Subterranean Cities and the Time Shift, Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth                                                                                   “I unify in order to evolve, attracting synchronicity…”

Within the earth is another earth; it knows us, though we know it not.
–J. Arguelles

The following is my attempt to make sense of the the inner reality that has been cohering in me; there are so many overlays and streams of information to synthesize. I hope this is coherent.

In contemplating the energy beams from various pyramids, the mysterious sounds around the world, the sun, the Law of Time, Cosmic History, and the meaning of 2012, I found myself back to August 14, 2003: Red Self Existing Skywalker.

On this day I was in Ashland, Oregon with José Argüelles/Valum Votan. In his morning meditation, he received a powerful telepathic communication that he felt was transmitted from Mt. Shasta.

So we got in the car and drove to Mt. Shasta. It was a beautiful summer day, and we were inspired to climb as high as we could get on the mountain. We both began to get extremely drowsy and laid on a rock, put our heads together, and went “out” or perhaps “in.”

We had the simultaneous experience of being taken through a vertical passageway into the inner part of the Earth. While I had heard of “St. Germaine” sitings in the area and the community that lived inside the mountain, I never gave it much thought until that moment. From this and other experiences that followed, I am convinced that there is an interconnected network of subterranean cities spread out in different parts of the planet.

At the same time that we were having this experience occurred the Great Northeastern blackout. It was uncertain exactly what caused it, but José felt it was connected to solar activity being withheld from the public.

We noted that this day, August 14, 2003,  marked precisely 520 days since the original Cosmic History vision, which was about the destruction of planet Maldek and the memory of lost or forgotten worlds.

So at Mt. Shasta, José explained to me that the octahedral crystal core of Earth is a receiving station of information from other dimensions. The north and south poles are the points of entry to Timeship Earth. These two poles create a type of vertical electromagnetic tube that connects the two poles at the core.

For example, the galactic synchronization beam (mentioned in the previous blog) is beamed from another dimension through our sun. The sun then transmits this information to Earth (or other planets) through the two poles that then meet and register at the crystal core before being transferred to the surface of the Earth.

The Harmonic Convergence (1987) was an example of one of these messages sent from the Earth’s core and received and acted upon by a critical mass of receptive humans. (It is also interesting to note that Mt. Shasta had one of the largest Harmonic Convergence gatherings and was also a key place where the Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth was seeded).

In Time and Technosphere, Jose write: 

The role of the magnetic octahedral crystal core is to function as the bipolar oscillator and crystal transducer whose purpose is to maintain the Earth in the synchronic order of the 13:20 timing frequency.

The 13:20 frequency is the frequency of telepathy that remains constant throughout all phases of the evolutionary spectrum. This is the frequency common to all telepathic civilizations.

José explained that crystals when appropriately used, tune us into the earth’s frequencies. They also contain transductive properties that can transform energy from one state to another. In the late 1980s, he buried his double terminated crystal known as “Excalibur” next to the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque. He intended to leave it there for good. But it called him back to retrieve it.

After this, he began to hear the crystal “speak” to him and reasoned that it picked up the vibrations and codes stored in the tomb of Pacal and meant for discovery at this precise time. An entire download from this crystal became the 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time, which you can download for free here.

Back to Mt. Shasta

We returned to Mt. Shasta on several occasions. In 2009, we went into a bookstore and I opened up a book, Telos, the name given to the subterranean city beneath Mt. Shasta, to the following passage:

We will greet you on the surface in a new time frame, for which all on Earth have been waiting eons and eons. This is the purpose of the Mayan calendar. It’s to acquaint you with the new Mayan time frame that will make your entry into the Photon Belt harmonious and smooth. So, start today to adopt this new calendar and new way of looking at your days and time; for your synchronicity with the Galactic Core will be necessary for the Photon Belt passage through the stars.

Our last trip to Mt. Shasta was in 2010 on Kin 117, four spins since Jose had received the mathematical revelation of the Synchronotron. Once again, we experienced simultaneous telepathic contact with the beings of the inner Earth.

