9 Years: Pacal Votan and the Order of Thieves

Everything has already happened. We are just re-experiencing it. 

Four years ago, I posted a writing, noting the nine-year zuvuya window between Solstice 2012 and 2021 – a cycle of supreme acceleration and opportunity to cultivate our inner technology. https://1320frequencyshift.com/2017/12/05/2012-2021-beyond-human/

Nine years later, and Timeship Earth finds itself in an increasingly surreal, turbulent and unpredictable time of polarized extremities. We are in the process of a total reorientation from the material realm to the spiritual realm. It can sometimes feel as though we are losing coherence within the linear way of processing, which is exacerbated by the speed of the machine. Fear, chaos, greed and control intensify as we get closer to the quantum shift.

We are dealing with the same forces we encountered in other worlds and times. We will refer to these forces as the Order of the Thieves. 

The Order of the Thieves is the conglomerate of all beings, groups, and organizations throughout history who create and serve the dominant worldview, which negates time and consciousness. They have set up a thought repository based on false light, a whole huge single mental order woven like a spider’s web around the planet. 

They steal time. They steal joy. They steal happiness. They steal knowledge. They steal Unity. They steal health. They steal memory. They steal dreams. Do not let them!  

The Order of Thieves is the purveyors and maintainers of the 12:60 Dreamspell in all of its facets. They insert themselves into different timelines throughout history. They have been called by many names. They have infiltrated every institution. They replace truth with falsehood. They utilize censorship and information control to promote agendas detrimental to human evolution. They have amplified their efforts for the end-time sequence, seeking to create a Humanity 2.0. Their primary means of manipulation are death-fear and the monetary system, symbolized by Mars and Saturn (in this Solar System)

The Order of the Thieves is ultimately an extension of an A.I. hive mind that is remote controlled from other dimensions. This is why we see the same script being played around the Planet. This Order utilizes multiple space suits to blanket the globe and enacts their narrative. 

This traces back to the original theft of time, as introduced by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. See the original Dreamspell cosmology. http://www.lawoftime.org/timeshipearth/dreamspell.html

The Order of Thieves (disguised as priest class) banished the power of 13 (feminine) and replaced it with the 12. They replaced true time with false time and destroyed the knowledge and memory of the 13:20 ratio. 

The Dreamspell of History was cast, and the spell of false time, based on the 12:60 frequency, triumphed around the planet. This led to the mechanization of the third dimension and set the stage for where we find ourselves today.

“Only the satans, the rebellious mind-morphs, would conceive of a “theft of time,” for to control anything is against the Law of Time.”  —Jose Arguelles

The Order of the Thieves operates in opposition to sacred time, without reverence for the Earth and humanity. Their lust for power and control is so strong that one would risk their destruction and humanity and the total Planet to fulfill their agenda. They falsify history, and as George Orwell writes (1984), “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” 

This same Order had its hand in destroying Maya civilization (among many others). Valum Votan writes: 

“… And from Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl, they established lines of seers, prophets known as the Ah Bobat of the tradition of the Chilam Balam, Jaguar seers who foresaw the coming of the aliens from across the water, those who were to bring with them the seeds of destruction.

So it came to pass in the 12th baktun, the sails appeared from across the waters—the iron swords, the cannon, the horse, and the dreaded smallpox, all laid waste to the wonder that had been Maya. But can what is true really be destroyed?

A book burning in 1562 resulted in another book by the very man who burned the books, and this was the first book by a European about the Maya, Relation of the Things of Yucatan, by Bishop de Landa. And in the thirteenth and final baktun, another book burning in 1691 resulted in yet another book. Published in 1692 was The Trials of Votan, all about the mysterious Votan, descendent of Noah, the heart of the people, the planetary wanderer who built the dark house and laid his fabulous tomb beneath a pyramid in the mythic city of Nah Chan, House of the Serpent.”

The Order of Thieves keeps humanity focussed on all that separates rather than what unites. Their task is to divide and conquer and keep people in fear. Fear is the biggest clouding factor of seeing the whole. Fear wants to hold on to illusion as it equates its “known” illusion with safety. Fear causes people to conform to the world, even against their own intuition and integrity.

