Phoenix from the Flames: Oregon Fires White Planetary Worldbridger

Why tarry now? When a house is burning, scurrying for your possessions will only cost you your life. This house that is burning is Babylon, the 12:60 way of life, which is now destroying your biosphere and poisoning everything about your life. Do not linger now fondling your machines. This is the day of judgement. If you can remember, leave this burning house and know that a better way has already been prepared for you … Telektonon, 102

The Old Order is crumbling before our eyes.

I began this writing from Portland, Oregon, where the air is reaching hazardous, and now Oregon is the worst air quality in the WORLD. My heart goes out to many close ones who are displaced or have lost their homes, including several friends and family. In particular, Jose Arguelles and mine’s longtime assistant and friend Jacob Wyatt, his wife Kelly Harding, and their two young children, Aidan and Juniper. Jacob is Director of Communications for FLT  and he and Kelly assisted with all graphics and layout design of Cosmic History Chronicles and many other publications. 

The Alameda fire that claimed their home occurred on the evening of Blue Resonant Night (September 8), Kin 163, in Talent, Oregon. Many other houses were burned in the nearby town of Phoenix, which symbolizes the flame of resurrection.

Blue Resonant Night was also the signature of the Day out of Time on July 25, 2013, followed by a sunrise Resurrection Ceremony in Mount Shasta on Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164.

Here is a link to their GoFundMe page. I encourage you to help support them if you can, through financial means and/or your Love. (Thanks so much to Cornflower for creating this page!).

“In order to rise / From its own ashes / A Phoenix / First / Must / Burn.” — Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

Many are still in a challenging fire situation along the West Coast of the United States. As of this moment, approximately 3.4 million acres burned along the West. Many investigations as to the cause are underway.

These are all wake up calls into a Greater Reality.  Our personal experience is but a fractal of a vast Cosmic Story unfolding.

Change and impermanence is the only norm.

As I write this second part it is White Planetary Worldbridger, 19 years from the pivotal 9-11, when much of the world we see today was set in motion. 911 backward is 119.

Kin 119 is Blue Lunar Storm, which codes this present year. This is the year of supreme polarization and catalyzation; a time where old patterns are being swept away, as a new light descends.

The old structures are threatened by the New light and seek to extinguish it by various means. As above so below. There is a raging war in the heavens and war underground all being played out on our current Earth stage.

Earthquakes are increasing. Volcanoes are sending ash into the stratosphere, blocking the sunlight and the ability for seeds to grow. As growing seasons lesson, genetic seed banks are increasing. The air, water, land and the human mind is full of pollution.

Planetary Worldbridger corresponds to Planet Mars. Seeing the images of the reddened  skies in Oregon, combined with toxic air, I could not help but flash to what occurred on Planet Mars when the atmosphere went out.

Within a very short matter of time, Mars was uninhabitable to its once proud third-dimensional population. Where the trade and triumph of empire had sent its armies and caravans, empty winds raged and blew chilling blasts of red sand. Everywhere the evil red sand drifted, covering shattered monuments where no one any longer breathed any kind of air but that which was radioactively poisoned. –The Arcturus Probe, Jose Arguelles

Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon, Kin 164. No filter on


The Arcturus Probe recalls the memory of the Martian Atlantesians who were given to a deadly trade-off: in place of free will and cosmic memory, power and luxury padded by an elite who continually espoused a philosophy of defense and security.

Deja vu. The Wake up call has now been issued, again. And it keeps getting louder.

With new (or old Atlantean) A.I. technologies, for every story in the media, there seems to be a counter-story. For every story, there is another story to debunk it. These advanced psychological operations are being deployed through the media and the Internet. Personal management software is also being employed, so it appears that there are several people at once online to simulate widespread support for a particular narrative or point of view. No wonder many are confused.

What is real?

Ultimately only love-energy is real. But to know this requires cultivating our direct channel to Source and developing and trusting our intuition above all else.

Inner discipline, combined with outer action is essential to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes. It is comforting to remember that our true Divine Essence is always undisturbed, no matter the changing life circumstances.