The whole premise of the Synchronotron is that telepathic civilizations communicate in a language of number, ratio, and fractal proportions. This system consists of several matrix overlays that program the new sense organ, the holomind perceiver.

The Holomind Perceiver can be thought of as our sixth sense made conscious or our telepathic antenna. Through learning how to operate this antenna, we can consciously tune in to other telepathic civilizations, both extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial.

Mysterious Sounds

What do the mysterious sounds that continue to be heard around the world have to do with these subterranean cities?

Some say that these sounds are being emitted from Earth’s core. Others say these sounds are part of HAARP warfare. Is it possible that parallel realities are playing out simultaneously?

In Surfers of the Zuvuya, José describes being taken to the center of the Earth where he heard a noise that he describes as “a great rushing, roaring sound that grew louder and louder, until it filled everything.”  Then he heard more noises that begin to sound like a voice. He asked the noise/voice who it was. It replied: “We are energy beings. We are the electromagnetic keepers of the Earthly records.”

Sketch I made of the being I saw in a vision of underground city, Mt. Shasta (2009) … I kept hearing the message: “Honor your Mother (Earth); Honor the water that came from your Mother; and everything will go well.”

Are the beings who live in the inner earth or subterranean cities responsible for the sound and light shows that we are now witnessing on the surface? Are the mysterious sounds heard around the world and the pyramid energy beams part of the great wake-up call perceived by the galactic Maya and other ancient civilizations so long ago?

Brazilian researcher Trigueirinho has done much research into the intraterrestrial city of Erks, a region in Cordoba, Argentina where the supraphysical center of Erks projects its energy. In his book, Calling Humanity, Trigueirinho says:

    “Contact between humans from the surface of the Earth and intraterrestrial civilizations has been cultivated since antiquity. This contact has been the privilege of a few because dense forces of involution wandering the Earth did not allow it to happen on a wider scale. Those who dedicated themselves to inner life in the old monasteries knew a great deal about the existence of the civilizations.”

It is also believed that contact with these subterranean cities is where the notion of Shambhala or enlightened society came from. This is also known as Agartha (Buddhist) or Hollow Earth. The beings who live underground are said to be the keepers of Earth records.

Russian artist and mystic Nicholas Roerich claimed that Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with Shambhala, the capital of the subterranean empire of Agharta.
The point is that almost every part of the planet has a myth or story about underground networks of caves and tunnels peopled by advanced civilizations. Outlets to these networks are often located beneath mountains and pyramids.

In a recent article by José’s close friend, Mother Tynetta Muhammad, entitled: Entering 2012: the Beginning of the Changeover of Worlds–Transformation and Renewal, she says this about the Hollow Earth:

Is it possible that the concept of a (Hollow Earth) be derived from the beginning of our moon history 66 trillion years ago when one of our scientists planted powerful explosives of dynamite into our Earth which separated a large part of our terrain into outer space going 12,000 miles upward? Our present position of the Earth’s orbit fell 36,000 miles downward with this powerful explosion that possibly produced a hole or entrance into our planet’s interior core, making it hollow.


Did some inhabitants from that time period onward escape into the bowels and inner chambers where they continued living and evolving a highly advanced technological society and civilization superior to our own on the surface of our planet? Could this experiment be behind the saying that if you drill a hole in the Earth, you will come out on the other side in China?

Earth Spirit Speaking Tube: Telektonon

The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan is also directly related to the inner Earth.
This prophecy was first received in whispers by what José referred to as “Earth spirits.” He understood the Telektonon prophecy as “a distant, far traveling code of information received from spirits and deities dwelling within the Earth.”

Tele means from a distance (communication), and chthonic means spirits or deities dwelling under the Earth. He first spelled it telechthonon and then changed it to Telektonon, the name given for the earth spirit speaking tube.

He understood that the Telektonon was a code left in a former time. This code was transmitted from far off stellar points through Earth’s core, where the deities and spirit guardians held it until the time was right for its release. So this code travels far from Earth’s core to the sensory intelligence of the biosphere.