If you begin to feel fear, discouragement, or despair, use it as a cue to Wake yourself Up. Unplug from any frequency that destroys your inner peace. This is a cue to shift your mental spheres; change your thinking layers, just like a radio station. Now is the time to master our inner realm, the most significant technology. This is the gift of this time. 

As more people begin to awaken from false spells, we see an epidemic of cognitive dissonance and many other mental health issues. Cognitive dissonance arises when our conditioned knowledge does not match our direct experience. 

 Often what is deemed a “mental health issue” is a mislabeled spiritual crisis or crisis of consciousness. When we begin to break out of the Dreamspell and wake up to the illusion we have been living in, this can trigger all sorts of “mental” issues. This includes everything from anxiety, depression, feeling out of sorts, depression, depersonalization, and other symptoms.

Society does not prepare us for this awakening; We are not given a larger framework or spiritual context to gauge our feelings and experiences.

Living out of synch with Nature and our G.O.D. Essence is the root cause of our species’ multiple crises and dysfunctionality. This results in a loss of collective vision, depression, mental and physical illness, confusion, inequality, loss of purpose, and cognitive dissonance.

All falsity and outdated belief systems are now being exposed and brought into the Light of consciousness, clearing the way for the New to manifest. Humanity’s deepest personal and collective traumas have been unearthed. Many are experiencing deep sadness, collective mourning for a world that is no more. Many have had to say goodbye to loved ones. There is a collective sorrow for all the suffering and the Love not actualized in our own lives and on Earth. But within this is a great purification and opportunity for liberation and letting go. We cannot navigate precisely into the future unless we have understood and healed the past.

All of the inner work that each of us does emanates subliminally into our collective field. We can never underestimate this. All is interconnected. No matter the outer appearance, we are called to proceed firmly on the inner path and nurture the knowledge that we have been given. Our inner work is dedicated to the upliftment and ennoblement of all of humanity and planetary evolution.  

Pacal Votan and Future Visions

The 9-year passage from 2012-2021 echoes the 9 years from Pacal Votans death until his tomb beneath the temple of inscriptions was dedicated and sealed in 692 AD. 

There are 9 Lords of Time in the tomb of Pacal Votan. And there are 9 time dimensions in the Synchronotron. The GM108X apprenticeship with Valum Votan was 9 years. Votan means “heart of 9.” 

This solstice lands on Kin 112: Yellow Galactic Human: “I harmonize in order to influence.” Galactic is tone 8, and human is solar seal 12. This can also be written 8.12, which is 218 backwards.

From solstice until Galactic New year (July 26, 2022), there are 218 days. Kin 218 codes the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan on June 15, 1952. 

The next Galactic Year will be Kin 69, Red Self Existing Moon (July 26, 2022). Solstice is Rhythmic Moon 9 (or 6.9). The Temple of Inscriptions is a 9 -tiered pyramid platform containing a total of 69 steps.

“Informed by the Law of Time, we may say that the existence of Pacal Votan exemplifies a supermental future possibility where an all-pervasive truth consciousness realizes the universe as an ordering principle of self-knowledge through which the synchronized harmonies of time may manifest in their infinite potential and power of transformation.” Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere

Holomind Perceiver, inclusive of the Synchronotron system, is the final gift in the time-released Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan. It was a gift left in another time, meant for us to be utilized Now.

Holomind Perceiver is a fractal of G.O.D. Consciousness; it is the organ of psychic life that allows us to “perceive with the whole mind. Rather than implanting an artificial chip into our body, we can instead choose to telepathically activate the Holomond Perceiver and turn on our dormant powers. 

It can be thought of as the Mothership of all synchronic codes, including the 13 Moon calendar. This knowledge as a whole, when applied, serves as a vibrational key that equips us with a lens to perceive beyond the boundaries of linear time. When we meditate on these codes, we might have the experiencing of entering a galactic elevator that lifts us into new dimensions of perception that are far removed from known thought structures and the current Earth narrative. We may begin to perceive that an infinite number of parallel timelines have already been created and exist at this moment.

