Avatars of O.M.A. Yellow Magnetic Warrior, Kin 196

Galactic Maya to Avatars of O.M.A.

Original Matrix Attained

A Vision of our Potential

The Galactic Maya refer to those in all walks of life and traditions who have realized (or are striving to realize) the Unity of the Universal Mind. They seek truth and harmony first and foremost. They are united as One, not by government, but by attunement to the Universal Order within.

The Galactic Maya are masters of Time and illusion. They are the secret dreamers and co-creators of the New Earth. They are the ones with clear and flexible minds that are unprejudiced by fluctuating public opinion and outer influences.

They are the ones with compassionate, pure hearts who have transmuted (or are working to transmute) their reactive emotional drives to serve a Higher Vision.

The Galactic Maya understands the Planet as a self-generating Timeship. They are the ones who have returned from the Future to clear the past and ensure humanity is steered into a more optimal timeline. 

The most optimal timeline is to transcend all previous histories and transmute back to Light all the Ancient traumas and error matrices that have occurred in the Totality of all eons in all dimensions.

The Galactic Maya have incarnated to help “spiritualize matter,” and regain the inherent superconscious powers that we lost when the lower frequency beam hit. Some Galactic Mayan avatars operate in other star systems, and some in crystalline cities below the Earth. 

Through dedicated work, the Galactic Maya evolve into a race of Avatars: the Avatars of O.M.A.: Original Matrix Attained.

The Avatars of O.M.A. are those who have successfully transfigured themselves into the uninscribed original innocence template to wholeheartedly serve a Greater Mission. 

Their hearts are alight with the Great Mystery as they travel the dimensions in an impenetrable shield of a love so vast that it is incomprehensive to earthly beings.

They use their Light to illumine hearts and awaken minds to the knowledge of civilizations beyond Earth.  Their very presence is radiant like the sun, causing the galactic seed culture to blossom into beauty yet undreamed. 

The Avatars of O.M.A. are connected with a network of energies and consciousness that has its base on the cosmic levels and extends throughout the multidimensional Universe.

Joining with the Higher Mind, the Avatars of O.M.A. gain access to facets of inner technology, allowing them to pulse backward in Time to the primal deviation point. This is the origin point of fragmentation into multiple false timelines, many of which became infiltrated by artificial intelligence. 

The Mission of the Avatars of O.M.A. is to exemplify what others have not yet known.

— excerpt from 9 Year Vision Map, a 91-page handbook mapping out new vision from 2020-2029. A free gift for all kin, in order that we may create a new, healing narrative for Timeship Earth.

59 thoughts on “Avatars of O.M.A.

  1. As we navigate through the Year of the Blue Lunar Storm, we anchor into the present moment, the place of inner stillness in the eye of the storm. We are called to embody our Galactic Archetypes as we stand at the helm of deliberate, conscious self-generation. Our 9-year vision map is before us. Nothing less than mastery will do now. Living in the full authenticity of our true selves. Living in the full implementation of our Divine Mission. The Archetype of the Magician guides us through this catalytic year as we morph into the full realization that WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

  2. I love this thank you! I can’t wait to read it. This last heptad I felt so sleepy and napping so much throughout the day, the same kind of feeling like when I was pregnant (I am not pregnant lol)….and then I felt wow maybe I am upgrading my frequency to a higher level of love, like when we are getting ready to be mothers to our newborns. Beautiful gift to receive your message today, Ms. Stephanie thank you and much love always, Rosario

      • May I know where is the download link for all 91 pages? I only find this link “9yearfinal” on the page, it only shows 1 page.. appreciate your response!

      • Thank you, Stephanie, I’m looking forward to the download 😊
        If I’m right, the download so far is the illustration of the document? That’s what appears when I click the download button. Reading your announcement, I guess the little book will appear with all 91 pages in due time. Am I right?