The Telektonon prophecy says as long as humanity remains in artificial time (the time of disorder, mechanization, and war), they are headed for self-destruction. The remedy is to SHIFT OUR FREQUENCY to align with the 13:20 vibration of natural time.

To change our vibration, we do three things:

1) Align with the Source, the Master Intelligence in the center of and permeating everything in this Universe and beyond.

2) Purify our body/mind, and

3) change our timing frequency from linear time (Gregorian) to solar-galactic time (13 moon/28-day natural time calendar).

By following this 13:28 cycle, we align our minds with the galactic core, which is vibrating in the 13:20 frequency.  How? By raising our frequency through entraining our mind back into harmony through a perfect system of mathematics and harmonics.

As it says in Telos:

Our hearts are heavy with grief to see biological germ warfare spreading across the planet … we are horrified at the prospect of humans repeating this tragedy of desecrating the Earth and destroying its civilization again … Don’t fear. Just tune into the higher energies and move your vibration up the scale, and you will be unharmed. For once you reach a certain vibratory frequency, third-dimensional, dense plagues and diseases will not affect your body. You will be beyond their reach. It is the only way out.

Raising the frequency of ourselves and the planet is the purpose of the codes of the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar. The more we learn and apply these codes, the higher our frequency and the more attuned we become to the heart of the Planet and other telepathic civilizations.

Intraterrestrial brothers are more frequently drawing near our material bodies. As has been announced, once again the Great Brother(sister)hood will be in the midst of humanity of the surface. The pathway goes on being prepared whenever we open ourselves to these contacts.


30 thoughts on “Subterranean Cities and the Time Shift

  1. VV:
    It doesn’t matter what you think about it. The important thing to remember is that you are creating a space in time for me. By doing this you are building the rainbow bridge (which, by the way, is much more than creating rainbow stabilizers around the earth).
    The rainbow bridge is a high frequency transducer similar to the corpus callosum of the physical brain. It is emanated by the holomind perceiver. When it becomes visible the noosphere will have reached critical mass. It is already present and visible to the internal eye and is strengthened by your attention.
    So the key is to make the rainbow bridge the talking point. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. The conversation is the key. This is the manifestation of the alternating lateral and vertical hyperplasmic flows.
    You have the conversation within all the time. This is the monkey mind. This is the flow of thought without waking consciousness. By paying attention to the internal discussion (from the point of view of the holomind perceiver) you amplify the process of awakening. Making the unconscious conscious.
    The voices of the conversation are influential. Some of the voices are in partial control of certain bodily sensations. The voices that lead to action are the most powerful components of your inner village. For a long time you were under the illusion that the voices in your mind were ‘you.’ It would be more accurate to describe them as a congregation of like-minded colleagues. Some of whom are in control of certain areas of interest. This is not always an harmonious situation.
    For instance, who is in charge?
    Is it possible that there is no one in charge? Is this why people feel the need to have someone in charge? An authority figure? The Emperor in the tarot. Of course it is.

    • the one in charge is source, but all who work on the various levels automatically now what needs to be done because of, you guessed it syncronistic telepathic communication.

    • RQ, yesterday only 9 days after your leaving Tampa Metro area for Brazil, the Metaphysical Society here where I live in Sun City Center, had a speaker who had just returned from travel and who is a Board Member of Telos. As you can well imagine, I was enthralled when she showed a 6 min video of Mt. Shasta and the work going on there. Her name is Jennifer Lutz and I will personally be meeting with her. I remembered that you and Jose had written of this and Jacob just directed me to this blog. I will be joining a conference call on Sunday to tune in to the group study on Telos. There is so much value from you blogs. I am in deep gratitude for this knowing and connection.

    • Interesting subject, the human dependency on an external authority. Which is expressed in the present day religious institutes, prescribing and programming the mindset of its members. And not to ignore the role of social media, the super-brain of AI (artificial intelligence) feeding on all virtual traffic today, in order to learn about the human condition in order to create a hybrid creature, a cyborg, by means of transhumanism. That’s one example of an “all seeing eye”, just like the Wizard of Oz’s plan for those walking on the Yellow Brick Road, remember the musical?