As we each work from within to reconcile fragmentation, we begin to sense each other on the inner planes. We remember our Unity. Our power begins to grow—from within. This is True Reality. This is where the future comes from, where the new stories are born. Be still and listen: New messages are being given now.

In honor of the 9-year zuvuya from solstice 2012 – 2021, here are some timely instructions by Valum Votan in his unpublished notes entitled Book of Maya.

“O humans, purify your hearts, clean out your reasons, make your minds clear as dawn so that you may realize the Unity of your sense fields! Purge yourselves of the addictions of Smokey Mirror, who dances among you with his mirrors of darkness that show only the body of desire! Smash those mirrors! Enter the silence! Find that place in your mind where no-thing reverberates, and see then what entrances light may make of you! For now, where your senses are clouded and smokey, in truth, there is nothing but Light. 

Panayatana, the Wheel of the Senses, must be cleansed to turn in harmony with the Wheel of Time. Call this, if you will, synchronicity. Synchronicity is magic. Nature is magic. Maya is nature. Mind is Maya. Mind is the magical nature of Reality. Maya is the nature of magical Reality. Even the beasts who claim the night know this much in their dreaming bones! 

O humans, Dream the Dream awake, for of synchronicity there can be no mistake!

23 thoughts on “9 Years: Pacal Votan and the Order of Thieves

  1. I stand in solidarity with the Truth of your words. As a spiritual contemplative, the path I travel is being guided by the inner knowing of who we really are and why we are here. It does take focused concentration and unwavering perseverance to hold this sacred space, and the future of humanity in its purest sense depends upon a fierce adherence to connection with Source. Many have forgotten, many are remembering.

    • (I’m not sure if my comment came through, so here it is. Maybe a double portion?)
      Dear wise marthamarionhamiltion.Thank you for your words! It’s only now, that I begin to realize that my connection to Source, which is, in essence, quite strong, is joined by an inner fire of a streetfighter, so fierce, fighting for justice and truth, in our recent years, that I’ve become stern and a loud shout, to ears that are deaf often. What I missed to notice, until today, is that it has obscured my own connection with Source, by feeling misunderstood and unacknowledged. It’s why I started to cry, reading your comment. The loneliness of these last months began to turn into despair, and I’ve begun to ask for support from the angels and guides

      After many hunches and nudges, trying to make my eyes willing to see it, it’s finally dawning on me, bittersweet and hilarious both, that I’ve come to realize that I’ve entered cognitive dissonance without knowing it.

      When I read this part of your comment “….the future of humanity in its purest sense depends upon a fierce adherence to connection with Source. Many have forgotten, many are remembering” my tears began to flow, and I felt this sternness melting, with a realization that I tend to interact with those around me from a level that isn’t coming from equality, sharing our human nature. A horizontal engagement, so that others can relax, and not withdraw inwardly from my inquisitive eyes, for that’s what I observe in their eyes, often. Only, I had no clue, you see? A remark comes to mind often, from an aura-reader, who said: “I’m so special, no one understands me”. A statement that puzzled me at that time, although I felt something stir within.

      I so needed that mirror, shown to me in your comment, for no one around me dares to argue or contradict me, other than withdrawing in silence. I’ve been in such a puzzle about why this happens, feeling sad, and not understood. I’ve received flak fom family members and a few friends have begun to fall silent.

      Today, Dec. 30th, Self Existing Dragon Kin 121, seems to be a day where much is falling into place, for me, and I’m relieved, that I’m also taking part in cleansing the slate, personally in this case, that is wrapped in the storm of change, which hopefully will lead to our awakening collectively. For that’s a flag high on my flagpole, waving to draw attention. What am I saying? Haha .
      Thank you for helping me to wake up 🧡🌻🌺

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    I just love your emails. Thank you. 🙏

    Your voice slices through the dense and is so received into my heart. It gives me momentum to continue forward with what is in me to be a voice to. Thank you for this encouragement and your service.

    love Simone

    Abundance is for ALL,

    Simone Williamson (Kin216, Yellow Galactic Warrior) sacredshewisdom.com

    On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 2:22 AM 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT wrote:

    > Stephanie South posted: ” Everything has already happened. We are just > re-experiencing it. Four years ago, I posted a writing, noting the > nine-year zuvuya window between Solstice 2012 and 2021 – a cycle of supreme > acceleration and opportunity to cultivate our inner techn” >

  3. Time is LOVE 🙏🕊💚🌍
    I LIVE in MY own TIME(MAYAN TIME) The future is to live in Harmony with nature in LOVE with the EARTH AND EVERYTHING IN ALL DIMENSIONS 🙏🕊💚🌍💓🌎💜🌏💛🎶💙🥳🧡💃🤍🕺🤎🌅🖤😂💖😇💗😍💞🥰💕😘💟

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  5. It is said that “ndeke solo” means, “time is a gift we share all the time,” as musically produced by the group Afriquoi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-ChfS0FHyo

    …Afriquoi Guitarist Fiston Lusambo said, “We wanted to create a style of music which does not exist yet by combining Congolese guitar, Gambian kora, African djembe and mixing them with European music. This EP is a result of our work where each of us has put his talent in it, we think we have now something which is what we wanted”.

    Even this “small song” is a microcosm of Earth. Through multidimensional embodiment, we each play our tones in a Great Harmony, elevating Creation to a new Octave.

    (…Perhaps as a Red Electric Serpent, you will like the rhythm and drumming? 🪘😀)

    Thank you, Stephanie, most sincerely. Much of what you said here resonates and also agrees with information I have come across that’s derived from other planes of Existence.🙏🏻

    – Chad, Kin 94 (White Electric Wizard) 🤍⚡🧙‍♂️

  6. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for this post, also disclosing some of Valum Votan’s words, which are to the point, and sound true to me, in good timing. The visions of Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophy (he was able to look into the Akashic Records) are exactly in resonance with these words from the Book of Maya “Purge yourselves of the addictions of Smokey Mirror, who dances among you with his mirrors of darkness that show only the body of desire!”

    I’m listening to podcasts with Steiner’s lectures read on YouTube. 100 years ago he addressed the potential loss of connection between humanity and its spiritual nature, and he even prophesized that vaccines would be the means to break that connection. It’s quite amazing. One of Steiner’s predictions, made in 1922, was that if we did not change our ways, bees would start disappearing in “80 to 100 years”. The term “colony collapse disorder” was coined in 2006, 84 years after Steiner’s prediction.

    Returning now to the Dreamspell, I found the Genesis text in that book, part of the Dreamspell kit, ordered in 1996, so beautifull, that I decided to translate the entire book in Dutch. I’ve drawn the illustrations, of the compass, used to figure out one’s birthday-kin: the Solar Seal and Galactic Tone, plus the 20 Solar Seals and 13 Galactic Tones, in pen and ink, coloured in by hand.

    Combined with the Dutch translation of Genesis Dreamspell, I’ve sold the Dreamspell to Dutch fans of natural time, during the remains of the 90’s. Gradually, all sorts of artwork began to show up, made by other artists, and to this day, festivals for the Day out of Time are organised in The Netherlands, combined with market stalls where works of art, educative material, are sold.
    It’s good timing to be reminded of this Genesis text and to begin reading it again. Wishing you, the reader, and you, Stephanie, good health, and prosperity in the New Year to come 2022. Espavo!

  7. Hightec psytec psycore… knock knock knock knock… who’s there? Hah!it’s the psy baba!wotwot?which one? Oh my GOD.. it’s number 4! Guess whose back, back in town.. with aliens gave me this tec pffft all in one.

    We definitely bring called on by the great attractor… The one mind is becoming sync3d among us who graciously accept our unified consciousness. One dream one team one holon one unknown that is known.

    Landing time for a unified PAN base all in one package.wot we will create in 20 years will become very well renowned and it is time for fame… in the most light hearted expression and acceptance of the self.

    Are u backing the dreamvision RQ?
    Will u come and do this in the 3d with PAN Stephanie.u know u r truly our dreamqueen and it is awesome hooray.lets celebrate the creation of this highest dream4earth.

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  9. i just purchased the book of transcendence , by the end of the month i am buying the other 5 vol
    may god bless you RED QUEEN , thank you always

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