Maya: The Magical Practice of Reality Yellow Galactic Sun: Kin 60 “I harmonize in order to enlighten … “

The more we awaken to the Reality of our current global situation, the more overwhelmed we can feel. There are those beings, both on and off planet, who are radically against the work of divine evolution and do everything possible to thwart it.

We have to prepare ourselves psychologically and emotionally for the next scenes of the earth movie. All we can control is our inner perceptions and states of consciousness. We are being called to operate from a whole other level of Being.

Now is the time to invoke the Higher Magic. Here is an ancient-future memory put forth in an unpublished document by Valum Votan called Maya: Magical Practice of Reality. 

It reminds us that Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. May it tap your memory circuits.

“Now is the account of the Galactic Maya from within the Earth.

From there in the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs, deep within the Earth, where the four mystic channels that run to the center of the Earth return from the fields of Night and join as one; where the messengers deliver their songs, their codes, their harmonies woven from the starry cloth of Being; this is how the Maya came, this is how the Earth learned of Maya. 

When no one knew, yet everything was known, it penetrated. Being from beyond the Sun penetrated, and entered the polar fields where the dawn lights rain and crackle in endless splendor. There in the polar fields where the four mystic channels have their influx and outpouring, this Being from beyond the Sun arrived and became manifest. 

Hunab-Ku, it was called. 

Hunab Ku made itself known. Even to the depths of the oceans among the myriad mind-palaces of the dolphin deep, Hunab Ku became known: One Giver of Movement and Measure, the Being from Beyond the Sun, the One without a Face, the One who gives birth to Itself through Light—Hunab Ku. 

Streaming through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, Hunab Ku penetrated Earth, entering deep into the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs. 

Meeting Itself in the center of the Earth, in the Crystal Chamber where the harmonics of space and time transmit each other, Hunab Ku met Itself. 

In an explosion of radiance never before known, Hunab Ku, while remaining in the Crystal Chamber, also burst back out through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, burst back into the polar fields where the magnetic lights twinkle in the Shaman dawn. 

Everywhere the mantle of Earth became rich, becomes seeded with knowing. Memory occurred where there had been none. Star thoughts textured the mantle of the Earth with wondrous signs. Birth by Light happened in caves, on river banks, on mountaintops. Even those beings already born experienced birth by Light—the wondrous gift of the Maya. 

Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

The elders, the sages, the wise ones took the gift of Maya, birth by Light, and turned it into the practices of Reality.

And this is how it was taught, Maya, the gift of birth by Light, the magical practice of Reality. 

Reality, the stuff of the sense fields, is a practice. Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. Mind is active in Reality as the practicing agent. The Sense fields are the palaces of Reality practiced by mind. Within a field of total clarity with no attachment in mind, Reality is practiced, the sense fields are synchronized, and everything around becomes within. 

This is no mystery, for synchronicity is the law of the Earth, the expression of the Earth force. Only deluded beings of the later age, the night of Smokey Mirror, disbelieve this, and so wander in a maze of doubt, hatred, and senseless passion. 

It is for this reason at this time that the conch of the Maya is sounded in the beehive of the Earth, arousing the bees of awakened insight to busy themselves with the task of cleansing the mirror of the wheel of the senses. For soon, the time arrives when the warriors of inner Earth, riding waves of synchronicity, will release themselves upon the Earth!. 

The sacred spine of earth running from pole to pole pulsed and sang … with a wondrous crash, the great force of synchronicity first issued from Earth, exuded in swells of Light from her pores, passing through the eight octave outlets, sounding deep within the seas booming upward her rocky clefted landmass. 

Receiving this great rush of synchronicity, the sages, the elders, the wise ones awakened anew. Great was their power, the magical practice of Reality. Whatever mind conceived of instantly became. Clouds, mist, mountains, valleys, all manner of fruit, and nourishment—all arose instantaneously. 

The reason for this lay in the fact that the elders, the sages, the wise ones rested on the root of knowing, which is called synchronicity. And this synchronicity is how the whole Earth remains as one.”

9 thoughts on “Maya: The Magical Practice of Reality

  1. Muchos gracias, thank you, Stephanie, for taking Valum Votan’s poetic, and at the same time clear as crystal, writing, for this post. Perfect timing I feel.

    Lately I’ve pondered the Greek words Panta Rhei…. everything flows. It’s what I exercise as a practice to not stay fixed on a cause of emotional turmoil, becoming it. But rather observe all that, and keep moving. Without pushing feelings aside, taking them with me as travel companions.
    No stuckness, resulting in repetition of the same. Funny enough, it seems that the pain-body, a term used by Eckhart Tolle, loves to experience the continuation of pain, offered by an attachment, to dwell, munch, and analyse suffering.

    Well, this is a learning curve, be assured. For the time being it’s a process as if jumping to and fro between letting myself absorbed by old habits, and the observation of moving to that place. That reality of my own creation.
    There seems to be a deep imprint in our consciousness, that the experience of our reality is a matter of given fact, a status quo, at times with helplessness, feeling powerless.
    While when the freedom of choice, realizing that we have a choice, and can make a conscious choice, we may find that our reality is a “becoming” a flow of moments of our own making.
    Panta Rhei.
    First time I’m putting in words, what I’m experiencing in this time of change, of transformation. I’m sure that you, the reader moves through this time, with your own rainbow colours, pondering an uncharted territorium for our minds, body. And hearts. Safe journey! 🌞💎💛

  2. Your comments resonate completely with the fabric of the Being I am. Remembering who we are, where we are from and why we are here must necessarily exist as a coherent state of existence to radiate the presence of the Light of Love. The ruling principle of this vital force is absolutely maintained in human vessels through consistent dedicated perseverance to the practice of attunement. With open hearts we remain connected to the Hunab K’u and each other. Wisdom resides here in abundance. With gratitude and holding sacred space- LaHun Red Moon

  3. If I feel unsure of the next step in any situation, I let go and let God. I don’t walk away from difficulty or try to force resolutions. Instead, I release my tight mental grip on problems and open myself to solutions.________________________________________________________________
    I let go of my ego’s desire for control and my need to bring about specific outcomes.
    I believe there are solutions and remedies beyond what my mind can conceive.
    I yield to possibility.
    I trust the indwelling divine presence just as I would trust a mentor.
    Letting go and letting GOD means creating space for the dynamic, creative energy of Sprirt to inspire and surprise me. Divine Love, wisdom, and understanding fuel my thoughts, express through my words, and guide me in all ways.
    Meditation/Mantra: Divine Love, wisdom, and understanding express through me.
    -Daily Word .com

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