      In the present years of Revelations, on many levels it seems, though at the same time referring to the Biblical chapter of that name too, related to what’s showing up in our time now, as I perceive it, there’s communication happening between members of inner Earth’s population, in Agartha, and the one on the surface of planet Earth.

      Also, there’s a YouTube channel providing info referring to the Pleiadeans plus a variety of beings inside the Earth. With Corey Goode as the key figure. Here it is:

      There’s a written journal of sailors, finding themselves entering an unknown world, appearing to exist inside the Earth, which they entered after suffering shipwreck in a great storm. This journal is called “The Smokey God”.
      It’s a free PDF download online, a fascinating story to me.

      And this, see if this resonates with you. About a woman, half of a twin brought to planet Earth’s surface, originating from Agartha. She presents herself as ambassador of Agartha.

      Here’s Tamarinde Maassen:

      Please receive this information as food for thought and don’t take it at face value.
      Who knows what’s cooking beneath our feet and in the heavens? On a personal level we’ve got to deal with the tangible world within and around us, plus the cracks in it where the light enters, according to Leonard Cohen ;)

  2. I believe that the great Northeastern blackout of 8/14/03 was somehow caused by something to do with the Philadelphia Experiment, the 60 year anniversary of which occurred 8/12/03

    • Here are two VERY interesting recent interviews (sorry about the audio inconsistency) from Project Camelot having to do exactly with the Philadelphia experiment and the NE blackout ( and Mt Shasta and the Underground).

      Namaste’, In Lak’ech, Peace, Love
      White Electric Wizard

  3. Raven Walker

    Just an Ancient Family Full of Integrity.
    AA Midway Transmission.
    Heart to Heart.

    slycoyote wink
    JaguarJade13 blink

    ~O)(O~ i am anoother yoooooouuuuuuuu ~

    ~O)(O~ LoveIsTheLaw~GiveWayLove~

  4. ~O)(O~NeWEARthNAUtillUS~

    ~…regarding the deep, complete, and continual renewal of all~

    ~JaguarJade13~ ~”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~”N’E’W”~ ~”E’A’R’T’H”~

    ~ my sesne negra ~ i am the dreamer ~ i am jaguarjade13 ~ i am now gifted by ~ His ~ ~ Grace ~ ~Her Glory ~~ i am holding the intention of `~


    ~ perfection ~ effortlessly ~

    ~ enabling me to understand the deepest majesty of love ~ now from the source within myself ~ i know that exactly what i need ~ will now come forth

    ~ from within myself ~ exactly when i need it ~ endlessly flowing opening my ~ Heart Mind ~ to a continually renewed vision within me of the ~

    ~ New Earth ~

    ~ from the One source of all known to me now ~as the Home Trust Bounty ~ an endless store of preciousness reflecting spirit power of true love ~

    ~ evermore endless source from within the Home Trust Bounty ~ producing all that anyone may need to see ~ the complete manifestation ~ and ~

    ~ renewal ~

    ~ of all life ~ revealing evermore deeply ~ the beauty of love ~ the truth of life ~ abundance ~ stored within the Sacred Heart Of GrandMother ~ now ~
    ~ evermore ~ emerging from within every Human Heart’Mind ~ so we may see Her Precious Sacred Dream Clearly ~ hearing Her Heart Song Sung ~

    ~ endlessly from within ~ the deepest most profound wonder of each of our Hearts ~ as a Child ~ Once ~ And Now ~ Forevermore! ~`

    ~ within my HeartMind i now know the truth ~ the New Earth ~ i have seen the New Time of The New Earth ~ i have seen how a new name ~ gives ~

    ~ Life A New Spirit ~

    ~ i have been given a vision ~ i have heard within myself the message ~

    ~ now is the New Time ~ The New Earth ~ ~ Known to All ~

    ~ ”N’A’U’T’I’L’L’U’S” ~ ~ ”N’E’W” ~ ~ ”E’A’R’T’H” ~

    …evermore endlessly satisfying the needs wants and most of all the true desires of all sacred Humans…