With multiple challenges upon us, we can either choose to go into fear and despair, or we can utilize the current earth challenges to affirm our wholehearted commitment to being emissaries of the New Light. We have come to help lift this Planet into its next dimensional octave.

No matter what the obstacle, our job is to maintain continuing consciousness and stay focussed on the Highest Path/Timeline.

From the ashes and debris, we will arise from the flames and reestablish Galactic Camelot or Shambhala, the mythic kingdom on earth where true loyalty, understanding and service is the norm.  In this world,  kindness is the highest currency, and  Divine Wisdom, Love and Equality are the axis upon which we establish our daily life.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” — Haruki Murakami


14 thoughts on “Phoenix from the Flames: Oregon Fires

  1. Thank you, Stephanie, your cup seems to be overflowing with inspiration 🧡 triggering comments of readers/friends that are way-showers and eye-openers as well. There’s a depth to it that is welcome and precious. So sad to hear that Jacob and his family have lost their home.

    This part of your words is true as much as royal blue:
    “Inner discipline, combined with outer action is essential to ensure that we do not repeat the same mistakes. It is comforting to remember that our true Divine Essence is always undisturbed, no matter the changing life circumstances”.

    For many years, I’ve spoken about the awakening of the trauma related to the Atlantean time period, caused by the triggers showing up in fast forward motion. Then and now. So that we’re able to make the distinction between “then and now”.

    I’m pretty much aware when triggers awaken my past lives’ patterns, imprints and trauma, which is a blessing. I don’t have to identify with images of old programs, they can show up as a by-product of the shaping of my reality, so that I’m able to observe, in those moments of what’s expressed in German: “Aha Erlebnis” which means: a dawning of, or surprising moment with insight and understanding. Pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

    Since many of us may have lived in the Atlantean time period, we’re reliving that past, in a way, in sync with the intense drama and turning topsy turvy of many things, inside and out. Now.
    It shows to me, how time moves in cyclical ways, where you can imagine a coil spiralling up (or down) where each time you move in that motion, a vertical connection occurs as well, between the individual circles that form the spiral or coil.

    Similar to a vibrational match, like when one string on a guitar is plucked and the same note is produced on a string of a second guitar. Resonance within the cyclical motion of our existence causes an awakening of memories and feelings, which is in essence how triggers work on an energetic level. To know of this process taking place is helpful. Is this too abstract?

    I’ve looked deeply into the Dreamspell when I attended the first workshop in The Netherlands, in 1996. Translated it in Dutch and created all illustrations of the Tzolkin calendar in ink, so that the person who studied it, could fill in the colours and begin to familiarize with the cyclical motion of time, in a logical and creative way both. After all, I’m a Yellow Cosmic Star. Creativity is the gymnastics for my soul.

    I call this re-connecting with our past a form of Spring Cleaning. Just like we Dutchies were in the habit of cleaning the whole house in springtime, in the ’50s and ’60s, taking the carpets and curtains out, on the washing lines, moving all the furniture, empty the cupboards and wardrobes, using the dustcloth in many nooks and crannies, throwing away the unnecessary items, filling the basket with rags, with the windows cleaned at last, so that the light entered the rooms unfiltered.
    “Spik en Span”, we called it when it was done.

    Which washing program do I choose? Daily wash? Delicate? Cotton? Short program? What washing powder do I choose? And whitener? Fabric softener? Soda crystals?

    Here’s an article related to this post here, I believe:

  2. Sending love and support to our friends and all people affected by the fires. Also here in Argentina/Moon-Human Zone we’ve just had huge devastating intentional fires, big areas burned to the ground (most probably to take the lands for production purposes). The fire maps are scary..

    The planet’s on fire, surely a reflection of the human mind and spirit, and and echoe of the lost worlds as RQ points out. Now we can definitively hear and feel that needle scratching repeatedly the end of the 12:60 record. Hope and prayers for a new dawn. May humanity wake from its long dream before it’s too late,… and maybe it’s too late already but life and love will prevail and reach the other side of history. All thoughts and intentions to find strength to breakthrough these challenging times.