        It’s interesting that here also the return of the Maya from the future is mentioned, for Drunvalo Melchizedek talks mentions this also in his Flower of Life investigations and teachings. He once shared an experience with us, where he travelled deep into the earth, to a level where shadowy figures began to appear, phasing in and phasing out, that looked Mayan to Drunvalo’s eyes.

        Another person, who describes his meetings with subterrestrial people, Corey Goode, (I’m not much informed about this person) has shown a type of people that are supposed to be the Mayans who have chosen to go underground. Their skin is dark and they’ve got black hair in a bun on top of the head. Where they are, they use a certain healing method that was helpful to Corey Goode. It’s very unusual information and I can’t promise any of you that this is genuine information. Use your discernment, and if it doesn’t sit well with you, please, leave it.

        The video in the link below, is a presentation of 2017, with Corey Goode. “Inner Earth, Nazi, Mayans, Reptilian, Crystal, Banished, Antarctic”

  3. Thank you dear RQ!
    On 2029 Blue Planetary Storm I will complete my 52/73 Galactic Return.
    That sounds like a great Sync on my journey!

    In regards to Aida’s comment, today Red Lunar Earth marks 10 years of what I think was the last Votan’s report about “El dia de los muertos” on Oct. 2, 2010 perhaps? I still have the book Regina on my shelf, waiting for the moment to be read.


      • OMG! That was an heptad before July turned 52. Pulsating through this very wavespell. Interesting synchronicity. Off we go into the rabbit hole again LOL. Thank you Adrian 177.

    • Hey hermayito! If you can read La Mujer Dormida Debe dar a Luz before you read Regina, it will give you a better context. When you read these books, if you want to know the synchronicities I have found, feel free to e-mail me. There is a big one I can share with you now, and that is that the person who gave the order for the attack on the students (Luis Echeverría, who later became president of Mexico himself) met with José, accompanied by Mother Tynetta and Alberto Ruz . He financed part of the printing of the Dreamspell and Telektonon kits (I verified this information through Viviana Lerma and Ma. Esther Hernández). There is an incredible connection between Regina and the Dreamspell. I’m still discovering many things.

    • Beloved Adrian

      I have no idea what the 52/73 Galactic Return means at all.

      But the date 2nd October 2010 is one of the Luminous Days that remain in my mostly vanished memory.

      2nd October is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. So I lit a candle to Celebrate this for the First Time on the 2nd October 2010. The molten candle wax made a Perfect Ganesha/Great Divine Director.

      This was highly significant for me because I had first encountered the Great Divine Director in October 1974. And have always felt a deep connection with Him since that time.

      In love, light and laughter
      Lady Shamla Rose – Ma Siddhidhatri

  4. At high school I had index number 36600004/114 which translates to 19/6 to form 196 pages in Master Synchronic Code Book ( PDF counting from cover to cover). Yet kin 196 is 208 days after I came on board ‘Space Station Plaza’ on kin 248( 17/3/2020) to know my galactic kin for the first time and I am now aged 28 years old. And this kin 196 is coming on the 27th day of my 28th birthday- kin 170. Its a nice synchronicity and I will be willing to see and know whats in there.
    In lakech .

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  6. Dear, I tried to download the file.but just one page picture in file.no other words.Pls check. Thanks. Gracy 13 mirror

  7. Hello there,

    Love and light,

    In trying to download the 9 year final PDF, when I open the file I only have one page, which is the cover page, is this correct? Our are we meant to have more pages?

    Many thanks and sending cosmic love and faith.

  8. hi I also am trying to download the 9 years file and only get the cover. I tried to share this with another interested traveler. Tried to Download to my phone=failed. got on the laptop and got the cover.
    But noticed that the timing of my attempted phone download was @ 11:33 which made me smile.

    thank you for all you do!

  9. I dont think true freedom has been experienced on this planet yet.

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  11. Is this supposed to be a 91 page download? For some reason it only downloads the cover. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this info though.

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