    ~…this is my dream, now silently unfolding and infolding transforming all within the everything…awakening now…the new earth…the sacred dream…

    …turtle ‘eye’ land…~O)(O~

    ~ i am filled with this joy’full message vision revelation,

    fully understanding the nature of myself and life ~

    ~ i peacefully give myself and give way to this love ~

    ~ peaceraven ~
    ~ skywalkercosmico ~
    ~ slycoyote wink ~
    ~ JaguarJade13 ~

  5. peace love joy harmony truth happiness

    Resonance May Never Die And Now Will Be
    Renewed Deeply Completely And Continually.
    This Time Of Passing From The Old Earth
    Will Be Like All Passing Away We Have Known.
    Sacred Crossing Bringing New Life Will First
    Give Way To Death. As Always. Renewed Life
    In This New Earth Shall Come Miraculous As
    Ever Life Comes Forth. God’s Mercy Always
    Comes As Justice Bringing Balance To Nature
    Of Man And All Creation. When Justice Is
    Served Upon This Time Earth Will Know The
    End Of Time Measured By FalseHood Now Known
    As Money. All Life Will Return To Harmony.
    Like Ships On A Stormy Sea The False Time
    Will Be Lost Beneath The Waters Of Life
    Swiftly Giving Way To A Calm Return To The
    Sacred Rhythm of The New Earth.

    My Sweetest Angel of All
    Come Within My Ship
    ~”N ‘E’W”~”E’A’R’T’H”~

    i am dreaming now
    of our re’union
    a wake in the

  6. ~O)(O~ Arcturian Dreamers Now Nautillus Warriors Pleiadian Dancers And Sirius
    New Orders Flower WithIn NewTime NewEarth New Forests Stars Endlessly
    Shine Ocean Waves Caress New Shores By Her Oceans Songs Of Love Rain
    Like Kisses Touching New Faces All ReNewed Flutes The Moods And The New
    Rythyms Human Races All One Human Family Sacredly Dancing Nothing Kan
    Stand By No One Forgotten All Streams Returning To Sources With No Fear
    Humans All Children Remembering Why We UR All Knowing Endlessly Flowing
    HandInHand HeartMinds Engage Soo We All Are One Knowing Infintesimal
    SyncroGalactic Holonomic TransfigURation ~



    Jaguarjade13 blink


  7. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
    John Muir

  8. Amazing that you recall that day kin 173. I was in Ecuador. Around those days i met with Oscar kin 123 from Colombia, he was travelling down to Peru to the Call of the Condor. It was the most activating day, i just saw him and his partner walking on the street with backpacks and i went to them and invite them to my house to stay. He took the Galactic Compass and searched for my Galactic Signature (177). I knew ir from years ago but wasn’t keeping it in my daily life. He had books like Zuvuya and The Call of PV, I read those and decide to join the trip*

  9. hi theres a lot of info to digest is it possible to go to any organisation in the uk or have you any books and at present i able going into a lifestyle thats does’nt pollute my mother have recieve the holy spirit in meditation when the ozone hole was open so a hole was created in my spiritual shield at present trying to wake up others who are oblivious to these things but i,m centre and totally connected to the cosmic centre and mother earth
    love,light and joy

    • david william maybury, it’s 6 years later since you posted your comment, but when it’s welcome, for more info about natural time, books and materials to understand the Dreamspell and cyclical nature of time, please check the page “Maya wisdom and Tzolkin tools” on my website

      I live in Devon UK. You’re welcome to have a look at the tools and materials I’ve created. Probably you’ve found what you’re looking for.