  3. True disconnection does not exist; all are tied and ultimately responsible.
    – Do you want to put your milk on a stable position/path?
    – Do you want to clean up the mess after it is spilled and molded?
    The sooner you take responsibility for life on this planet the easier it is and the more positive the effects that are created.
    Slice your life into seconds or microseconds and ask yourself “For what purpose did I do that?” in each slice.
    Creation is purpose, responsibility is the key measure of functionality.
    When our greatest teacher Jesus speaks of “hell” he actually refers to cities that burn the trash instead of using the word hell. Jesus is very clear that heaven and hell are states of mind. When you are in “hell” you are in the process of recognizing and removing your encumbrances.
    As this relates to the phoenix, we must burn off our encumbrances to awaken to our true infinite lifes potential.
    Let us recognize our collective encumbrances and be willing to give up our extravagant tendencies to nurture in a balanced future.

  4. The phoenix is the symbol of the USA. The flames remind the burning of the Alexandrian Library in Egypt in the fourth century A.D. To understand the American Revolution it is necessary to go back to Alexandria, mecca of serpents of wisdom, lovers of freedom and worshippers of the Goddess from the third century B.C. to the fourth century A.D. , when it was destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church. In the Middle Ages the story is repeated when European serpents of wisdom blossom under the name of Knights Templar, heirs of the Sufis, and again are slain by the Inquisition. Then in the seventeenth century European serpents of wisdom rise under the name of alchemists, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, but this time they are more cautious and not willing to let themselves be slaughtered. They wait for an opportunity to oppose the Catholic Church which comes when Martin Luther creates the Protestant Confederacy. Aligning themselves with the Protestant Confederacy, they proceed to instigate the destruction of the infamous French prison the Bastille in Paris under supervision of Saint Germain, and unleash the French Revolution, destroying the most insidious self-serving monarchy in Europe. This was lead by Rosicrucians and Freemasons, who also went to the USA to defeat the British Crown and create a new model democratic nation as an example for the world to follow. Today you have an Elite who wants to divide, control and annihilate, this time the entire world population, instigating fear, fire and destruction, but this time I believe people do not let this happen again.

    • This Elite has the mass media and technology behind them, but quite surely not the majority of voters. To this last thing they already found the solution: manipulation of the voters count with a feature called the “weight race”, which fractures the votes of candidates into decimals. It has been used over the recent years mainly to keep out candidates that threaten the Elite and comes bottoms up, but not yet in a big way, probably……. Recently Michelle Obama announced the Democrats have to win “big” in order to avoid any doubt about the election results. They have the perfect means to do that with this feature, and they will use it. Republicans do not mind because many are part of the swamp and hate Trump. The Laws will back them because the Democrats are the party of Lawyers. However, the most brilliant mind today in the world when it comes to technology, Shiva Ayyadurai, found out this feature because he became a victim of it. In this way he became aware of the Elite’s plans. More than 1 million ballots disappeared in Massachusetts. In the one county that votes were hand-counted he won, in all others he lost with a consistent 40 to 60 % to his Republican opponent, unknown to the people in Massachusetts. When Shiva posted on Twitter the inter-action between him and the Election officials, who refused to hand over the ballot-images in the allotted time, ten days, which are proof of how they come to the election results, Twitter shut down his account and all his cellphones got hacked. These officials, and Twitter is involved here, have violated Federal Law, they do not stop at nothing. Shiva has done several interviews on the latest occurrences, on the Next News Network and Camelot Castle Network in England, to get the news out. If prosecution and widespread knowledge of this feature in the Software does not take place soon, it might lead to a Civil War in the USA. For the upcoming elections, the only solution left is hand-counting of the ballots, or write in as they call it. There is no way for fair elections with machine-counting.

  5. In 15 towns in Massachusetts volunteers for Shiva asked for the list of numbers of voters and votes counted. Votes counted can never be more than voters registered if correct, but in the 7 towns that complied with their request, all had MORE votes counted than voters registered, and some towns even up to three times more votes than registered voters! And forget about so-called fact-checkers because they are part of the Elite. Shiva’s discovery of this feature called the “weighted race” in USA ‘s (s)election software system is HUGE, and must wake up people. It shows there have never been fair elections in the USA for a long time, and before the invention of this feature the Elite controlled the elections in other ways.
    In my first mail on Shiva I talked about Shiva’s intelligent way to understand politics ( it gave me my political education at least!), that that are three forces: establishment ( elite), not so obvious establishment ( disguised elite) and those who really stand for the people. However, I forgot to say the most important part, which is that in most countries, and certainly in the USA, which is supposed to be a model for other countries, the first two forces work together so that the third force, the real people, those who are not part of the Elite and come bottoms up, never gets into power. This fact can no longer be tolerated by the people if we are to move to the noosphere, the fifth dimension the Golden Age or whatever you call it.

