar with dimensional levels and how they relate to each other. In a way, one could say it’s about the history of planet Earth seen from a higher dimensional level, and from a human level, with the impact of 4-dimensional beings called Reptilians, beings existing in energetic form, entering human bodies and feeding on fear from within.

    To me, these videos of Lori Ladd are helpful to keep things in perspective and to act on our freedom of choice. The transformation starts from within, we may have to wear a mask outside our home, we can take it off in front of our bathroom mirror and see what’s true in the face we see reflected.

    This part of your post is exactly what Lorie Ladd has emphasized in her messages, over and over:
    (quote) “If everyone realized that each person is on a unique path of soul growth and memory retrieval, then perhaps we could have more compassion and not be so quick to judge other’s viewpoints. Perhaps we would take to heart the prayer of St. Francis and seek to Understand rather than to be understood” (end of quote).

    This video is called Reptilians & The Great Awakening:

    I wish you all a safe journey in good health and companionship at crossroads and picnic benches.🧡💜💚💛❤️💙

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