  10. In 10 days we will complete 12 spins from SE Skywalker of Magnetic 20 Spectral Wizard year.
    Now its the rhythmic wizard year, galactic(8) 14. Kin 163 (2013 dot)
    Note that 1.20 in 13Moons Time is 8.14 Gregorian :)
    Todays TFI 1254
    (11 x 114)( 11 tone x 10Wizard)
    Also 12/54 is ( 12 Crystal tone / 54 2 Wizard Seal )
    Its Kin Eq. 214 is 6 Wizard ( 2011 year bearer )
    BMU 372
    HMP rune strand 14 #112
    54th ( lots of wizards ) order of 7
    Looking forward to synchronizing with you
    Branch 160

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  13. I have read about the dwellers within Mount Shasta and it says that they are Atlanteans who have the responsibility of guarding the Lemurians who are imprisoned somewhere in the Pacific. The person who wrote the short booklet called it “Mysteries of Mount Shasta” says he had a personal invitation to go see this civilization of 353 who live in Mount Shasta. He says he was taken there and to get there they wore a belt and a sort of oxygen mask, the belt to activate a levitation force and the mask to breathe within the thin air. They then traveled to Mount Shasta from their original location on the outskirts of Los Angeles. The method of travel he says he could not say.
    He goes on to say that the city in Mt. Shasta is lit up by a ball of light that draws on energy from the Sun and Moon through three powerhouses which draw the energy in and focus it into a ball of light, and he says that the harmful rays are extracted and only the beneficial and life-giving rays are left. The powerhouses would discharge the waste which would be in the form of prismatic light. The powerhouses themselves would be brought underground when not in use and the ground would close over them.
    The city is white made of marble and stone, and the area has extensive gardens which have preserved some plants and animals from before the time of the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria.
    The people there live up to 150 years old and pass of their own free will. They have chosen that job.
    One of the things they do perform is alchemistry, taking certain materials of the Earth and stone to make any metal they need. How he says they make their clothes too is very interesting; they would make a picture of the design of the costume that they wanted for themselves, then they place it in a project-scope, and an invisible ray of energy would come out onto a screen and a misty figure of the picture would become more and more solid until it was manifest into the garment they desired. The books they have form holographic pictures that come out a small cube.
    There is a temple in the city which is used also as a school, where they bring certain ones to instruct them on the work they are to do. This is one of the two places on the North American continent that are used by the Great White Lodge to help direct the forces of creation in the outer world.
    He goes on to say that there are seven secret cities placed around the world since long ago, and there there are illumined ones who are keepers of the mysteries and masters of the laws of nature. It is because of their understanding of the laws of nature that they can keep their cities secret. They are able to create vacuums at will, they have extinguished fires that came too close, they can warp space so that anyone passing by would step into a space warp and be out of their way.
    The source of this information is the Brotherhood of the White Temple and the author of the booklet “Mysteries of Mount Shasta” is Doreal, he is also the person who translated the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean…
    -written on galactic moon 23 seli self-existing earth

    • Incredible!!
      I had some random visions from time to time, related to what you write about the cube. And all the visions we think and keep visuling on as they keep traveling and transferring information, easy to perceive. I will try to canalize from our ancestral mounts. Same as kailash is a mount I know and perceive as if I am there from the distance.

  14. I have read a few good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how so much effort you put to make such a great informative site.

  15. This page seems to be the appropriate space to publish a link to a Q&A interview with Tamarinda Maassen, one of several Agarthan embassadors. In this video she mentions Nikolai Roerich.
    The man who introduced the Banner of Peace with the 3 red dots, who was a close connection to Jose Arguelles and Lloydine. Whatever you think of it, it may be valuable to compare notes.

    For more info about natural time, please check the page “Maya wisdom and Tzolkin tools” on my website

  16. wooooow.
    The stones and cristal transmitts the highest frequency of all vibrations among the surface of the earth.
    This made me think about the strange movement fo waves among the mountain and how at the end themointain will eat a big city, Such as how the trees that grow beneath the mountain fall from its slope.
    Or how the surface we are living can be a reflection of karmical forces.
    And how much deeper can the earth be or not be.

    The sun radiates its energy through the poles that we se as north and south, but is actually just a huge entrance for the sunlight. In there is distributed and absorbed, nurished and even rturned back to the sun.

    It is the mind of the human that is being affected the most. As nature itself re acomdates to its equilibrium point. Into a higher frequency, not even the waves of the micro wave can affect you.

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