  6. The fact that nobody’s vote matters because the Elite has developed the technology to select the winner anyway, should upset and unite everybody against those actively involved in Selection Fraud. This “Debold” Software system, operating since 2001, is by the way installed in 99% of all machines used in the USA for counting votes in elections. All this division with groups like BLM or Antifa pales when Americans realize their vote is manipulated to the Elite’s wishes, in any state. Shiva’s campaign however moves forward, although they know they will be cheated again anyhow, but moving forward, with the write in campaign that has to be hand-counted, is the only way to be able to continue to expose the fraud and in so doing awakening and uniting more and more people against those committing fraud.

  7. I would like to point out a bit more how I came to learn about Shiva Ayyadurai.
    I grew up with parents who have socialist convictions. Heated political discussions were at the order of the day although nobody was actively involved in politics. I never tried to understand, that was just a way to get a headache, and I never voted. In 2007 I learnt through my mother about an organisation called Avaaz, who takes action for justice in the world. They are also politically flavored. I started to support their actions by giving my signature, but never checked on them. If you never follow any news, like me, how can you? Through Avaaz I got this idea about Trump as a sort of reincarnated Hitler. How can they be wrong if they work so hard for justice? so were my thoughts. But then came COVID-19, and Trump’s decision to stop funding the WHO, which was absolutely brilliant. I knew the WHO is a puppet of Big Pharma and, as it turned out, of the CCP in China. I saw Avaaz keeping their stance on Trump, condemning his action to leave the WHO., and wrote many mails to them to explain why this was the right thing to do, only to see they are unable to have a larger vision on the powers at play at the world stage. At the same that I was done with Avaaz, I got a new post from Jim Humble’s website on MMS news, a mineral miracle solution for all kinds of viruses and infection diseases. They told they were attacked by the FDA, and in the same mail they gave a link to an interview with Shiva Ayyadurai on the Next News Network., as a brilliant scientist who had similar ideas on the COVID-19 plandemic as they have. Just like me, Shiva never voted in his life, until 2016, but unlike me, he followed politics worldwide since he was a kid. In 2016 he voted for Trump and decided to go into politics himself after Trump was chosen. He choose Trump because he is independent, not a politician and went into politics for the right reason: to serve the American people as a disruptor and anti-establishment force. Under Trump chaos would create the conditions for Shiva to play a role in politics as well. Trump saw that under Barak Obama as president, a bourgeois elite and Harvard Law School graduate, the USA and the entire world had become a puppet of the CCP in China, and if not corrected, this course of events would be fatal. The CCP is all about mind-control and suppression of free speech, what you are now seeing worldwide. You can say anything about the USA, but very unlike the CCP, it has an extremely benign and divine foundation. This foundation became perverted by capitalism, but as long as the foundation stands, and it is heavily shaking now, it is possible to remember and return to the divine origins of that foundation. Few people even know how it was created. Shiva Ayyadurai is one of those who truly remembers and honors the origins of the USA foundation. Since I follow Shiva, I also follow Trump, and learnt that all this Trump-hate is a gross set-up from all the institutions of the establishment. They want you to believe that Trump is far-right, a monster without any human values. In reality, Trump has a boldness and courage that is badly needed now as leader of the “free world”, taking down the power of institutions that do not serve the American people and humanity. He is doing it already with the CCP and the WHO. I believe Big Tech and Big Pharma will follow. Recently he said that Big Pharma has attacked him. Well, if they do that, you know it means that he will fight back. Once these institutions loose their monopolies by people uniting against fraud and a leader of the free world who backs them, the power comes back to the people and a new world can be built.

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